Ecotourism and Top 5 Adventure-Friendly Shoe Brands (Infographic)

Are you looking for an outing? Do you have a proper pair of shoes? If you like trekking, strolling in the woods or just running on the beach you need adventure-friendly shoes that will never let you down!

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Ecotourism and Top 5 Adventure-Friendly Shoe Brands

In an effort to break the boredom of the daily routine, for example, working in an office, shop, garden, etc., it is advisable to engage in any outdoor activity. These are leisure pursuits engaged in the outdoors, often in natural or semi-natural settings out of town. Outdoor activities are part of healthy development of human beings. It entails engaging in hazardous and exciting activity, usually the exploration of an unknown environment or otherwise called ecotourism. The International Ecotourism Society defines it as “responsible travel to natural areas, which conserves the environment and promotes the welfare of the locals. It includes:

  • Travel to natural and cultural areas;
  • Travel that supports conservation and bio-diversity;
  • Travel that improves or enhances the lives of local people;
  • Travel that includes some form of education for visitors and supports education;
  • Programs for local people.

Key Latest Findings Of The American Ecotourism

  • Approximately 50 percent of Americans aged at least six participated in outdoor recreation in 2012. That equates to 141.9 million Americans.
  • According to a recent study by the Outdoor Industry Association, every year Americans spend $120 billion on products for their outdoor recreational activities. This expenditure includes purchasing of trekking equipment.
  • The number of total outdoor outings increased attaining in 2012 an all-time high. Americans used 12.4 billion for outdoor excursions in 2012, up from 11.5 billion excursions in 2011.
  • Running (both jogging and trail running) is the most popular activities among Americans when observed  by a number of participants and total annual outings
  • 40 percent of outdoor participants are from households with incomes of $75,000 or more.
  • Averagely, Americans spend half an hour per day doing sport, exercise and on recreation. A survey carried out by the International Food Information Council Foundation indicated that 55 percent of the respondents considered themselves averagely active when asked about the personal level of physical activity. 65 percent of them believed their physical activity had a positive impact on their health.

Here is an age composition about Americans who engage in outdoor activities

  • 13% of them are between 6 to 12 years.
  • 9% between 13 to 17 years.
  • 33% between 25 to 44 years.
  • 33% are over 45.

One of the most crucial items used in any outdoor activity is the shoes. Whether you like to climb mountains or trek through the woods on the hunt, you need the right footwear to give you support and keep your feet protected. You don’t want your epic trek up Everest to be thwarted by a tumble caused by weak ankle support, and you don’t want to have to end your day-long hike along the Rockies because you have blisters on your feet thanks to thin soles.

Fortunately, we have all the footwear you need no matter what your adventure of choice. Here are the top five brands for your adventure-loving lifestyle:


Ecco shoes are the perfect choice for casual or formal wear. Their simple, clean lines create classic style that goes with any outfit and any activity.

The more rugged footwear in the Ecco line will make you look just as stylish as you are comfortable. Choose from styles like boots, sports sandals, rain boots, walking shoes, thongs and clogs.


Rockport has a reputation for making beautiful, professional shoes and quality, rugged outdoor shoes. Tall boots can protect you from the rain, and sturdy cleats can give you traction for mountain climbing and hiking.

You don’t have to be scaling a cliff to enjoy the benefits that Rockport has to offer. Rockport is known for making exceptional walking shoes. No matter how long your daily walk, you’ll feel like you’re walking on air.


Merrell takes its commitment to outdoor footwear seriously. Each shoe in the line is created with its specific function in mind. Therefore, if you buy a Merrell running shoe, you can feel confident that every aspect of the shoe’s design was specifically chosen to support the needs of a runner. For example, running shoes include Vibram technology for durability and slip resistance.

Other shoes in the Merrell line are created for hiking, water sports, and winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding. With each, you can be sure you have all the features you need, such as waterproofing, support and warmth. You can even find vegan shoes.


Clarks produces a diverse line of shoes, ranging from stylish stilettos to comfortable sneakers. Clarks is distinguished for the comfort of its shoes. Its handcrafted shoes offer support and comfort no matter what the activity, if you are walking, running, or hiking.

Clarks shoes are also waterproof for activity in any weather or terrain, and they are breathable so your shoes don’t become too hot or sweaty.

