Top Four Fall Must-Have Shoes

Summer has come and gone when you start reaching for those jeans and sweaters you’ve successfully avoided wearing. As the air turns crisp, the leaves turn red and apple cider and pumpkin spice lattes become our drinks of choice, it’s most definitely time to change up your footwear! During the fall, temperatures and weather conditions can change quickly from day to day. It’s important to be properly equipped without sacrificing comfort or style. We are offering you a breakdown of the four must-have shoes every gal needs in her fall wardrobe and we’re also rounding up our team’s favourites at!


Sneakers are a total no-brainer for any woman on the go! Whether you’re running errands or spending time with your girlfriends, sneakers with a bit of retro flair are an absolute must as we transition into fall. Pair them with your favourite jeans and you’ve balancing style and functionality all at once! One of our favourite sneakers is the Ecco Soft 7. Crafted from high-quality leather, these lace-up sneakers are available in various colours like warm grey, dark shadow metallic, or a classic black

Ankle boots

Nothing screams fall like a boot. There are many variations on a theme. You can choose lace-up, slip-on, heel, or no heel! As someone once said, variety is the spice of life. And one thing is certain, ankle boots elevate whatever fall outfit you’re planning to wear. You can stick to a more relaxed and casual Chelsea boot with a pair of staple Blundstones. We’ve got biker chic boots, bright red patent Dr. Martens-inspired boots, office-friendly boots or a jaunt around the neighborhood kind of boot.


As the second wave of COVID-19 progresses and we practice social distancing, your footwear at home has never been more important! Whether you’re lounging around watching a movie on Netflix or running outside to pick up yet another package from Amazon, we really think Glerups slippers are the best. They are 100% pure wool and come in beautiful colours like cranberry. They also come in three styles: slipper, shoe and bootie. You can choose a rubber sole or leather sole. Here at, we really enjoy the leather soles as with time they mold beautifully to the shape of your feet and are super comfortable!

Waterproof boots

If it’s raining and pouring, you can’t go wrong with a classic Hunter boot that is weatherproof and chic! Our team loves the short Hunter adjustable boot in matte black paired with cozy wool socks

What shoes do you think are the best for fall? Any must-have shoes you wear all the time?

Waterproof Shoes 101: Footwear That Keeps Your Feet Dry While You Stay Active

Not every day comes with sunshine and warm temperatures. There are times when you need to find a way to keep your feet dry while on the go. You may even need footwear that will protect your feet when you’re outdoors or in a wooded area near ponds, rivers, or other bodies of water. In short, there will be times when you need waterproof shoes or boots.

What should you look for based on when and where you’re going? Here are some basics that will point you in the right direction for waterproof footwear suitable for many occasions.

Protecting Your Feet While Hiking

Hiking is a great way to work several muscle groups at once. If the weather is being less than cooperative, it pays to invest in footwear that keep the feet dry as well as warm. Support is something to think about as well, since the last thing you need is for your legs to get tired while there are still several more miles to go.

One option that you should consider is investing in a pair of Timberland waterproof hiking shoes. Designed for comfort, Timberland footwear is known to provide excellent support too. The shells are often treated so that they resist damage due to exposure to rain, snow, and other forms of precipitation. They also tend to last longer, even if you like to go hiking on a regular basis. Compare this option to other men’s waterproof hiking shoes and you’ll soon see why Timberland is such a solid choice.

Something For Those Camping Trips

Perhaps hiking isn’t your thing, but you do love to spend time in the wilderness. That’s why you’ve invested in camping gear that makes for a cozy place to enjoy the outdoors during cold as well as warm seasons. Since it can rain during any season, it makes sense to invest in a pair of waterproof camping shoes that keep the feet safe as well as dry.

You would do well to take a look at what Timberland and Ecco have to offer in the way of waterproof footwear. Both brands are known for using materials that are resistant to all sorts of weather. That includes rain and snow. The designs provide plenty of arch support, something that comes in handy when you’re hauling all of your gear to that perfect camping spot.

Depending on whether you go with shoes or boots, the right pair will also ensure your foot stays dry even if you happen to come across puddle or step along the river bank while casting your fishing rod in search of the evening meal.

Keeping Your Feet Dry On the Way to Work (And Back)

Dry feet also matter when you’re going about a typical weekly routine. For example, what happens if you’re caught in a downpour while on the way to work? Even if you drive, there are still times when you have to step out on the sidewalk. You definitely want your feet to stay dry when you’re making your way to work. The same holds true when it’s time to go home.

One solution to consider is Rockport waterproof shoes for men. They look great with most types of business apparel and they resist water. The result is that your feet remain dry even if you happen to step into a puddle or the driving rain thoroughly coats your shoes. All it will take is a quick trip to the restroom once you arrive at work; wipe down the shoes with a paper towel and they will be good for the rest of the day.

Another option to consider is Eccos’s Urban Life line of footwear. With a number of designs to select from, they make it easy for men and women to sport fashionable shoes or boots that fit right in with their busy lifestyles. Minimal care is needed to ensure that the shells protect your feet during rain, sleet, or snow.

Sorel’s waterproof shoes for women are also worthy of consideration. The beautiful looks are there, but so is the protection that you need. Even if the rain and wind is so strong that you can barely remain upright, you can rest assured that the shoes will keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Running Shoes For Rainy Mornings or Nights

Running daily is a great way to deal with stress and stay in shape. It doesn’t matter if you run early in the morning or go for a quick run after you get home from work. The benefits are all the same.

What happens if it’s raining when you’re ready for a run? If you happen to have waterproof running shoes made by Romika or New Balance, just slip them on, grab an umbrella or a rain jacket, and head out the door like you always do. The footwear will ensure that your feet stay dry even if you get splashed by passing cars or step into puddles along the way.

Don’t Forget Those Walks After the Evening Meal

Some people aren’t into running, but they do love to go on evening walks. This is a great way to help the food from the evening meal settle and also helps release endorphins that make it easier to sleep later on. Something as simple as a brisk 30-minute stroll around the neighborhood does wonders for your peace of mind as well as for your heart.

What if it’s raining? Slip on your waterproof walking shoes and go anyway. Something like Sorel’s Buxton pull on designs are perfect for this type of outing. You don’t sacrifice anything in the way of comfort or support. What you do gain is shoes that will keep your feet dry as you make your way around the neighborhood. A good quality umbrella will take care of the rest.

Think about how many times the rain has preventing you from doing the things that you want to do. Now consider how owning one or two pairs of waterproof shoes Canada would make it easier to get out and do the things that you like. Spend some time today comparing brands and styles. There’s bound to be at least one pair that fits in perfectly with your lifestyle.

Detailed Guide on Men’s Smart Casual Shoes

men’s-smart-casual-shoesA good casual shoe can serve you in virtually any environment. While not truly formal, men’s casual shoes can still accompany casual dress clothing and can be worn into most workplaces. On weekends and vacations, they have enough durability to deal with the elements while providing great comfort. Every man should have at least one pair of casual shoes in his attire. The trick is to choose a brand that has a reputation for quality, style, and comfort. The brands detailed below fit all of these categories and can provide you with the exact fit you need.


Clarks has been in business for almost 200 years, beginning back in 1825 when Cyrus and James Clark used sheepskin off-cuts to design a new slipper. Over time, the brand has grown far beyond slippers and now has shoes for virtually every occasion. This includes men’s casual shoes. Every Clarks brand shoe begins with a block of hornbeam which is hand-smoothed to provide a distinctive feel. You can find casual Clarks shoes in both lace-up and slip-on varieties, making them ideal for the workplace or outdoors.

Those who prefer a slip-on shoe that has a formal enough look to work for the office might choose the Charton Step line, which comes in both black and brown. These shoes have a distinctive leather look and have cushioned footbeds that provide the highest level of comfort possible. The Sherwin line offers a similar leather look and comes with durable laces that won’t fray or wear out due to moisture. Those who wish for something more obliquely casual might be interested in the Trapell line, which has both laced and non-laced varieties. These shoes are easy to slip on and durable enough to withstand all manner of outdoor weather. A durable rubber sole and removable insole completes this line’s mission to provide a stylish and comfortable loafer.


The Merrell brand provides casual shoes that are great for outdoor activity, be it walking, biking, climbing, or more. The shoes provide durability without looking too rugged for day-to-day wear. This brand is particularly excellent for people who walk outside in rain, mud, or other wet weather, as each Merrell shoe uses Vibram technology in the soles to provide better slip resistance. The shoes also use Opti-Shell technology to provide a waterproof wearing experience and Opti-Warm technology to keep the feet warm even on cold days. This is an excellent brand for people who want a multi-purpose shoe that can handle both outdoor and indoor use.

Perhaps the most casual shoe for everyday use associated with this brand is the Jungle Moc 2, which is a simple slip-on shoe made of pig suede leather. The Jungle Moc 2 has a slip-resistant leather sole, making it great for walking in all environments. Those who want something more rugged might choose the Accentor line, which is a lace-up shoe designed for more intensive activities such as hiking. This line uses an open mesh design to allow for maximum foot breathability. Those who prefer a more formal look might appreciate the Shiver Moc2, which has a full grain leather appearance that works well in the office or at home. This shoe has a waterproof membrane which gives it a great deal of versatility.


