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Women's Sandal

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  1. New Gomera Sandstorm
    Gomera Sandstorm

    by Finn Comfort Women's Style # 2562642051 Sku # FINGOMERA08

  2. New Juist Soft M Irpino
    Juist Soft M Irpino

    by Finn Comfort Women's Style # 8152773010 Sku # FINJUIST07

  3. New Milos Multi Irpino
    Milos Multi Irpino

    by Finn Comfort Women's Style # 2560673010 Sku # FINMILOS09

  4. New Milos Sandstorm
    Milos Sandstorm

    by Finn Comfort Women's Style # 2560642051 Sku # FINMILOS16

  5. Off Road Stone
    Off Road Stone

    by Ecco Women's Style # 069563 Sku # ECC06956312

  6. Soft L White Forest
    Soft L White Forest

    by Remonte Women's Style # R6853-54 Sku # REMR685354

  7. Soft Loose White
    Soft Loose White

    by Remonte Women's Style # R6850-90 Sku # REMR685090

  8. Soft L White Orange
    Soft L White Orange

    by Remonte Women's Style # R6853-38 Sku # REMR685338

  9. Orion Silver Flower
    Orion Silver Flower

    by Remonte Women's Style # D7647-92 Sku # REMD764792

  10. Soft Loose Forest
    Soft Loose Forest

    by Remonte Women's Style # R6850-54 Sku # REMR685054

  11. Soft Loose Tan
    Soft Loose Tan

    by Remonte Women's Style # R6852-24 Sku # REMR685224

  12. Janna Perf Black
    Janna Black Nubuck Wedge Sandal

    by Cobb Hill Women's Style # CH1882 Sku # COBJANNAP21

  13. Rubey T Black
    Rubey Black Leather T-Strap Sandal

    by Cobb Hill Women's Style # CH0074 Sku # COBRUBEYT01

  14. Janna Perf Metallic
    Janna Metallic Wedge Sandal

    by Cobb Hill Women's Style # CH4864 Sku # COBJANNAP07

  15. Tetrex C W Vapor
    Tetrex C W Vapor

    by Merrell Women's Style # J12850 Sku # MERTETREXCW009

  16. Hana Silver
    Hana Silver

    by Spring Step Women's Style # PATHANNA11 Sku # PATHANNA11

  17. Harlequin PeachMulti
    Harlequin PeachMulti

    by Spring Step Women's Style # PATHARLEQUIN13 Sku # PATHARLEQUIN13

  18. P Vallarta Orchid
    P Vallarta Orchid

    by Pikolinos Women's Style # 655-0575 Sku # PIK655_0575_14

  19. Ravenna Light Blue
    Ravenna Light Blue

    by Rieker Women's Style # 41390-10 Sku # RIE4139010

  20. Eagle Wine
    Eagle Wine

    by Rieker Women's Style # 62850-35 Sku # RIE6285035

  21. Bogataflower Black
    Bogataflower Black

    by Remonte Women's Style # D2756-90 Sku # RIED275690

  22. Franklin Black
    Franklin Black

    by Remonte Women's Style # D6762-02 Sku # RIED676202

  23. Abbott Curvy T Khaki
    Abbott Curvy Khaki Strap Sandal

    by Rockport Women's Style # CBD36KH Sku # ROCABBOTTCT07

  24. Mission Too White
    Mission Too White

    by Take Me Women's Style # 1891 Sku # TAKMISSIONTOO09

Set Ascending Direction

Items 1-24 of 737


Browse our wide range of women’s sandals including sandals by Josef Seibel, Ecco, Naot and Clarks. All sandals in our collection are built for comfort, style, and durability. Whether you are looking for casual, dress or everyday sandals you will find a wide selection to choose from to suit any occasion.

3 Occasions That Call For a Comfortable Pair of Women's Sandals

Every woman needs at least one or two pairs of sandals on hand. That's because womens sandals are the perfect footwear solution for many occasions. If you are wondering where you would wear the beautiful sandals that just caught your eye, here are three examples to ponder.

Casual Days at Work

The office dress code may be strict for most of the week, but things change when Casual Friday rolls around. While you still need to follow the more relaxed code, the nice thing is that leather sandals for women are likely to fit right in. You'll love the way they work with your business casual outfit and feel so good on your feet. Thanks to the styling of the women's wedge sandals, they will look just as great when you have dinner with your friends tonight.

A Picnic in the Park

Nothing beats a picnic in the park during the warmer months. Since you'll likely be wearing one of your favourite summertime outfits, why not choose womens comfort sandals to complete your outfit? They'll feel great on your feet as you enjoy the meal, and also be perfect for taking a nice walk around the park afterward. You'll especially enjoy how the right pair of womens flat sandals leaves your feet feeling refreshed even after spending most of the afternoon at the park.

Enjoying a Day at the Lake

A day at the lake is a wonderful way to unwind after a stressful week. On such an occasion, you want something that looks great with your swimsuit and will also slip off your feet with ease when you decide to go for a swim. There's no doubt that the right pair of womens sandals in Canada will work just fine. Best of all, that same pair of womens walking sandals will slip right on when you decide to leave the water's edge in search of something cold to drink or a quick lunch.

Do you own a pair of sandals that will work for these and other occasion? Go online now and compare brands to find the best walking sandals for women. Once you try the sandals on and see how comfortable they happen to be, you'll find all sorts of reasons to wear them.

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