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  1. Neena Black
    Neena Black

    by Dansko Women's Style # 1955020202 Sku # DANNEENA01

  2. Nora Black
    Nora Black

    by Dansko Women's Style # 1956020202 Sku # DANNORA01

  3. XP 2.0 Rainbow Fleck
    XP 2.0 Rainbow Fleck

    by Dansko Women's Style # 3950-80202 Sku # DANXP2RFP01

  4. Barbara Tan Oiled
    Barbara Tan Oiled

    by Dansko Women's Style # 9425-51600 Sku # DANBARBARA06

  5. Painted Leopard Pat
    Painted Leopard Pat

    by Dansko Women's Style # 806-080202 Sku # DANPROFPLP01

  6. XP 2.0 Colour Sweep
    XP 2.0 Colour Sweep

    by Dansko Women's Style # 3950-90020 Sku # DANPROXP35

  7. Fae Black
    Fae Black

    by Dansko Women's Style # 5507-36020 Sku # DANFAE01

  8. Barbara Black
    Barbara Black

    by Dansko Women's Style # 9425-10780 Sku # DANBARBARA01

  9. Profess Crosshatch
    Profess Crosshatch

    by Dansko Women's Style # 406-480202 Sku # DANPROFESS43

  10. Sophie Ivory Metalic
    Sophie Ivory Metalic

    by Dansko Women's Style # 9841622200 Sku # DANSOPHIE09

  11. Season Graphite
    Season Graphite

    by Dansko Women's Style # 9849-22200 Sku # DANSEASON11

  12. Sacha Tan
    Sacha Tan

    by Dansko Women's Style # 9851152200 Sku # DANSACHA07

  13. Sacha Black
    Sacha Black

    by Dansko Women's Style # 9851020200 Sku # DANSACHA01

  14. Professional Blk Box
    Professional Blk Box

    by Dansko Women's Style # 099020202 Sku # DANPROFESSBWIDE

  15. Farah Black
    Farah Black

    by Dansko Women's Style # 5502-20200 Sku # DANFARAH01

  16. Coral Black
    Coral Black

    by Dansko Women's Style # W006-20202 Sku # DANCORAL01

  17. Winona Black
    Winona Black

    by Dansko Women's Style # 7501-20200 Sku # DANWINONA01

  18. Willa Black
    Willa Black

    by Dansko Women's Style # 7500-20200 Sku # DANWILLA01

  19. Martina Brown
    Martina Brown

    by Dansko Women's Style # 9402-81400 Sku # DANMARTINA02

  20. Martina Black
    Martina Black

    by Dansko Women's Style # 9402-21400 Sku # DANMARTINA01

  21. Fawna Black
    Fawna Black

    by Dansko Women's Style # 5501-20200 Sku # DANFAWNA01

  22. XP 2.0 Black
    XP 2.0 Black

    by Dansko Women's Style # 3950-00202 Sku # DANXP2001

  23. Professinal Black
    Professinal Black

    by Dansko Women's Style # 006-360202 Sku # DANPROFESS01

  24. Sophie Black Drizzle
    Sophie Black Drizzle

    by Dansko Women's Style # 9841-00202 Sku # DANSOPHIE22

Set Ascending Direction

Items 1-24 of 70


Have you ever wondered where Dansko shoes owners Mandy Cabot and Peter Kjellerup got the inspiration for the shoes and clogs they offer? It all began with a trip to Denmark in the latter part of the 1980s. The clogs they purchased there, with the intent to wear them on the farm where they trained horses, got them to thinking. Why not manufacture their own line of clogs? That led to the founding of Dansko shoes in 1990.

Clogs are still a primary offering from Dansko shoes, but you can also choose from a wide selection of other footwear. If you are in the mood for a pair of boots, Dansko shoes has what you need. Looking for new dress shoes for work. Residents in Calgary can find plenty of options with Dansko shoes. There are even boot designs that add style to your wardrobe and protect the feet during the most severe Vancouver winter day.

What makes Dansko shoes different? The founders envisioned a footwear company that manufactured products combining three essential elements: comfort, style, and support. In order to make that vision a reality, every pair of Dansko shoes incorporates design elements that help to provide support while also feeling good and looking great.

Some of the features include an anatomically correct arch support, ample cushioning, a heel that is slightly raised to ease stress and improve balance, and a sole that gently holds the feet in a natural position. The result is a pair of Dansko shoes that absorbs the shock of walking on hard surfaces, eases stress on the ankles and lower legs, and keeps the feet comfortable.

Have you tried a pair of Dansko shoes yet? If not, now is the time to find a style you like and give them a try. You’ll be back for more.

Dansko shoes and clogs for men and women are built for those who spend all day walking or standing. Many Dansko styles carry the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance for promoting good foot health and comfort. With reinforced, roomy toe boxes, deep heel cups, and excellent cushion, Dansko shoes protect feet, legs and back from strain, and allow feet to move freely within the shoe for superior comfort.
While Dansko started in 1990 with the idea of providing clogs and shoes suitable for those who are on their feet most of the day, the line has expanded to include dress shoes, sandals, and boots. You’ll find that Walking on a Cloud offers a complete line of options, allowing customers to take advantage of the quality and comfort offered by Dansko.
Along with quality and selection, we at Walking On A Cloud offer special deals and pricing every day. In fact, there’s a deal right now that could be perfect for you. Join our many happy customers in Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver today and take a look at what we have to offer. If you need your order shipped, we are happy to provide a range of shipping options to our clients in Calgary and Vancouver.
Contact us today and let’s talk about the Dansko footwear you have in mind. You can speak with a representative by calling us at 866-882-4470. For your convenience, our Customer Service team can also be reached at customerservice@walkingonacloud.com. Your order is gladly accepted at order@walkingonacloud.com. Rest assured that your order will be prepared, checked, and dispatched without delay.

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