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Toni Pons

Toni Pons

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22 Items

  1. Ella Taupe Nubuck
    Ella Taupe Nubuck

    by Toni Pons Women's Style # TONELLA27 Sku # TONELLA27

  2. Lugano Black
    Lugano Black

    by Toni Pons Women's Style # TONLUGANO01 Sku # TONLUGANO01

  3. Terra Black
    Terra Black

    by Toni Pons Women's Sku # TONTERRA01

  4. Etna White
    Etna White

    by Toni Pons Women's Sku # TONETNA09

  5. Terra Ecru
    Terra Ecru

    by Toni Pons Women's Sku # TONTERRA08

  6. Tania Taupe
    Tania Taupe

    by Toni Pons Women's Sku # TONTANIA07

  7. Noa Texa
    Noa Texa

    by Toni Pons Women's Sku # TONNOA03

  8. Terra Taupe
    Terra Taupe

    by Toni Pons Women's Sku # TONTERRA07

  9. Nancy Taupe
    Nancy Taupe

    by Toni Pons Women's Sku # TONNANCY07

  10. Nancy Black
    Nancy Black

    by Toni Pons Women's Sku # TONNANCY01

  11. Lugano Tobacco
    Lugano Tobacco

    by Toni Pons Women's Sku # TONLUGANO07

  12. Ter Navy
    Ter Navy

    by Toni Pons Women's Sku # TONTER03

  13. Noelia Platinum
    Noelia Platinum

    by Toni Pons Women's Sku # TONNOELIA11

  14. Noelia Lead
    Noelia Lead

    by Toni Pons Women's Sku # TONNOELIA05

  15. Ella Black Nubuck
    Ella Black Nubuck

    by Toni Pons Women's Sku # TONELLA21

  16. Vic Taupe
    Vic Taupe

    by Toni Pons Women's Sku # TONVIC12

  17. Vic Black
    Vic Black

    by Toni Pons Women's Sku # TONVIC01

  18. Noa Black
    Noa Black

    by Toni Pons Women's Sku # TONNOA01

  19. LLoret Taupe
    LLoret Taupe

    by Toni Pons Women's Sku # TONLLORET27

  20. LLoret Black
    LLoret Black

    by Toni Pons Women's Sku # TONLLORET21

  21. Ter Red
    Ter Red

    by Toni Pons Women's Sku # TONTER10

  22. Tarbes Navy
    Tarbes Navy

    by Toni Pons Women's Sku # TONTARBES03

Set Ascending Direction

22 Items

What is Essential is invisible to the eye

Since the beginning, Toni Pons has strived to maintain core principles and values that have become self-evident over time. In doing so, we’ve become synonymous with quality, honestly and credibility. These values have always been, and will continue to be, the true character of our brand.

“The social role fulfilled by companies is undeniable, and an honest approach leads to credibility and trust. A successful project can equally be a socially and environmentally responsible project, one that dignifies the collective to which it belongs.”
Antoni Pons Carós

The origins of today’s commitment

"At the end of the first half of the 20th century, surrounded by woodlands of pines, oaks, beech and chestnuts, Toni Pons embarked on the path that we continue along today after adapting his initial project to all kinds of changes."

The essence and spirit of our product has not been lost during our company’s evolution. Now, as we embark on our 70th anniversary, several updates in our collection carry on this tradition as we maintain our place as pioneers and visionaries. The espadrille has renewed life, transcending borders and cultures while creating an impact across the globe.

The History Continues


Antoni Pons Parramon founds the firm in the mould of a typical shoe factory of that time, making espadrilles and leather boots.


Moving from Osor to Girona in 1968, the company made a strategic logistical move that shaped the rest of its history.


Antoni Pons Carós joined the firm, bringing youthful exuberance and ambition with an aim to take the local brand into international territories.


The company’s first international foray is a huge success, as upon entering France, the brand was well-received by French consumers.


Having now launched in every continent, the brand begins exporting artisanal traditional shoes with Mediterranean and contemporary details to the global market.


Marking 70 years in the industry, the brand is updated to reflect our commitment to contemporary ideas and unique products. Each product in our collection now has a unique voice and personality.


Passion was the seed that began our journey and is visible in each of our artisan hand-stitched espadrilles.


The hand-stitched detailing continues to define our process, harkening back to practices used by 14th century craftsmen.


Toni Pons products are made solely with top quality, natural materials. This marries our respect for our consumers and the environment.

“Made in Spain” Guarantee

All of our products have been produced in the place where the vision began. This has propelled our immaculate reputation for quality and service in the international marketplace.


Our design team sets the standard in fashion and design, amazing consumers season after season.

Toni Pons New Image

Faithful to our distinct Mediterranean character, Toni Pons embraces its past while moving confidently into the future. Our new image clearly defines our collection, outlining the unique personality and universal quality of our product line. We aim to evolve and set trends, while maintaining our vision and setting the standard in design and comfort. Our image reflects our footwear that transcends borders, worn by men and women worldwide.

Toni Pons World

Toni Pons is found worldwide thanks to our network of world-class distributors across the globe. With our distinct and diverse products, our distributors are ensured to provide reliable, flexible and stylish options for their customers. We appreciate the aim of our prestigious distributors to provide the very best in design, material and manufacturing. This appreciation is why, after 70 years, Toni Pons continues to operate with vision, passion and a commitment to excellence.

Walking On A Cloud
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