Rieker & Rockport Shoes to Wear Proudly in Vancouver This Summer

Whether you plan to hit the hiking trails or enjoy the beaches of Vancouver this summer, the right footwear is absolutely necessary. For comfortable shoes that are always in fashion, Rieker shoes offer durable men’s and women’s shoes as well as comfortable sandals. If you enjoy leather or canvas shoes that still let your foot breathe, Rockport shoes are another good option. You can get both Rieker shoes and Rockport shoes right at Walking on a Cloud in Vancouver.

Vancouver Summer Weather

Both Rieker shoes and Rockport shoes offer exactly what you need to enjoy the summer weather in Vancouver. While temperatures in the city tend to be mild, they can sometimes spike into the mid 20s or even 30s on a particularly hot day. At the same time, the weather tends to remain fairly dry throughout the summer. That is why both Rieker shoes and Rockport shoes come in a wide range of different sandals and comfortable closed toe shoes. This makes it very easy to navigate the streets without having to touch potentially hot pavement. At the same time, both brands offer rugged alternatives for those who want to enjoy some hiking or wish to tour one of the many natural parks in the Vancouver area.

What the City Offers

Rieker shoes are great for virtually any environment, but people looking to stay in the city of Vancouver and enjoy what it has to offer them might enjoy the elegance of Rockport shoes slightly more. In-city attractions within Vancouver include the Vancouver Aquarium, Science World, the VanDusen Botanical Garden, and much more. All of these destinations require a shoe that speaks highly of the wearer’s fashion while also remaining comfortable should you remain standing for hours at a time. Rockport shoes accomplish this goal admirably. Fans of Rieker shoes needn’t worry, as that brand also matches the needs of most city life.

Going into the Wild

Rockport shoes do handle life outside the city limits well, but Rieker shoes can really shine along the many trails and excursion routes that await for those willing to explore outside of Vancouver. The British Columbian countryside offers dozens of different hiking trails and natural wonders, allowing people who enjoy the great outdoors to explore every nook and cranny they can find. Some of the top attractions include Panorama Ridge, Black Tusk, and the Joffre Lakes. Some of these trails tend to get a little rough or steep at times, so whether you like Rieker shoes or Rockport shoes, you should make sure to seek out a rugged, close-toed variety of the brand of your choice.

Whether you prefer the durable European style of Rieker shoes or the stylish comfort provided by Rockport shoes, you can choose from dozens of different varieties of each brand at Walking on a Cloud. Residents and visitors to the Vancouver area have many activities to choose from this summer, and both Rieker shoes and Rockport shoes will allow you to accomplish all of your summer goals in style.

Josef Seibel & Mephisto Shoes – High Quality Summer Footwear in the Vancouver Area

What are you wearing this summer? If you’re in the Vancouver area, you need something that allows you to enjoy life outdoors and down on the beach. Josef Seibel shoes provide you with sandal, laced shoes, and slip-on shoes that you can wear proudly anywhere. Similarly, Mephisto shoes offers high-quality sandals with intricate patterns that even strangers will take notice of. You can get both Josef Seibel shoes and Mephisto shoes at Walking on a Cloud in Vancouver.

Weather in Vancouver

Vancouver is a city with nearly two and a half million people in it, and the population continues to grow as it earns its reputation for being one of the best places in the world to live. Beautiful spring and summer weather is one part of the city’s appeal. Josef Seibel shoes work to mitigate the sometimes hot and dry weather that strikes he area during July and August by providing breathable shoes that keep the foot cool. Mephisto shoes take advantage of the fact that the city receives very little rainfall in the summer, averaging less than five rainy days in July and August. This allows Mephisto shoes to offer a wide range of sandals with open toes that allow the foot to breathe just as well as Josef Seibel shoes.

Things to Do in Vancouver

Whether you choose Josef Seibel shoes or Mephisto shoes for your activities in Vancouver, you have a wide range of different activities and destinations from which to choose. The city features dozens of parks where the European comfort offered by Josef Seibel shoes can work well. This includes the sprawling urban environment of Stanley Park, the seasonal gardens of Queen Elizabeth Park, and Vancouver Aquarium. Similarly, there are many locations where Mephisto shoes and sandals can allow you to feel the breeze while keeping your feet safe. This includes Vancouver’s many beaches, such as English Bay.

