Mens’ Dress Shoes Color Guide [infographic]


When it comes to dress shoe colors, you have more to look at than just black and brown. While black may be an easy one to spot, there are numerous shades of brown shoes, and they all have their own creative names. Then you have the reds and burgundy color spectrum as well, adding even more of a dilemma.

Which Shoe Goes with that Suit?

Much of your shoe color decision making could have a great deal to do with what you are actually going to be wearing. Some colors of shoes go better with some suit colors, and some will just look wrong. If you want to maintain a professional look, it really does help to know which shoes to pair with which suits.

Navy Blue Suit

If your suit of choice is navy, you’ve lucked out. You can wear all three categories of shoe colors with your pick. The key is to go by the occasion. If it’s a formal event, wear black. If it’s casual, a shade of brown. If you’re dressed to the nines just to have some fun, red or burgundy will do. The latter add a little flair and only work for casual events.

Lighter Gray Suit

While each color of shoe can go with a light or medium gray suit, you should pair black shoes with it if you are wearing a white shirt. Think black tie affair here; just because you went with gray doesn’t mean you can’t look like you’re the most professional guy in the room. Those other colors of shoes will give you a more casual, and less business-like look.

Darker Gray Suit

A dark gray suit is best with black or burgundy shoes. Because of the dark, rich tones of burgundy shoes they don’t stand out like lighter red shades and brown shades of shoes. Lighter colors will also just look strange with a dark gray suit, as will brown tones. Unless you want to look like you got dressed in the dark, stay away from brown when you’re wearing anything dark gray.

Brown Suit

Don’t wear black shoes with a brown suit. Instead, opt for the other two categories. The important key to remember when it comes to pairing brown shoes with brown suits is that you want to make sure they are distinctly different shades of brown. Don’t wear tan shoes with a tan suit, instead try dark brown shoes.

Black Suit

When it comes to black suits, simply stick with black shoes. It’s easy, it looks classy, and it’s the only color of shoe that won’t make you look like you’re heading to the bar instead of a dinner party. A black suit with anything but black shoes is just far too casual. Although, you may be able to pull off red and burgundy for a more casual look. With such a look you can enter any club, casino and you will always stay in the spotlight!

Knowing what colors look best with each other can really help you come up with a better dress look, especially when it comes to suits and dress shoes.