What Calgary Shoppers Want in New Footwear

With population that exceeds 1,500,000 in the CMA, residents of Calgary have expectations for the types of footwear they purchase. Those expectations often take into consideration what sort of shoes or boots they need for work, how they get around the city, and what the weather’s like. Here are some of the practical features the right shoes must possess in order for Calgary residents to consider them worth their time.

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Durable Materials

Cheap shoes are not of any value in Calgary. Something that will hold up well to a lot of wear is considered an essential. This is true even though it’s estimated that 9 out of 10 Calgary residents drive rather than use public transport or walk where they need to go.

Footwear is often treated as an investment. That means the buyer expects to enjoy enough use to justify the original purchase price. By choosing something that is made with durable materials, the buyer is likely to believe the deal was a good one. Opting for Rockport shoes that are suitable for wear with business attire or going with a design that is perfect for more casual activities is an excellent choice.

Excellent Arch Support

While Calgary is considered to be more of a driving city than some other large Canadian cities, people who live near the City Centre are highly likely to walk instead of take a car or travel on the C train. An estimated 40% of people who live and work in downtown typically walk wherever they need to go.

People who consider walking their primary means of getting around require shoes that provide plenty of arch support. You will find that Clarks footwear has a reputation for keeping the arches aligned naturally. That in turn alleviates pressure on the ankles and lower legs. Even if you do walk to work and to nearby shops instead of driving or taking the train, the right shoes or boots will ensure your leg muscles don’t start cramping in the middle of the night.


Wherever you go, no outfit is complete unless the footwear is a good match. Nothing makes office attire look less than professional like shoes in the wrong color or style. You will also find that wearing dress shoes with some type of casual outfit ruins the effect and will motivate people to look at you for the wrong reasons.

Fortunately, there are footwear manufacturers who offer several lines of products suitable for different occasions. That makes it easy to find something for work that is comfortable and will look great with a minimum of care. Those who like to run or walk for exercise will find those same brands offer shoes ideally suited for those purposes. You can even find fun shoes made of the best materials that will work when you want to wear something a little quirky.

Spend some time today looking for some new shoes. Whether you need something suitable for the moderate temperatures of a Calgary summer or the cold of the winter months, there is sure to be something that is just right.


Make Your Summer Show Dreams Come True with Clarks Shoes


In 1825, Cyrus and James Clark of Street, Somerset, England created their first pair of shoes. The pair of sheepskin cut-offs set the stage for what would become one of the most popular brands in the world. Today, Clarks is still making summer dreams come true with shoes for just about every occasion. Here are some examples of summertime events that will be even better if you are wearing footwear made by Clarks Shoes.

Sandals for the Beach and Elsewhere

What would summer be without spending some time by the water? Sandals are a wonderful accessory when you spend time at the beach, the lake, or even by the backyard pool. Since you want sandals that are attractive and made of the best materials, it makes sense to check out the designs offered by Clarks. Consider the Brinkley Athol style if you like simplicity.

When the plan is to invest in sandals that are stylish enough to wear to a summer cookout or to go shopping, Leisa Higley Slides are worth a look. They will work nicely with anything from shorts to a summer tea-length dress and still look great.

Something Lightweight and Ideal for General Wear

There are times when you want something casual but not necessarily with an open toe. One solution is to invest in Clarks womens shoes like the Danelly Adira line. These beautiful flats sport a classic design that makes it the perfect slip-on for summer. There’s plenty of support for those days when you want to enjoy hours of shopping or while away the afternoon taking in a movie and having dinner with friends.

What About at the Office?

While it may be summer, there’s still the need to show up for work. Until your vacation comes around, consider purchasing shoes from Clarks that are in line with the season but still dressy enough for the workplace. The Channing Anne is a simple but elegant shoe that will get you through the work day in comfort. Opt for basic black to create a professional look and enjoy the low heel and the ease that comes with wearing slip-ons.