What to Look for in a Shoe

When you travel the streets of Vancouver, you need to make sure that the shoes you choose are breathable, comfortable, and durable enough to keep going for longer than you expect to be on foot. There are so many places to visit in Vancouver that you can easily spend much more time than you expect traversing the city’s many walking paths. Josef Seibel shoes and Mephisto shoes both offer extreme comfort for your foot, either through a breathable close-toed design or durable open-toed sandals. Josef Seibel shoes often come with a dark leather look, while Mephisto shoes tend toward a lighter, natural design. Your preference in color and general style may well make the difference in your final decision.

Josef Seibel shoes and Mephisto shoes are both ideal for the type of outdoor activity a typical person sees in the Vancouver area. Whether you want a comfortable leather design like Josef Seibel shoes offers or one of the many open toed Mephisto shoes, you can get exactly what you need for your Vancouver summer at Walking on a Cloud.

Geox & Ecco Shoes – Comfortable and Fashionable Footwear for Vancouver Residents

In Vancouver, you might find yourself going from a business meeting to a tour along the city’s scenic pedestrian pathways in a moment’s notice. For this reason, it’s important to have comfortable shoes that also provide a high sense of fashion. ECCO shoes and Geox shoes both provide this experience, giving you the ability to go from an indoor environment to one of the city’s numerous parks in the blink of an eye. Walking on a Cloud provides a wide variety of both ECCO shoes and Geox shoes for your needs.

Preparing for Summer Weather

Summer in Vancouver is typically defined by hot, dry weather through the middle and late portion of the season, while the late spring and early summer brings a good deal of precipitation. To help cope with that weather, ECCO shoes offers footwear that is water resistant for early months of the summer but cool on your feet so they can be worn during warm, dry weather. Like ECCO shoes, Geox shoes provide several excellent options for both wet and dry weather. Sneakers and other outdoor Geox shoes are designed to allow the foot to breathe. High heeled Geox shoes are designed to protect against slipping so you can wear them along wet Vancouver sidewalks with confidence.

For Tourists and Daily Life

Vancouver is home to more than two million people in the city alone, not counting the suburbs around it. The population swells during certain seasons of the year as tourists come in. When you consider buying ECCO shoes or Geox shoes, your reason for being in the area plays a role in your selection. Native Vancouver residents can benefit from having several pairs of ECCO shoes and Geox shoes for work and outdoor use. Those who are in the area for just a short time might benefit from rugged ECCO shoes for trips to the English Bay or some high-heeled Geox shoes for enjoying a tour of Queen Elizabeth Park and other interesting locations.

How to Choose

Given the wide variety of different ECCO shoes and Geox shoes available through Walking on a Cloud, it can feel a little overwhelming when it comes to making a choice. The good news is that both options represent affordable luxury footwear, giving you some financial flexibility in your decision. ECCO shoes have a wide range of styles for people who prefer a classic leather look. Geox shoes also use leather in much of their footwear, but often features intricate designs and patterns as well that make the shoes akin to a work of art. In the end, you should consider what your lifestyle is like and when you intend to wear these items, but you can’t go wrong with either ECCO shoes or Geox shoes.

If you want high quality footwear made by a brand you can trust, ECCO shoes and Geox shoes both offer exactly what you need. These fine shoes and many more are available at Walking on a Cloud, providing service to both residents and visitors to the Vancouver area.

Clarks & Keen Shoes – Durable Shoes for Vancouver Residents

Vancouver offers many different activities from beach days to professional gatherings. Regardless of what you have in mind for any given day, having the right footwear is essential. Both KEEN shoes and Clarks shoes provide a range of comfortable, durable shoes that can handle any environment. KEEN shoes help people with an active outdoor lifestyle, while Clarks shoes provide high fashion for both business and outdoors. You can get both of these brands at Walking on a Cloud.

For Enjoying Nature

Vancouver is an area full of natural wonders, and a good pair of rugged shoes can help you explore all that it has to offer. The sneakers and durable sandals offered by KEEN shoes are ideal for exploring areas some of the many wonderful hiking trails in the area, such as the Black Tusk, the Diez Vistas Trail, or Elfin Lakes. You can also select Clarks shoes if you take an easier hiking trail or opt for one of the sneaker varieties that tend to be more rugged for sporting experiences. Both KEEN shoes and Clarks shoes are terrific options for those who are interested in seeing all the wonders of nature that surround the city of Vancouver.

