The Ultimate Hiking Tips – High Performance Merrell Boots Will Save Your Life

Hiking is a great way to keep the body healthy. It’s also an excellent tonic for the mind. If you enjoy this sport, then you know the importance of investing in the right equipment. That includes making sure you purchase a pair of Merrell shoes or boots that protect your feet as you travel over different terrain. Here are some tips that will help you get the most from the hike and remain safe at the same time.

Plenty of Traction Keeps You Upright

When you need footwear that’s appropriate for hiking or walking, it pays to look closely at the construction. Specifically, check to determine what sort of traction the footwear will provide. Whether you are making your way across a slippery surface or traveling up a rocky incline, your footwear needs to provide a reasonable amount of grip. Without it, you could find yourself taking more than one fall.

One of the nice things about all types of Merrell shoes is the traction they provide. It’s easier to move across ice, loose rocks, and any other terrain one can imagine without landing on something other than your feet. With the right Merrell boots or shoes at hand, you protect more than your feet; you also reduce the possibility of damaging other parts of the body in a fall.

Blisters Don’t Have to Develop

Have you ever gone for a long walk and found blisters on the heels or a big toe once you came home? You didn’t have the right type of footwear for walking. Instead, you chose shoes that didn’t fit properly and rubbed against the heels and the toes for most of your walk.

That’s not the way things have to be. If you choose a pair of Merrell sandals with the right type of heel grip and a reasonable amount of support for the toes, there is no rubbing as you walk. Instead, you have plenty of support and comfort. You won’t have to reach for ointment and bandages when you get home because your feet will be just fine.

There are all sorts of shoes, sandals, and boots to be found at a Merrell store. Whether you are walking, going on a weekend hike, or maybe including some rock climbing in your outdoor activities, there is footwear that will keep blisters from developing. All you have to do is compare the styles offered by Merrell Canada and select something that works for you.

Protection From Certain Plants

Most of the plant life you encounter on the hike will be free of any dangers. Others could lead to rashes or allergic reactions. Avoid these issues by choosing Merrell shoes or a nice pair of Merrell boots that provide adequate protection from whatever you may find along the way. When you remove the footwear at the end of the day, there won’t be some type of itchy rash awaiting some attention. Instead, your feet will be comfortable and free of any type of irritation.

Don’t Forget About Wildlife

Depending on where you hike, there may be wildlife that you come across unexpectedly. The result could be a nasty bite that requires immediate attention. One way to reduce the risk is to invest in boots from a Merrell store that protect your feet and ankles. While still distressing, a bite that doesn’t penetrate the boot is less distressing than one that does. Remember to save your pair of Merrell sandals for occasions when encountering wildlife is less of a possibility.

Before you go hiking, make sure the right equipment is on hand. That includes shoes or boots by Merrell Canada. Between the comfort, safety, and durability, the investment will be worth every penny.

The Happiest Feet Are Wearing Birkenstocks

Every person in the world should own a pair of Birkenstock sandals or shoes. For those who have never had the pleasure of wearing a pair, now is a great time to check out different styles and options that come with Birkenstock shoes. After you buy that first pair and have the chance to wear them for a day or two, there will be no going back. Here are some examples of what you get when you invest in any pair of Birkenstock boots, shoes, or sandals.

Hard to Beat the Comfort

When many people think of Birkenstock shoes, comfort is one of the first words that pop into their minds. There’s a reason for that. It’s true Birkenstock offers some of the most comfortable footwear on the market today. When you step into a Birkenstock store and start looking at the options for shoes, sandals, and boots, it’s quickly apparent they will feel great on your feet. People who have ever returned home at the end of a long day and rushed to soak their feet in soothing hot water will especially appreciate the way these footwear choices feel.

The Support is There Too

One of the reasons for the comfort is the degree of arch support that comes with every pair of Birkenstock shoes. All designs help to cradle and support each area of the foot. The arch support receives a lot of attention from consumers, and rightly so. That support eases stress on the feet, which in turn leads to less stress on the ankles and the lower legs. It’s not just about keeping your feet happy. The support ultimately reduces the risk of leg pain and swelling around the ankles. Those benefits alone make checking out different Birkenstock Canada designs worth the effort.