New Balance

New Balance is known for its athletic shoes. Whether you are playing basketball or running a marathon, New Balance has a strong, comfortable pair of shoes for you. New Balance specializes in creating shoes for serious athletes. The shoes are made of the highest quality and with technology that provides the best comfort.

Conventional shoes fit across your feet at the toes, restricting the way your toes spread as you walk. Adventure-friendly shoes make any walk comfortable, gives men and women power and strength to move further and discover new horizons.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Men’s Casual Shoes

Regardless of how high up your ranking in the white collar world of wheeling and dealing, there are always going to be times when you need to have some good casual shoes. Getting casual is part of the equation of any guy’s success…you know what they say about the time honored adage from 1659 sharing that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Whether to slip on some easy footwear for a quick trip up to the store, a leisurely lunch with the wife or girlfriend or getting a cup of something at Starbucks, a good pair of casual shoes is a staple of the complete male wardrobe. Here are the top 5 reasons to choose men’s casual shoes.

1. You Always Need at Least One Pair of Casual Shoes–but Probably More: There are always going to be those members of high society whose trademark is to show up at the most high faulting society functions all smoothly clad in black tie apparel and casual shoes with no socks, but we won’t go there just now. Assuming your penchant for the appropriate is intact, you will choose casual shoes for the casual occasions in life, whatever they may be. Likewise, a good casual shoe is not to be confused with an athletic shoe. The two are actually polar opposites. Casual shoes are to be worn when you will be partaking of the casual life, and not in any sort of position that would require any great volume of exertion whatsoever. There is nothing casual about participating in any worthwhile sport.

2. It’s Actually Good to Look GQ Even on Your Days Off and When You’re Doing Nothing: In fact, it’s often when you are your least presentable that someone will drop by or you will run into an old friend or business associate. With some great men’s casual shoes on your feet, you’ll be ready for anything, and you’ll look like you are.

3. Because You Want to Treat Your Feet Well. Of all the clothing you depend upon, it’s always your shoes that take the most significant beating. This is why it’s critical to look for your casual shoes from among well-proven brands like Clarks, Dansko, Rockport and Birkenstock. Otherwise, you could be merely throwing away your money. Good quality men’s casual shoes will continue to look great, for significantly longer periods (years) than inferior quality copies. You depend on your feet, so treat them well. Quality shoes are comfortable shoes.

4. Because Casual Attire Just Does Not Pair Well With Dress Shoes. Your entire wardrobe may not include a single pair of jeans; however just by stashing your suit jacket and tie at the end of the day, your whole look changes, and casual shoes are what you need to wear, to convey that you know what you’re doing.

5. Because Believe it or Not, People Judge You by Your Shoes. That’s right: It’s really funny, but someone can have on the most ratty looking pants and tee, but if they are wearing top quality casual shoes, they can appear to be on top of things and successful. So, by choosing quality men’s casual shoes, you might be able to save big on the other items comprising your “casual collection” of clothing. Shoes make the man, and casual shoes make the man relax and enjoy a little R&R time.

Walking on a Cloud’s Winter Boot Brand Guide

Picking out the right pair of winter boots is just as important as finding the right cold-weather coat. In both cases, you want something that is durable, warm, and fashionable too.

Not sure where to start? Take a look at some of the highest-rated winter boot brands available below.
sorel curry


Since 1962, Sorel has created boots to withstand the harshest of climates while also looking fashionable. Some Sorel boots are lined with faux fur for extra comfort and warmth, while others come with fleece lining. Many of the styles also feature molded EVA footbeds and foam inserts to keep you even more comfortable in the harshest terrain. Sorel is best known for boots, but the brand also makes footwear for other seasons, including sandals and moccasins.

  • Try this style: Sorel Tofino Curry. With waterproof construction, waxed canvas and leather overlay uppers, these boots with a leather shell are fashionable and functional for up to 25 degrees below zero.

hunter boot


In 1856, Hunter Boots (then called the North British Rubber Company) began with just four employees. Today the company employs many more and has expanded from boots to other outdoor apparel. The boots are well-known for their durable construction but also have a strong fashion following.

