Why We Love These Men’s Casual Shoe Options

Men like to have shoes and boots that are appropriate for any occasion. From something that works well in the office to footwear that’s ideal for working out or going on a weekend camping trip, the right footwear makes a difference. Since many occasions call for something casual rather than dressy, it pays to know which brands are best and what features they should provide. Here are some suggestions that will help you always have the right casual shoes for any occasion.

Why We Love These Men's Casual Shoe Options

Rugged Looks

Simplicity is often important when it comes to choosing casual shoes for men. The shoes must have shells that are constructed using rugged materials. Leather and similar materials are especially good choices for footwear when the plan is to work in the yard or build something in the backyard workshop. They are also great for a man who likes to spend time hiking or camping in the woods. The right type of shell keeps the feet warm, looks great, and can be cleaned with relative ease.

Great With Jeans or Khakis

Having casual shoes to kick back in while out with friends or to run errands should also be part of the wardrobe. Many men are surprised to learn that the same brands that make their favorite dress shoes also have casual options to consider. A prime example is Rockport Shoes for men. Along with selections that look great in the board room, Rockport also has designs that are ideal for running errands on weekends, going on a casual date, or to wear around the house. With these designs, you always have something that will work with your jeans or fit right in if you plan on heading out the door in a pair of Khakis.

Practical For Many Forms of Exercise

Staying fit is important for the body and the mind. The thing is that changing footwear for different activities is not always practical. One solution is to invest in shoes that work just fine for multiple forms of exercise.

One option to consider is a pair of New Balance running shoes. They work fine if you want to take a long walk, spend some time in the gym, or go running. It’s easy to transition from one type of exercise to the next without breaking your stride long enough to put on a different pair of shoes.

Excellent Support

Whatever type of casual shoes you like to wear, they must provide a reasonable amount of comfort and support. The last thing you need is aching feet, ankles, and lower legs after you’ve been in the shoes for several hours. The ideal pair will provide plenty of cushioning, support your arches, and not chafe your instep. With the right level of support, you can forget about cramps in the lower legs or ankles that feel a little sore.


Men like to invest in things that will last for a long time. That means spending a little more to purchase brands known to hold up well over time. Many men love the fact that Geox men’s shoes are built to last. They can be maintained with relative ease and provide years of reliable service. That more than justifies the initial cost.

Remember that coming across a pair of casual shoes you love doesn’t just happen. It takes time and effort to find the right pair. Take a look at some of the designs offered today and compare the features. It won’t take long to find the casual shoes that you will enjoy for a long time.

Casual Shoes That Compliment Any Look


While having something dressy for special occasions is nice, it also helps to have several pairs of shoes that work fine in more casual settings. The good news is that it’s possible to purchase casual styles suitable for more than one occasion. Here are some examples that you can consider before setting out to purchase any new footwear.

Going From the Gym to the Restaurant

Working out involves all sorts of physical activities. During the course of your trip to the gym, you are likely to put the jogging track to good use as well as spend some time with the weight machines. If you plan on meeting up with friends for a bite to eat afterward, lugging along another pair of shoes can be inconvenient.

One solution is to invest in a pair of Ecco running shoes. They provide all the support you need while jogging and working out and have enough style to look great when you walk into the restaurant in your favorite pair of jeans and a casual shirt.

Office Casual and Perfect for Attending Sporting Events

Would you like something that’s nice enough to wear on a casual day at work and be fine for the game you are attending this evening? Geox men’s shoes fill the bill. Consider options like the U Xunday 2 Fit A as your choice for a versatile shoe. Made with the finest materials, you’ll get a lot of mileage from these shoes before it’s time to replace them.

Work, Home, and Play

If you like the idea of shoes that are fine for use with office attire, complement your casual outfits, and are comfortable enough to wear around the house, Pikolinos Shoes are worth considering. As one of the most popular brands, these shoes offer the ideal combination of style, durability, and comfort.

One design that many women will find appealing is the Andorra Brandy. The short boot styling matched with the semi-wedge heel makes a statement no matter where you happen to be. The boot is comfortable enough for long walks, spending an afternoon at an amusement park with friends, or to wear around the house and look your best.