A Unique Design for the Footbed

So how does Birkenstock provide so much comfort and support? Much of the credit goes to the way the footbed is designed. The use of cork latex in the design helps to provide some cushioning and allows the footbed to conform to the foot while still providing excellent support. The deep heel cup envelopes the heel and also provides plenty of support. A cross arch support element take stress off the arches more effectively than many other brands. Even the design of the toe bar helps to provide more of what your feet need to feel great. Whether you are going for Birkenstock sandals, shoes, or a pair of Birkenstock boots, all these design elements will be present.

Versatile Footwear

Comfort and design are great, but there’s also the matter of appearance. If you think there is only one look to be found in a Birkenstock store, think again. You’ll find a wide range of colours, styles, and designs to consider. This makes it easy to find designs that are more casual, a little dressier, and certainly a lot of fun to wear. You think of the outfits and there’s a good chance of having a design that will match perfectly.

When was the last time you took a good look at what Birkenstock has to offer? If it’s been some time, today is ideal for visiting a retailer who offers the best that Birkenstock Canada has to offer. Treat yourself to one new pair and see what you think. You will be back for more.

Comfort Over Fashion Is The New Trend And Rieker Has You Covered

In a world where many people are expected to multitask even when they’re not at work, many people seek out comfort in whatever way they can find it. One of the more rewarding ways to enjoy a little comfort as you try to do several things at once is investing in a great pair of shoes, sandals, or boots. This is where taking a look at the styles for Rieker shoes makes a lot of sense. The way they feel will help take a little stress out of your day and make it easier to not be distracted from whatever you are trying to get done.

What Makes the Footwear So Comfortable?

There are qualities found in Rieker shoes that make them such a comfortable choice. One of them has to do with the cushioning provided in the shot itself. The soles of your feet have soft surfaces that also allow air to circulate around your feet. Anyone who has tried to get by with a cheaply made pair of shoes know how quickly the feet seem to get hot and how they tend to ache after wearing those cheap shoes for a few hours. Thanks to the cushioning found in Reiker footwear, you can wear them all day long with ease.

The design of the footbed also makes a difference with Rieker boots, shoes, and even Rieker sandals. It’s molded to conform to the contours of your feet. That helps to reduce friction as well as provide more support. Thanks to the attention that goes into the design, everything from the hell all the way over to your big toe feels more comfortable.

When Does Comfort Really Matter?

It’s hard to think of a time when comfort isn’t important. Certainly, you want your feet to be comfortable while you are working on a detailed work project. The fact that your feet feel fine as you labour over the design of a presentation that you have to make tomorrow or try to concentrate on preparing a letter to a client so it’s just right does make a difference. Without a doubt, Rieker boots or shoes in the workplace go a long way toward helping you focus on whatever you need to get done.

Even outside of work, comfortable footwear matters. Do you really want your feet to hurt while you run errands? How about when you are trying to relax and have lunch with some friends? Wouldn’t you rather your feet feel comfortable while you are going on a first date? In these and any other situations, wearing a comfortable pair of Rieker sandals or shoes is important.

Do I Have to Give Up Style Completely?

There’s an old saying that sometimes you have to sacrifice comfort for style. Perhaps that was true in times past, but it’s definitely not the case today. When you step into any Rieker store, you’ll quickly see there is no reason to give up style in order to enjoy comfort.

You name the occasion and Rieker has a style that is just right. Whether it’s something for the workplace or a nice pair to wear when you spend the afternoon at the park, Rieker Canada has you covered. If you need footwear for a special event, you can bet there are Rieker shoes with the right design and colour. Through it all, you get to enjoy lots of comfort with that style.

Could you use a new pair of shoes or boots? How about some sandals for warm weather events? Now is the time to visit a Rieker store and check out the latest additions to the line. All it takes is one pair of shoes from the right Rieker Canada selection and you will never want to go with another brand again.

The Key to Clothes Shopping with Your Kids

When you need to buy your children new clothes at the start of the new school year, you may feel something akin to existential dread.