For Touring the City

One of the advantages that KEEN shoes offers is the ability to enjoy a quiet walk through the park just as much as a climb up the side of a mountain. Clarks shoes also provides that level of versatility, but definitely skews closer to the elegant city side of things with most of its shoes. The comfortable cushioned soles of Clarks shoes orthe snug straps of the brand’s sandals are perfect for exploring some of the in-city attractions in Vancouver, such as the urban Stanley Park or the Vancouver Aquarium. There isn’t a clear line to draw between Clarks and KEEN shoes, but somebody who wants to explore both the great outdoors and the in-city attractions of Vancouver can benefit from having a pair of each.

A Closer Look at the Brands

KEEN shoes and Clarks shoes are very different in certain ways but are very similar in terms of their commitment to quality. KEEN shoes came into existence in 2003 and began down the Pacific coast in Portland, Oregon, not too far from Vancouver itself. Despite the youth of the brand, the shoes have quickly gained a reputation for both comfort and quality thanks to the diligent work of the company behind them. Clarks shoes has an older tradition, dating as far back as the 19th century, and has used that time to refine a design and crafting process that has worked remarkably well for generations. Both KEEN shoes and Clarks shoes use the latest footwear technology to provide the best fit possible.

Walking on a Cloud offers a wide range of different KEEN shoes and Clarks shoes for people in the Vancouver area to choose from. No matter where you go or what you do, these brands will see you through and make sure that your feet remain comfortable and dry throughout the day.

Birkenstock & Dansko Shoes – Summer Shoe Fashions in Vancouver

Summer is just around the corner, and Walking on a Cloud offers a huge variety of fashionable and affordable summer shoes for residents in the Vancouver area. Maybe you want something casual that you can wear while walking in the yard or on the beach. Maybe you’d prefer a lightweight shoe that you can wear at formal events while still staying cool. Regardless of your preferences, you can find what you need through either Birkenstock shoes or Dansko shoes.

Why Birkenstock Shoes?

One of the biggest attractions for guests and residents in Vancouver alike is the large amount of beachfront space that the city has to offer. While some people love to enjoy the sand between their toes, wearing comfortable shoes or sandals can help to protect your feet, especially on a hot summer day. Birkenstock shoes often have open toes and comfortable sandal straps, making it very easy to enjoy a day on the beach of in one of Vancouver’s many parks. Both men’s and women’s Birkenstock shoes tend to have a flat or low heels, as this brand prioritizes comfort above all else. Birkenstock shoes are known for their high quality and are perfect for days when you want to get outside but wish to feel the breeze against your toes.

Why Dansko Shoes?

Vancouver has many beaches and places where a light sandal works well, but it also has dozens of hiking trails and in-city attractions where a close-toed or more rugged shoe might come in handy. Dansko shoes come in both sandal varieties and close-toed styles, providing that additional protection when needed. Dansko shoes can offer some protection should you choose to check out some of the natural attractions in the area such as Elfin Lakes or the Diez Vistas Trail. However, Dansko shoes are also elegant enough to serve you well should you want to dine in style, such as a visit to the Blue Water Café or Hawksworth Restaurant.

Staying in Style All year Round

Both Birkenstock shoes and Dansko shoes tend to be more popular during the summer, when Vancouver faces its hottest months and the beaches beckon. However, Vancouver also offers mild enough weather that Birkenstock shoes and Dansko shoes can become year-round features with those willing to shop for the right pair. Closed-toe Dansko shoes can take all but the wettest and coldest of weather, while Birkenstock shoes can be bought with a fur lining to help keep the feet warm in the winter. The average temperature in Vancouver only rarely dips much below freezing, which means that people who prefer to wear lighter shoes don’t have to be limited to the summer season alone.

Walking on a Cloud offers a wide range of both Birkenstock shoes and Dansko shoes for your shopping pleasure in the Vancouver area. Whether you prefer the simpler style of Birkenstock shoes or love the elegantly painted designs that come with many Dansko shoes, you will find the footwear you need in order to enjoy this summer and beyond.