That Weekend Camping Trip

People who are the outdoor types will spend more time camping, fishing, and enjoying all sorts of warm weather activities. Women and mean alike will find that Palladium Shoes offers several options that provide the comfort, protection, and style they want. Take a close look at the Pampa SC line if you are thinking about backpacking, spending the weekend at a wilderness camp, or want to take a long walk in the country.

Casual shoes can have a certain style and flair without serving only one purpose. Spend some time exploring these options and think about how many different looks you can create with them. It won’t take long to find a pair or two that are ideal for more than one occasion and ensure that you look your best from head to toe.

5 Great Tips to Keep Your Feet Comfortable in Summer [Infographic]


Summer is an active time of year for many people. Thanks to the nice weather, they spend more time on their feet and less time cooped up indoors due to the snow and ice. Unfortunately, this can lead to some foot discomfort over time, but the good news is that you can counteract the pain and swelling. Here are five great tips to keep your feet comfortable this summer.

#1 – Gel Inserts

If you are fashion-conscious, then you probably already know that it is difficult – if not impossible – to find a pair of strappy sandals or high-heeled shoes that are as comfortable as they are stylish. Fortunately, you can purchase gel inserts, even for sandals and heels, which will give you some much-needed relief. What’s more, the gel tends to stay cool, even on the hottest days.

#2 – Peppermint

Swimming in pools and lakes and going barefoot on rough surfaces leads to dry skin on your feet. This dry skin may itch or even crack, leading to pain and discomfort. One of the best ways to counteract this is to use peppermint lotion on your feet every night before you go to bed. To pamper yourself, slather your feet in the yummy scent, and then put on a pair of spa socks. You will fall asleep to the cool feeling of the mint, and you will wake up to softer feet.

#3 – Epsom Salts

Epsom salts are essential in your foot soaks, and they actually serve a few purposes when you use them correctly. First, when you add them to a tub of warm water, they reduce swelling and inflammation. This reduces pain and makes you feel better. However, Epsom salts are also wonderful at exfoliating. Simply add some to a wet cloth and rub the bottoms and sides of your feet to help remove any rough, dead skin.

#4 – The Right Size Shoes

Ill-fitting shoes do more harm than good. Shoes that are too small cause bunions, callouses, and general discomfort. In fact, if you wear ill-fitting shoes over long periods, you can even damage your feet! The best way to determine your size is to visit a professional. These individuals measure your feet accurately and tell you exactly what size you should buy. You may be surprised to learn that many people – women especially – tend to wear too-small shoes.

#5 – The Right Shoes in General

Just because you enjoy your sandals, you do not have to settle for discomfort. In fact, there are plenty of shoes out there designed specifically for comfort – and not just running or walking shoes. Sandals with cork soles provide tons of cushion, so keep your eyes out for those if you are prone to discomfort. Even dress shoes come with padded inserts to help you feel your best all day long.

Most of the time, keeping your feet comfortable in summer is all about the prevention. Wearing the right shoes in the right size is crucial. However, if your feet begin to feel the effects of summer activity, Epsom salt soaks followed by some peppermint lotion will soon have you feeling brand new.

3 Basic Shoes Every Woman Needs for Summer

Whether you are a shoe collector or someone who prefers to stick to the bare minimum, there are three basic shoes every woman needs for summer. High-heeled sandals are dressy and casual, and the same is true for slip-ons that go well with summer dresses or jeans. Toe thongs are perfect for lazy days and trips to the beach, but they go far beyond plain plastic these days.

High-Heeled Sandals


Although most high-heeled sandals are dressy rather than casual, there is no reason why they cannot be both. A pretty, strappy, high-heeled sandal in a nude color pairs just as well with jeans and a pretty blouse as it does with dress slacks or a flowy summer dress. Black patent leather high-heeled sandals are best reserved for dressier occasions, but be sure to pair them with well-manicured toes. Colorful high-heeled sandals provide you with an excellent way to make a fashion statement. Pair them with a blouse of the same color, or if you really want to stand out, pair them with a blouse that is a complementary color – but be sure that your bag goes with your shoes in this case.



Slip-on shoes are also perfect for both dressy and casual events, and the same rule of thumb applies for pairing them with slacks, dresses, and even your favorite pair of jeans or shorts. Some of the slip-ons available these days are simple in design, but others are quite complex and come fitted with rhinestones, bows, and other decorations to make them more appealing. In general, slip-ons are typically better than high-heeled sandals for casual dress, simply because they are more comfortable over time. They come in all colors, including metallic, pastel, primary, and even multicolor options that are sure to catch everyone’s eye. They may have heels or they may be flat; the choice is always yours.

