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Now in its third decade of operation, Geox shoes shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, they are attracting new customers every day. If you’ve never slipped on a pair of Geox shoes, it’s time to change that. Here are some things you should know about this brand and what it has to offer.

Founded in 1995, the company came about because of hot feet. Mario Polegato, who established Geox shoes, attended a wine industry conference held in Reno, Nevada. Spending so much time outdoors in the hot climate left his feet uncomfortable. His solution was to cut a couple of slits in the soles of his shoes. That inspired idea led him to develop his first design for what would become Geox shoes.

With not quite 3,000 employees, this Italy-based manufacturer has carved out a secure market share in the footwear industry. Much of the credit goes to the innovative designs offered by Geox shoes. The high quality of the materials also makes it a brand that deserves attention. Thanks to the care that goes into the creation of Geox shoes, the company has become one of the post popular in the world.

The designs for Geox shoes are perfect for many different occasions. Do you need something dressy but with a casual air for work? There are plenty of Geox shoes you can consider. How about something light and airy for warm weather during the Calgary summer. They are yours. Maybe you want footwear that will protect your feet as you go hiking during an autumn in Vancouver. Geox shoes has you covered.

Spend some time today checking out the latest lines from Geox. You are sure to find at least one pair that needs to be in your closet right this minute.

Geox shoes is renowned for its founding technology, the perforated sole that allows feet to breathe while also keeping feet dry. Over time, Geox has provided healthy, breathable shoes in high fashion styles. Geox leverages various waterproofing technologies including Amphibiox, and Rain Resistance Leather Soles, as well as comfort features like Xand Walking Technology,  Xense+Net and Energy Walk. Men and women can ensure their feet stay dry and comfortable all day in dress, casual and sport shoes, boots and sandals.
Founded in 1995, the name for the company came about by using a creative way of combining elements of the Greek language. Geo is the Greek word for earth, while the x stands for technology. You’ll find that the quality of Geox footwear definitely provides the natural feel you crave while drawing on the latest technology to create footwear that’s durable and attractive.
Our goal at Walking On A Cloud is to ensure our customers always have access to the best pricing. To that end, we offer specials that make a good deal even better. That’s one of the reasons why our customers in Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary keep coming back. The excellent shipping options we offer our customers in Calgary and Vancouver also motivate them to check in and see the latest styles and deals we have to offer.
Contact us today and let’s get you outfitted with a new pair of Geox footwear. Speak with a representative at 866-882-4470 if you have general questions. You can also contact our Customer Service team at customerservice@walkingonacloud.com for help. Orders are accepted at order@walkingonacloud.com. In no time at all, we’ll have your order filled and your new shoes will be on the way.

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