What Your Summer Footwear Says About You [infographic]


Footwear depicts the personality of the person who is wearing it, and it also describes the job and profession of the individual. While selecting any shoes, the first thing buyer should keep in mind the comfort, weather conditions and the use of the footwear. Many famous companies are present in the world, which are making comfortable, durable and stylish shoes to fulfill the requirement and demand of the customers.

Clarks, Dansko, and Ecco shoes are most famous names of the footwear brands. Clarks shoes provide a broad range of women shoes which provide everyday inspiration for females. Dansko shoes are also very famous because of their comfort and durability. Ecco shoes also offer a large variety of casual and dress shoes for women. Women of different professions love the shoes which are comfortable for them. Doctors, nurses, waitresses, teachers and other women want to wear simple, elegant and comfortable shoes during summer.

A wide variety of summer shoes is available in the market and depicts the personality of the person. Flip-flops, sandals, heels, crocs, chacos, wedges, flats, boots and much more are different varieties of shoes. All of these various styles show a different personality of yours, such as:

  • Flip-flops demonstrate that you are a person who loves the comfort on any other thing.
  • Sandals are excellent for the summer season because you face the warm weather with a style. These are ideal for the picnic, shopping, and other activities.
  • The persons who like open and comfortable shoes, chances are the best option for them. For hikers and camp counselors these shoes are superb.
  • Wedges are the best footwear for the people who want to look classy and need the ability to walk.
  • Flats are also very popular in summer, and this is a classy and practical choice of any women.
  • For a formal and professional look, heels are the best option.
  • A person who is wearing tennis shoes shows that she is an athlete. Tennis shoes are comfortable, and it also indicates that you like simple things in life.
  • Boat shoes are professional and formal and illustrate that you like to be formal.

A large variety of summer shoes is available in the market for women, and these are designed in different styles and colors. While selecting the summer footwear, keep in mind the purpose of the shoes and always look at the comfortability and durability of the shoes. Clarks shoes for women, Dansko shoes and Ecco shoes for women are famous because of their comfort, durability and an extensive range of footwear.

You should never compromise on your comfort, style, and ease, and select the most appropriate footwear for you.

Summer Office Etiquette – is it Ever OK to Expose Your Toes?

As summer approaches, rising temperatures usually mean that the amount of clothing being worn will be reduced. While it may be perfectly acceptable to wear short sleeved shirts and skirts that bare a little leg from time to time, there are some important points to consider with regards to the types of shoes that should be worn during the warmer months.

#1 – Some Sandals may be Acceptable

When it comes to wearing sandals in the workplace, one of the first steps you should take is to brush up on company policy surrounding footwear – most corporations have one. Many corporate and more formal places of work will clearly stipulate that no casual sandals of any sort may be worn, especially if you wear a uniform. However, if your place of work has a more casual or laid-back approach to clothing and footwear, it may be permissible to wear a respectable-looking pair of sandals from the Ecco shoes for women range. To be considered formal, Clarks women’s shoes or sandals should not be made from foam or plastic, or be a ‘flip flop’ style.

#2 – Don’t Remove Sandals at the Office

Although your workplace may permit the wearing of Geox shoes in a sling-back or open-toed style, this doesn’t mean that you can slip them off at any time during the day. Regardless of whether your office is a formal or casual environment, it is never OK to remove your Rockport women’s shoes (or sandals) and go barefoot, as it is considered extremely unprofessional behavior.

#3 – Give those Toes some Attention

Many people forget that when they wear sandals in the office, they will be exposing their toes completely. While this is fine in cases where you have recently had a pedicure, you should certainly refrain from wearing any Clarks women’s shoes that have open toes or sandal styles if your toes and nails look as though they would have great success in snatching dinner out of the sky. If you are going to wear sandals regularly during summer, ensure that you have a pedicure performed at least every week to 10 days.

#4 – Keep Spare Shoes at the Office

Although your boss may have given the go-ahead for Geox shoes or sandals to be worn in the office during summer, it may be a good idea to keep a pair of closed shoes on hand. You never know when senior management from another branch might decide to pop in for a visit or insist on holding an impromptu meeting. In cases like these, a pair of Rockport women’s shoes can be a great option for stowing in your bottom desk drawer.

While you may have received the go-ahead from management to wear your favorite pair of sandals to the office during summer, it’s imperative that you exercise common sense in this regard. A general rule of thumb is that if you wouldn’t wear a particular pair of sandals or Ecco shoes for women to a semi-formal event, they are probably not suitable to be worn at the office either.

