Tips for Choosing the Right Shoes for Your Next Ski Holiday [infographic]


Whether you’ve never been skiing before or you’re an expert at the sport, the right shoes play an integral role in not only your comfort, but also your safety and performance. Here are some tips for choosing the right shoes for your next ski holiday.


If there’s one thing that’s true for everyone when it comes to choosing shoes for a ski holiday, it’s the fact that you need warm shoes. For this particular purpose, you’ll want something with thick insulation and perhaps even a fur lining that keeps the cold out while it traps your natural body heat. The Timberland E K Mid boot is a great choice since it not only offers you a lot of PrimaLoft insulation, but it also contains a thick recycled PET microfiber fur lining. The Allpine Dream boot is another fantastic option with its thermal fleece lining that will keep you toasty down to -20 degrees Celsius. You can rest assured that your toes will stay nice and warm in either of these two fantastic shoes.


Everyone knows that wet feet and cold simply do not mix, so you should choose shoes for your ski holiday that keep the moisture and cold at bay. One of the best choices is the Hunter Original tall quilted boot, which is waterproof almost all the way to your knees. The durable construction makes it a must-have not only for skiing, but for any activity on cold, wet days. The boot offers an adjustable top to keep the snow out when walking through drifts, its long length provides extra warmth, and the rubber sole helps you keep your grip when you walk on slippery surfaces.


When it comes to walking around in the snow, you need a boot that offers a great fit. Sometimes, being able to customize the way your boot fits your foot goes a long way in keeping you safe. A great choice is the Keen Brixen boot, which offers you a customizable fit not only on the top of your foot, but also at your calf. This helps you keep the snow and ice out of your shoes, and it makes sure that your boots do not slip and slide on your feet as you walk. The boot offers a waterproof lining and rubber sole to give you excellent grip in icy or snowy conditions, too.


Although warmth, fit, and the ability to keep water away from your skin is all very important, sometimes you need a shoe that offers unprecedented style. This year, it’s all about leather and suede, and the Ecco Trace boot is a prime example. You can get this boot in a variety of colors, including Birch, Moon Rock, Black, and Amber, and the fur lining colors complement the color of the leather and suede. These boots are treated with Hydromax to repel water, and the comfortable wool lining keeps you warm while offering breathability.

As you can see, choosing shoes for a ski holiday does not have to be a daunting task. Above all else, it is important to consider the fit, the warmth, and the water repellant properties of the shoe. Of course, a little bit of style is important, as well.