Not only do you need to find things which will fit them and be decent to wear, but they also need to like it and wear it when you return home, and if you’ve danced this dance before, you know it’s anything but easy.

However, experts at ModerneChild may have some useful tips on how to make the shopping trip far less painful and tedious than it is shaping up to be.

Manage Expectations from the Start

This is often the problem when you actually go shopping; you have one thing in mind, while your children have dreamed up something completely other.

The discrepancy between the expectation and what is offered can be a source of turmoil and potential conflict between you and your children.

Before you go out shopping, talk to your children and reach an agreement about what you will need to buy and how much you can spend on it.

Finding Ideas Online

If you want to see what you can expect to see in the stores today, there are plenty of clothing stores online. Go through a couple of pages online and you may find some things you and your children both agree on.

What’s more, if you decide to buy your clothes online, perhaps you can avoid all of the hassle altogether. There are plenty of unique children’s clothing stores online where you can find all you need and more.


Consider what kinds of shoes your kids may need when they get back to school. Depending on where you are, it can get fairly cold really quickly, so don’t be afraid to look a bit ahead and buy more than one pair of different types of footwear.

Buying online can once again give you the edge of not having to actually go into the stores and facing that dreaded sentence ‘We don’t have that model in stock’ when your child has their mind set on it.

Buying online, you can get your wanted model no matter where it is ‘in stock’ and it will arrive to your address no matter where it is shipped from.

Trade Concessions

You will need to compromise on some things, there’s really no way around it. Let your kids pick some of the clothes they really want, but in return, you need to ensure that you get to buy them some clothes which they can wear to school on a day-to-day basis.

Teach Them to Budget Early

Another way you can hope to limit the potential problems is to tell your kids how much money can be spent on their clothes.

Once they see how much money they have to buy clothes and what they need, they may be persuaded to concede and buy rationally. However, this approach requires you to be adamant about the money that can be spent and not give in.

Buy Some Things Ahead

You know that the prices for back-to-school clothes now will be a bit overblown because it is the high season for that type of clothes.

However, if you plan a bit ahead, you may be able to get some major discounts.

Even though the fall might be far away and you aren’t considering rubber boots and light jackets essential shopping, look around.

You may be surprised how cheap they are right now. If you can reach a consensus with your kids about what they will wear this fall, you can pinch some clothes a lot cheaper and make sure that they are not sold out.


Even if you are not a person who normally buys with coupons and discounts, look around for those. Buying all new clothes can be fairly expensive and getting even a 10-15% discount can mean big savings, especially if you have more than one child.

As you can see, shopping for clothes will never be stress-free or even conflict-free, but you can mitigate the fallout with a few good tips and always remember to plan just a bit ahead.

Buying Shoes Online. Pros and Cons.

online shopping

Your dream pair of shoes is only a store away, but is that changing? With the influx of online shopping, the shoe industry has been turned on its head. Shoe stores used to be packed, and although they still see business, the online shoe stores have been starting to get a few strides ahead. Today, there are dozens of Canadian shoe retailers that cater to Canadian online shoppers. While the number of online shoe retailers has increased ten-fold, with many now offering to ship to Canada. There are plenty of options, and no matter if you are looking to buy shoes online or in store, the choice is all yours. In this article, we are going to take a bit of a deep dive into the pros and cons of shoe shopping online.

online shoe shopping

Naturally, this is a bit of a big question to answer, so we are going to walk through a few sections to dissect and discover some of these pros and cons. First, we will look at some of the psyches around why people buy online. Then we will look at some of the pros of online shoe shopping, and follow up with some of the cons of buying online shoes. Finally, we will touch on some of the Canadian stores that have embraced both foot traffic and online traffic to create hybrid stores that work.

Why people buy online

The move to the online realm has been quick, and for those who have embraced e-commerce, the results have been amazing. The human psyche is one that loves to gain information and part of the reason why online shopping is popular is due to information overload by the consumer. There are many reasons people buy products online, and here are a few of them.

online stock

We all love to compare prices and selection but online shopping has allowed online retailers to truly dominate the market. An online store allows consumers to compare prices in milliseconds, and with access to a warehouse full of inventory, it should be no surprise why so many have gone online for all their shopping needs.

