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  1. New Lydia Black Twinkle
    Lydia Black Twinkle

    by Ara Women's Style # 11505-11 Sku # ARA1150511

  2. New Lichfield Nude Pat
    Lichfield Nude Pat

    by Ara Women's Style # 11537-26 Sku # ARA1153726

  3. New Gallant Sling Bone
    Gallant Sling Bone

    by Ara Women's Style # 11802-08 Sku # ARA1180208

  4. New Gallant Sling Night
    Gallant Sling Night

    by Ara Women's Style # 11802-12 Sku # ARA1180212

  5. New Lynn Woven Navy
    Lynn Woven Navy

    by Ara Women's Style # 14003-02 Sku # ARA1400302

  6. New Lynn Woven Pebble
    Lynn Woven Pebble

    by Ara Women's Style # 14003-06 Sku # ARA1400306

  7. New Oleanna Black Suede
    Oleanna Black Suede

    by Ara Women's Style # 24801-83 Sku # ARA2480183

  8. New Oleanna White Silver
    Oleanna White Silver

    by Ara Women's Style # 24801-09 Sku # ARA2480109

  9. New Nassau II Navy
    Nassau II Navy

    by Ara Women's Style # 38407-02 Sku # ARA3840702

  10. New Ollie Sand Glitter
    Ollie Sand Glitter

    by Ara Women's Style # 44587-18 Sku # ARA4458718

  11. New Gabrielle Black Croc
    Gabrielle Black Croc

    by Ara Women's Style # 11838-26 Sku # ARA1183826

  12. New Garnet Black
    Garnet Black

    by Ara Women's Style # 11884-81 Sku # ARA1188481

  13. Olive Black
    Olive Black

    by Ara Women's Style # 22401-11 Sku # ARA2240111

  14. Ara

    by Ara Women's Style # 46513-66 Sku # ARA4651366

  15. Olive Black Patent
    Olive Black Patent

    by Ara Women's Style # 22401-01 Sku # ARA2240101

  16. Layton II Graphite
    Layton II Graphite

    by Ara Women's Style # 44005-10 Sku # ARA4400510

  17. Blair Black Patent
    Blair Black Patent

    by Ara Women's Style # 53702-01 Sku # ARA5370201

  18. Blair Taiga Suede
    Blair Taiga Suede

    by Ara Women's Style # 53702-12 Sku # ARA5370212

  19. Manteo Black
    Manteo Black

    by Ara Women's Style # 54507-01 Sku # ARA5450701

  20. Layton II Blue
    Layton II Blue

    by Ara Women's Style # 44005-02 Sku # ARA4400502

  21. Monticello Black Sto
    Monticello Black Sto

    by Ara Women's Style # 54510-11 Sku # ARA5451011

  22. Allesandra Black
    Allesandra Black

    by Ara Women's Style # 13651-01 Sku # ARA1365101

  23. Allesandra Red
    Allesandra Red

    by Ara Women's Style # 13651-08 Sku # ARA1365108

  24. Nevada II Taiga
    Nevada II Taiga

    by Ara Women's Style # 18414-11 Sku # ARA1841411

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Items 1-24 of 55

Ara Shoes has dedicated six decades to creating high-quality women’s fashion comfort shoes. From high heels, to sandals, to winter boots and ballet flats, Ara continuously fuels great fashion in their comfort footwear. What doesn’t change is the dedication to quality and perfect fit.

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Ara has been around a long time. In fact, the world has been enjoying Ara shoes since 1949. Owned by the Röseler family since it’s inception, Ara shoes had grown through acquisitions and has a presence in many countries around the world.

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