Those Formal Events

Summer does bring formal events as well as casual ones. If you are invited to a wedding or have the chance to attend some type of summer conference or trade show, you need shoes that are attractive and will keep your feet comfortable for hours on end. The Heavenly Star with it’s medium heel and comfortable slip-on design is the perfect answer. The basic black is dressy enough for any type of business event while still providing the comfort you want. This shoe will also work well if you need to attend a formal evening event or look your best at a wedding.

The bottom line is that Clarks has designs that will serve you well no matter what sort of summer plans are in the offing. Take the time to learn more about the different designs and choose a pair to try. After you see how stylish and comfortable that first pair happens to be, you will soon be purchasing other pairs for wear at all sorts of occasions.

Style or Comfort – When to Decide Between the Two and When You Don’t Have To

With the vast array of Birkenstock shoes and other footwear brands that are available these days, most people find themselves being spoiled for choice when buying new footwear. Although this has resulted in it becoming easier than ever before to choose the best-looking shoes for women, many of them still find themselves at a crossroads when having to decide between style and comfort. Below are some tips to help simplify the process.

  1. When you’re on your Feet All Day

If you work in a job or industry that requires you to be on your feet for more than an hour or two per day, it is strongly recommended that you choose shoes for women according to comfort instead of style alone. For more than 100 years, the name Clarks shoes has become synonymous with extreme comfort and style – making them an excellent choice when you are on your feet constantly during the day. Another great benefit of these shoes is that they are extremely durable, meaning that you will normally be able to get many years’ use from them before they need to be replaced.

  1. When Appearance is More Important

In cases where your job or career requires that you wear smart attire, you may think that you will have to be more considerate of a shoe’s overall appearance instead of just the level of comfort it offers. However, this dilemmas has long since become a thing of the past because brands such as Clarks shoes have realized that it’s not only people who are on their feet all day that need comfortable shoes – those who need to invest in smarter footwear also require a degree of comfort.

  1. When Comfort is your Only Concern

If you’re fortunate enough to be self-employed or you work in an environment that is more casual than most other workplaces, you will most likely be allowed to wear virtually any type of footwear you like. This means that you will be able to choose from the many style and color options that Birkenstock shoes has on offer. Through the years, these shoes have become well-known for being among the most comfortable options available. Other benefits of Birkenstock shoes are that they are easy to wear, and their slip-on designs have become available in an extensive range of colors. While the brand is normally known for its slip-on shoes, there are a few smarter lace-up options available as well for people who aren’t too keen on wearing open shoes.

When shopping for shoes, it’s essential that you purchase the correct size for your foot. It’s no use buying a shoe that looks great, but pinches your toes or causes blisters after a few hours’ wear. Walkingonacloud.com offers an extensive range of the best shoe brands available, which ensures that you not only get great-looking shoes; your footwear will also be extremely stylish, while fitting you exactly as it should.

Honey, What Shoes Should I Wear?


This question is asked numerous times a day – all over the world. While many people choose their Clarks shoes based on appearance, it is normally far more practical to select them according to the types of activity that you are going to be engaged in. Below are just a few examples and ideas of what types of Keen shoes you can wear for various occasions and events.

  1. Hiking and Running

Both of these outdoor activities will require the use of shoes that not only provide your feet with the right support, but that is also as comfortable as possible. It’s also important to remember that hiking shoes should not be worn when going running and running shoes are absolutely not recommended for hiking.

When it comes to purchasing hiking footwear, there are numerous Merrell shoes to choose from. This enables you to select a boot or low cut shoe design that is most suited to the shape and size of your foot. Running and hiking shoes should be chosen as late as possible in the day, as this will ensure that your foot is at its largest when you are fitting them. With each of these shoe types, there should be at least a half-inch of space between your toes and the front of the shoe to ensure a comfortable fit.