As well, people always enjoy a great deal, and online retailers are often the most competitive in the market. This is often being one of the top reasons for shopping online, and especially when you consider that cyber only deals are on the rise. This goes for electronics, shoes and even food, as no matter where you look, you can always find a great deal online!

online secure payment

Many people wonder is it safe shop online? The answer is yes, and the reason is many leading retailers, in fact, have sophisticated security protocols for their online shoppers as a safe shopping environment will ensure shoppers will spend. According to many security experts, online shopping is just as safe as in person shopping, and that is something we can all appreciate.

Pros of online shoe shopping

buying shoes

Shoe shopping is always a bit of a struggle when dealing with traditional shopping, but when you add up the walking and trying on the shoes, it turns into an effort that takes an entire day. When you are considering heading out to the mall, the question is why have you not considered online shoe shopping? Well, it is time to look at the pros of buying shoes online and we have brought together six of the top pros for online shoe shopping!

  • Convenience

free shoe delivery

Look, humans can be a bit of a lazy species and when it comes to convenience, there is nothing better than online shoe shopping. When you are needing a new pair of kicks, with online shopping, they are only a click away. Today’s online marketplace will allow you to peruse the top brands and styles with a couple of scrolls of your mouse, and best of all compare prices across a few sites. Convenience is worth its weight in gold, and with a number of companies offering free shoe delivery, what is stopping you from ordering?

  • Price Comparisons with a couple of clicks

price comparison

There are several advantages to buying shoes online, but one of the best aspects is the ability to do price comparisons. Unlike walking around the mall, online retailers allow uses to easily and simply compare dozens of companies for a specific online shoe. These price comparison tools allow users to showcase different pricing models, including cyber and in-store deals or specials.

  • Discounts and Notifications to your email and phone

online coupons and deals

With online shopping, there is always the benefit of instant discounts and notifications that can be sent to your e-mail or applied in shopping cart. These deals are one of the best reasons to always look to purchase shoes online, and being notified of these deals are never a bad thing! If you are a frequent shopper, there are some amazing stores that will reward your shopping, so always look, and take advantage of stacking coupons and deals online.

  •  Infinite Choice with a click of a button

Canada nationwide delivery

Now, this might be a con as well, but when you are online shoe shopping, you will have a practically infinite choice. There are hundreds of retailers here in Canada that can help deliver an online shoe shopping experience, and when you expand this to US and European retailers, the choices are practically endless. This is not a bad thing, but for those who are a little less decisive, you might be spending some more time clicking through sites than you would expect.

  • Easy access to customer reviews

online customer reviews

When you are looking to buy shoes online in Canada, it is always good to look at the customer reviews. These reviews will ensure you are buying a product that will last and will review the fit, the style and of course the wear of the sneaker, heel or flat. Customer reviews are an essential part of any online shopping experience, as they provide the consumer with an honest opinion from people who bought the shoes in the past. These reviews help carry the conversation for sneakerheads, and when it comes to deciding, these reviews will ensure you find the perfect fit for you and your feet.

  • No pressure sales all without commission

online shoe shopping

Nothing is worse than dealing with a high-pressured sales experience, and online shopping ensures that you can skip the pressure, and just focus on the shoes. When it comes to online shopping, the lack of pressure is naturally one of the pros of the online shoe shopping experience. You can peruse the various sneakers in peace, and make a decision that is perfect for you, rather than dealing with a salesperson pushing you towards the highest commission shoe. Online shopping is a lifesaver, and with no pressure sales, it is a shopping experience that will truly change your shoe game.

Cons of buying shoes online

When it comes to buying shoes online, it is not always the best fit. In this section, we are going to be looking at some of the cons of show shopping online, and no matter if you are looking for heels or flats, sometimes it can be a bit of a struggle to find the perfect pair online. Here are some of the downsides of online shopping for shoes.