  • Try this style: Hunter Original Tour N. These knee-high boots are sure to keep your feet dry and warm, whether you are facing an afternoon rain shower or a winter blizzard.

boga boot


With a wide variety of boot styles for hunting, agriculture, and casual wear, Bogs boots include Max Wick Lining for moisture control, keeping your feet warm and dry despite the weather. Other technology includes Airmesh for air circulation, Nylon-Jersey overlays for added comfort, and Neo-Tech cushioning.

  • Try this style: Boga Boot. This 100% waterproof style features a plush lining, suede leather, and odor-fighting technology too. The boots combine high-fashion with comfort and protection.

merrell dewbrook


Best known for outdoor recreation shoes, Merrell creates winter boots with a variety of features that make them dependable in all types of weather and for all types of activities. With Vibram technology, slip-resistant features, waterproofing protection, and extra warmth, these boots offer a lot in the way of comfort and functionality.

  • Try this style: Dewbrook Zip. These ankle boots feature fleece thermo-insulated lining that allows moisture to escape while keeping your feet warm and toasty, along with shock absorbency and durable traction.

blondo snowtrail


Specializing in winter boots, Blondo considers the harshest elements when designing its products. Blondo boots offer breathability, waterproofing, high-cushion foot support, and memory foam footbeds. Boots designed for mild to the worst winters are featured in the Blondo catalogue.

  • Try this style: Blondo Snowtrail. With natural wool lining, these boots feature a removable insole and a one-inch heel. They are made with natural rubber and have an insulated felt insole.

clarks natira


With one of the most recognizable shoe brand names in the world, it makes sense that Clarks would offer high-quality boots that are also fashionable. Clarks are waterproof but breathable, and ActiveAir technology keeps air circulation at optimal levels.

  • Try this style: Clarks Natira Kit Gtx. With a 3.25-inch heel, these boots offer sleek style that disguises their practicality. OrthoLite® footbeds keep comfort at the forefront, and warm lining makes them appropriate for walking to work, exploring, or running errands in the elements.

What are your favorite boot styles for the harshest winter months?

3 Must-Try Boot Styles This Fall

For many, fall ushers in a fashion-forward time of year. Sundresses and sandals are replaced with sweaters and boots, and jackets replace our bare, tanned arms of the summer months. If you enjoy changing your wardrobe each year when the leaves start to change their own appearance, you know that boots are the iconic symbol of pumpkin-spice-latte season.

When you are deciding where to spend your fall footwear budget this year, keep these must-have boot styles in mind.

captivaSleek, tall boots:
The best thing about tall boots is that they look great on all body types. Plus, they have a slimming effect, even with a flat heel. You can pair tall boots with a fall dress or skirt, or throw on some leggings and a long cozy sweater. Tall boots instantly dress up any look, whether you are getting ready for a day at the office or a night out. This type of boot is popular year after year, so grabbing a high-quality pair or two will be a great investment, even as the rest of your wardrobe rotates out.

  • Tall boots to try: Merrell Captiva. Made with full-grain leather, these boots feature an inside zipper that makes it easy to slip the boots on and off—and we like form as well as function. Unlike other fashion looks that sacrifice comfort, the Merrell Captiva has an air cushion in the heel that improves shock absorbency and a removable footbed for extra support and odor control.

trace amberWarm, fuzzy boots
: Get ready for the winter elements with insulated boots that feature fur or faux-fur lining. There are a lot of brands out there that look good, but many are not as functional as they look. Make sure you find waterproof boots made with high-quality materials. These will actually keep your feet dry and warm during the worst weather of the year, and not just look cute. But keep fashion in mind, of course, by considering a lace-up look that allows for a little more dimension. There is really no reason to sacrifice fashion or function in order to wear your boots happily.

  • Fuzzy boots to try: Ecco Trace. These comfortable boots feature leather and suede uppers and a warm wool lining. The boots feature Hydromax technology that is water-repellent while still providing the wearer breathability. There is a wool-covered insole and a rubber outsole, keeping your feet warm inside and the cold, damp weather sealed out.

natiraHeeled ankle boots: You don’t have to go with a full boot to sport this stylish fall and winter trend. Consider a pair of cute heeled booties instead. These look great with pants, giving the effect of a full boot to others while allowing you to wear less shoe. You can also wear booties with all of the same looks that you can with regular boots and show off a little more leg in the process. Ankle boots match well with skinny jeans, leggings, skirts, dresses… essentially any outfit. Plus, they work well in the warmer seasons, too!