Top Trends: 5 Stylish & Super Comfortable High-Heeled Shoes

Wearing high heels doesn’t have to cause you pain and discomfort. Here are five easy to wear high-heeled shoes that anybody can enjoy and which look great for any occasion.

1: Clarks Delsie Stella

clarks-delsieA set of 3¼ inch heels with a 3¼ inch shaft, these black uppers are designed for comfort and breathability. The shoe itself is made of leather, while the interior lining is synthetic to allow for maximum coziness. The uppers are designed to stay on your feet in almost every situation and can be used all day. The come with an easy side zipper that allows you to put them on and take them off conveniently, no matter what else you might be doing.

2: Beautifeel Maya Patent

BeautifeelOffering a simple five centimeter heel, this latex shoe offers shock absorbing technology that can leave your feet feeling great even after hours of standing and walking. The latex sole serves as a shock absorber while also offering an unprecedented amount of flexibility and durability. The heel is designed to be anti-slip, offering a comfortable walking strife and also providing shock absorption that leaves every step feeling super soft.

3: Rockport T M 75 Chelsea

Rockport-ChelseaThese high black leather shoes are designed with elastic on the interior that allows them to fit perfectly with your foot and ankle. This also provides some mild compression to those whose feet tend to get swollen when wearing normal high-heeled shoes. Although black is the most popular color for these shoes, they are also available in other hues, making them one of the most flexible and comfortable high-heeled shoes that you will be able to find on the market today.

4: Josef Seibel Britney 06

josef-britneyA high-heeled shoe that is designed for all-day wear, the Josef Seibel Britney 06 has a lower heel than most, at only 2¼ inches, and a full nine-inch shaft. The leather shoe has decorative wraparound buckle straps around the top for maximum style and a zipper for convenience. The footbed is lightly cushioned so it can be worn over long period of time without any discomfort. While black is by far the most popular color with this shoe, it is also available in grey for those who want something different but equally stylish.

5: Ecco Touch 75 B Zip

ecco-touchThis simple black shoe covers up to the ankle, allowing you to show off more of your leg and providing more mobility for heavier activity. The heel is made through direct injection technology that provides a durable base while staying very lightweight. Textile lining throughout the shoe provides comfort and cushioning that can last the whole day through. Finally, the shoe has a side zipper than makes sure you have stability while also giving you an easy way to put on and take off the footwear.

These are just a few of the great options available to people interested in trying out heels that combine both comfort and style. Just because you want to the style of high heels doesn’t mean you have to give up any comfort or substance.

Best Shoes for Amateur Fishing [infographic]

Best-Shoes-for-Amateur-FishingWhen it comes to outdoor events and hobbies, nothing is more important than a good-fitting, high-quality pair of shoes. Amateur fishing may seem like a leisure hobby, but keeping your feet warm and dry is not always easy. Here are some of the best shoes for Amateur fishing from five of the world’s most popular brands.

Cushe Shoes

If you want warmth, Cushe Shoes is one of the best brands out there. They offer several styles to suit your needs and preferences, too. The Allpine boot series boasts features like thermal fleece, waterproof suede uppers, and non-slip treads to keep you safe and secure during all of your fishing endeavors. They come in different lengths, too. Some hit the bottoms of your calves and others climb nearly to the bottoms of your knees for additional support, warmth, and water protection.

KEEN Shoes

Three different boots from KEEN Shoes are sure to fit all of your amateur fishing needs. The first, Targhee Mid D Earth, is a hiking boot designed for drier conditions when you need comfort and traction. It comes in various colors, too. The second, the Brixon boot, offers a taller upper and a waterproof design that is perfect for shallow wading or other conditions when keeping your feet dry is important. Finally, the Blackcomb Bison boot offers you rugged durability in a high-top hiking boot in a variety of colors.

New Balance Shoes

Although New Balance Shoes are famous for sneakers and running shoes, their boots provide the perfect balance between practicality and comfort for amateur fishing, too. Several designs for men and women alike give you support and flexibility with high-quality materials that will last for years. They provide you with extra traction on difficult terrain, particularly in muddy conditions.

Ecco Shoes

Ecco Shoes offers many different types of boots for almost any situation you can imagine, but the best for amateur fishing are the Darren and Howell series. They have the same rugged durability as your favorite pair of work boots, but they offer unparalleled comfort and a waterproof, durable design that will keep your feet dry for years to come. The above-ankle height gives you ample protection, and they come in various colors to suit your own personal style.

