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Since 1936, Romika has been combining fashion and comfort in premium footwear. Using the most advanced technology and the strictest standards of quality control, Romika has stayed true to its authentic German heritage. Romika remains committed to producing comfortable, durable shoes that reflect the spirit of the times in both style and color.

While Romika really began to take off, the origins actually go back another decade. The name itself is inspired by the first letters in the surnames of the three men who first began to develop their designs in the early 1920‘s. Their first efforts produced their earliest offerings to the public in 1922. While modestly successful, the brand began to take off when the trademark was transferred to Hellmuth Lemm in 1936. It was an event that poised the brand for the success it has become today.

Much of that success has to do with the materials used for every pair of Romika shoes.

Only the best leathers are purchased, with suppliers in Italy, France, the United States, and Southwest Germany ensuring there is enough on hand. Innovations in treating the leather has allowed the brand to produce footwear that holds up in many different types of weather conditions. The designs are waterproof and also less subject to wind damage. These extra efforts at producing a durable shoe have not interfered with the comfort customers expect. The material is still breathable, helping to ensure the feet are comfortable even when the shoes are worn all day.

Something for Work

For the man or woman who leads a busy life, having the right footwear is a must.

One of the things that makes Romika such a popular brand is the wide range of styles. There’s something for just about any setting that one can imagine.

In the workplace, there are Romika shoes for women that work with just about any outfit. Whether the standard is business attire or casual wear, women have the option of choosing designs with low to middle range heels. There are even attractive designs with flats. .

All of the designs for office wear include soles that provide plenty of support and look great. .

Best of all, the high-quality materials make the shoes easy to maintain. .

Something for Exercise and Play

Running and walking shoes are also part of the designs offered. The Romika shoes for men include several styles that provide plenty of arch support while running, walking, or working out. Those same shoes are stylish enough to blend in well with a pair of jeans and look great while out for an evening with friends.

How About Boots?

Boots for men and women are also produced and offered for sale.

Many of the designs are tailored to keep the feet warm in colder weather and look great with everything from casual outfits to clothing suitable for the most stringent of office dress codes.

As with the shoes, the boots provide support, comfort, and protection from inclement weather.

Browse the website today and check out the many different designs offered for men and women. Read the descriptions and learn more about how the footwear is designed to last while offering the best in comfort. Order a pair and see for yourself why this manufacturer has been around for almost a century. Once you own one pair, it won’t be long until you are ready to add another to your collection.

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