  • Ankle boots to try: Clarks Natira Kit Gtx. Clarks are well-known for being comfortable but they can also be really stylish. This model combines both qualities and employs GORE-TEX shoe technology to protect the leather uppers. With an orthopedically-friendly footbed, these boots make it easy to add a 3.25-inch heel to any look but still stay comfortable.

Boots are as much a part of fall as cooler temperatures and falling leaves. When you start adding new items to your fall wardrobe, be sure to remember your feet and treat them by slipping into these boot styles.
What are some staples in your fall wardrobe?

Clarks Shoes: Leaving Footprints Around the World

Known as the world’s largest casual and smart shoe company, Clarks shoes has grown successfully as a family business for over nearly two centuries. Following the footsteps of the Clark brothers, the British shoe brand has paved the way for many other shoe manufacturers, becoming one of the leading brands of shoes in the world.

1406_graphic-walking on a cloud-clarks history (1)-compressed

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Clarks by the Numbers

•#1 shoe brand in the United Kingdom
•4th largest footwear company
•50 million pairs of shoes sold each year
•1,200 stores
•15,000+ people employed

Clarks through the Years

It all started back when James and Cyrus Clark worked at a tannery in the Somerset village of Street.


•Eureka moment! The Clarks create the first sheepskin slipper: the “Brown Petersburg”
Between 1825 and 1850

•The Clarks found C. & J. Clark Company.
•Outworkers assemble footwear at home to meet growing demands.
•The company develops national and international trade.


•The company wins 2 awards at the Great Exhibition for its industry achievements.


•Recession hits, bringing the business to the brink of bankruptcy.

Between 1863 and 1882

•The company introduces the factory system to the shoemaking process.


•The Clarks launch the Hygienic line featuring shoes designed to fit the shape of the foot.

Between 1883 and 1936

•The fashion industry booms!


•The Clarks release their first press advertisement.

Between 1936 and 1950

•The company supplies the nation with shoes during World War II.
•The company opens 15 new factories in neighboring areas to meet the demand.


•The Desert Boot debuts with more than 10 million pairs sold since.


•Clarks first flagship store is established on London’s Regent Street.

1990 and Beyond

•While Clarks made the tough decision to move operations overseas, the company still commits to the same level of quality that James and Cyrus Clark started with in 1825.

Clarks Mark on Culture

Desert Boot

•Fashionable in U.S Beatnik Culture
•Worn by Steve McQueen, Bob Dylan, Paul Weller, and Liam Gallagher


•Popular in Jamaican reggae industry- featured in Vybz Kartel’s song “Clarks”


•Adopted in American rapper community- promoted by Ghostface Killah and Erik Brunetti
•Worn by Walter White in the AMC series “Breaking Bad”
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Fashionable, Comfortable Footwear in the Office

Part of the fun of working in an office is getting the chance to dress up. In addition to a place for productivity and paychecks, the ole’ office can be a fashion inspiration and a place to show off your favorite trends. But sometimes it’s hard to balance looking stylish and feeling comfortable for eight hours of your day.
Women’s office footwear is often uncomfortable and simply unhealthy for your feet, joints, and spine. Around 60 percent of women say they are willing to tolerate pain in order to wear shoes that look good. But 35 percent of women admit to developing blisters because of poor shoe choices, and 24 percent say they have even taken a fall as a result of uncomfortable and unsafe shoes. When it comes to fashion in the office, there is too much at stake to risk wearing shoes that cause pain.
The good news is that there are stylish shoes that keep your feet happy and healthy—puffy, white tennis shoes aren’t the only option. Even workers who are on their feet most of the day, like nurses and servers, deserve shoe options that give them confidence and comfort at the same time. Take a look at a few workday shoe options that are both comfortable and stylish below, whether you’re in a formal, casual, or hybrid dress-code atmosphere at work.