Riker & Rockport Shoes to Wear Proudly in Calgary this Summer

Calgary offers a great selection of summer activities, from hiking to swimming to tours through the city. Because of all the things you can do, you need shoes that are comfortable and flexible. Rieker shoes provide both comfort and a variety of different styles, and Rockport shoes offer that same high level of quality. Both Rieker shoes and Rockport shoes are available right in the Calgary area at Walking on a Cloud.

What Will the Summer be Like?

Calgary’s summers tend to be relatively mild, but they can get very hot. The average temperature throughout the summer tends to remain in the teens, while the highs in July and August can reach into the mid-20s. This means that residents and guests in the area can enjoy many outdoor activities as well as local sights and scenes. Rieker shoes cater to people in the Calgary area by providing timeless fashion that fits virtually every situation. Although the brand is now more than 40 years old, Rockport shoes often present a modern, fashionable design. Rieker shoes and Rockport shoes come in a variety of different designs, but include dozens of different varieties of sandals that can be worn both on the city streets and outside the community in the wonderful surrounding environs.

Touring the City

The durability of Rieker shoes and the refined elegance of Rockport shoes are both ideal for touring the many interesting locations within the city of Calgary. This includes more than two dozen museums within the city that showcase everything from natural history to modern technology. Calgary Tower offers a high elevation that provides a beautiful city vista and features a revolving restaurant. If you plan on doing lots of walking, Rieker shoes will keep your feet comfortable all day. For those who want elegant shoes for a special occasion, Rockport shoes provides high fashion while still letting your feet breathe.

Venturing into the Wild

Calgary also has a lot of beautiful attractions outside the city limits. For these excursions, you will probably want the ruggedness offered by Rieker shoes and sneakers. While Rockport shoes usually tend toward sandals and loafers, you can also get sneakers and boots as well for these outdoor activities. The biggest natural attraction in the area, both figuratively and literally, has to be the nearby Rocky Mountains, which provide plenty of hiking, rock climbing, and other activities that will leave you sweating on a summer day. If you prefer to wear less rugged Rieker shoes or break out the elegant leather look of Rockport shoes, you can view these natural wonders from afar at places like Dinosaur Provincial Park.

Walking on a Cloud offers a fine selection of both Rieker shoes and Rockport shoes for customers in the Calgary area. Whether your interests lie in the city or on its outskirts, you have many great choices from both brands. Rieker shoes offer slightly more variety for outdoor activities while Rockport shoes have an amazing amount of elegance, but both brands have enough flexibility to provide you with what you need.

Mephisto & Josef Seibel Shoes – High Quality Summer Footwear in the Calgary Area

If you’re looking for the very best footwear to enjoy the upcoming Calgary summer, you should strongly consider Josef Seibel shoes or Mephisto shoes. Both of these brands offer top quality footwear that you can be comfortable in whether you’re walking through the city or taking a stroll through one of the many parks or natural wonders nearby. Walking on a Cloud offers both Josef Seibel shoes and Mephisto shoes, allowing you to find the footwear that is right for you.

Rugged but Breathable Shoes

Most Josef Seibel shoes have a rugged look and feel to them, thanks in large part to the high quality of the materials used to craft them. Josef Seibel shoes are ideal for summer activities that take you outside during the warm Calgary summer, be it for a tour through the Rockies or a trip to Dinosaur Provincial Park. Mephisto shoes also have a rugged look to them but feature a wider variety of open toe models. This makes Mephisto shoes especially good for activities in the city proper, whether it be a trip to the Telus Spark science museum or a tour of stately Lougheed House. Your options in Calgary are vast and varied, and both Josef Seibel shoes and Mephisto shoes provide you a way to enjoy these activities in style.

Getting Ready for Summer Weather

The summer weather Calgary is often warm and dry, with high temperatures reaching into the mid-20s in July and August. Each summer month provides about a week’s worth of rainy days, which means that you have well over three quarters of the season to enjoy the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. Josef Seibel shoes provide protection against even the most extreme weather. Depending on the style of shoe you select, you could conceivably wear these well into the fall or even winter. Although the same can be said for Mephisto shoes, the majority of these shoes are designed with an eye toward summer, focusing on foot comfort rather than all-season use.