  1. Office Work and Gala Dinners

Choosing the right Clarks shoes for going to the office or attending a gala dinner with your boss and colleagues can seem like a challenging task. However, thanks to the extensive range of styles and colors that these shoes are available in, you will be able to find at least a few pairs to match your work and smarter-wear outfits. Over the years though, Clarks have released an array of casual shoe styles and finishes as well, ensuring that your feet remain comfortable – regardless of how long you are wearing shoes for.

  1. Construction or Other Physical Work

If you work on construction sites or other areas where heavy duty tasks are the order of the day, you will want to ensure that your footwear is up to the task. These days, most construction sites, factories and warehouse environments require employees to wear safety-rated footwear to prevent injuries. Keen shoes are now available in a wide range of safety-related options as well, including steel and composite toe, electrically rated, oil resistant and slip resistant options – ensuring that you are able to remain steady on your feet – regardless of the environment you work in. More and more styles have been designed especially for women these days as well.

Regardless of whether you would like to purchase the latest style and color of Merrell shoes or you are looking for a smarter option for office wear, Walkingonacloud.com will be able to provide you with the shoes you need. Along with the latest brands, the company ensures that a wide range of sizes are available – ensuring that you find what you are looking for with little effort.

Give Your Old Style the Boot with These Classic Fall Looks

With fall fast approaching, many people welcome the change in season by making a few changes to their footwear collection. If you fit into this category, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many new Clarks, Keen and Taos shoes available. This will enable you to own a different pair to match each of your favorite fall and winter outfits.

  1. Clarks Shoes

These beautifully crafted shoes have been on the market since 1825 and the Clarks name is synonymous with durability and comfort. Each of the products in their range is also manufactured by using the socially responsible methods and processes possible. The range includes numerous dressy and casual shoes and sandals in classic and modern styles, ensuring that they can be worn at the office or while relaxing.

Most shoes in the Clarks range have been manufactured with ActiveAir technology in the soles, which helps to minimize chafing and perspiration, while also enhancing air flow around the feet. This enables them to be worn as comfortably as possible for long periods of time, making them ideal for people who spend more than a few hours a day standing.

  1. Taos Shoes

Although the vast majority of Taos shoes are open-toed, there are many days leading up to fall that are still pleasantly warm enough to enjoy wearing them. High quality fabrics and materials ensure that these shoes will last for many years, and the available range of styles mean that there is sure to be at least one pair that will be a perfect match for your wardrobe.

An added benefit of Taos shoes is that they are available is flat and heeled options so you are able to wear them when you are out on the town with girl friends or while you’re negotiating the most important deal ever in the boardroom. For chillier days, there are a few closed toe options available as well.

  1. Keen Shoes

While most people only tend to associate Keen shoes with rugged outdoor styles, this is no longer the case. Over the past few years, this company has released an extensive range of different styles – all of which are known for providing superior levels of durability and comfort. This means that men and women are able to choose from various sandals, shoes, Mary Janes, elastic sandals, water shoes, work boots, hiking and casual boots and slip on shoes. Keen is one of a few companies that offer many of its models in different color options, enabling everyone to choose their favorite color when shopping for new shoes.

When shopping for replacement shoes to compliment your fall wardrobe, it’s essential that your choices be based on comfort and durability as well as appearance. Here at Walkingonacloud.com, we only sell shoes from the most well-known and reputable brands. If you would like to add a few new pairs of top quality footwear to your collection, visit our site and view our range today.

Take a Hike – The Best Shoes for Canadian Trail Walking [infographic]


Although trail walking has been listed as one of the most popular pastimes for Canadians, many people claim that they cannot walk long distances because ‘it hurts their feet.’ However, wearing the right New Balance, Clarks or Naturalizer shoes can make all the difference between enjoying the scenery and having to stop every few miles to give your aching and painful feet a rest.

  1. Clarks Shoes

Over the years, Clark’s shoes have become known for their quality, durability and comfort – especially for people who have to use footwear for extended periods of time. Men and women will certainly be spoiled for choice when shopping for these shoes because they are available in many different style and color options. When shopping for shoes to use for trail walking, more than 50% of people have said that they feel more comfortable and secure when they wear a sturdy pair of boots.