Business-Formal Footwear Inspiration

Ecco Sculptered Mary Jane – Consider this sleek take on office footwear that pairs leather lining with 2.5-inch heels. These shoes use the ECCO Comfort Fibre system that is shock absorbent and accommodates foot comfort all day. These shoes are very versatile too—they look great with slick dress pants or a dress suit and tights.
Dansko Bennett – This sophisticated shoe adjusts to a woman’s natural foot contours while looking sharp. There is a 2.75-inch heel that gives any woman a boost of confidence without sacrificing support. These shoes look great with a dress-blouse combo that includes a floral print—throw on some colorful tights to make the look really pop for spring!

Business-Casual Footwear Inspiration

Rockport Alanda in British Tan – These breathable polyurethane shoes have leather uppers with contrast stitching—workmanship that makes these stand out from average flat shoes. With a one-inch heel, they provide that little bit of extra height while still accommodating comfort. These shoes work with khaki pants, or even dark jeans on casual Fridays.
Clarks Ashland Alpine Black – These shoes are a must-have for any business-casual wardrobe because they are so versatile. They look great with tights and a skirt or dark dress pants and a simple sweater. These shoes make use of an OrthoLite footbed that provides comfort and support throughout the day, and two bungee loop buttons accommodate an easy fit on any foot. These are a footwear staple.

Casual Footwear Inspiration

Merrell Twist Glove – Just because a workplace allows casual dress does not mean that you should miss an opportunity to be fashionable. These shoes are versatile for a variety of style choices, including jeans, skirts, shorts, and even a casual dress. These shoes feature Nubuck leather uppers and contrast stitching, as well as odor control elements. A pigskin covered footbed also provides that extra support while going through your daily work routine. Try the red to add color to your spring/summer wardrobe or the black for versatility.
Clarks Arbor Jade – Perfect for medical professionals, traveling sales agents, and food service industry workers alike, these shoes use suede to add a pop of elegance to a comfortable design. The Arbor Jade features a durable, shock-absorbent outsole that protects vertebra, spine, and joints from the movements of the workday. These can be paired with jeans, hospital scrubs, or even the occasional dressy outfit with a modern edge.

Tips for Finding the Right Work Shoes

When choosing shoes for any work setting, fashion should come secondary to the utility and comfort of the shoe. Luckily, there are a lot of brands, like the ones above, that make both things possible. Here are a few other things to keep in mind as you shoe-shop for work:
·         Consider a lower heel. Different body types do better with high heels, but if you are finding that your feet and back are in pain at the end of the workday, it’s time to take an inch or two off your daily wear. If you really do not want to let go of the height, invest in heels that are designed to cushion and support your foot during wear.
·         Avoid pointy, narrow toes. When you crowd your toes, it means less support for the rest of your body and, over time, structural problems with your feet. Pick shoes that give ample room for your toes to lie naturally without squeezing together or overlapping.
With the right footwear, you don’t need to sacrifice fashion or comfort—both can work harmoniously to give you the best shot at a productive and confident workday. 

Baring Your Heart and Sole: 7 Tips for Maintaining Good Foot Health

Your feet have a big job to do. They bear all the weight and pressure of your body and carry
you through your day. A pair of feet has 52 bones—that’s a quarter of all the bones in your body. On top of all those bones are 33 joints and over a hundred ligaments, muscles, and tendons, so you can imagine that even the slightest misalignment in your feet messes up the alignment in the rest of your body.

Unfortunately, most people take their feet for granted. About 75 percent of Americans will experience some sort of foot condition at some point in their lives. Considering how much time you spend on your feet, any foot condition turns into a big pain that could become an even bigger problem if left untreated, and you have plenty of potential disorders to choose from. How do you avoid those problems? What can you do to ensure that your feet stay healthy and fit?

What you’ll learn in this article:

  • How to choose the most supportive shoes
  • How to exercise your feet
  • How to eat for foot health
  • Proper foot hygiene tips
  • The right way to groom your toenails
  • The importance of the right socks
  • How to do DIY foot massageRead on for some helpful tips.

1. Wear the right shoes.

As soon as we evolved into upright beings, we needed something to cover our feet, but shoes are more than a fashion statement or a product of evolution. They give your feet the support you may lack naturally. They protect your feet from the elements and enable you to venture into difficult terrain. That’s why it’s important to wear comfortable, supportive shoes that cater to your foot type, like a pair of Rockports or Clarks (pictured above).