Choosing Shoes at Walking on a Cloud

Regardless of whether you want Josef Seibel shoes or Mephisto shoes, Walking on a Cloud offers literally hundreds of selections. This includes men’s and women’s footwear, with shoe styles ranging from formal to casual. The prices for both Josef Seibel shoes and Mephisto shoes ranges from high end luxury to selections that are affordable even on a tight budget. Mephisto shoes tend to be slightly higher priced than Josef Seibel shoes, but both have many choices in an affordable range. With sales and deals available at Walking on a Cloud, you can get an even better range of options, depending on your needs.

Both Josef Seibel shoes and Mephisto shoes represent a place where fashion and functionality meet. Your final decision may seem difficult because there are so many different choices available to you, but you can rest assured that no matter what you choose from Walking on a Cloud’s selection, you will get quality and comfort.

Keen & Clarks Shoes – Durable Shoes for Calgary Residents

How many different activities can you do in Calgary? If you’re an outdoors type, you might enjoy running or hiking in the nearby Rocky Mountains. For people who fit into this category, KEEN shoes provides a rugged but stylish fit for outdoor use. If you want something with flexibility that can be worn for indoor or outdoor activities, Clarks shoes provides one of the largest selections out there. KEEN shoes, Clarks shoes, and more can all be found at Walking on a Cloud.

For Hikes and Excursions

Because of its proximity to the Rocky Mountains, many people like to spend the spring and summer months hiking in the Calgary area. In addition, several areas like Dinosaur Provincial Park provide outdoor entertainment options for residents and visitors alike. While both KEEN shoes and Clarks shoes cater to an active lifestyle, KEEN shoes are especially well-designed for people who like to explore the regions around Calgary. With a rugged design and water resistant fabric used wherever possible, KEEN shoes help to keep feet dry, safe, and comfortable. The brand began in the 21st century and continues to stay on the cutting edge of both design and fashion, providing shoes that are both high quality and attractive to wear.

For City Fun

While the surrounding environment offers many diversions for people in Calgary, there’s a lot to be said for the attractions in the city as well. KEEN shoes have some elegant and fashionable shoe styles available, but this is an area where Clarks shoes really shine. Clarks shoes have both men’s and women’s fashions available, and all of these items provide an emphasis on high quality materials and comfortable designs that let the foot breathe. When you choose to enjoy the many interesting things that Calgary has to offer inside the city, from vistas a Calgary Tower to the interesting animals on display at the Calgary Zoo, Clarks shoes are an excellent choice for you.

History of the Brands

KEEN shoes come from a relatively young but still well-established company. KEEN was established in 2003 in Portland, Oregon, and has gone on to carve out a niche for itself thanks to the quality of the company’s shoes. KEEN shoes and sandals are known for their strong toe support, with sandals sporting a black bumper to protect the wearer’s feet. Clarks shoes come from a much older tradition, with the company boasting a history that dates back into the 19th century. Despite the age of the company, Clarks shoes remain on the cutting edge of modern fashion. Women’s shoes have an understated elegance to them, while men’s shoes tend to have a more rugged look. Both styles provide a lot of flexibility.

Whether you want the cutting edge design of KEEN shoes or the generations of high quality that Clarks shoes offer, you can choose from dozens of different varieties through Walking on a Cloud. Both KEEN shoes and Clarks shoes provide the perfect footwear for a Calgary excursion, so it usually comes down to a matter of design preference and personal style when making your final decision.

Ecco & Geox Shoes – Comfortable and Fashionable Footwear for Calgary Residents

When you’re looking for the best shoes around, you should consider both ECCO shoes and Geox shoes. These footwear brands offer everything a typical Calgary resident needs, including a high sense of fashion along with the ability to keep your feet comfortable no matter what sort of weather you are walking through. Walking on a Cloud provides Calgary residents with their ECCO shoes and Geox shoes needs, offering many styles and designs at affordable prices.

What do People do in Calgary?

Calgary has many natural attractions, both inside the city and in its surroundings. Being so close to the Rocky Mountains leads many people to take up hiking and rock climbing. ECCO shoes and Geox shoes both have a variety of different sneakers and rugged shoes available to provide flexibility, support, and comfort to people who want to experience all the outdoors has to offer. At the same time, there are a lot of attractions inside Calgary which draws people’s attention, such as the wonderful vistas and restaurants offered at Calgary tower or the fascinating Glenbow Museum. For people who are drawn to these areas of interest, ECCO shoes and Geox shoes also provide sleeker, highly fashionable options tailored toward less rugged use.