  1. New Balance Shoes

While many people only associate the New Balance brand with running shoes, this brand now manufactures a wide range of hiking and walking shoes as well. Regardless of whether you are going to take a short trail walk or you are preparing for a longer trail hike, there is sure to be a pair of New Balance shoes that will be a perfect fit. A distinct advantage that New Balance shoes have over many other brands is that they are normally available in wider widths, meaning that you will be able to find something to fit you properly – regardless of how wide your feet may be.

  1. Naturalizer Shoes

Most Naturalizer shoes may not have been designed with trail walking or hiking in mind, but they certainly have been designed to be extremely comfortable. Wider heels and straps ensure that these shoes fit as comfortably as possible, while their stylish designs enable them to be worn to the office with complete confidence.

  1. Choosing the Right Trail Shoes

Too often, people make the mistake of purchasing a pair of trail shoes because they look good. However, when they try to use them for hiking or trail walking, they find that they are uncomfortable or just a bad fit all round. As a result, you should ensure that trail shoes or hiking boots are fitted in-store before purchasing them. There should be sufficient room around your toes and heel area to prevent blisters from forming while walking. The shoe or boot should also be comfortable from the moment that you fit it – if it hurts anywhere or doesn’t feel 100% right, it will be best to choose another pair instead.

When purchasing a pair of shoes from New Balance, Naturalizer or Clark’s, you can be assured of getting the best quality footwear possible. This means that your new shoes will last for many years, provided that they are cared for according to manufacturers’ instructions and recommendations. Why not treat your feet and purchase a pair of top quality shoes on our website today?

Why Clark’s are the Most Orthotic Friendly Shoe Brand

Orthotic shoes are those which not only offer the wearer additional foot support; they are also known for being far more comfortable than other regular or “off the shelf” shoe types. Although there are numerous brands and types of orthotic shoes on the market these days, Clark’s shoes for women and men are known for being the most orthotic friendly brand on the market.

#1 – Highest level of expertise in the industry

Clark’s men’s shoes and women’s styles have been in production for close to 200 years already, which makes them the leading manufacturer of orthotic shoe products. According to information on Clark’s website, the company says it is known for, “seamlessly combining our designers’ vision with our technical experts’ invention to create innovative, stylish designs.” As a result, every pair of Clark’s women’s shoes and men’s shoes is designed in such a way that they not only look good; over the years, they have incorporated an extensive range of new and innovative technologies into them.

#2 – Active Air cushioning and Active Air Vent technologies

Women’s and men’s Clark’s shoes have been designed with highly innovative underfoot cushioning known as Active Air. The technology consists of multiple small air pockets that not only provide a significant amount of cushioning for a wearer’s feet; they absorb most of the impact in the feet while walking or running. In addition, these shoes contain Active Air vent technology, which consists of a hidden pump in the heels that helps ventilate the feet. This is done by drawing fresh air into each shoe from outside as the wearer is walking.

#3 – Designed for 100% comfort

Another technology that has been incorporated into Clark’s men’s shoes and women’s styles include superior soft foot bed areas, which have been extended from the heel, right through to the toes – unlike other brands that usually only offer very basic heel cushioning. The shoes themselves are also extremely lightweight and flexible, especially the Cloud Steppers range. Flex 3 technology found in many of the Clark’s women’s shoes and men’s styles follows the natural curve of a wearer’s foot, ensuring maximum comfort levels at all times.

#4 – Shopping for Clark’s shoes

When shopping for Clark’s shoes for women and men, it is recommended that you have your feet measured by an experienced salesperson, as this will enable you to choose the correct size and style. Women’s and men’s Clark’s shoes are available in an extensive range of smart and casual options, which will enable you to own a pair for virtually every outfit you have. Owing to the fact that Clark’s shoes are fully orthotic, you will be able to enjoy wearing them in comfort all day, every day.

