Riker & Rockport Shoes to Wear Proudly in Calgary this Summer

Calgary offers a great selection of summer activities, from hiking to swimming to tours through the city. Because of all the things you can do, you need shoes that are comfortable and flexible. Rieker shoes provide both comfort and a variety of different styles, and Rockport shoes offer that same high level of quality. Both Rieker shoes and Rockport shoes are available right in the Calgary area at Walking on a Cloud.

What Will the Summer be Like?

Calgary’s summers tend to be relatively mild, but they can get very hot. The average temperature throughout the summer tends to remain in the teens, while the highs in July and August can reach into the mid-20s. This means that residents and guests in the area can enjoy many outdoor activities as well as local sights and scenes. Rieker shoes cater to people in the Calgary area by providing timeless fashion that fits virtually every situation. Although the brand is now more than 40 years old, Rockport shoes often present a modern, fashionable design. Rieker shoes and Rockport shoes come in a variety of different designs, but include dozens of different varieties of sandals that can be worn both on the city streets and outside the community in the wonderful surrounding environs.

Touring the City

The durability of Rieker shoes and the refined elegance of Rockport shoes are both ideal for touring the many interesting locations within the city of Calgary. This includes more than two dozen museums within the city that showcase everything from natural history to modern technology. Calgary Tower offers a high elevation that provides a beautiful city vista and features a revolving restaurant. If you plan on doing lots of walking, Rieker shoes will keep your feet comfortable all day. For those who want elegant shoes for a special occasion, Rockport shoes provides high fashion while still letting your feet breathe.

Venturing into the Wild

Calgary also has a lot of beautiful attractions outside the city limits. For these excursions, you will probably want the ruggedness offered by Rieker shoes and sneakers. While Rockport shoes usually tend toward sandals and loafers, you can also get sneakers and boots as well for these outdoor activities. The biggest natural attraction in the area, both figuratively and literally, has to be the nearby Rocky Mountains, which provide plenty of hiking, rock climbing, and other activities that will leave you sweating on a summer day. If you prefer to wear less rugged Rieker shoes or break out the elegant leather look of Rockport shoes, you can view these natural wonders from afar at places like Dinosaur Provincial Park.

Walking on a Cloud offers a fine selection of both Rieker shoes and Rockport shoes for customers in the Calgary area. Whether your interests lie in the city or on its outskirts, you have many great choices from both brands. Rieker shoes offer slightly more variety for outdoor activities while Rockport shoes have an amazing amount of elegance, but both brands have enough flexibility to provide you with what you need.