  • You can’t try shoes on when shopping online

shopping online

One of the biggest disadvantages of online shoe shopping is the simple fact that you cannot try things on. Shoes require the perfect fit, as if they are too small or large you can struggle with soars or blisters that will ruin your day. Without the ability to try a pair of shoes on, you will have to not only wait for the shoes to arrive, but you will have to return the pair to a storefront if they do not fit for a refund. The lack of an ability to try shoes on can be a bit of a struggle for those that have larger or smaller feet and requires customers to often order multiple sizes to ensure they get the right fit.

  • You can’t always talk to someone immediately

shopping for clothes

If you are experiencing a bit of an issue with your shoes returns, it can be a bit difficult to talk to someone to assist you with your issues. No matter if you are dealing with mispricing or delivery issues, online retailers often take a bit to get back to consumers due to a smaller staff than traditional brick and mortar locations. Plus, if you are trying to work out a complicated return, you will need to ensure you have some patience and an afternoon to spend negotiating a practically impenetrable telephone tree.

  • Privacy and Security concerns

security concerns

Although many of the major retailers have some of the best online security in the business, things happen. This is especially true when you consider smaller online stores do not have the security parameters to protect your privacy nor data. The online realm is always a concern, and with companies like IBM and Sony being hacked, it should come to no one’s surprise that even the biggest brick and mortar stores that have an online presence are susceptible to cyber concerns.
Shoe Stores in Canada.

Hybrid stores

When you consider the habits and decisions of some of the largest retailers and companies in the world, they all have one simple thing in common. Those who are successful adapt to market conditions and for Canadian shoe retailers, the adaption to the online market has been crucial for their success. Canadian shoe stores have been the ultimate example of success in the shoe industry, so what does that mean?

Hybrid stores are a new type of shoe boutiques that combine both the online realm and the traditional brick and mortar store to appeal to all customers. When you consider some of the top retailers such as Nine West, Shoe Company and Designer Shoe Warehouse, the one thing that you should in common is a simple fact that they are hybrid retailers. No matter if you are looking for a Canadian shoe store, or something from Europe or somewhere in between, a hybrid store is the future of the industry.

Plus, the simple fact that you can easily find an online shoe locator, you will quickly be able to spot your next pair of shoes. Some of the top brands are available both online and in store, and I you are looking to buy shoes in Canada, hybrid stores are generally your best choice for the greatest selection and best pricing in the industry.

Some final thoughts

online shoe shopping

The online shoe industry has quickly become one of the largest retailers in the country, and with its ease of use and great options, it is no surprise to anyone. In this article, we considered the psyche of why people go online to shop and some of the pros of shoe shopping online including; convenience, price comparisons, discounts and notifications, infinite choice, easy access to reviews and no pressure sales. Then we touched on some of the cons of online shoe shopping which included; issues around trying shoes on, not being able to talk to store clerks and of course privacy and security. Then we finished up by touching on the new era of the shoe store the hybrid store.

So, what now? Well, the shoe industry has been ever changed by the influx of online shopping, the ability to peruse thousands of shoes with a click of a button has changed the very way many people shop. However, the brick and mortar store is still an essential part of the shopping experience, and no matter if you are looking for some time to kill, or need something fast, the need for physical stores will never cease. The industry in Canada is moving into a new era, and hybrid stores will quickly become the only ones that survive. We have seen giants like Future Shop, Zellers and Sears die due to the influx of online consumers, and hybrid stores are truly the best of both worlds. Many retailers offer a pick up or ship option, and with free shipping, great selections and even better pricing, hybrid shoe stores are truly the future of the shoe industry here in Canada.

Rieker & Rockport Shoes to Wear Proudly in Vancouver This Summer

Whether you plan to hit the hiking trails or enjoy the beaches of Vancouver this summer, the right footwear is absolutely necessary. For comfortable shoes that are always in fashion, Rieker shoes offer durable men’s and women’s shoes as well as comfortable sandals. If you enjoy leather or canvas shoes that still let your foot breathe, Rockport shoes are another good option. You can get both Rieker shoes and Rockport shoes right at Walking on a Cloud in Vancouver.