You can find Ecco shoes on sale in 90 countries throughout the world, proving their versatility and popularity as a brand. Ecco is a very family-oriented brand that does its best to build customer loyalty through a sense of quality and style. Casual men’s shoes belonging to this brand range from sneakers to urban shoes to rugged outdoor footwear. All shoes in this brand follow the philosophy that functionality and beauty can be combined. This means that nothing goes to waste on the shoe—everything serves a purpose in terms of delivering a comfortable, versatile piece of footwear. At the same time, that functionality is hidden beneath layers of elegant design, making Eccos one of the most attractive pieces of footwear a man can own.

Customers looking for a comfortable slip-on shoe should consider the Collin line, which provides a leather exterior that has strategically-placed perforations to provide ventilation. The materials of these shoes are very lightweight, making them easy to wear and walk in. Those who prefer a sneaker can target the Kyle Lace, which used oiled nubuck leather in its design and features a specially designed fiber system to keep feet fresh and dry even after hours of wear. Those who expect to be active can benefit from the Urban Life lace-up shoes, which have a sporty look but a soft leathery feel due to the use of camel leathers in the design. All of these shoes have a soft rubber sole designed for flexibility and traction.


The Sperry brand became famous with the company’s invention of the original boat shoe in 1935. Since then, Sperry Topsiders, as the shoes are known, have remained a top seller in North America and beyond. The shoes were originally sued to walk boat decks without leaving scuff marks behind. As time has gone on, that quality has made them popular among people who want to wear shoes on hardwood floors, in gymnasiums, and at the office without leaving any unsightly scuff marks behind. These shoes are made of 100% imported leather and are hand-sewn to provide both durability and comfort. They also possess a 360-degree lacing system that allows you to customize the fit for your individual needs.

Customers interested in the Sperry iconic look should consider the Gold A/O line, which provides the brand’s special 360-degree lacing system with gold plated eyelets and rawhide laces to provide an elegant and classic look. The interior of this line is made of soft deerskin, which provides comfort and abrasion free wear. Sperry also provides slip-on shoes with the Largo line, which uses dual elastic gores to make it easy to slip the shoes on and off. The Largo’s interior has a full-length removable footbed that provides all-day comfort. Finally, the Striper line offers an affordable sneaker with vulcanized construction to guarantee a secure upper and outsole bond. The sneaker also uses molded Wave-Siping, which provides improved traction whether the surface is dry or wet.

Johnston and Murphy

Johnston and Murphy has provided high-quality footwear since 1850. The company strives not only to build upon its reputation for excellence but also to innovate, providing new ways to make shoes comfortable, stylish, and fun. Some of the company’s innovations include the Trampoiline Cushion System, the Signature Comfort System, and the Optima Cushion System. Each of these features provides softness, bounce, and support. The Johnston and Murphy brand is ideal for those who enjoy city walking or light activity. The footwear provides such individuals with a level of support, comfort, and confidence that few other shoe brands can match.

Those who are looking for a Johnston and Murphy slip-on shoe can find what they need with the Bowling. This shoe is a dressy slip-on in a moccasin style that uses full-grain leather and an ultra-lightweight construction for maximum comfort and mobility. Those seeking a more rugged-looking shoe can find what they need with the lace-up Howell PT. With a dark tan exterior and a sheepskin lining that provides comfort while keeping moisture out, this shoe is excellent for those who expect to walk through the elements or who want to wear a casual shoe when the weather turns cold. Finally, the Wallace Chukka uses water-resistant suede and a soft leather lining to keep feet breathing effectively. This short lace-up boot is ideal for cold and wet weather.


Rockport brand shoes are available in 60 different countries throughout the world, making them immediately recognizable to footwear aficionados everywhere. The shoes are each meticulously crafted and designed to have a long lifespan so you don’t have to worry about replacing them every few months. Each piece of footwear is designed to be water resistant, and the interior is manufactured with materials that help draw moisture away from the foot. Rockport shoes have only been in business since 1970, making them younger than some of the other brands listed here, but they have quickly built up a reputation for variety, versatility, and quality.

The Bowman line represents the Rockport brand well by providing a slip-on shoe that has an elastic on vamp to make it easy to put the shoe on and take it off. This shoe features a memory foam footbed that adjusts to your foot’s needs. Those who prefer a more casual sneaker can opt for the Langdon Lace line, which provide excellent forefoot flexibility and durable laces. These shoes feature truTECH shock absorption technology to help you run or walk for as long as you want. If you prefer a dressier-looking shoe, the Northfield is the choice for you. Using Hydro Shield technology, the shoe stays dry in even the wettest of circumstances. Moreover, its elegant but durable look makes it great for both work and travel.


Created by New Balance, Dunham shoes provide the same high level of comfort that that brand is known for with a style and performance that is all its own. Each of the Dunham shoe lines use special technologies to help provide the best wearing experience possible. These include Tuff-Light and Versatile to keep the shoe weight light while not impacting durability, Dryworks to keep the interior of the shoe dry, and Tru-Tak to avoid slips and accidents. Those who want a versatile shoe that doesn’t sacrifice comfort should find what they need in the Dunham line.

Those interested in a classic boat shoe that won’t scuff surfaces and has excellent water resistance should look into the Captain Lace line. This shoe is designed for comfort and breathability, featuring an adjustable lace closure that can help you make sure that your foot feels good from every angle. Those who prefer a slip-on shoe can take advantage of the Fitsmart line. This simple but comfortable slip-on shoe comes in many different colours and is designed with elastic technology to make the shoe easy to put on or remove. If you prefer a more formal-looking shoe that can still be used for casual occasions, the Royalton line is what you need. This shoe is crafted from smooth leather, providing it with an elegant look. It also has a memory foam footbed and adjustable laces to provide maximum comfort.


Like many shoe companies, Rieker goes back several generations. In this case, however, those generations all belong to the same family, which has continued to innovate and create new shoes from its headquarters in Switzerland to this day. Rieker keeps careful control of the materials used in its shoes, ensuring that every pair of shoes comes from raw materials that match the company’s standards for quality and durability. When you purchase a Rieker shoe, you are choosing something that is well-made, resistant to the elements, and capable of serving you well for years to come.

If you want to enjoy sunny and dry weather with a casual shoe that will keep your feet comfortable for the entire day, the Indiana Whisky provides an excellent loafer for you. With upper and side elasticized cut-outs, the shoe provides maximum breathability and comfort. The Derby is a similarly comfortable slip-on that provides more complete protection against cold and wet weather. This shoe features dual elastic goring for easy on-and-off convenience. The shoes also use a RIRCON sole designed for better cushioning of the ball and heel of the foot. Finally, the Paduna offers a lace-up line for those who want a good sneaker to help them get more activity. With contrast stitching and metallic studs, these sneakers stand out in a crowd. Additionally, the TR rubber outsole helps with shock absorption during even the most rigorous of activities.

If you want a high-quality, comfortable pair of men’s casual shoes, you can choose any of the above brands and come away with a product that is well worth your money. All of these shoes and more are available through Walking on a Cloud, so start shopping today!

Top Spring Shoes for Women

Best Spring Shoes for Women

Spring has finally arrived, and that means that you might need new shoes. Even if you have a high-quality pair of women’s shoes that have been waiting for you in your closet all winter, it’s always worth looking to see if you can upgrade. After all, the better you treat your feet in the spring, the better you’ll feel when summer rolls around. Here are some of the top shoe tips for women to consider when you think about spring styles and comfort.

Things to Look for in Spring Shoes

When you start shopping for women’s shoes that work well in springtime, you should consider a few different things. For starters, spring weather is warmer than the winter but not quite as hot as summer. That means that the ideal spring shoe provides a way for your foot to breathe but doesn’t leave it fully exposed to weather than can sometimes trend toward chilly. Additionally, many places in Canada and the United States get hit by rainstorms or even occasional snow flurries in the spring. For this reason, you should make sure that the shoe you choose has enough weather protection to endure some occasionally wet or chilly conditions. Following these essentials can give you function to go along with the stylish form of the shoes listed below.

Changing Shoe Styles

Shoes for women change on a regular basis, and what was once fashionable may now be out of date. Some styles that have shifted in recent years include the removal of stiletto heels in casual shoe fashion. Women who wear shoes with heels now usually opt for a more comfortable architectural heel that provides better support when moving. Because many women live active lifestyles, hybrid sandals that provide lots of room for a foot to breathe while also offering the type of support usually found in a sneaker are also popular. This is especially true in the springtime when women want their feet to remain cool and comfortable. With the changing fashions of 2019 and beyond in mind, here are some of the best brands to look for when you want a comfortable yet stylish spring shoe.


You can find Birkenstock shoes at virtually any women shoes retailer and has been one of the best-selling brands for generations. Going back to the 1700s, the brand has a proud tradition and always provides its customers with great comfort and functionality. You can find Birkenstocks that use natural materials, but the brand has also introduced some environmentally friendly synthetic materials in recent years. Colours typically have an earthy range, although silver and even bright pastels have a place in the line as well. Overall, Birkenstock shoes are one of the best brands for any season. In spring, when mud, wetness, and other weather might damage a lesser pair of shoes, the quality of Birkenstocks shines through extra well.

Some of the most popular Birkenstock shoes for the spring include open toe sandals such as the Mayari line or the extra soft and supportive Gizeh line. The latter highlights some of Birkenstock’s more brightly coloured shoes, offering a sandal in a pink coral variety that goes well with more casual outfits. Those who are worried that cold spring weather might make sandals impossible could opt for the Buckly or Gary lines, which offer comfortable shoes with a closed toe that still provide a lot of breathability. The Boston line is a good in-between choice, offering a closed front but open back and coming in unisex varieties that make them ideal for those who don’t mind a less feminine look on their feet.