Merrell Shoes

Merrell Shoes makes a number of boots to suit any fishing conditions you can imagine. For instance, the Shiver pull-on makes it easy to swap shoes before and after your fishing endeavors, but it also keeps your foot warm and dry. The Turku boot gives you unprecedented stability when you need to traverse rough terrain, and the Polarand, another pull-on option, gives you a waterproof upper, insulated warmth, and a rubber toe for extra protection.

When choosing the best shoes for amateur fishing, it is important to consider not only the weather, but also your personal style and the type of terrain. Any of the aforementioned shoes can give you the benefits you need so you can concentrate on catching fish instead of the condition of your feet.

Best Shoes for Active & Adventurous Vacation

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to plan a vacation that centers on outdoor activity and adventure. When planning an active and adventurous vacation, don’t forget to add the right pair of shoes to your packing list. In case you are having trouble deciding on the right shoes, we’d like to offer some advice that will help you make your selection.

New Balance Shoes


For any vacation that includes hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing or camping, providing comfort and protection for your feet is a must. Fortunately, the shoes offered by New Balance will do both, while also being incredibly stylish. Made from breathable fibers, you can easily wear these shoes for an extended period of time without having your feet become soaked with sweat. Their tough rubber sole provides adequate cushioning for tender feet, while the flexible upper and sides allow for easy movement wherever your travels take you.

Timberland Shoes


Your adventurous vacation could easily involve a visit to the beach, in which case shoes from the Timberland collection are ideal. While the Timberland shoes we offer for sale are all sandals, they nonetheless are ideal for performing activities such as beachcombing or wading along the shore. They contain a thicker sole that will prevent you from feeling rocks and pebbles underneath your feet. At the same time, their open-toe design will allow you to enjoy the feel of sand or spray of salt water. They are also easy to remove should you decide it’s time to just dive on in the water.

Ecco Shoes


When boating, you may desire shoes that are flexible enough to bend with your feet to make getting in and out of the vessel easier. If so, you’ll want to invest in a pair of Cruise Catalina Moon, Yucatan Port, or Jab 2 Strap Moon Roc shoes. These shoes all have soles that naturally conform to the configuration of your natural foot and easily grip them to provide adequate support. Their comfortable upper straps can easily be adjusted for your own comfort as well. While these shoes do have flexible soles, they are nonetheless somewhat thicker than other types of sandals, meaning they’ll provide incredible protection for your feet as well.

Rockport Shoes


Rockport offers a collection of full leather sneakers that will cushion and support your feet throughout a hard day of golfing, tennis, biking or other strenuous activity. An added bonus is the fact that these shoes also come in a variety of colors, making them a bit more stylish than a traditional athletic shoe. Their XCS T Toe and Zanya Wingtip shoes are a perfect example, being available in both black and red. For something a bit more casual, you may desire a WT Oxford, which can be found in white, black and biscotti.

Don’t wait until it’s time to head out to go shopping for shoes. Now is the time to begin looking for ones that will help you make the most out of your adventurous vacation.

Ecotourism and Top 5 Adventure-Friendly Shoe Brands (Infographic)

Are you looking for an outing? Do you have a proper pair of shoes? If you like trekking, strolling in the woods or just running on the beach you need adventure-friendly shoes that will never let you down!

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Ecotourism and Top 5 Adventure-Friendly Shoe Brands

In an effort to break the boredom of the daily routine, for example, working in an office, shop, garden, etc., it is advisable to engage in any outdoor activity. These are leisure pursuits engaged in the outdoors, often in natural or semi-natural settings out of town. Outdoor activities are part of healthy development of human beings. It entails engaging in hazardous and exciting activity, usually the exploration of an unknown environment or otherwise called ecotourism. The International Ecotourism Society defines it as “responsible travel to natural areas, which conserves the environment and promotes the welfare of the locals. It includes:

  • Travel to natural and cultural areas;
  • Travel that supports conservation and bio-diversity;
  • Travel that improves or enhances the lives of local people;
  • Travel that includes some form of education for visitors and supports education;
  • Programs for local people.