Vancouver Summer Weather

Both Rieker shoes and Rockport shoes offer exactly what you need to enjoy the summer weather in Vancouver. While temperatures in the city tend to be mild, they can sometimes spike into the mid 20s or even 30s on a particularly hot day. At the same time, the weather tends to remain fairly dry throughout the summer. That is why both Rieker shoes and Rockport shoes come in a wide range of different sandals and comfortable closed toe shoes. This makes it very easy to navigate the streets without having to touch potentially hot pavement. At the same time, both brands offer rugged alternatives for those who want to enjoy some hiking or wish to tour one of the many natural parks in the Vancouver area.

What the City Offers

Rieker shoes are great for virtually any environment, but people looking to stay in the city of Vancouver and enjoy what it has to offer them might enjoy the elegance of Rockport shoes slightly more. In-city attractions within Vancouver include the Vancouver Aquarium, Science World, the VanDusen Botanical Garden, and much more. All of these destinations require a shoe that speaks highly of the wearer’s fashion while also remaining comfortable should you remain standing for hours at a time. Rockport shoes accomplish this goal admirably. Fans of Rieker shoes needn’t worry, as that brand also matches the needs of most city life.

Going into the Wild

Rockport shoes do handle life outside the city limits well, but Rieker shoes can really shine along the many trails and excursion routes that await for those willing to explore outside of Vancouver. The British Columbian countryside offers dozens of different hiking trails and natural wonders, allowing people who enjoy the great outdoors to explore every nook and cranny they can find. Some of the top attractions include Panorama Ridge, Black Tusk, and the Joffre Lakes. Some of these trails tend to get a little rough or steep at times, so whether you like Rieker shoes or Rockport shoes, you should make sure to seek out a rugged, close-toed variety of the brand of your choice.

Whether you prefer the durable European style of Rieker shoes or the stylish comfort provided by Rockport shoes, you can choose from dozens of different varieties of each brand at Walking on a Cloud. Residents and visitors to the Vancouver area have many activities to choose from this summer, and both Rieker shoes and Rockport shoes will allow you to accomplish all of your summer goals in style.

Josef Seibel & Mephisto Shoes – High Quality Summer Footwear in the Vancouver Area

What are you wearing this summer? If you’re in the Vancouver area, you need something that allows you to enjoy life outdoors and down on the beach. Josef Seibel shoes provide you with sandal, laced shoes, and slip-on shoes that you can wear proudly anywhere. Similarly, Mephisto shoes offers high-quality sandals with intricate patterns that even strangers will take notice of. You can get both Josef Seibel shoes and Mephisto shoes at Walking on a Cloud in Vancouver.

Weather in Vancouver

Vancouver is a city with nearly two and a half million people in it, and the population continues to grow as it earns its reputation for being one of the best places in the world to live. Beautiful spring and summer weather is one part of the city’s appeal. Josef Seibel shoes work to mitigate the sometimes hot and dry weather that strikes he area during July and August by providing breathable shoes that keep the foot cool. Mephisto shoes take advantage of the fact that the city receives very little rainfall in the summer, averaging less than five rainy days in July and August. This allows Mephisto shoes to offer a wide range of sandals with open toes that allow the foot to breathe just as well as Josef Seibel shoes.

Things to Do in Vancouver

Whether you choose Josef Seibel shoes or Mephisto shoes for your activities in Vancouver, you have a wide range of different activities and destinations from which to choose. The city features dozens of parks where the European comfort offered by Josef Seibel shoes can work well. This includes the sprawling urban environment of Stanley Park, the seasonal gardens of Queen Elizabeth Park, and Vancouver Aquarium. Similarly, there are many locations where Mephisto shoes and sandals can allow you to feel the breeze while keeping your feet safe. This includes Vancouver’s many beaches, such as English Bay.

What to Look for in a Shoe

When you travel the streets of Vancouver, you need to make sure that the shoes you choose are breathable, comfortable, and durable enough to keep going for longer than you expect to be on foot. There are so many places to visit in Vancouver that you can easily spend much more time than you expect traversing the city’s many walking paths. Josef Seibel shoes and Mephisto shoes both offer extreme comfort for your foot, either through a breathable close-toed design or durable open-toed sandals. Josef Seibel shoes often come with a dark leather look, while Mephisto shoes tend toward a lighter, natural design. Your preference in color and general style may well make the difference in your final decision.