Another great benefit you will be able to enjoy when purchasing Clark’s shoes is the fact that they are stocked in standard and wide widths, meaning that you will be guaranteed to find the right fit in a style that is attractive and fashionable.

Top Trends: 5 Stylish & Super Comfortable High-Heeled Shoes

Wearing high heels doesn’t have to cause you pain and discomfort. Here are five easy to wear high-heeled shoes that anybody can enjoy and which look great for any occasion.

1: Clarks Delsie Stella

clarks-delsieA set of 3¼ inch heels with a 3¼ inch shaft, these black uppers are designed for comfort and breathability. The shoe itself is made of leather, while the interior lining is synthetic to allow for maximum coziness. The uppers are designed to stay on your feet in almost every situation and can be used all day. The come with an easy side zipper that allows you to put them on and take them off conveniently, no matter what else you might be doing.

2: Beautifeel Maya Patent

BeautifeelOffering a simple five centimeter heel, this latex shoe offers shock absorbing technology that can leave your feet feeling great even after hours of standing and walking. The latex sole serves as a shock absorber while also offering an unprecedented amount of flexibility and durability. The heel is designed to be anti-slip, offering a comfortable walking strife and also providing shock absorption that leaves every step feeling super soft.

3: Rockport T M 75 Chelsea

Rockport-ChelseaThese high black leather shoes are designed with elastic on the interior that allows them to fit perfectly with your foot and ankle. This also provides some mild compression to those whose feet tend to get swollen when wearing normal high-heeled shoes. Although black is the most popular color for these shoes, they are also available in other hues, making them one of the most flexible and comfortable high-heeled shoes that you will be able to find on the market today.

4: Josef Seibel Britney 06

josef-britneyA high-heeled shoe that is designed for all-day wear, the Josef Seibel Britney 06 has a lower heel than most, at only 2¼ inches, and a full nine-inch shaft. The leather shoe has decorative wraparound buckle straps around the top for maximum style and a zipper for convenience. The footbed is lightly cushioned so it can be worn over long period of time without any discomfort. While black is by far the most popular color with this shoe, it is also available in grey for those who want something different but equally stylish.

5: Ecco Touch 75 B Zip

ecco-touchThis simple black shoe covers up to the ankle, allowing you to show off more of your leg and providing more mobility for heavier activity. The heel is made through direct injection technology that provides a durable base while staying very lightweight. Textile lining throughout the shoe provides comfort and cushioning that can last the whole day through. Finally, the shoe has a side zipper than makes sure you have stability while also giving you an easy way to put on and take off the footwear.

These are just a few of the great options available to people interested in trying out heels that combine both comfort and style. Just because you want to the style of high heels doesn’t mean you have to give up any comfort or substance.

Top 5 Best Selling Shoe Brands for Women This Year

Whether you are a fan of name brands, quality, or comfort – or perhaps even all three – understanding the most popular shoe brands among women can help you narrow down your choices. Whether you need to dress up, dress down, or prepare yourself for the upcoming winter months, here are the top five best-selling shoe brands in 2015 and the different types of products they offer.

1 – Clarks Shoes

clarksClarks is a British company that has been around since 1825, and the company continues to create sensible, practical, and beautiful styles for men and women alike. Whether you want open-toed sandals to see you through the rest of the warm season or waterproof lined boots to keep your feet warm throughout the fall and winter, Clarks Shoes offers you every color, every style, and every type of suede and leather you can imagine.

2 – Josef Seibel Shoes

josef-seibelThis European shoe manufacturer has been around since 1886, and their longstanding sense of style and comfort continues to serve them well. They offer numerous styles for women, including strappy sandals with wedge heels and cute ballerina flats that pair well with dresses, skirts, pants, shorts, or any other wardrobe item you can imagine. For fall, their 2015 boot options range from chunky and chic to hardworking and durable, and even to fuzzy, soft, and warm.