Spring Step

As the brand name implies, Spring Step offers a wide variety of shoes that are ideal for spring weather in almost any location throughout Canada. The shoes are designed using methods pioneered years ago in Europe but updated for the use of modern materials and manufacturing techniques. Spring Step strives to provide a perfect combination of quality, comfort, technology, and style to create a line of shoes that virtually everybody can enjoy. Most of the brand’s offerings have open toes, but those who wish for more front-foot protection can also find clogs and boots that provide more warmth and rain resistance.

Specific shoes by Spring Step that people might enjoy include the Tulisa, which is a slip-on shoe with no heel and plenty of breathability. The Tulisa is designed for comfort and is best worn on warm spring days. Both the Alejandra and the Hanna are terrific for people who want sandals but still need to have a somewhat dressy look. Both shoes have high heels, but the heels are sturdy enough to allow for good mobility in multiple different environments. If you want a more rugged look, the Gaetana is a boot with a medium heel that provides a good combination of colour with leathery browns around the soles. There are, of course, many more options within the Spring Step line, all ideal for spring weather.

Josef Seibel

For those who want shoes that can last through the spring and into the summer while remaining comfortable, Josef Seibel has exactly what you need. Josef Seibel has been making women’s shoes for well over 100 years, with the company’s founding dating all the way back to the 19th century. With a range that goes from comfortable no-heel sandals to elegant high-heel footwear and everything in between, you can find one or more pairs of shoes that work for your spring needs. Unlike many other women’s footwear brands, Josef Seibel caters to those who live an active lifestyle as well, offering sneakers and boots for those who wish to have comfortable feet even while running or hiking.

Women looking for a very simple but stylish sandal might wish to check out the Clea line, which offers a secure no-slip sandal that still leaves the foot well exposed for breathability. The Sunny line is perfect for people who want a more elegant sandal, featuring an intricate design along the straps and providing a heel that is still broad enough to allow for maximum mobility. Those who plan to get in some outdoor activities this spring might wish to check out the Josef Seibel Caren, which is a comfortable sporty sneaker that comes in a range of different colours and designs. You can go for a neutral white or beige with this footwear or something more eye-catching, like the metallic platinum offered by the Caren 01.


Merrell shoes are ideal for people who plan to get some outdoor activity in this spring. Largely consisting of sandals and sneakers, Merrell shoes all have Opti-Shell waterproofing technology that helps keep your feet dry even in wet conditions. If spring starts cold in your part of the world, the combination of Aeroblock and Opti-Warm technologies help keep your feet warm even if you spend a long period outside. Merrell women’s shoes are intended for those who live an active lifestyle and are designed with durability in mind. At the same time, some of the sandals and boots offered by this brand can be used in semi-formal environments if needed.

Women who want to get outside and run would be well suited for the MQM Flex sneaker, which provides excellent arch support and good toe flexibility. This sneaker comes in a variety of colours, from a matte black to highlights with many different shades. In terms of sandals, some excellent options from Merrell include the Sandspur, which is great for warm weather outings, or the Waterpro Pan, which offers a closed toe and excellent moisture protection for more rugged activities. Some of Merrell’s best boots include the Encore KM, which comes in black and tan and can be worn in both indoor and outdoor environments.


Finally, Ducale Imports has offered an excellent variety of high-quality shoes since 1974. Borrowing from European styles and traditions, Ducale shoes are an excellent choice for those who want fashionable footwear. The brand provides mostly sandals and formal shoes, which makes it best for those who enjoy activities in the city or in warm spring environments.

Women seeking a casual sandal that allows them to go anywhere can choose from the Sandal 2 Velcro, which has a pair of top foot straps and an open toe. Designed with leather and sporting a low heel, this is a good option for walking and leisure activities both indoors and outdoors. The Ducale Black Glove is a more formal option, offering a high heel boot with a low ankle cut that is terrific for formal occasions. An in-between option that can be used for both formal and casual activities is the LaPinta, a slip-on shoe with an open toe and a wide heel. The webbing on the top of the LaPinta ensures that you will always have good breathability with this shoe.

You can find these brands and more at Walking on a Cloud. As spring comes in, women have many choices based on their local weather and level of activity. One style doesn’t have to fit all, since there are so many styles from which to choose.

Best Shoes for Your Feet Health

Shoes for Feet Health

How much thought do you put into selecting the right footwear? While many people consider factors like style, price, and fit, what about making choices that are good for the health of your feet? Even if you aren’t looking for a pair of shoes for problem feet, the right approach to buying footwear decreases the odds of developing certain types of foot complaints. Here are some of the things you should take into consideration every time you buy a new pair of shoes.

Opting for Natural Over Synthetic Materials

Some experts will tell you that natural materials for footwear is always the best approach. It’s true that opting for natural over synthetic materials is more likely to help you avoid a number of quality issues as well as provide a better fit. The thing to keep in mind that natural materials are not always the best quality and they may offer fewer benefits than you realize.

Before assuming that pair of ballet flats made with natural material is superior to the pair made using mainly synthetic materials, look a little closer. Which set provides the flexibility that you need? Is there enough give in the toe and the heel to ensure they are comfortable? Is the quality of the natural material so low that it could actually be bad for your feet? if so, the synthetic may be the right choice in this one instance.

The bottom line is make no assumptions when it comes to materials. Consider type and quality carefully. Doing so will make it easier to choose something that is good for your feet, even if it means passing on both options and seeking out a third pair.

Choosing the Right Size

You think that you know your shoe size. What you may not realize is that it can change over time. It’s not unusual for people to move from the need for a medium fit to a wide fit as they age. There may also be a slight disparity between the size of the right foot and the left one.

What does this have to do with choosing the healthiest shoes? It means you should have your feet measured each time you need to purchase a new pair. The time may have arrived to go with a roomier fit, or you may need to buy the pair based on the measurements of one foot instead of both. If your right foot is slightly larger, choose a pair that will fit it perfectly.

When you do go to buy a new pair, don’t forget to consider the type of sock or hose you will wear with those shoes. Doing so makes it all the easier to ensure there’s enough room. If possible, wear a pair of socks that are just like the ones you will typically wear along with the new shoes. Doing so makes it all the easier to select the ideal size.

And Don’t Forget the Shape of Your Feet

While all feet look much like the same, there are differences. Your goal is to know the difference between the best and worst shoes for your foot shape. If your big toe is longer than the others, that needs to be taken into consideration. Toes that are almost the same length require a different approach to evaluating the toe box. Heels that are more square than rounded also need certain types of shoe features.

The point of taking the shape of your feet into consideration is to ensure the new footwear fits properly and provides all the benefits that you need. You’ll find it easier to wear the shoes all day long if necessary and there is less potential for cramps and soreness to develop.

Proper Support Helps More Than Your Feet

On the note of avoiding cramps or aching feet, it pays to remember that shoes with the right fit do more than reduce the risk of different foot issues. They can also ease stress on the ankles and the lower legs. The right pair of flexible shoes can even have an impact on whether you end the day with pain in your lower back or feel perfectly comfortable.

Something that you may not know is that shoes also affect your posture. A proper fit and support make it all the easier to stand tall and not slouch. When you find shoes good for your feet and posture, don’t pass them by. They will more than pay for themselves over time in terms of preventing pain and helping you feel better in general.

Cushioning Matters Too

Cushioning does a lot for the feet even if you don’t have a particular complaint. That’s because the right type of cushioning helps to absorb the shock that occurs every time you take a step on a hard surface. Assuming the cushioning is made with some of the better materials on the market, it will be easier for air to circulate around the feet. Air circulation is important in terms of preventing the feet from getting too hot or allowing the skin to become too dry.

Depending on what type of foot problem you are dealing with, that cushioning can also prevent a lot of discomfort. Shoes good for feet with problems have just enough give and take to feel comfortable while also providing plenty of comfort. Your podiatrist can recommend the best types of cushioning to look for when it’s time to buy a new pair of shoes.

Style Sometimes Has to Take a Back Seat

Even with all the options on the market today, there are likely some shoe designs that are not right for your feet. Not everyone can wear pointed-toe shoes; the shape of your feet or some type of health issue may mean that you would do well to stick with rounded or square-toe footwear instead. In like manner, you may need to focus your attention on styles that have more cushioning than others. Even factors like the materials used may need to be considered carefully before you buy any new pair of shoes.

Before you assume that any type of foot condition means you can only wear the most basic designs or settle for something that resembles a concrete block rather than a shoe, think again. There are many different style options on the market today that work well for people with specific foot problems. Some of them are quite attractive.

Always Go for Extra Room in the Toe Box

Whether you have a foot condition or would simply like to avoid developing one, making sure there’s a little extra room in the toe box is a good strategy. It doesn’t have to be much; all you need is enough for your toes to not feel cramped. You can use your index finger to get an idea of exactly where your toes fit in that great pair of sneakers you are considering. If they fill the entire toe box, you need to try something with a little more length and width. In the long run, you’ll enjoy wearing those shoes a lot more.

And a Heel That Isn’t Too High or Too Low

When people think of choosing high heels, they are more likely to consider factors like where they will wear the shoes and if the heel height is in line with how tall or short they happen to be. Those are important things to remember, but don’t overlook the fact that a higher heel does place more stress on the ankles and the lower legs. They can also place some additional stress on the toes. If you already have one foot condition to manage, do you really want to add another one?

