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  1. New Madison Silver
    Madison Silver

    by Mephisto Women's Style # 27668 Sku # MEPMADISON11

  2. New Slide Velcro White K
    Slide Velcro White K

    by Remonte Women's Style # D0Q51-80 Sku # REMD0Q5180

  3. New Lugano Soft Black
    Lugano Soft Black

    by Remonte Women's Style # D6456-00 Sku # REMD645600

  4. New Lugano Soft White
    Lugano Soft White

    by Remonte Women's Style # D6456-80 Sku # REMD645680

  5. New Alula Slide Biege
    Alula Slide Biege

    by Remonte Women's Style # R6851-60 Sku # REMR685160

  6. New Lugano Slide Brown
    Lugano Slide Brown

    by Remonte Women's Style # D3065-24 Sku # REMD306524

  7. New 2nd Cosmo Limestone
    2nd Cosmo Limestone

    by Ecco Women's Style # 206823 Sku # ECC20682308

  8. New Gizeh White Patent
    Gizeh White Patent

    by Birkenstock Women's Style # 1023897 Sku # BIRGIZEH39

  9. New Newhaven Multi
    Newhaven Multi

    by Rieker Women's Style # 60873-90 Sku # RIE6087390

  10. New Dress Slide White
    Dress Slide White

    by Piccadilly Women's Style # 655005-10 Sku # PIC6550509

  11. New Gizeh BF Met Black
    Gizeh BF Met Black

    by Birkenstock Women's Style # 1023911 Sku # BIRGIZEH21

  12. New Salina BF G Black
    Salina BF G Black

    by Birkenstock Women's Style # 1023937 Sku # BIRSALINA31

  13. New Namur Blue
    Namur Blue

    by Rieker Women's Style # 608K8-14 Sku # RIE608K814

  14. New Tanya Black
    Tanya Black

    by Dansko Women's Style # 1711501600 Sku # DANTANYA01

  15. New Tanya Coral
    Tanya Coral

    by Dansko Women's Style # 1711481600 Sku # DANTANYA10

  16. New Morelia Slide Taupe
    Morelia Slide Taupe

    by Remonte Women's Style # R6858-60 Sku # REMR685860

  17. New Jamaica Fire Crocco
    Jamaica Fire Crocco

    by Finn Comfort Women's Style # 2519018063 Sku # FINJAMAICA10

  18. New Harmony Gold
    Harmony Gold

    by Mephisto Women's Style # 700002 Sku # MEPHARMONY12

  19. New Hester Fog
    Hester Fog

    by Mephisto Women's Style # 36634 Sku # MEPHESTER08

  20. New Idelya Black Patent
    Idelya Black Patent

    by Mephisto Women's Style # 1100 Sku # MEPIDELYA31

  21. New 2nd Cosmo Black
    2nd Cosmo Black

    by Ecco Women's Style # 206823 Sku # ECC20682301

  22. New 2nd Cosmo White
    2nd Cosmo White

    by Ecco Women's Style # 206823 Sku # ECC20682309

  23. Huleda Black Multi
    Huleda Black Multi

    by Mephisto Women's Style # 2800/70002 Sku # MEPHULEDA31

  24. Madison Chestnut
    Madison Chestnut

    by Mephisto Women's Style # 3478/2800 Sku # MEPMADISON02

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Items 1-24 of 222


Browse our wide range of women's slides including slides by Dansko, Sperry, and Clarks. All slides in our collection are built for comfort, style, and durability. Whether you are looking for casual, dress or everyday slides you will find a wide selection to choose from to suit any occasion.

3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Slides

No wardrobe is complete without at least one pair of women slides. If you are in the market for a new pair, it pays to keep some basics in mind. Depending on where you plan on wearing the slide sandals, different criteria will apply. In just about every case, you will want to consider these three factors as you browse for the right design.

Flat or Heel?

Women's slides may be flat or they may come with everything from a short heel to a wedge heel. Which would work best for you? A lot depends on how comfortable you are in heels, the type of outfit you plan on wearing, and what you will be doing today. There are times when you will love the comfort of flats. At other times, women's slide sandals will be just what you need to feel confident but not over-dressed for occasions like backyard cookouts, dinner at a family style restaurant, and a number of other events.

Simple or Dressy?

What's your style? Do you love to wear things that have a few extra embellishments even when you are opting for something casual? Perhaps you are the type of woman who believes that less is more when it comes to choosing womens slides shoes. Follow your own personal code for style and you won't go wrong. What you will do is have a good idea at a glance if a given pair of slide shoes for womens wear is in line with your personal taste.

Choosing the Right Colour

Colour or combinations of colour definitely make a difference when you are thinking about purchasing womens wedge slide sandals or even flats. What will work best with the outfits you plan on wearing along with the sandals? Do you think something like a nice pair of womens black slides is versatile enough for your favourite warm weather outfits? Perhaps you need at least two pair: black slides when you need something classic and a bright colour for other occasions.

Remember there are other factors to consider. For example, you do want to think about womens slide sandals comfort and support when purchasing a new pair. Take your time, compare features and styles for as long as you like. In the end, you will find one or two pairs that will be true assets.

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