Toe Thongs (Flip-Flops)


No woman’s wardrobe is complete without a pair (or two… or three) of toe thongs, sometimes called flip-flops. Of course, these are available in every single discount store in the world in the summer, but why settle for ugly, uncomfortable plastic when you can get beautiful textures, materials, and patterns that are just as comfortable as they are beautiful? In fact, these days, toe thongs are so versatile that you can wear them not only with your favorite swimsuit, but also with a summer dress or a pair of shorts. They come in leather, canvas, and even rhinestone-studded fabrics, so you have plenty of choice when it comes to buying one or more pairs of toe thongs to complete your wardrobe.

Of course, high-heeled sandals, slip-ons, and toe thongs make up three of the most important types of shoes you can have in your collection – but there are others, too. If you are active, you will also need a great pair of running or walking shoes that support your feet. If you attend formal events, then you will need something a little dressier than an open-toed high-heeled sandal, such as a high-heeled dress shoe.


The Top 3 Benefits of Women’s Casual Shoes

Women have always needed and benefitted from having several good pairs of casual shoes, in a nice variety of colors, and there have been periods of time when most women actually wore their casual shoes much more frequently than they do these days.

Didn’t the Women’s Lib Movement Teach us to be More Comfortable?

With all the work, struggles and dedicated efforts that were wrought by so many tireless souls in advancing the women’s rights movement, one might think that a good part of the residual success of that movement would have been forever eliminating the ever pressing need for women to have to suffer to look fantastic. Not true, apparently, as today, women are forever going to great and unprecedented painful extremes to be smokin’ hot and fully own the wow factor.

Women’s Shoe Design is Reaching New Heights

In actuality, women seem to be suffering more than ever before, when it comes to their feet, at least. Women’s shoes have definitely reached new heights, and it is not ever surprising to go into a room where people are gathered and standing, only to find the women to be the main ones towering over everyone else. And all you need to do is to look downward at the feet of these gargantuan women to figure out the reason for this new anomaly. The heels went as high as they possibly could on women’s shoes, and when they just could not go any further, the next course of action was to design upward-moving soles, mostly in the form of wedges, so that the end result was a shoe that would increase a woman’s height by strange new levels. Don’t ask why, because there is probably no real answer beyond  “Because they can.”


What Looking Good Should Begin With

When it comes to efforts a woman can make to look her best, the very first objective should be that she needs to look like she is comfortable and in full control of her gait, her balance and her posture. If the women in these horribly awkward “heels” could just see how awkward and uncoordinated they look while wearing and walking about in them, they might rethink wearing the bigger heels altogether. It’s like they should install a treadmill in the women’s shoe department, so the women can actually see how ridiculous they look while walking in these aggressive foot rockets.

The Top 3, in a Nutshell

Today, there are a myriad of styles and designs in women’s casual shoes, with some being actually quite appropriate for certain dress occasions, even. Not that you need one, but if you are looking for reasons to justify wearing casual shoes, read on.

  1. Comfort is a Good Thing. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that being comfortable is vastly better than being uncomfortable. When you invest in top quality casual women’s shoes, you will feel better, respond better and think better. You will increase your productivity, as well.
  2. The Top Selling Casual Shoes for Women Radiate Success and a High IQ. When you want a level of quality to match your casual shoes, in terms of comfort and support, turn to the best selling brands, such as Josef Seibel, Naot, Ecco , Rockport and Keen–just to name a few. When you buy your casual footwear from a reputable shoemaker, you have all the support, durability, comfort and style you would ever need. And make no mistake about it–others in the know do notice the shoes you are wearing. When you wear really great shoes, you show the world that you are smart and self sufficient.
  3. Take Good Care of Your Feet, and They Will Take Good Care of You. Bunions, hammertoes, corns, pinched nerves, fallen arches and plantar fasciitis are just some of the anomalies that  your feet can develop, when you make a habit out of wearing subpar shoes. You totally depend on your feet so very much, and they take a lot of abuse. Treat your precious feet to a generous amount of time cradled in good casual shoes. Your feet will thank you.