Consider how shoes with a lower heel would work. Whether for fun or something for the office, you may find that the lower heel is still flattering and does not pave the way for new foot problems to develop.

Sandals May Be Better Than Other Summertime Footwear

Everyone likes to be comfortable during the summer. The thing it that flip flops are not necessarily the best choice, especially if you have a foot issue. You may need more support than these simple and fun footwear options can provide. If so, think about getting a comfortable pair of sandals.

The sandals are more likely to have an insole that conforms to your feet properly. The straps that support the heels and possibly the ankles will certainly ease stress on the feet. You’ll find that the straps over the instep are sufficient to keep the sandals from slipping. All in all, you get the comfort of flip flops plus some other qualities that only come with a pair of sandals.

Specialty Footwear for Specific Problems

When it comes to finding the best shoes for foot problems, remember that shoes designed to help with one issue may or may not work well for a different one. For example, shoes designed for diabetics who are beginning to experience some neuropathy in the feet need something that helps to promote blood circulation. By contrast, people with other types of issues may need a nice pair of orthopedic shoes. Don’t pay attention to anyone who says they have a shoe that’s right for all types of foot problems. You are better off finding someone who has shoes designed specifically for your condition.

Your feet are intended to serve you well for a lifetime. Take proper care of them by investing in shoes that protect and provide additional support if you do have some type of ongoing problem. In the long run, your feet will feel better, controlling your condition will be easier, and your days will certainly be more pleasant.

How To Buy Men’s Shoes

Could you use a new pair of shoes? Maybe one of the men in your life is in need of a great pair of shoes for men. Before you head out to look for something, it pays to learn a little about what goes into choosing the right pair of men’s footwear. Here are some tips on how to choose mens shoes that will make all the differ-ence.

Identify the Type of Shoes That You Need

There are different types of shoes for men designed for all sorts of activities. Before you do any shopping, take a moment and determine where those shoes will be worn. This helps you to concentrate on footwear that will serve a purpose and not end up stuck in the back of the closet.

What shoes should every man own? Every man needs shoes that are appropriate for his work-place. That may mean having a couple pair of dress shoes or it could mean more casual shoes. There should also be shoes that are fine for casual wear during warmer weather. Footwear that’s ideal for working out is also something else that should be in every man’s closet. You also want sandals for the summer as well as a pair of boots with a reasonable amount of lining for wear in the winter.

So what sort of shoes for men do you need right now? It may be one of the types just mentioned, or it could be something for a special occasion. Perhaps you are attending a formal event and need something suitable to wear with a tuxedo. You might be looking for boots that you can wear while hunting or hiking. Define the purpose for the purchase and it will be a lot easier to focus on the kind of footwear that you need and avoid getting bogged down looking at shoes you can do without right now.

Think About the Colours You Prefer

Colours are another factor to consider. In most cases, the venue where you will wear the shoes and how you dress for the occasion will make it easier to select the colours and hues. Remember that while you may select from a wider range of colours for more casual settings, the appropriate options for a business setting are likely to involve only a few choices.

There are questions that you can ask yourself and use the answers to direct the search. For example, should your shoes be darker than your pants? When you are selecting dress shoes for men, it pays to consider the dressy clothing you wear in the workplace or for special occasions. You’ll find that when you dress up, your shoes should either match the colour of the pants or be darker. For example, you would never wear a pair of brown shoes with a black suit, but you could get by wearing a pair of black shoes with a blue suit.

With more casual shoes, you can have more fun. Go darker or lighter with the shoe colour if you are wearing jeans. The same is true with walking shorts. If you prefer to wear sandals or some sort of shoe while walking along the beach or the lakeside, it’s fine to wear a lighter and contrasting colour with your swimsuit.

Revisit Your Foot Size

You may think that your feet stop changing during your teenage years, but that’s not the case. It’s a fact that the shape of your feet may change slightly as you age. That’s because of other changes, like your weight, and the general wear on ligaments as the years pass. Typically, the sizing does not change drastically. For example, you are not likely to go up a full size. What is more likely to happen is that your narrow foot may turn into a wider one as time passes.

Before you shop for new shoes for men, take a moment to determine how well your other shoes fit right now. Are they basically fine but do seem to be a little tight on the sides? If so, you may want to try the same size but with a little more width. That one difference will help make those new men’s shoes more comfortable and motivate you to wear them more often.

Be Open to Trying a New Brand

It’s easy to find a brand that you like and decide to stick with it. In fact, it makes sense to check out what that brand has to offer in terms of the kind of shoe you need right now. The thing to remember is that you should be open to trying a new brand.

After you settle on the purpose, the potential colours, and the sizing for your new men’s footwear, spend a little time investigating a brand that you’ve never tried before. Read reviews to get an idea of what other consumers think. Check out the materials used for the shoes and get an idea of how they are sized.

You also want to consider the price, at least up to the point. While it should never be the most important aspect of those new shoes, it never hurts to save a little money. Who knows? You might find a new brand that has shoes for men that you like even better than your current brand.

But Dont Skimp on Quality

Being open to different brands of shoes for men is one thing. Randomly trying brands that are apparently inferior to what you already wear is not going to work out. You are used to a certain level of quality and that means the right men’s shoes will match or exceed those expectations. Not skimping on quality enhances the potential of those shoes to be among the best you’ve ever owned.

If money is tight and you must have a new pair of shoes immediately, do your best to focus on brands that are higher in quality and come with a more affordable price tag. When you can wait for a few months and save a little more money for the purchase, do so. In the long run, you’ll be happier.

Consider the Shape and Size of the Toe Box

Even the best quality shoes for men aren’t worth it if your feet are not comfortable. One area that men sometimes overlook is the shape and the amount of space in the toe box. Never settle for shoes that don’t have a little wiggle room for the toes. That one aspect will make it a lot easier to wear the shoes all day without your feet beginning to feel cramped or stressed.

When shopping in a store for new shoes, try on the right one and use your fingers to see how much space is between the end of the toe box and your toes. When you press and it seems as if there’s roughly the width of your fingernail between the big toe and the end of the box, there’s a good chance that those shoes will offer a comfortable fit.

Check the Heel

Remember that different types of shoes for men come with heels of slightly varying heights. Taller men certainly want a lower heel. Men who are of a more modest height may be tempted by a taller heel. That’s fine, but make sure the heel’s height and shape doesn’t make your feet look too bulky. That will kill the look of the nice suit you’re wearing, and won’t exactly be a good fit with a casual outfit either.

You also want to check the heel to determine if the materials will help you remain in an upright position when it’s raining. The last thing you need is to be running toward the car during a storm and end up slipping on a slick sidewalk. Make sure the heel as well as the rest of the shoe bottom provide you with some traction on slippery surfaces.

Cushioning and Arch Support Matter Too

Cushioning and arch support are important whether you will be wearing those new shoes for men all day or for a couple of hours. In any setting, the right amount of support minimizes the chances for cramps in the instep and toes, pressure on the ankles, and pain in the lower legs. The right level of cushioning and support will also minimize the risk for lower back pain. Instead of feeling exhausted at the end of the day and wanting nothing more than a soothing soak for the feet, you’ll be ready to go out and enjoy some time with your friends.

Durability is Your Friend

Investing in a higher quality of shoes does save money over time. You’ll find that footwear with more durability can easily last twice as long as an inferior pair. When you consider the fact that less expensive shoes may need to be replaced more frequently, the overall expense is lower by spending a little more up front.

Durable shoes also mean that they hold their appearance for more years. Assuming you take proper care of them, they will show few signs of wear even after they’ve been in use for a couple of years. That’s certainly a better use of your hard-earned money.

As Is Comfort and Protection

Footwear that’s durable is also more likely to feel good on the feet and even protect them to a greater extent. Protection, even with a pair of dress shoes, matters. It’s important to ensure they help to prevent minor issues that could happen to the feet during the course of the day. For example, a sole that is made of durable material and is of a reasonable thickness will protect your foot in the event something sharp ends up on the floor. You can bet that sturdy materials designed to protect your feet while you are hiking or camping will come in handy.

Always Check Out Whats on Sale

Even the best men’s shoe brands occasionally have sales. That’s because the plan is to make room for newer designs and that means selling older ones at a discount. There’s nothing wrong with the shoes. If you’re going for a traditional style, last year’s designs will likely work just as well and cost less money.

Trends Are Nice But Dont Let Them Rule Your Choices

It’s find to buy shoes for men that at least nod to the current fashion trends, provided they fit in with your personal sense of style and look good. Don’t discount current trends but never allow them to determine what you will or will not wear. Be true to your own personal sense of style.

Online Shopping is a Good Choice

If you don’t like shopping in general, try shopping for shoes online. Look for your favourite brands since you already know how they fit. You’re likely to find more options for men’s dress shoe colors online, which makes it all the easier to find something that works with your present wardrobe. You can also shop while relaxing in your favourite chair, something that makes shopping a little easier.

Consider Buying More Than One Pair

If you find what you want, why not buy another pair or two? This is especially helpful if you are looking for something to wear every day. You can rotate those two pair and still project the look you want. Best of all, not wearing the same shoes for men daily will help you get more years of use from both pairs.

