Birkenstock & Dansko Shoes – Summer Shoe Fashions in Vancouver

Summer is just around the corner, and Walking on a Cloud offers a huge variety of fashionable and affordable summer shoes for residents in the Vancouver area. Maybe you want something casual that you can wear while walking in the yard or on the beach. Maybe you’d prefer a lightweight shoe that you can wear at formal events while still staying cool. Regardless of your preferences, you can find what you need through either Birkenstock shoes or Dansko shoes.

Why Birkenstock Shoes?

One of the biggest attractions for guests and residents in Vancouver alike is the large amount of beachfront space that the city has to offer. While some people love to enjoy the sand between their toes, wearing comfortable shoes or sandals can help to protect your feet, especially on a hot summer day. Birkenstock shoes often have open toes and comfortable sandal straps, making it very easy to enjoy a day on the beach of in one of Vancouver’s many parks. Both men’s and women’s Birkenstock shoes tend to have a flat or low heels, as this brand prioritizes comfort above all else. Birkenstock shoes are known for their high quality and are perfect for days when you want to get outside but wish to feel the breeze against your toes.

Why Dansko Shoes?

Vancouver has many beaches and places where a light sandal works well, but it also has dozens of hiking trails and in-city attractions where a close-toed or more rugged shoe might come in handy. Dansko shoes come in both sandal varieties and close-toed styles, providing that additional protection when needed. Dansko shoes can offer some protection should you choose to check out some of the natural attractions in the area such as Elfin Lakes or the Diez Vistas Trail. However, Dansko shoes are also elegant enough to serve you well should you want to dine in style, such as a visit to the Blue Water Café or Hawksworth Restaurant.

Staying in Style All year Round

Both Birkenstock shoes and Dansko shoes tend to be more popular during the summer, when Vancouver faces its hottest months and the beaches beckon. However, Vancouver also offers mild enough weather that Birkenstock shoes and Dansko shoes can become year-round features with those willing to shop for the right pair. Closed-toe Dansko shoes can take all but the wettest and coldest of weather, while Birkenstock shoes can be bought with a fur lining to help keep the feet warm in the winter. The average temperature in Vancouver only rarely dips much below freezing, which means that people who prefer to wear lighter shoes don’t have to be limited to the summer season alone.

Walking on a Cloud offers a wide range of both Birkenstock shoes and Dansko shoes for your shopping pleasure in the Vancouver area. Whether you prefer the simpler style of Birkenstock shoes or love the elegantly painted designs that come with many Dansko shoes, you will find the footwear you need in order to enjoy this summer and beyond.