Key Latest Findings Of The American Ecotourism

  • Approximately 50 percent of Americans aged at least six participated in outdoor recreation in 2012. That equates to 141.9 million Americans.
  • According to a recent study by the Outdoor Industry Association, every year Americans spend $120 billion on products for their outdoor recreational activities. This expenditure includes purchasing of trekking equipment.
  • The number of total outdoor outings increased attaining in 2012 an all-time high. Americans used 12.4 billion for outdoor excursions in 2012, up from 11.5 billion excursions in 2011.
  • Running (both jogging and trail running) is the most popular activities among Americans when observed  by a number of participants and total annual outings
  • 40 percent of outdoor participants are from households with incomes of $75,000 or more.
  • Averagely, Americans spend half an hour per day doing sport, exercise and on recreation. A survey carried out by the International Food Information Council Foundation indicated that 55 percent of the respondents considered themselves averagely active when asked about the personal level of physical activity. 65 percent of them believed their physical activity had a positive impact on their health.

Here is an age composition about Americans who engage in outdoor activities

  • 13% of them are between 6 to 12 years.
  • 9% between 13 to 17 years.
  • 33% between 25 to 44 years.
  • 33% are over 45.

One of the most crucial items used in any outdoor activity is the shoes. Whether you like to climb mountains or trek through the woods on the hunt, you need the right footwear to give you support and keep your feet protected. You don’t want your epic trek up Everest to be thwarted by a tumble caused by weak ankle support, and you don’t want to have to end your day-long hike along the Rockies because you have blisters on your feet thanks to thin soles.

Fortunately, we have all the footwear you need no matter what your adventure of choice. Here are the top five brands for your adventure-loving lifestyle:


Ecco shoes are the perfect choice for casual or formal wear. Their simple, clean lines create classic style that goes with any outfit and any activity.

The more rugged footwear in the Ecco line will make you look just as stylish as you are comfortable. Choose from styles like boots, sports sandals, rain boots, walking shoes, thongs and clogs.


Rockport has a reputation for making beautiful, professional shoes and quality, rugged outdoor shoes. Tall boots can protect you from the rain, and sturdy cleats can give you traction for mountain climbing and hiking.

You don’t have to be scaling a cliff to enjoy the benefits that Rockport has to offer. Rockport is known for making exceptional walking shoes. No matter how long your daily walk, you’ll feel like you’re walking on air.


Merrell takes its commitment to outdoor footwear seriously. Each shoe in the line is created with its specific function in mind. Therefore, if you buy a Merrell running shoe, you can feel confident that every aspect of the shoe’s design was specifically chosen to support the needs of a runner. For example, running shoes include Vibram technology for durability and slip resistance.

Other shoes in the Merrell line are created for hiking, water sports, and winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding. With each, you can be sure you have all the features you need, such as waterproofing, support and warmth. You can even find vegan shoes.


Clarks produces a diverse line of shoes, ranging from stylish stilettos to comfortable sneakers. Clarks is distinguished for the comfort of its shoes. Its handcrafted shoes offer support and comfort no matter what the activity, if you are walking, running, or hiking.

Clarks shoes are also waterproof for activity in any weather or terrain, and they are breathable so your shoes don’t become too hot or sweaty.

New Balance

New Balance is known for its athletic shoes. Whether you are playing basketball or running a marathon, New Balance has a strong, comfortable pair of shoes for you. New Balance specializes in creating shoes for serious athletes. The shoes are made of the highest quality and with technology that provides the best comfort.

Conventional shoes fit across your feet at the toes, restricting the way your toes spread as you walk. Adventure-friendly shoes make any walk comfortable, gives men and women power and strength to move further and discover new horizons.

3 Must-Try Boot Styles This Fall

For many, fall ushers in a fashion-forward time of year. Sundresses and sandals are replaced with sweaters and boots, and jackets replace our bare, tanned arms of the summer months. If you enjoy changing your wardrobe each year when the leaves start to change their own appearance, you know that boots are the iconic symbol of pumpkin-spice-latte season.

When you are deciding where to spend your fall footwear budget this year, keep these must-have boot styles in mind.

captivaSleek, tall boots:
The best thing about tall boots is that they look great on all body types. Plus, they have a slimming effect, even with a flat heel. You can pair tall boots with a fall dress or skirt, or throw on some leggings and a long cozy sweater. Tall boots instantly dress up any look, whether you are getting ready for a day at the office or a night out. This type of boot is popular year after year, so grabbing a high-quality pair or two will be a great investment, even as the rest of your wardrobe rotates out.