Remember to not rush when you shop for shoes for men in any venue. The goal is to find a pair that serves the right purpose, has the look you want, protects the feet, and provides adequate support. In the long run, you’ll get more use from the purchase and certainly recoup more of your investment in those new pairs of shoes.

Shoe Trends for 2019

Shoes are a product of daily use. Actually, a huge percentage of people worldwide own shoes. Manufacturers make over 20 billion pairs of shoes annually.

Shoe Trends in 2019

The huge numbers are a clear indication that the shoes market is a lucrative one.

2019 is right here with us! How time flies, right?

So what will characterize the shoe industry this year and beyond?

2019 Footwear Market Overview

According to projections, the Global Footwear Market will gain $371.8 billion by 2020 thus registering an approximate CAGR of 5.5% for the forecast period between 2015 and 2020.

What is for sure is the fact that the shoes industry has been steadily growing in the recent past.

Analysis of the report featured different types of footwear comprising of both non-athletic and athletic shoes utilized by people of all gender and age groups.

The ever-rising demand for trendy, fancy, yet comfortable shoes among different age groups is a vital factor that’s driving the international footwear industry.

The factors that segment the global shoe industry include:

  • Type of footwear
  • Materials used
  • End users of shoes
  • Platforms for sale
  • Sales across different geographies

Asian countries such as India and China are the leading exporters of leather shoes across developed nations like U.S and UK.

Rising health concerns are now influencing folks to perform outdoor and indoor physical activities. Consequently, there’s a huge demand for athletic shoes, which in turn increases the demand for general shoes.

In 2019 and beyond, there’ll be a rise in demand for shoes.

The estimations of the international market figures are based on the revenues generated by sales across various geographic regions.

Players in the market will focus on expanding their channels of sales through several web portals in different regions.

Presently, online platforms for buying footwear are progressively gaining popularity especially among youths and teenagers, hence occupying a huge share among the various distribution channels.

To maintain market positions, the leading companies such as ECCO, Nike, Timberland, Merrell and Adidas among others are coming up with new solutions that focus on offering better services. They’re also focusing on upgrading the designs of the current footwear models.

For example in 2015, PUMA one of the leading shoes manufacturers launched a super lightweight boot that featured impressive Japanese dragon Graphics tailored for the soccer lovers. Through the launch, the company was able to rake in more customers.

Amidst the dynamic competitive landscape, there’s no doubt that the shoe industry will scale to new heights.

Moreover, moving forward, companies will use different platforms and events such as F1 car racing events or Olympic Games with the aim of promoting themselves worldwide. They’ll also continue collaborating with renowned international sports platforms to promote their brand. A good example was the collaboration between Adidas and Manchester United in 2014.

The Trends

The advent of customized and smart footwear is top on the list of trends that’ll be witnessed in the international shoe market not only in 2019, but beyond.

Customized and smart shoes are currently trending especially in the universal online footwear market.

Vendors have adopted personalization and customization to diversify their portfolio.

The introduction of technically advanced and innovative customizable and smart footwear not only attracts but also motivates clients to invest in them.

For example, smart footwear like step-counting shoes are gaining popularity principally among those engaged in fitness and athletic activities.

The rise in demand for innovative shoes and high level of customization will spur the growth in the shoes market in 2019 and beyond.

Shoe Trends for Women in 2019

The start of every year is the best time to be on the lookout for trends that’ll characterize the shoe industry. When it comes to shoes in 2019, the rule of thumb is the louder, the better! Be on the lookout for bold and maximalist shoes – the likes with dramatic silhouettes, crystals, and feathers.

If you’re a woman who’s into style and latest trends, here are some of the shoe trends expected to take over this year:

  • Strappy Sandals – Granted, strappy sandals have been in existence for quite some time. However, a much sleeker look is taking over now. Think along the line of super-thin straps that feature minimalist designs. The modern sandals will instantly bump up even the simplest pair of jeans.
  • Animal Prints – Most fashion gurus consider animal prints neutrals for a reason. From cheetah to snakeskin, manufacturers will channel their animal instincts by trying out a variety of ankle boots, tall boots, and mules in bold prints.
  • Sporty Sandals – It might be 2019! However, there’s no doubt that the ‘90s are still playing a major in the current trends within the fashion industry. It’s high time you dust off your Teva-inspired sandals and flat forms.
  • Embellished Heels – There’s more to embellished heels than just rhinestones and crystals. This year, there’ll be an expansion of the available options to distinct details such as wooden spheres, beads, and seashells.
  • Statement Trainers – Statement trainers are the sparkly cousin to the normal sneakers that you’re used to. Gucci was the pioneer of the uber-cool crystal-strapped kicks. Others designers followed suit.
  • Western Boots – While cowboy boots have been a darling of many for a couple of seasons, a new mash-up style is gaining traction. Presently and in the months to come, you’ll notice ‘80s influence in the silhouettes, accents, and details.
  • Bows – Bow shoes are perhaps among the sweetest trends among the bunch. Bow-clad shoes will definitely take center stage this year all thanks to Saint Laurent, Pyer Moss, and Zimmerman. Whether you put them on the front of your strappy heels or backs of pumps, they’ll surely add a beautiful detail that you’ll get tied up in.
  • Feathers – Shoes detailed with feathers are the night-ready and glamorous trend in this list. While most flats featured plumage in the yester years, heels adorned with feathers will steal the show not only on the runways but also in the streets.
  • PVC – Undeniably, PVC shoes are having their moment again. Last year, clear footwear of different types was featured on the runways of Mary Katrantzou, Alexa Chung, Balmain, and Marc Jacobs. You need to get your pedicure right in 2019.

Shoe Trends for Men in 2019

As a man, you must have a pair of shoes for every occasion. After all, the right pair can quickly break or make your look. Therefore, if you desire to appear stylish, it’s prudent to always have the right shoes at hand to not only complete but also complement your ensemble.

From attending an official gala to running errands, men should have a collection of footwear to fashionably see them through different occasions.

The following are the top trendy men’s shoes for 2019:

  • The Brogue – Initially, the concept behind the brogue was a more utilitarian shoe compared to what most men wear it today. Creators of the shoe originally put the perforations and holes to drain water after crossing swamps and bogs in muddy Ireland. Today’s brogue command a little more respect and will continue to do so moving forward. For casual days, opt for brighter brogues while on formal occasions, put brown ones. The golden rule to brogues is, the more broguing the shoe features, the less formal it ought to be.
  • The Suede Chukka – In the recent past, Chukkas have definitely surged back in popularity. The shoe is a round-toe and minimal, ankle-high boot featuring only 2 – 3 lacing eyelets. Conventionally featuring just two panels, their style isn’t big on embellishments. In 2019, you need to choose a pair of cream or tan suede chukkas as an addition to your wardrobe. The shoes are best for casual events. They offer an elegant and classy alternative to sneakers. You can combine them with a pair of chinos or jeans coupled with a polo shirt for an ideal look. Combining the shoes with a sports jacket makes the outfit appear more approachable.
  • The Leather Boot – The thing with leather boots is that their range is so wide that one can get carried away and fall victim to a boot-buying habit. For sure, very few boots can convey the kind of personality the boot does. With continued wear, your boot starts to tell a story. Well-worn pairs of creased boots boast their own character. For the winter, you must have leather lace-up boots. For en edgier, causal aesthetic, you need to choose an ankle-high, dark brown or black boot. By investing in a quality pair of leather boots, you’re certain that they’ll last you many years to come.
  • The Loafer – The Loafer, originally of Scandinavian origin, has transformed into a sartorial style of preppy culture. In fact, it’s currently a streamlined shoe style. Lace-free or low loafers are surely a mainstay of smart casual dress. They’ll remain a favorite shoe style especially for the summer months. A pair of brown loafers will work excellently for both formal and casual looks. Navy is also an amazing color to consider. It works brilliantly to complement tones such as greens, beige, and whites. Beige also suites neutrals well. It complements tanned skin excellently.
  • The Running Sneaker – The running sneaker is one of the most functional shoes in the list. Every man needs to have a pair of comfortable yet stylish running sneakers for every wardrobe. Although running sneakers are tailored to feel good instead of looking good, it’s important to know a few tips on how to choose the best pair. If you’re into versatility, opt for a style that features minimal branding. The bright colors work excellently for those that desire a statement street look. White running sneakers will certainly appear bruised and beaten within a few weeks. Therefore, they’re best if you have a great shoe care routine.
  • The Oxford – Unlike with the derby shoe that features an open lacing system, the Oxford features a closed lacing system. Its design was originally a plain shoe that was made of leather. Nonetheless, over the years, much has evolved. It now includes a wide range of detailing and fabrics. For casual events, the shoe looks great in tan color.
  • The White-Low Top Trainer – White low tops are great when you style them with some black pair of jeans to achieve a monochromatic look. If you feel that chukkas or boots are too much but you want to portray a casual look, then white trainers are a fantastic option.

Global Online Shoes Market – Growth of M-Commerce and E-Commerce

The huge rise in demand for m-commerce and e-commerce such as online channels worldwide is one of the major factors that’ll positively affect the growth of online footwear market this year and moving forward. This trend is also supported by the increase of the amount of personal loan companies as well as merchant cash advance loan companies in Canada.

The growth of the international footwear market will drive the development of online shoes market.

The other reason that’ll inform the growth of the market is the rising demand for user-friendly comfortable shoes, smart shoes and customized footwear.

Because the international commerce industry has been exponentially growing, huge volumes of shoes are now being sold via the online channel.