What’s Your Type?

No two people have the exact same foot type. There are a variety of ways to evaluate your foot type, but the simplest is to simply look at your footprint. If you have a flat foot, your print will look flat and wide. The higher your arch, the more your footprint looks like a comma. For extreme arches or flat feet, you should consult a podiatrist.

Don’t forget simple size and width either. Shoes that are too small will lead to blisters, calluses, bunions, and generally sore feet. Shoes that are too big are just a pain to walk in and can cause undue strain on your joints. Essentially, if the shoe feels comfortable and doesn’t slip off your foot with each step, you’ve found a winner.

What Not to Wear

Unfortunately, thanks to fashion trends, people have become a bit misguided about their footwear.

Two of the worst shoes to put your puppies in include:

  • Super high heels: They may lengthen the look of your legs, but high heels are a foot’s worst nightmare. Sprained ankles aside, high heels force your feet into unnatural positions, putting much of your body’s weight on the balls of your feet, leading to joint pains, bad posture, and potential fractures. Wearing high heels regularly can lead to Haglund’s deformity, more commonly known as pump bump. This is a bony enlargement that forms on the back of your feet and is caused by the rigid backs of pumps. This can eventually lead to blisters, swelling, bursitis, and a permanent protrusion. Keep the heels low and covering plenty of surface area. Stilettos are a no-no.
  • Pointy toes: A burgeoning style among celebrities and suits alike, pointy toes have a unique look but at the risk of bunching your toes together. Aside from being uncomfortable, cramming your toes together can lead to bunions, hammertoes, deformities, blisters, and bruises. Your toes weren’t meant to be pressure-packed together. A wide toe box is your friend.

2. Exercise your feet.

Your foot is filled with muscles, and just like the muscles in your arms or legs, they need exercise to stay properly conditioned. Imbalances in your foot’s musculature limit the motion of your feet, affecting your gait and posture.
Your foot has two types of muscles: intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic muscles are contained entirely within your foot and move parts of your foot relative to its other joints. Extrinsic muscles, like your calves, connect your foot to your leg. Both types of muscles are important to the mechanics of your feet.

Some workouts you should consider:

  • Foot circles: This is an easy exercise to help the strength and flexibility of your ankles. Simply imagine that there’s a pencil at the end of your foot and draw circles in the air by rolling your ankles. Do 20 circles clockwise, 20 counterclockwise, and then switch feet.
  • Calf raises: Calf raises improve your balance and strengthen the muscles in your calves and feet. Balancing on one foot, rise onto your tippy-toes and hold for ten seconds before lowering back down. Repeat ten times with each foot and hold onto a counter, doorway, or wall for balance.
  • Toe grip: Drop pebbles, a sock, or a towel on the floor and then use your toes to lift it off the floor. Hold the object off the floor for 10 seconds and then drop it. Repeat the exercise five times and then switch feet.The easiest foot workout is going for a walk. It seems counterintuitive as walking puts extra stress on your feet, but walking works out both intrinsic and extrinsic muscles while keeping your ligaments and tendons flexible. Just make sure you wear the right footwear. If you want to reduce the impact to your joints, walk on grass, dirt, or a track instead of on pavement.

3. Eat for Your Feet.

Eating healthily works in a variety of ways to help your feet. For one, weight. Your body weight may seem unrelated to your feet until you realize that your feet have the sole job of supporting all that weight. You don’t necessarily have to obese to feel the effects. Any significant weight gain means more pressure on your feet and ankles. Too much body weight can also lead to problems including flat feet, inflammation in your tendons, plantar fasciitis, osteoarthritis, and general soreness.
Being overweight or obese also makes you susceptible to certain conditions that could indirectly lead to foot problems, including:

  • Diabetes: Diabetes can reduce the amount of blood flow to your feet. This can cause numbness, so you may get scratches on your feet without even noticing them. The lack of blood keeps these wounds from healing properly, leading to infection and the potential loss of your feet entirely.
    • Gout: Gout is a condition wherein uric acid crystals develop in your joints, like the many in your feet and ankles, causing sharp, intense pains.
  • Peripheral arterial disease: Characterized by the buildup of plaque in the arteries of your extremities—particularly your legs—reducing the blood flow to your feet.Make sure you maintain a healthy diet and avoid the usual culprits of bad health—trans fats, junk food, fried foods, added salt and sugar, and any foods that have been over-processed.
    Some things you should include in your diet are vitamin D and calcium. Calcium is the stuff that builds strong bones, while vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium. You should also consume plenty of omega-3 fatty acids. Found commonly in fatty fish, omega-3s reduce inflammation, easing pain and soreness in your feet.