Josef Seibel shoes and Mephisto shoes are both ideal for the type of outdoor activity a typical person sees in the Vancouver area. Whether you want a comfortable leather design like Josef Seibel shoes offers or one of the many open toed Mephisto shoes, you can get exactly what you need for your Vancouver summer at Walking on a Cloud.

Geox & Ecco Shoes – Comfortable and Fashionable Footwear for Vancouver Residents

In Vancouver, you might find yourself going from a business meeting to a tour along the city’s scenic pedestrian pathways in a moment’s notice. For this reason, it’s important to have comfortable shoes that also provide a high sense of fashion. ECCO shoes and Geox shoes both provide this experience, giving you the ability to go from an indoor environment to one of the city’s numerous parks in the blink of an eye. Walking on a Cloud provides a wide variety of both ECCO shoes and Geox shoes for your needs.

Preparing for Summer Weather

Summer in Vancouver is typically defined by hot, dry weather through the middle and late portion of the season, while the late spring and early summer brings a good deal of precipitation. To help cope with that weather, ECCO shoes offers footwear that is water resistant for early months of the summer but cool on your feet so they can be worn during warm, dry weather. Like ECCO shoes, Geox shoes provide several excellent options for both wet and dry weather. Sneakers and other outdoor Geox shoes are designed to allow the foot to breathe. High heeled Geox shoes are designed to protect against slipping so you can wear them along wet Vancouver sidewalks with confidence.

For Tourists and Daily Life

Vancouver is home to more than two million people in the city alone, not counting the suburbs around it. The population swells during certain seasons of the year as tourists come in. When you consider buying ECCO shoes or Geox shoes, your reason for being in the area plays a role in your selection. Native Vancouver residents can benefit from having several pairs of ECCO shoes and Geox shoes for work and outdoor use. Those who are in the area for just a short time might benefit from rugged ECCO shoes for trips to the English Bay or some high-heeled Geox shoes for enjoying a tour of Queen Elizabeth Park and other interesting locations.

How to Choose

Given the wide variety of different ECCO shoes and Geox shoes available through Walking on a Cloud, it can feel a little overwhelming when it comes to making a choice. The good news is that both options represent affordable luxury footwear, giving you some financial flexibility in your decision. ECCO shoes have a wide range of styles for people who prefer a classic leather look. Geox shoes also use leather in much of their footwear, but often features intricate designs and patterns as well that make the shoes akin to a work of art. In the end, you should consider what your lifestyle is like and when you intend to wear these items, but you can’t go wrong with either ECCO shoes or Geox shoes.

If you want high quality footwear made by a brand you can trust, ECCO shoes and Geox shoes both offer exactly what you need. These fine shoes and many more are available at Walking on a Cloud, providing service to both residents and visitors to the Vancouver area.

Clarks & Keen Shoes – Durable Shoes for Vancouver Residents

Vancouver offers many different activities from beach days to professional gatherings. Regardless of what you have in mind for any given day, having the right footwear is essential. Both KEEN shoes and Clarks shoes provide a range of comfortable, durable shoes that can handle any environment. KEEN shoes help people with an active outdoor lifestyle, while Clarks shoes provide high fashion for both business and outdoors. You can get both of these brands at Walking on a Cloud.

For Enjoying Nature

Vancouver is an area full of natural wonders, and a good pair of rugged shoes can help you explore all that it has to offer. The sneakers and durable sandals offered by KEEN shoes are ideal for exploring areas some of the many wonderful hiking trails in the area, such as the Black Tusk, the Diez Vistas Trail, or Elfin Lakes. You can also select Clarks shoes if you take an easier hiking trail or opt for one of the sneaker varieties that tend to be more rugged for sporting experiences. Both KEEN shoes and Clarks shoes are terrific options for those who are interested in seeing all the wonders of nature that surround the city of Vancouver.