The rise in cross-border e-commerce trade will positively impact the volume of the online shoe shipments.

How Disruptions and Sanctions of EU and U.S Trade Influence the Choice of European Shoe Brands

Sometimes last year, June to be precise, in reprisal, the European Union introduced tariffs on goods from the United States. This came as a high-ranking representative launched an all-out new attack on the United States President’s policy on trade.

The sanctions and disruptions will cost more than £2.4bn (€2.8bn) worth of goods from the United States.

The officials imposed tariffs on goods such as orange juice, motorcycles, bourbon whiskey, and footwear.

According to the commission’s president, the duties imposed by the United States on the European Union go against ‘’all history and logic.’’

According to the World Trade Organization, the statement on sanctions affecting footwear reads as follows;

‘’Men’s shoes with uppers and outer soles of leather, with in-soles greater or equal to 24 cm in length (excluding covering the ankle, or including a protective metal toecap, that’s made on a platform or base of wood, without in-soles, with upper made of straps or with a vamp, orthopedic footwear indoor footwear, and sports footwear.)’’

So how will the sanctions and disruptions of EU and US trade influence the choice of European shoe brands?

The world is turning into a global village. It simply means that countries can consume products from all over the world through imports. However, when such disruptions and sanctions take center stage, it becomes very difficult to buy goods from other regions or countries because of either high prices or unavailability.

People become more prone to buying local brands compared to the international ones. The fashion attitudes and preferences of individuals change drastically when barriers to trade come in to effect.

When everything is working excellently (free of sanctions and disruptions), consumers tend to buy foreign shoe brands more regularly compared to the local ones. In fact, they feel proud in buying imported stuff.

Consequently, it’s very important to understand the perception of consumers on foreign brands to the local ones. Studying the consumer perceptions towards local and foreign shoe brand as well as factors that affect their brand preference has huge substantial implications when it comes to marketing.

It’s high time that shoe marketers connect brand preference with the known demographic groups. This is because as the demographic group especially gender and age varies, the same happens to their consumption for various brands and style of shoes. Additionally, as age increases, along with its direct buying power, it influences other preferences as well.

For shoe manufacturers to reach all categories of the market, it’s important they know exactly what clients prefer. They should also understand the factors that influence their preferences as well as buying choices depending on their profile. Therefore, it’s paramount to study both consumer brand preference and the antecedence taking age/gender as baseline.

Growth of European Economy and How It’s Affecting the Footwear Market

An important trend in the European market is the fact that the economy is gradually recovering from the severe recession a couple of years back. According to the European Commission forecasts, there’ll be a modest growth of roughly 3% in 2019 and 2020. The biggest growth in 2020 is the forecast for edges of Europe with countries such as Slovakia, Spain, Poland, Ireland, and Romania topping the charts.

Of great importance to note is that the economic recovery is affecting the footwear market positively.

A study by the Transparency Market Research indicates that the footwear market in Europe particularly will record moderate compound yearly growth rates of 1.5% by 2021.

Some of the major drivers of the rise in demand for footwear include:

  • Growth of eco fashion footwear
  • Increased e-commerce
  • Changing lifestyles such as people taking part in exercise more and being more health-conscious

Although buyers remain price-conscious and cautious, they’ll definitely be eager to tap to the growth opportunities. In fact, most of them will search for new suppliers, mainly in the low-cost countries.

How to Choose Fashion Shoes

When putting together an outfit for any type of formal, business, or semi-formal occasion, never overlook the importance of selecting the right shoes for women. The truth is that the right footwear will make a suitable outfit into one that’s truly outstanding.

At the same time, you want more than looks. They also need to be comfortable. If you are asking “how do I choose comfortable shoes?” or “how do I find the right combination of comfort and style?” keep reading. These factors will ensure you make the right choice.

Start With the Reason for the Purchase

A good place to begin is to think about why you want to purchase new footwear in the first place. There are all sorts of reasons that are perfectly valid. Perhaps you want to purchase new shoes for women because:

You have a special event coming up and nothing in your current collection is quite right.

You are making some changes in your personal style and want to experiment with a different shoe design.

Some of your older pairs have seen better days and need to be replaced.

There’s no special reason; you just want a new pair of fashion shoes.

Once you identify the motivation, it’s easier to determine if there is anything in particular that must be considered as you look at different styles. In fact, using some sort of women’s shoe style guide that’s related to the kind of fashion footwear you have in mind will prove invaluable.

Consider the Time of Year

When do plan on wearing that new pair of shoes? The time of year will make a difference in terms of the style that you select. What works just fine for summer is not necessarily a good choice for the winter.

Perhaps the plan is to focus on shoes for women that you can wear during most of the year. That means finding something that’s appropriate for the spring, summer, and autumn. The good news is there are a number of fashionable styles that will easily carry you through each of those seasons. They will look great and also feel wonderful on your feet.

Even if you are looking for something to be worn during a particular season, it won’t be difficult. There are a number of designs that are crafted with specific types of weather in mind. The range of materials will also vary based on when you plan on wearing the shoes.

Your Personal Fashion Style

Don’t overlook the importance of your personal sense of style when it comes to selecting shoes for women. Ideally, your choice of footwear must provide a unified look with the rest of the outfit. That doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be the same colour, although that is one possibility. The more important factor is that they match the function and design of the attire that you choose for the day.

For example, you have a certain style of clothing you wear to work. The footwear that you select should work well with those outfits. This means if you work in an office with a conservative dress code, your footwear should be relatively free or ornamentation and appear to be a natural extension of the jacket, slacks, or dress that you choose to wear that day.

When the plan is to buy a pair of shoes for wearing to events that call for dressing up a bit, think about what will go with the more formal outfits you already own. Something that works with two or more of those outfits will certainly make it easy to take advantage of last-minute invitations to the opera, a new club opening, or some other occasion that calls for something other than casual clothing.

Through it all, draw on elements from your wardrobe to determine the best style for those new shoes. Doing so will ensure they are in line with your personal style and most likely end up being a versatile addition that you will enjoy.

Texture Matters

Do you think a lot about texture when it comes to selecting women’s shoes? In fact, it can be important in terms of creating the look that you want to project. Consider how the texture of the material used for the footwear can make a difference.

Maybe you want something that’s shiny and sleek. That certainly works well if you need footwear that’s right for a formal event. When the plan is to buy fashion shoes that you can wear to work, some type of leather that has a more discreet gloss would work better. In some cases, you may find that a nice pair of shoes made with a suede-like texture would work just fine. This is especially true if you plan on wearing something to work that’s made of wool rather than some type of blended fiber.

Texture can also help pull together what might seem to be disparate elements of the outfit. For example, the fact that the shoes are made of the same materials as your belt and perhaps the jacket gives the impression that you purchased all the pieces at one time. Even if the colours are not the same, the fact that the texture is identical helps to create the unified look that you seek.

The Colour – Up to the Minute or Timeless?

There’s another thing to consider about the colour of your new footwear. Without a doubt, there are certain colours that dominate the world of women’s dress shoes each season. Some of them are favourites that seamlessly remain popular from one season to the next. Others may be just fine for one season and then fade into obscurity.

You have a question to ask yourself before entering any women’s shoe stores in search of new footwear. Are you out to buy something that’s currently popular and may or may not remain so after the current season? Is the plan to invest in shoes that will work just as well this time next year and the year after that?

There are no wrong answers to these two questions. It’s perfectly fine to buy a pair of shoes in a colour that’s currently all the rage but will fall out of favour after a time. For now, they allow you to add a contemporary touch to some of your outfits. This is especially true if you purchase a few accessories that capture the same colour and texture.

It also makes sense to invest in footwear with a timeless look. Like the little black dress that most women have on hand and can easily dress up or down as the occasion requires, footwear that is considered classic is always a good buy. The right choice will allow you to always be ready to dress for any type of business or formal setting on a moment’s notice.

Your Proportions

Did you ever consider the fact that your body type would have anything to do with the kind of formal footwear for ladies you select? Women come in many different combinations of vertical body types. Your goal is to determine which shoe styles flatter your body type and allow you to project an appearance that helps you be the confident person that you are inside. Here are some examples to consider:

  • If you have what’s considered a balanced body – meaning your torso and legs are somewhat slim in and proportion – you do want to pay attention to the heel height. Higher heels will only accentuate the length of the legs and make you appear to be out of proportion. A lower heel would work best.
  • A combination of a longer torso and shorter legs mean looking for shoe designs that visually add length. You’ll find that higher heels and thicker soles will help create the illusion that you seek. A matching colour for the shoes, your hose and the hem of your dress or skirt also help to make the legs look longer.
  • If you have a shorter torso and longer legs, go with low heels or flats that help to balance things out visually. Thinner soles and shoes that are in a contrasting colour to your hose will also provide a visual break and help the legs to look more in proportion to the torso.

There are other tricks that can provide a more proportional look. Experiment with pointed toes versus square toe boxes, as well as thinking about open-toed versus closed toes. It won’t take long to see which design elements help you achieve the look that you desire.

Style: The Toe

Speaking of the toe, never assume that any particular design is off the table. Depending on the season, the setting, your body type, and your personal sense of style, certain toe designs will work best. The good news is that just about every toe style one could imagine is found in the worlds of women fashion shoes.