Outdoors or Indoors?

Calgary has dozens of different walking and cycling paths throughout the city, making it one of the easiest cities in the world to get around in. ECCO shoes are excellent for walking around, as they provide soft soles and flexible toes that keep your feet from wearing out. Geox shoes and footwear offer similar flexibility while also providing many high fashion options that are ideal for business settings or elegant dining. Both ECCO shoes and Geox shoes have a combination of rugged outdoor shoes and high heeled fashion footwear. If you prefer the latter, it might be best to rely on Calgary’s robust public transportation system, which can get you anywhere you need to go either in the city or the surrounding suburbs.

Technology Behind the Shoes

Both ECCO shoes and Geox shoes use the very best in footwear technology to make sure that you remain comfortable, no matter how long you stand or what environment you find yourself in. ECCO shoes borrow from a Scandinavian philosophy that focuses on function but believes that function needs to be beautiful as well. Thus, every piece of ECCO shoes is designed to serve a purpose while still remaining visually stunning. Geox shoes have a similar philosophy about functional beauty and use technology to back the shoes up. Geox shoes include Amphibiox waterproofing and comfort features like Xand Walking Technology, making them ideal for enjoying a walk even on a wet Calgary day.

Walking on a Cloud provides dozens of different options for both ECCO shoes and Geox shoes. Whether you hope for something that will take you to the nearby Rocky Mountains or just want to enjoy a walk through one of Calgary’s many natural parks, you can accomplish your goals through a unique combination of style and substance.

Birkenstock & Dansko Shoes – Summer Shoe Fashions in Calgary

Residents in the Calgary area know that summer can bring many different things, from a dry heat to humid, wet weather. When considering your summer footwear, it’s best to find something that can withstand the elements while still keeping your foot cool and comfortable. Both Birkenstock shoes and Dansko shoes offer this level of comfort and combine it with high fashion, creating an easy to wear shoe that you can have on anywhere, whether you are working or relaxing.

Why Birkenstock Shoes?

People choose Birkenstock shoes for many different reasons, ranging from the centuries-long reputation for quality to the simple but attractive natural look that provides the brand with its sense of elegance. In Calgary, Birkenstock shoes work beautifully during the late spring and early summer, where the temperature routinely rises into the mid or high 20s and it’s nice to feel a cool breeze on your toes. For people who want to get in touch with nature, the trails that lead along the base of the Rocky Mountains are perfect for people wearing Birkenstock shoes. More rugged hikes might require looking for a close-toed shoe, but for the most part this brand works very well with people touring the Calgary area.

Why Dansko Shoes?

Calgary is more than just a collection of nature trails and sidewalks, and people who want to explore areas where a slightly more rugged but still elegant shoe can be appreciated often tend toward Dansko shoes. This brand is especially wonderful at any location where a person might want to look their very best but will likely stay on their feet for a long period of time. Dansko shoes offer the long-term comfort that people need, but also fit in very well at high-end Calgary locations such as the Glenbow Museum or the revolving restaurant in Calgary Tower. For those who love feeling the breeze on their feet but want to look fashionable, Dansko shoes are a great solution.

All-Season Shoes

While Calgary features warm summers, many people who go shoe shopping like to look for brands that they can use year round. Fortunately for these individuals, both Birkenstock shoes and Dansko shoes fit this niche. While Birkenstock shoes and Dansko shoes are known mainly for the sandals they offer, both brands also have fur linings or close toes varieties that make them useful even when cold and snow come to the Calgary area. While you might not wear a pair of Birkenstock shoes on a skiing expedition in the Rockies, you can settle by the fire with a fur-lined pair or with a set of winter Dansko shoes afterwards and relax in both warmth and comfort.

If you expect to get outside this summer and enjoy all that Calgary has to offer, whether in the city or outside in the wild, a pair of Birkenstock shoes or Dansko shoes can be your best friends. Walking on a Cloud offers both Birkenstock shoes and Dansko shoes in dozens of different varieties, giving you a chance to choose the right footwear for you.