For Touring the City

One of the advantages that KEEN shoes offers is the ability to enjoy a quiet walk through the park just as much as a climb up the side of a mountain. Clarks shoes also provides that level of versatility, but definitely skews closer to the elegant city side of things with most of its shoes. The comfortable cushioned soles of Clarks shoes orthe snug straps of the brand’s sandals are perfect for exploring some of the in-city attractions in Vancouver, such as the urban Stanley Park or the Vancouver Aquarium. There isn’t a clear line to draw between Clarks and KEEN shoes, but somebody who wants to explore both the great outdoors and the in-city attractions of Vancouver can benefit from having a pair of each.

A Closer Look at the Brands

KEEN shoes and Clarks shoes are very different in certain ways but are very similar in terms of their commitment to quality. KEEN shoes came into existence in 2003 and began down the Pacific coast in Portland, Oregon, not too far from Vancouver itself. Despite the youth of the brand, the shoes have quickly gained a reputation for both comfort and quality thanks to the diligent work of the company behind them. Clarks shoes has an older tradition, dating as far back as the 19th century, and has used that time to refine a design and crafting process that has worked remarkably well for generations. Both KEEN shoes and Clarks shoes use the latest footwear technology to provide the best fit possible.

Walking on a Cloud offers a wide range of different KEEN shoes and Clarks shoes for people in the Vancouver area to choose from. No matter where you go or what you do, these brands will see you through and make sure that your feet remain comfortable and dry throughout the day.

Birkenstock & Dansko Shoes – Summer Shoe Fashions in Vancouver

Summer is just around the corner, and Walking on a Cloud offers a huge variety of fashionable and affordable summer shoes for residents in the Vancouver area. Maybe you want something casual that you can wear while walking in the yard or on the beach. Maybe you’d prefer a lightweight shoe that you can wear at formal events while still staying cool. Regardless of your preferences, you can find what you need through either Birkenstock shoes or Dansko shoes.

Why Birkenstock Shoes?

One of the biggest attractions for guests and residents in Vancouver alike is the large amount of beachfront space that the city has to offer. While some people love to enjoy the sand between their toes, wearing comfortable shoes or sandals can help to protect your feet, especially on a hot summer day. Birkenstock shoes often have open toes and comfortable sandal straps, making it very easy to enjoy a day on the beach of in one of Vancouver’s many parks. Both men’s and women’s Birkenstock shoes tend to have a flat or low heels, as this brand prioritizes comfort above all else. Birkenstock shoes are known for their high quality and are perfect for days when you want to get outside but wish to feel the breeze against your toes.

Why Dansko Shoes?

Vancouver has many beaches and places where a light sandal works well, but it also has dozens of hiking trails and in-city attractions where a close-toed or more rugged shoe might come in handy. Dansko shoes come in both sandal varieties and close-toed styles, providing that additional protection when needed. Dansko shoes can offer some protection should you choose to check out some of the natural attractions in the area such as Elfin Lakes or the Diez Vistas Trail. However, Dansko shoes are also elegant enough to serve you well should you want to dine in style, such as a visit to the Blue Water Café or Hawksworth Restaurant.

Staying in Style All year Round

Both Birkenstock shoes and Dansko shoes tend to be more popular during the summer, when Vancouver faces its hottest months and the beaches beckon. However, Vancouver also offers mild enough weather that Birkenstock shoes and Dansko shoes can become year-round features with those willing to shop for the right pair. Closed-toe Dansko shoes can take all but the wettest and coldest of weather, while Birkenstock shoes can be bought with a fur lining to help keep the feet warm in the winter. The average temperature in Vancouver only rarely dips much below freezing, which means that people who prefer to wear lighter shoes don’t have to be limited to the summer season alone.

Walking on a Cloud offers a wide range of both Birkenstock shoes and Dansko shoes for your shopping pleasure in the Vancouver area. Whether you prefer the simpler style of Birkenstock shoes or love the elegantly painted designs that come with many Dansko shoes, you will find the footwear you need in order to enjoy this summer and beyond.