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Finn Comfort

Finn Comfort

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  1. Stanford Azur
    Stanford Azur

    by Finn Comfort Women's Style # 2552653372 Sku # FINSTANFORD03

  2. Agudea Black Patent
    Agudea Black Patent

    by Finn Comfort Women's Style # 1538022099 Sku # FINAGUDEA31

  3. Agudea Blue
    Agudea Blue

    by Finn Comfort Women's Style # 1538007414 Sku # FINAGUDEA23

  4. Agudea Multi Verano
    Agudea Multi Verano

    by Finn Comfort Women's Style # 1538643010 Sku # FINAGUDEA13

  5. Sansibar Wine
    Sansibar Wine

    by Finn Comfort Women's Style # 2550637358 Sku # FINSANSIBAR04

  6. Milos Ecru Crash
    Milos Ecru Crash

    by Finn Comfort Women's Style # 2560517411 Sku # FINMILOS08

  7. Menorca Silver
    Menorca Silver

    by Finn Comfort Women's Style # 8256440297 Sku # FINMENORCA11

  8. Milos Multi Verno
    Milos Multi Verno

    by Finn Comfort Women's Style # 2560643010 Sku # FINMILOS13

  9. Milos Blue
    Milos Blue

    by Finn Comfort Women's Style # 2560637430 Sku # FINMILOS03

  10. Gomera Blue Nubuck
    Gomera Blue Nubuck

    by Finn Comfort Women's Style # 2562007414 Sku # FINGOMERA23

  11. Stanford Lava
    Stanford Lava

    by Finn Comfort Women's Style # 2552538226 Sku # FINSTANFORD05

  12. Tirol Anthracite
    Tirol Anthracite

    by Finn Comfort Unisex Style # 6500416168 Sku # FINTIROL05

  13. Stanford Multi Rata
    Stanford Multi Rata

    by Finn Comfort Women's Style # 2552552010 Sku # FINSTANFORD13

  14. Sansibar Aqua Zamo
    Sansibar Aqua Zamo

    by Finn Comfort Women's Style # 2550555183 Sku # FINSANSIBAR14

  15. Milos Red Multi
    Milos Red Multi

    by Finn Comfort Women's Style # 2560901810 Sku # FINMILOS14

  16. Gomera Silver Blue
    Gomera Silver Blue

    by Finn Comfort Women's Style # 2562553414 Sku # FINGOMERA14

  17. Soho Black
    Soho Black

    by Finn Comfort Women's Style # 2743901672 Sku # FINSOHO01

  18. Arlberg Light Grey
    Arlberg Light Grey

    by Finn Comfort Women's Style # 6560901198 Sku # FINARLBERG05

  19. Pessac Black
    Pessac Black

    by Finn Comfort Unisex Style # 3751900137 Sku # FINPESSAC01

  20. Sintra Soft Taupe
    Sintra Soft Taupe

    by Finn Comfort Women's Style # 8258585081 Sku # FINSINTRA12

  21. Sansibar Blue M
    Sansibar Blue M

    by Finn Comfort Women's Style # 2550120040 Sku # FINSANSIBAR3

  22. Phuket Black
    Phuket Black

    by Finn Comfort Women's Style # 2533014099 Sku # FINPHUKET21

  23. Phuket Argento
    Phuket Argento

    by Finn Comfort Women's Style # 253351297 Sku # FINPHUKET11

  24. Mumbai Bordo
    Mumbai Bordo

    by Finn Comfort Women's Style # 2556022069 Sku # FINMUMBAI24

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Items 1-24 of 70


Finn Comfort shoes considers their footwear to be the finest walking shoes on Earth. Handcrafted using old-world European craftsmanship, Finn Comfort footwear pairs orthopedic support, and mature, sophisticated styling to provide unparalleled quality and luxury comfort. Finn Comfort shoes constructs anatomically correct shoes, offering a perfect fit and promoting optimal foot health.

Even if you think that you know sandals and comfortable footwear, Finn Comfort shoes have something to add to that knowledge. With over seven decades in the business, these shoes offer the perfect blend of time-honored skill with contemporary designs. By learning more about Finn, you will soon see why more and more people are choosing them as their brand of choice.


As with all great footwear manufacturers, Finn Comfort began with a vision. From the very start, the Kanner family of Hassfurt, Germany set out to make footwear that was attractive, practical, and durable.

Drawing on elements of the day to day life in their picturesque village in Bavaria, they made each pair of sandals and shoes with only the best materials.

Every detail from the stitching to the design of a sole that would provide superior support helped make the footwear immediately popular. That determination to provide customers with only the best ensured that the company, launched in 1945, was destined for great things.

Expansion Begins

The decade of the 1980‘s saw the Kanner family still in charge and ready to share their footwear designs with more of the world. During the middle of that decade, the first exports to Canada took place.

In a short time, a small but loyal customer base embraced the shoes and spread the word.

Within a year or so, the family knew they had made a wise choice in seeking clients outside their home country.

Becoming a Worldwide Brand

It was only a matter of time before the Finn name became a force in the international footwear community. Following the success in Canada, the designs captured the attention of consumers in the United States. Distribution in Canada continued to decrease, leading to the establishment of a distribution centre in Montreal. One shortly followed in the USA, located in Thousand Oaks, California.

From those simple beginnings, Finn now provides footwear in 35 nations and produces over a million pairs every year.

Comfort Shoes for Everyone

Today’s line of Finn footwear has something for everyone. The emphasis on quality, support, and comfort has never changed. What is different is the broad range of sandals and footwear. You can easily find plenty of Finn Comfort shoes for men that are ideal for summer wear, trips to the lake, and just knocking around on a weekend.

Not to be outdone, there are many beautiful Finn Comfort shoes for women designed for all sorts of events.

The range of colours and styles that include simple as well as more ornate designs make them appropriate for women of all ages.

Today is the day to try your first pair of Finn shoes. Visit the website and check out the different styles. Learn more about the quality materials used for each design. Order a pair and treat yourself to a weekend wearing your new shoes. After you see how comfortable and stylish they are, you will never want to be without at least one pair at all times.

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