  • Tall boots to try: Merrell Captiva. Made with full-grain leather, these boots feature an inside zipper that makes it easy to slip the boots on and off—and we like form as well as function. Unlike other fashion looks that sacrifice comfort, the Merrell Captiva has an air cushion in the heel that improves shock absorbency and a removable footbed for extra support and odor control.

trace amberWarm, fuzzy boots
: Get ready for the winter elements with insulated boots that feature fur or faux-fur lining. There are a lot of brands out there that look good, but many are not as functional as they look. Make sure you find waterproof boots made with high-quality materials. These will actually keep your feet dry and warm during the worst weather of the year, and not just look cute. But keep fashion in mind, of course, by considering a lace-up look that allows for a little more dimension. There is really no reason to sacrifice fashion or function in order to wear your boots happily.

  • Fuzzy boots to try: Ecco Trace. These comfortable boots feature leather and suede uppers and a warm wool lining. The boots feature Hydromax technology that is water-repellent while still providing the wearer breathability. There is a wool-covered insole and a rubber outsole, keeping your feet warm inside and the cold, damp weather sealed out.

natiraHeeled ankle boots: You don’t have to go with a full boot to sport this stylish fall and winter trend. Consider a pair of cute heeled booties instead. These look great with pants, giving the effect of a full boot to others while allowing you to wear less shoe. You can also wear booties with all of the same looks that you can with regular boots and show off a little more leg in the process. Ankle boots match well with skinny jeans, leggings, skirts, dresses… essentially any outfit. Plus, they work well in the warmer seasons, too!

  • Ankle boots to try: Clarks Natira Kit Gtx. Clarks are well-known for being comfortable but they can also be really stylish. This model combines both qualities and employs GORE-TEX shoe technology to protect the leather uppers. With an orthopedically-friendly footbed, these boots make it easy to add a 3.25-inch heel to any look but still stay comfortable.

Boots are as much a part of fall as cooler temperatures and falling leaves. When you start adding new items to your fall wardrobe, be sure to remember your feet and treat them by slipping into these boot styles.
What are some staples in your fall wardrobe?

Fashionable, Comfortable Footwear in the Office

Part of the fun of working in an office is getting the chance to dress up. In addition to a place for productivity and paychecks, the ole’ office can be a fashion inspiration and a place to show off your favorite trends. But sometimes it’s hard to balance looking stylish and feeling comfortable for eight hours of your day.
Women’s office footwear is often uncomfortable and simply unhealthy for your feet, joints, and spine. Around 60 percent of women say they are willing to tolerate pain in order to wear shoes that look good. But 35 percent of women admit to developing blisters because of poor shoe choices, and 24 percent say they have even taken a fall as a result of uncomfortable and unsafe shoes. When it comes to fashion in the office, there is too much at stake to risk wearing shoes that cause pain.
The good news is that there are stylish shoes that keep your feet happy and healthy—puffy, white tennis shoes aren’t the only option. Even workers who are on their feet most of the day, like nurses and servers, deserve shoe options that give them confidence and comfort at the same time. Take a look at a few workday shoe options that are both comfortable and stylish below, whether you’re in a formal, casual, or hybrid dress-code atmosphere at work.

Business-Formal Footwear Inspiration

Ecco Sculptered Mary Jane – Consider this sleek take on office footwear that pairs leather lining with 2.5-inch heels. These shoes use the ECCO Comfort Fibre system that is shock absorbent and accommodates foot comfort all day. These shoes are very versatile too—they look great with slick dress pants or a dress suit and tights.
Dansko Bennett – This sophisticated shoe adjusts to a woman’s natural foot contours while looking sharp. There is a 2.75-inch heel that gives any woman a boost of confidence without sacrificing support. These shoes look great with a dress-blouse combo that includes a floral print—throw on some colorful tights to make the look really pop for spring!

Business-Casual Footwear Inspiration

Rockport Alanda in British Tan – These breathable polyurethane shoes have leather uppers with contrast stitching—workmanship that makes these stand out from average flat shoes. With a one-inch heel, they provide that little bit of extra height while still accommodating comfort. These shoes work with khaki pants, or even dark jeans on casual Fridays.
Clarks Ashland Alpine Black – These shoes are a must-have for any business-casual wardrobe because they are so versatile. They look great with tights and a skirt or dark dress pants and a simple sweater. These shoes make use of an OrthoLite footbed that provides comfort and support throughout the day, and two bungee loop buttons accommodate an easy fit on any foot. These are a footwear staple.