3 – Rieker Shoes

riekerRieker Shoes offers several unique designs that keep your feet comfortable as you dress in style. The German company started in 1874 and since then has moved to Switzerland with manufacturing facilities across Europe, North Africa, and even Vietnam. Their “antistress” footwear is their most popular offering, and women who want to look stylish while maintaining their comfort prefer this company’s shoes, sandals, and boots.

4 – Naot Shoes

naotThe Naot Shoes company originated in Israel back in 1942 as a one-room workshop. Now, the company is a global distributor of shoes for men and women. The natural cork foot beds with inverted footprints provide outstanding comfort that conforms directly to your foot. They use high-quality Italian leathers, and they create everything from boots and sandals to clogs and slides.

5 – Mephisto Shoes

mephistoMephisto Shoes truly are some of the world’s finest footwear. This company got its start in France back in 1965, and even to this day, each pair of Mephisto shoes is handcrafted. The company focuses on durability, style, and comfort. Today, women prefer Mephisto sandals, thongs, and dress shoes to many other brands. The company offers low heels and wedges in their dress shoes, and they have a number of unique flats designed for spring and summer, too. From soft, luxurious suede to shiny patent leather, you can complete any outfit with Mephisto.

As you can see, the top five shoe brands in 2015 have several things in common. They have decades of experience, they use high-quality materials, and they focus on not only style, but also comfort. No matter which brand you prefer or inevitably choose, you can rest comfortably in the knowledge that you have a quality pair of comfortable shoes.


How to Keep Your Feet Warm and Look Stylish This Fall [infographic]


Whether you prefer the practicality of Ecco shoes or the simple comfort of Geox footwear, keeping your feet toasty and warm this fall should be a prime consideration. Fortunately, with the tips below, you can enjoy all of your favorite footwear without losing feeling in your toes.

Try a Fur-Lined or Insulated Boot


These days, shoe designers work hard to make sure their shoes are just as comfortable as they are beautiful. For this reason, you will find a number of fur-lined and insulated options this fall, all of which will protect your feet from the elements. Ecco shoes like the Trace style are always an amazing choice for fall and winter months, as are some of the choices from Timberland. Remember that the thicker the lining, the warmer your feet will be. Most designers account for size when adding the liners to the shoes, so order yours in your normal size.

Waterproof Materials


Nothing will freeze your feet faster than stepping in a puddle or going out on a rainy day with shoes that cannot keep the water out. Clarks shoes come in many different waterproof styles, including the traditional Derby boot with a waterproof oiled suede outer and a rubber sole. It comes in four different colors, too, so it will fit nicely with just about any outfit. The D Rep style from Geox Footwear offers the best of both worlds with its waterproof, insulated design. In short, you want to look for a boot or shoe that keeps water out while keeping your body heat close.

Invest in Great Boot Socks

If you have a favorite designer or boot style but it provides very little warmth, you may be able to boost your comfort somewhat with a great pair of boot socks. These are usually thicker and taller than average socks, thereby covering your foot and calf entirely to keep you warm. They come in a variety of knitted materials, and while the most popular are cotton blends, you can find them in wool, mohair, and even synthetic blends.

Try Toe Warmers

If your feet are always cold regardless of your sock and shoe choice, then toe warmers can provide a lot of relief, especially when the temperature is low. To use them, just shake them up and put them under your toes inside of your boots or shoes. This way, you can continue to wear all of your favorite shoes and styles without your toes freezing inside of them.

Liner Socks

Finally, another option you can try is liner socks. These are thin, tight-fitting socks with individual pockets for each toe, and you put them on underneath of your everyday socks for an added layer of warmth. Not everyone can wear them as the pocketed toes feel uncomfortable to some, but if you can make it work, then these might just be the boost you need to keep your feet warm all throughout the fall season.

Keeping your feet warm and dry this fall starts with choosing the right footwear. Ecco shoes, Geox footwear, and Clarks shoes all offer some outstanding warm and waterproof styles from which to choose. Adding things like toe warmers, liner socks, and wool boot socks can take things to the next level.