Along with considering whether a certain toe design helps to visually lengthen or shorten your legs, think about how they impact the impression that you want to make. For example, an open-toe shoe is beautiful, but it’s not necessarily considered the best option when attending a business function. By contrast, it works quite well at a social function like a party or a wedding reception.

Style: The Heel

Higher heels make your legs look longer and to some degree slim them a bit. Lower heels are wonderful when you want to shorten the legs and call more attention to your torso. In addition to the impact on your appearance, there’s something else to consider about the heel height. Only go with a height that feels right to you.

There’s no point in attempting to attend a social function wearing heels that seem determined to keep you off balance. You would do well to go with a lower heel and find it easier to float around the room, confident in your ability to move without fear of toppling over.

On the other hand, you may be adept at wearing shoes with higher heels. If you are able to move freely and those heels don’t pose any issues with maintaining your balance, then by all means go with a higher heel. The goal is to not sacrifice comfort and control for the sake of appearance alone. There are enough designs for fashion shoes for women that you should be able to find the perfect compromise.

Style: The Sole

Thicker soles to help to give your legs a longer appearance, but don’t forget they role they play in terms of practical function. If a thicker sole will help you move across certain types of flooring with greater ease, that’s great. When a thinner sole works just as well and you would prefer to call more attention to something other than the length of your legs, then go with the thinner design. There are all kinds of women’s shoes for formal wear featuring soles ranging from the very thin to the thick. Try each one and see what you think.

Pay Close Attention to the Fit

Do how do you know if a shoe fits properly? The shoe is snug without pinching your toes or the heel. The width is just right in terms of hugging the feet but does not seem to bind the sides. A good fit does leave a little room in the toe box so your toes don’t feel cramped while at the same time not allowing any room for slippage at all.

The shoe must feel almost like a glove on your foot. That means it’s comfortable, remains firmly in position and has enough cushioning and support for you to wear the shoes for hours. Perfect shoes for women may vary in style and colour, but the fit must always be perfect. When the fit is right, you will definitely know it.

Are you ready to find your next pair of fashion shoes for women? Start by checking out the many different designs offered online. Pay close attention to the dimensions and the design features. Think about how they would work with the wardrobe you have now or the new outfit you intend to buy. Above all, make sure they are something that will broaden the horizons of your present wardrobe and make it all the easier to always be perfectly dressed for the occasion. In less time than you thought possible, you will find one or more pair that need to be part of your collection.

Rieker Shoes Will Be The Footwear of Choice For My Family From Now On: Here’s Why

Some people enjoy shopping for shoes. Not me. I’m more the type who considers shoes something one needs. That’s why I tend to shop based on what sort of footwear I need for certain occasions or purposes. Imagine my surprise when I came across Rieker shoes and realized that there was no need to search any longer.

Let me tell you a little about how I came to find the brand and why I will choose it for myself and my family from now on. I’ll also tell you why I will always shop at the same site from whenever I need footwear in the future.

Why I Was Looking for New Shoes

There’s nothing unusual about why I was in the market for new footwear. My older pairs had begun to show signs of age. They didn’t offer me the support that they did in the past. Those older boots also did not keep my feet warm during the coldest part of winter any longer. Even adding thermal socks to the protection offered by the lining was not enough.

Anyone who has ever tried to get through a winter day with feet that are wet and cold knows what it does to your mood. I would be irritable and most unpleasant by the end of the day. Nothing would go right and I would be in a bad mood long after I got home. When the family dog sees you coming and immediately decides to hide behind the sofa, you know it’s time to do something about whatever is causing your ill mood.

Thus began my search for new footwear. I decided along the way that I was not the only one who could use new shoes or boots. My family could use some new ones too. That’s one thing that made me consider Rieker. I found that they offered Rieker womens shoes as well as Rieker shoes for men. While still not focusing on one particular brand, it did make sense to include Rieker in the search.

What I Wanted In New Footwear

I was looking for boots that would be ideal for being outside during the winter months. That meant finding a pair with excellent traction on slippery surfaces, a lining that would keep my feet warm, and a shell that would repel moisture. I also wanted cushioning that would ease the stress on my feet and legs while I walked as well as plenty of arch support.

While that may sound like an easy thing, it’s actually much harder than most people think. You’d be surprised how difficult it is to find footwear that offers all of these qualities. It was only after I stumbled across a pair of Rieker shoes that I began to think my search would not end up in failure.

Rieker offers several types of footwear. There are designs for warm weather as well as colder weather. That meant I could try just about everything from sandals to outdoor work boots. Best of all, they have designs for men and women. Certainly, it would be worthy my time to look into this brand a little closer.

Where I Looked

I’m a firm believer in finding the best quality footwear while paying the most competitive price. That’s one reason I decided to look in several different venues before making any purchases. While Rieker was definitely on my list, I was still open to other brands as well.

To begin the search, I spent time looking at websites operated by retailers who also had traditional offline stores. My plan was to see who carried Rieker shoes among other brands, compare the pricing, and then visit local stores to see what I could find. If I came across a retailer with the right Rieker shoes prices and the style I wanted, all would be well. If not, I would keep looking for Rieker shoes stores with the ideal pricing and selection.

I also looked around online. A friend recommended I visit and see what I could find. Walking On A Cloud turned out to be the perfect place to find the footwear I needed. I could also see that it offered something for just about any occasion. That led to me bookmarking the site so I could go back whenever I needed new footwear for any occasion.

There were other online retailers that I considered, but I liked the styles of Rieker mens shoes that this site offered. I also found that the Rieker shoes prices that I saw were easily competitive with other sites. They even rivaled the pricing that I found in many brick and mortar locations.

There are other brands that seem interesting, but it was the Rieker mens shoes plus the styles for women that really caught my eye. I figures why keep looking for other Rieker shoes stores when I could so easily find what I wanted at this one site.

What Rieker Offered Me

So what was it that made me want to give Rieker shoes a try instead of sticking with a brand that I had worn in the past? There were actually several key reasons. Let me tell you a little about them.

One had to do with the type of materials that are used for Rieker mens shoes as well as footwear for women. They don’t settle for materials that will look fine for a short time and then start to show signs of breaking down. Instead, they select the materials with care. If they are not up to the company’s standards, those materials will never find their way into a Rieker factory. That means quite a bit to me.

Another important benefit that comes with Rieker womens shoes as well as Rieker shoes for men is the durability. I don’t like paying good money for shoes and only having them last for a year or so. That’s true even if I’m looking for something that will see a lot of wear during the winter months. What I read about Rieker shoes for men and women is they are built to hold up well to all sorts of weather conditions. As a person who likes to spend time outdoors during any season, the fact that my footwear would last was a big deal.

Color choices are also something that means a lot to me. I’m not one who really needs every color in the rainbow for my shoe collection, but I do like a little variety. The fact that Rieker womens shoes as well as Rieker shoes for men came in basic black was a plus. That I can also get footwear in color choices like wine or brandy is helpful too.

Function matters as well. That’s why I like the fact that Rieker boots for women and men are waterproof. Nothing is worse than trying to enjoy a crisp winter day and being unable to do so because your feet are wet ten minutes after you step outside the door. The fact that I could be outside in the snow or rain for some time and my feet would still be dry and warm was definitely something that not every brand could provide.

Why I’ll Be Back

They say the proof is in the pudding, and that analogy definitely applies when it comes to selecting footwear. I decided to try a pair of Rieker shoes and see how things worked out. I’m happy to say that they lived up to my expectations.

The Rieker styles looked just as nice on my feet as they did online. I was happy with the fit and the level of support they provided. When it comes to the color, I found it to be flattering and ideal for most of my winter outfits. The prices I paid when purchasing the shoes online were easily in line with what I would pay in any of the Rieker shoes stores in my area.

The combination of quality, performance, support, and some excellent Rieker shoes prices has made me a true believer. When I need more footwear for myself or my family, I will be back.

Where I’ll Buy My Rieker Shoes From Now On

It’s not just that I will be back for more of this brand. I will be returning to Walking on a Cloud to purchase my Rieker womens shoes or my Rieker shoes for men when the need arises. I found the selection to be excellent and browsing by brand, gender, size, and other essentials was so simple.

There is something to be said for being able to settle into a comfortable chair with a warm drink at your elbow and find whatever you need. For the first time in my life, I actually enjoyed shopping. There were no crowds to deal with, no digging around to find the right size, and no hoping there was another pair in the back that would be exactly what I wanted. Everything was laid out in front of me on the site. What could be easier?

It’s not just the ease of shopping that makes me want to return whenever I need another pair of Rieker mens shoes or something for the women in the family. It’s also how my order was managed. Checking out was easy and the pricing for shipping was very reasonable. The order was filled quickly, which in turn meant that my footwear was delivered in a timely manner.

While I was happy with my selections and had no reason to want to return them, it was nice knowing that Walking on a Cloud does make it easy. I had my order number and confirmation in hand shortly after I paid for the footwear. There were also instructions on how to arrange a return if I was not happy with my order for any reason. Not everyone goes out of the way to provide that kind of information without the customer asking for it.

From beginning to end, Walking on a Cloud made my shopping experience a pleasant one. That’s why I see no reason to look for Rieker womens shoes or Rieker shoes for men at any other place, online or otherwise.

Why You Need Rieker Shoes From Walking On a Cloud

You don’t have to take my word for it. I’m betting that if you decide to give Walking on a Cloud a try, your experience will be similar. That’s why I want to challenge you to give the site a try and see what you think.