Casual Footwear Inspiration

Merrell Twist Glove – Just because a workplace allows casual dress does not mean that you should miss an opportunity to be fashionable. These shoes are versatile for a variety of style choices, including jeans, skirts, shorts, and even a casual dress. These shoes feature Nubuck leather uppers and contrast stitching, as well as odor control elements. A pigskin covered footbed also provides that extra support while going through your daily work routine. Try the red to add color to your spring/summer wardrobe or the black for versatility.
Clarks Arbor Jade – Perfect for medical professionals, traveling sales agents, and food service industry workers alike, these shoes use suede to add a pop of elegance to a comfortable design. The Arbor Jade features a durable, shock-absorbent outsole that protects vertebra, spine, and joints from the movements of the workday. These can be paired with jeans, hospital scrubs, or even the occasional dressy outfit with a modern edge.

Tips for Finding the Right Work Shoes

When choosing shoes for any work setting, fashion should come secondary to the utility and comfort of the shoe. Luckily, there are a lot of brands, like the ones above, that make both things possible. Here are a few other things to keep in mind as you shoe-shop for work:
·         Consider a lower heel. Different body types do better with high heels, but if you are finding that your feet and back are in pain at the end of the workday, it’s time to take an inch or two off your daily wear. If you really do not want to let go of the height, invest in heels that are designed to cushion and support your foot during wear.
·         Avoid pointy, narrow toes. When you crowd your toes, it means less support for the rest of your body and, over time, structural problems with your feet. Pick shoes that give ample room for your toes to lie naturally without squeezing together or overlapping.
With the right footwear, you don’t need to sacrifice fashion or comfort—both can work harmoniously to give you the best shot at a productive and confident workday. 

Gym Fashion

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Fitness Fashion: Then and Now

With more active wear options than ever before, fitness fashion is in right now, and not just at the gym. Walking on a Cloud explores some of the most popular fitness fashions over the years, as well as what popular items are in workout wardrobes of the modern day.

The 1930s and 1950s

Fitness was dominated mostly by men since women of this period were encouraged to be feminine, not muscular.

The 50s and 60s

Fitness TV emerged, which allowed people to exercise in the privacy of their own homes.

The 1970s and 1980s

Physical fitness became a chance to showcase style and status. Leg-warmer clad women dressed in neon thong leotards worked for the burn but also to maintain their image.

The 1990s

Fitness research inspired a back-to-basics approach to working out. Group fitness took the place of high-tech gym equipment, and fun matching tracksuits and cropped tank tops were the trending fitness fashions.

Early 2000s

The new millennium brought an explosion of workout options with the growth of activities from cycling to kickboxing to Pilates—all of which demanded fresh fitted outerwear. This decade introduced us to yoga pants and the phenomenon known as “yoga booty.”


Moisture-wicking, breathability, built-in support, and performance optimization all dominate fitness fashion criteria now, as we focus attention toward technology-infused fitness wear to maximize results.

Fit Chic: Gym Trends Today

Yoga: Functional Materials for Sustained Ananda (Bliss)

See-through pants aren’t functional during a yoga class, so while you shop for a stretchy, fitted material, also test the sheerness of clothing.

Stay centered following your yoga sessions with Ecco shoes, which support your foot’s natural position and stride, helping you maintain balance long after hanging up your yoga mat.


Running: Reflective and Brightly Colored Gear

Reflective and bright clothing for running is very popular right now, plus it’s a great safety measure! The key to wearing neon pants and shoes without it looking over the top is to balance out the bright pieces and patterns with solid colors.

Try fun neon-colored New Balance running shoes that also provide optimal performance, fit, quality, and comfort for a range of physical demands.


Outdoor Fitness: The Right Materials for Extreme Weather

The right materials for outdoor winter activities are waterproof,breathable, wind-resistant.

Geox provides fashionable fitness footwear featuring waterproof, breathable soles, shock absorption, and support.


Endurance Training: Compression Clothing

Compression clothing is made of thick, breathable materials designed mostly for endurance training. This clothing helps you stay active longer by preventing cramps and increasing the blood flow throughout the body.

Pair high-performance compression socks with Merrell shoes, which offer shock-absorbing technology and cushioning that reduces foot fatigue.


Gym Fashion: Stylish and Funky Active Accessories

Headbands, jewelry, gym bags, beanies, and the whole assortment of activewear accessories aren’t just functional these days—they’re stylish too.

