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  1. Targhee III WP Boyse
    Targhee III WP Boyse

    by Keen Women's Style # 1018177 Sku # KEE1018177

  2. Targhee III Mi Black
    Targhee III Mi Black

    by Keen Men's Style # 1018596 Sku # KEE1018596

  3. Targhee III Bungee
    Targhee III Bungee

    by Keen Men's Style # 1018597 Sku # KEE1018597

  4. Circadia Mid P Black
    Circadia Mid P Black

    by Keen Women's Style # 1026760 Sku # KEE1026760

  5. Circadia Mid P Black
    Circadia Mid P Black

    by Keen Men's Style # 1026762 Sku # KEE1026762

  6. Circadia WP Shitake
    Circadia WP Shitake

    by Keen Men's Style # 1026842 Sku # KEE1026842

  7. Targhee III Mid Magn
    Targhee III Mid Magn

    by Keen Women's Style # 1026844 Sku # KEE1026844

  8. Brixen Low WP Slate
    Brixen Low WP Slate

    by Keen Men's Style # 1002269 Sku # KEE1002269

  9. Newport M Bison
    Newport M Bison

    by Keen Men's Style # 1001870 Sku # KEE1001870

  10. Astoria West Magnet
    Astoria West Magnet Leather Sport Sandal

    by Keen Women's Style # 1026150 Sku # KEE1026150

  11. Newport H2 -M Black
    Newport H2 Black Hiking Sandal

    by Keen Men's Style # 1001907 Sku # KEE1001907

  12. Newport H2 -M India
    Newport H2 Grey Hiking Sandal

    by Keen Men's Style # 1001931 Sku # KEE1001931

  13. Rose Black
    Rose Black Sports Sandal

    by Keen Women's Style # 1008783 Sku # KEE1008783

  14. Rose Brindle
    Rose Brindle Beige Brown Sports Sandal

    by Keen Women's Style # 1016729 Sku # KEE1016729

  15. Whisper Black Magnet
    Whisper Black Sports Sandal

    by Keen Women's Style # 1018227 Sku # KEE1018227

  16. Targhee III OT Bison
    Targhee III Bison Brown Leather Open Toe Hiking Sandal

    by Keen Men's Style # 1022423 Sku # KEE1022423

  17. Whisper Smoke Blue
    Whisper Smoke Blue Sports Sandal

    by Keen Women's Style # 1022809 Sku # KEE1022809

  18. Whisper Grey
    Whisper Grey Sports Sandal

    by Keen Women's Style # 1022814 Sku # KEE1022814

  19. Astoria West Forest
    Astoria West Green Pink Waterproof Sports Sandal

    by Keen Women's Style # 1026047 Sku # KEE1026047

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19 Items

With so many footwear companies making sandals, why would you want to try a product made by a company that is not even two decades old? The answer is that Keen shoes offers everything the competition does, plus a little more.

The founder, Martin Keen, had a question that it seemed no shoe manufacturer could answer. Is it possible to produce a sandal that offers protection for the toes? Since no one was answering, Keen came up with the solution by forming Keen shoes.

Sandals produced by Keen shoes include a design element that is almost never seen with other brands. That’s a thick black toe thumper. The purpose of the thumper is simple. By adding it to the basic sandal design, the team at Keen shoes attracted a lot of attention from people who like to spend time outdoors. If you love Calgary in the summer, these sandals are perfect for activities like walking along a lakeside, sailing, and just about any type of outdoor fun you can imagine.

Keen shoes are more diverse than ever. Along with the stylish and comfortable designs for sandals, there are now other designs for casual footwear. You can also find plenty of designs that are suitable for the colder seasons. If you are wondering what to add to your wardrobe before winter in Vancouver returns, there are Keen shoes that are just right.

You can enjoy other products right along with your Keen shoes. The company now offers socks, a line of bags, and various types of casual clothing. While you are shopping for footwear, take a look at what else you can get to go along with those Keen shoes.

Spend some time today checking out the designs, colors, and styles for Keen shoes. Think about what they would do for your wardrobe and the activities that will come your way over the next several months. It won’t take long to find exactly what you need.

Keen is an American shoe manufacturing company from Portland, Oregon. Founded in 2003 by Martin Keen  and Rory Fuerst. The first KEEN shoes were invented to develop a sandal that could also protect the toes—they feature a signature thick black bumper covering the toes. They found a ready market in sailing and other outdoor and water activities. KEEN Footwear now offers shoes for many outdoor activities as well as casual shoes.
KEEN has been a fast-growing company since its inception. The company was named 2003's "Launch of the Year" by the shoe industry's leading trade publication, Footwear News, which also identified it as a hot brand to watch. As KEEN has grown, there have been many changes, including the addition of a variety of footwear styles to their previous assortment, growing their casual business quickly, adding cold weather footwear, and a line of bags and socks. Today Keen shoes and products are sold and distributed all over the world.

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