Why don’t you put it to the test? Visit the site and take a look at the selection of Rieker footwear they have to offer. You can spend some time browsing shoes that are designed for men and see what you think. Take a look at the designs, styles, and colors that they have for women as well. Remember to browse through the selection of sandals as well as the dress boots and the outdoor boots they have in stock.

While you look at the styles, read the descriptions. Find out more about the features each of the designs have to offer. Pay attention to the dimensions, the types of linings that come in the boots, and even what materials are used for the shells.

You’ll also find that the Rieker shoes prices found on the site are among the best you will come across anywhere. Who wouldn’t want to buy higher quality footwear and get them for a reasonable price?

The bottom line is that Rieker is the right brand for me and Walking on a Cloud is where I choose to buy my footwear from now on. Accept my challenge and compare what the site offers to what you find at other Rieker shoes stores. I’m betting you will soon be ordering your own footwear while lounging in your favourite chair too.

Beautifeel Shoes: Everything You Want to Know But Are Afraid to Ask

What do you know about Beautifeel shoes for women? While the brand has not been around as long as some of the other ones you know well, the designs you’ve seen and the comments you’ve heard have caught your interest. Is this a brand that is worth exploring?

A growing number of women are finding that Beautifeel women’s shoes are a welcome addition to their collection of footwear. If you are wondering what these shoes are all about, take the time to learn a little more about Beautifeel shoes for women. Here are some of the more commonly asked questions. If you like what you learn, try a pair for yourself and see what you think.

When Did The Company Begin?

The company has almost three decades of operating in the industry. Established thanks to the vision of Ami Bar Nahor, the company began in 1989. While the start was a humble one, it was only a short time before Beautifeel shoes began to make an impact on the market.

The company started operation with the founder (who also served as president) and five employees. As a new entity in Israel, the company already had quite a bit of competition. With a number of highly-regarded brands already offering shoes for women, it was necessary to define what would set Beautifeel women’s shoes apart from the rest. That definition was summed up in three words: dressy comfort footwear.

From the moment that Beautifeel shoes for women became reality all the way to today, those three words still form the basis for what the company is all about. Ami Bar Nahor continues to serve as the president of the company and works to ensure the business never loses sight of why it was formed in the first place.

What Was the Founder’s Vision?

A statement made by Ami Bar Nahor early on still stands as the perfect summation of what Beautifeel shoes is all about. Published on the company’s website and also found in a number of publications, the vision is one that’s simple and straightforward:

“…women deserve shoes that feel as beautiful as they look, for any time of the day, in any season, or for any occasion…”

That statement has led the company to constantly be engaged in the process of improving their existing lines for Beautifeel women’s shoes by both improving current shoe styles and designing new ones that are in keeping with the times. Of note is the fact that Beautifeel shoes for women are not designed for just one type of women who is part of a specific economic class, culture, or group. The line is one of the most inclusive in the industry. That makes it ideal for women all over the world.

Does the Company Offer Dress Shoes?

It’s possible to purchase Beautifeel shoes that are designed as part of a number of different lines. That includes several lines dedicated to dress shoes. To that end, many women will find that the Office Classic works quite well in terms of meeting their needs for something that’s a little dressy.

There’s also a line known as Office Chic. While slightly more adventurous than the Classic line, it does fill a need for footwear that qualifies as dressy while still providing a little more latitude in terms of expressing a personal sense of style. Think of this line as including fun touches while also remaining ideal for wear in many office or business settings. If these Beautifeel shoes for women don’t turn heads, nothing will.

When it comes to dressy Beautifeel women’s shoes for after hours, the Cocktail Collection is worth considering. These designs work quite well for formal occasions like business dinners, formal birthday parties, and afternoon weddings. The range of colours and designs are sure to fit just about any taste and work well for those dressy events that come up from time to time.

How About Casual Designs?

Along with dressy offerings, you’ll find plenty of casual Beautifeel shoes to add to your personal collection. A good place to begin is by checking out the designs offered as part of the City Choes collection. These are designed to provide plenty of comfort and support while also providing the perfect touch to your more casual outfits. You’ll find these Beautifeel women’s shoes work well with everything from jeans to shorts to fun skirts that you like wearing during the spring and summer.

Would you like something with a little more visual impact? The Urban Chic collection includes casual designs that build on the traditional by adding some contemporary touches. You’ll find options ranging from flats to mid and high heels. That makes it all the easier to settle on a design that works well with your outfit while also calling attention to the shape of your legs.

Don’t forget to check out the casual designs included in the Resort Chic collection. These provide the perfect blend of practical function in outdoor settings while also being perfect for gathering around a roaring fire while visiting a lake or ski resort. These Beautifeel shoes for women are often a good choice for cold weather in general, so feel free to wear them with some of your more casual outfits during the winter months.

Can I Find Footwear for Special Events?

You can bet that finding Beautifeel shoes for special events like wedding receptions will not be difficult. Along with the collections already mentioned, you may even find some that add a touch of distinction to your attire for those events. Take a look at the Origami Dream and see what you think. Depending on the occasion, some of the Beautifeel women’s shoes that are included in the Crosstown Rebel collection might work just fine. ]

From fun to formal, there are Beautifeel shoes for women that are ideal for those events that only happen once in a while. Best of all, the pricing makes them affordable while the styles and other features make them a valued part of your wardrobe for a number of years.

Are There Design Suitable For Different Seasons?

It would be difficult to think of a time of year when at least some designs for Beautifeel shoes would not work. Just as the different lines address the setting or event, they are also designed to work well in all sorts of weather. As with any manufacturer, certain designs for Beautifeel women’s shoes are more appropriate for certain seasons. At the same time, there are designs that you can wear just about any time of the year.

It’s the features found in many of the designs that make them so versatile. The footwear is snug without being too tight.  The cushioning ensures that the feet remain comfortable even if the shoes are worn most of the day. There’s plenty of support built into the design to ensure your legs don’t tire easily. Even the choice of materials ensures that your feet have reasonable air circulation while still keeping them at a comfortable temperature.

All these factors come together to ensure that Beautifeel shoes for women can be an active part of your wardrobe any time of the year. In fact, you may find that there’s no need to purchase shoes from any other brand.

Does the Company Operate Its Own Stores?

It’s possible to purchase Beautifeel shoes in a number of different outlets. Traditionally, the company has not opened it’s own private-branded stores. Instead, the company chooses to enter into arrangements with a number of high-quality retailers who offer Beautifeel women’s shoes in their stores. That number continues to grow from one year to the next, making it possible for more consumers to find the lines of Beautifeel shoes for women in their own areas.

Can I Buy the Shoes in Different Countries?

Currently, Beautifeel shoes can be found in many countries around the world. Many retailers in Europe, the Orient, and the Middle East carry several of the lines. Over the years, the company has begun to expand into the North American market.

It’s not unusual for a retailer who does not have a current line in stock to special order Beautifeel women’s shoes for their customers. All that’s required is to provide some information on the particular style and the line, and the retailer can place a direct order for the Beautifeel shoes for women that the customer has in mind.

How About Online?

Online shopping has opened up a whole new market where consumers can find the Beautifeel shoes they want. With relatively few obstacles related to the customer’s location, it’s possible for anyone residing in most parts of the world to compare designs, find the right colour and size, and place an order for the shoes they want.

This has led to people discovering Beautifeel women’s shoes in areas where the brand was not previously known. Along with ordering directly from the company’s website, there’s also the option of purchasing the footwear from a number of reputable online shoe retailers. You can do a little online shopping right this minute soon be the proud owner of your first pair of Beautifeel shoes for women.

Can I Expect Support as Well as Style?

With all the emphasis on design and appearance, one might think that support would take a back seat. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s possible to compare the support offered by various Beautifeel shoes designs with similar footwear offered by other brands and find that Beautifeel women’s shoes come out on top.

This is true with all of the collections. If you need shoes for the office that will provide adequate support all day long, they are there for you. The same is true for footwear suitable for wearing while you shop, run errands, work out, or spend some time at a resort. If you can think of the occasion, there are Beautifeel shoes for women that will ensure your feet and legs never tire because of a lack of support.

What About Comfort?

Style and support do not have to come at the expense of comfort. You’ll find that different designs for Beautifeel shoes provide cushioning that make it almost seem as if you are walking barefoot across a thick carpet. Along with feeling good to the soles of your feet, the materials used for the rest of the shoes have just enough give and take to move with your feet instead of rubbing against them. The result is that the footwear feels good to every part of the foot.

This is true for Beautifeel women’s shoes designed for any type of weather one can imagine. From something to keep your feet warm in winter to footwear that allows your feet to breathe during the summer months, you can depend on the shoes feeling good all day long.

Why Should I Try Beautifeel When I Already Like Another Brand?

It’s understandable that you might be a little skeptical about trying a pair of Beautifeel shoes for women, especially if you already have a favourite brand. The think to remember is that you first discovered that favourite brand when you decided to give them a try. That’s all it takes to demonstrate that Beautifeel shoes are right for you: trying a single pair and realizing they really are everything you want in a pair of shoes.

Now is the time to satisfy your curiosity and try that first pair. Look online today and find a pair that will be ideal to wear for an upcoming event or even as something you can enjoy on weekends. Take the time to explore several different collections of Beautifeel women’s shoes and make a note of any designs that catch your eye. Once you try the first pair and decide that you want more, you can always go back and start building your own personal collection of Beautifeel shoes for women.