Walking on a Cloud offers a wide variety of fitness and fashion footwear to keep you going whether you’re getting through the work day, enduring the burn of a group fitness class, or exploring the trails. Take care of your mind, body, and spirit by gearing up with the right activewear to fuel your fitness habits.

Father’s Day 2013 is Around the Corner!

Great Father’s Day Ideas!!

Fathers are extremely important members of the family, and because they are, giving them something special to celebrate Father’s Day is just one way we have of telling them thanks for all they do. Here are some great gift options you should take into consideration when looking for something great to give to this special man. Walking On A Cloud’s BIG Father’s Day SALE Event is on with great fashion and with exceptional comfort. Don’t miss  this great event and buy the best shoe for your loving Dad,each steps he walks ahead makes him remember you.

Wallking On A Cloud Ecco Remote Lace Navajo shoe

ECCO Remote Lace Navajo

These are a very comfortable and classic shoe that can be worn every day. They have a masculine design, and are partially lined with leather to make them breathable and moisture-absorbent. The unique Comfort Fiber System of ECCO increases the amount of air flow in these shoes to create a naturally cool environment to help maintain healthy feet. The flexible polyurethane sole adds to the comfort enough to wear even when your man is walking long distances.Walking On A Cloud is giving all its customers a special father’s day deal for Ecco Remote Lace Navajo by reducing $50.00 from it’s original price.

Merrell Cambrian Strap Brown

These sandals are just what any man can be proud to wear. They are made from synthetic leather with a meshupper, and the Lycra neoprene lining offers an environment that is free of abrasion so that he can wear them anywhere.

This lining features the benefits of Aegis, an antimicrobial solution that will help keep his feet cool and dry during the day. The air cushion in the heel make these shoes both stable and shock absorbent, and they are easy to get the right fit with the adjustable Velcro straps. This vegan friendly footwear has a non-marking sole and is water friendly. Walking On A Cloud is giving all its customers a special father’s day deal for Merrell Cambrian Strap Brown by reducing $25.00 from it’s original price.

Clarks Portland

Portland is a city that people love to tour. This shoe was inspired by the notion that one should be able to do as much walking as they want without feeling the pinch or discomfort of a shoe.

The supple, full grain of the Nubuck leather uppers will not bind or pinch, and they never require breaking in. cushioning is provided by the lightweight EVA molded insoles which adds to this being a shoe for all occasions. The fully padded collar and tongue are an excellent addition, and the soft Ortholite footbed creates all-day comfort. This is a flexible shoe for the man you love. You can get these for him in Brown or Black. Walking On A Cloud is giving all its customers a special father’s day deal for Clarks Portlant Brown by reducing $50.00 from it’s original price.

Rockport CC 3 Strap Brown

These are Rockport sandals that are comfortable and stylish with its contrasting stitching and leather and mesh uppers.

The padded collar is made to prevent blisters from forming, and the moisture wicking lining will help to keep his feet cool and dry. The EVA footbed adds comfort and support which is something he will love. Add to that the easy adjustment that comes with Velcro straps and the rubber outsole that absorbs shocks and adds durability and you have a gift that he will not be able to resist. Walking On A Cloud is giving all its customers a special father’s day deal for Rockport Cc 3 Strap Brown by reducing $20.00 from it’s original price.

Merrell Rant

Every man enjoys the look and feel of a comfortable canvas walking shoe, and that is what he will get from this one from Merrell. The full grain leather combined with canvas for the upper adds comfort and style.

The twill lining is treated to resist odor with Aegis, which is an antimicrobial solution. Along with that, he will enjoy the benefits of the EVA removable footbed which increases the support and comfort. The lace up closure offers security as well as a comfortable fit. The Merrell Rant Sole provides shock absorbency with non-slip security. The air cushion that is embedded in the heel provides the stability he wants, and the EVA midsole adds to the cushioning. He will love them in Black, Bracken and Navy.

Clarks Northfield

The father in your life will love the look and feel of these Clarks Northfield shoes which have metal eyelets for the lace-up closure. This makes it easy to adjust the fit while making them secure.

The Ortholite footbed can be removed to allow insertion of personalized orthotics. The smooth synthetic lining keeps them dry on his feet and increases the comfort. The durable man-made sole is shock absorbent as well as durable. This shoe comes in Black or Brown.

You will love seeing the look on his face when you give him one or more of these great shoes for Father’s Day!