4. Focus on Foot Hygiene.

As the saying goes, cleanliness is close to godliness, but what do clean feet have to do with your health? Well, feet sweat. A lot. A pair of feet has, on average, 250,000 sweat glands, excreting as much as a pint of sweat in a day. That’s only exacerbated by the fact that your feet tend to be trapped in a pair of shoes for most of the day. All of that moisture is uncomfortable for you and for those who happen to catch a whiff of what’s brewing in your sneakers, but it’s a veritable playground for bacteria and fungi, especially between the toes. Leave those bacteria be and they’ll reproduce and populate your feet, leading to an even worse stink, infections, and skin problems. Yikes.

But there’s an easy solution: wash your feet every day. You don’t need to do anything special. Just make sure they get a good, soapy scrubbing, particularly between your toes. Use a pumice stone if you notice any especially scaly, calloused areas. Dry them thoroughly and use a moisturizer. That seems counter to what we said about sweat and moisture, but the wear and tear your feet deal with can lead to cracked, scaly, or dry skin, no matter how much you sweat.

5. Trim Your Nails the Right Way.

Not the prettiest item on the agenda, but trimming your toenails is as necessary for your health as it is your general comfort. You don’t want your talons poking through your socks or shoes. Long toenails also offer more hiding places for the bacteria mentioned above. It’s also much easier to break long toenails, turning a stubbed toe into a complete horror story.

But there’s more to cutting your toenails than you think. If you’re careless about it, trimming your nails could lead to ingrowths and serious infections.
• Cut the nails straight across. Avoid cutting your nails on a curve. Your clippers should just go straight across.
• Don’t cut them too short. Don’t overcompensate by cutting into the quick—the pink part of the nail. Aside from the upfront pain and potential bleeding, cutting too short can lead to ingrown nails and leave your toenails open to infections.
• Use the right clippers. Use the larger clipper meant for your toenails. Disinfect your clippers before and after you use them.
• Trim when dry. Your toenails are softer and easier to cut when wet, but they’re also more susceptible to bending and tearing.
If you naturally have ingrown toenails or thicker-than-average nails, consult your doctor.

6. Wear the Right Socks.

They keep your feet cozy and protect your feet from everyday wear and tear, but most importantly, socks control the moisture levels of your feet by absorbing and wicking away sweat. During World War II, a pair of fresh, dry socks kept soldiers from developing the dreaded trench foot.
You’ll find a variety of socks made of various materials, but for everyday use, stick with wool, cotton, and other natural fibers. For workouts and runs, socks made from synthetic materials (like acrylic, olefin, or polyester) are much better at wicking away sweat.

7. Treat Yourself to a DIY Foot Massage.

Sit back, relax, and give your feet a nice massage. Foot massage has all kinds of benefits other than tranquility and stress relief. Working the muscles and joints in the feet improves circulation and enhances your immune system. Some foot massage techniques to try:

  • Toe stretches: Holding your heel in one hand, use your other hand to stretch each toe forward and backward. Hold each stretch for a few seconds.
  • Thumb press: Press your thumbs into the sole of your foot, moving in firm circles. Repeat on the top of your foot.
  • Deep massage: Grip one of your feet in your hands, thumb on top, fingers on your sole. Work each bone simultaneously with your thumb, fingers, and the heel of your hand.
  • Massage can be as easy as throwing a golf ball into the freezer. Take out the ball and roll it under each foot. The cold and the ball’s dimpled texture effectively work into your foot muscles and pressure points for a pleasant, relaxing sensation.

Your feet are criminally underappreciated for all that they do for you. They’re a barometer for your general health, and they give you the ability to stand, walk, and run to your heart’s content. Keep your feet healthy and you’ll have no trouble putting your best foot forward!




  • “foot6” by liverpoolhls is licensed under CC BY 2.0
  • Clarks Wave Trek from
  •  “Feet” by Quasic is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Father’s Day 2013 is Around the Corner!

Great Father’s Day Ideas!!

Fathers are extremely important members of the family, and because they are, giving them something special to celebrate Father’s Day is just one way we have of telling them thanks for all they do. Here are some great gift options you should take into consideration when looking for something great to give to this special man. Walking On A Cloud’s BIG Father’s Day SALE Event is on with great fashion and with exceptional comfort. Don’t miss  this great event and buy the best shoe for your loving Dad,each steps he walks ahead makes him remember you.

Wallking On A Cloud Ecco Remote Lace Navajo shoe

ECCO Remote Lace Navajo

These are a very comfortable and classic shoe that can be worn every day. They have a masculine design, and are partially lined with leather to make them breathable and moisture-absorbent. The unique Comfort Fiber System of ECCO increases the amount of air flow in these shoes to create a naturally cool environment to help maintain healthy feet. The flexible polyurethane sole adds to the comfort enough to wear even when your man is walking long distances.Walking On A Cloud is giving all its customers a special father’s day deal for Ecco Remote Lace Navajo by reducing $50.00 from it’s original price.

Merrell Cambrian Strap Brown

These sandals are just what any man can be proud to wear. They are made from synthetic leather with a meshupper, and the Lycra neoprene lining offers an environment that is free of abrasion so that he can wear them anywhere.

This lining features the benefits of Aegis, an antimicrobial solution that will help keep his feet cool and dry during the day. The air cushion in the heel make these shoes both stable and shock absorbent, and they are easy to get the right fit with the adjustable Velcro straps. This vegan friendly footwear has a non-marking sole and is water friendly. Walking On A Cloud is giving all its customers a special father’s day deal for Merrell Cambrian Strap Brown by reducing $25.00 from it’s original price.

Clarks Portland

Portland is a city that people love to tour. This shoe was inspired by the notion that one should be able to do as much walking as they want without feeling the pinch or discomfort of a shoe.

The supple, full grain of the Nubuck leather uppers will not bind or pinch, and they never require breaking in. cushioning is provided by the lightweight EVA molded insoles which adds to this being a shoe for all occasions. The fully padded collar and tongue are an excellent addition, and the soft Ortholite footbed creates all-day comfort. This is a flexible shoe for the man you love. You can get these for him in Brown or Black. Walking On A Cloud is giving all its customers a special father’s day deal for Clarks Portlant Brown by reducing $50.00 from it’s original price.

Rockport CC 3 Strap Brown

These are Rockport sandals that are comfortable and stylish with its contrasting stitching and leather and mesh uppers.

The padded collar is made to prevent blisters from forming, and the moisture wicking lining will help to keep his feet cool and dry. The EVA footbed adds comfort and support which is something he will love. Add to that the easy adjustment that comes with Velcro straps and the rubber outsole that absorbs shocks and adds durability and you have a gift that he will not be able to resist. Walking On A Cloud is giving all its customers a special father’s day deal for Rockport Cc 3 Strap Brown by reducing $20.00 from it’s original price.

Merrell Rant

Every man enjoys the look and feel of a comfortable canvas walking shoe, and that is what he will get from this one from Merrell. The full grain leather combined with canvas for the upper adds comfort and style.

The twill lining is treated to resist odor with Aegis, which is an antimicrobial solution. Along with that, he will enjoy the benefits of the EVA removable footbed which increases the support and comfort. The lace up closure offers security as well as a comfortable fit. The Merrell Rant Sole provides shock absorbency with non-slip security. The air cushion that is embedded in the heel provides the stability he wants, and the EVA midsole adds to the cushioning. He will love them in Black, Bracken and Navy.

Clarks Northfield

The father in your life will love the look and feel of these Clarks Northfield shoes which have metal eyelets for the lace-up closure. This makes it easy to adjust the fit while making them secure.

The Ortholite footbed can be removed to allow insertion of personalized orthotics. The smooth synthetic lining keeps them dry on his feet and increases the comfort. The durable man-made sole is shock absorbent as well as durable. This shoe comes in Black or Brown.

You will love seeing the look on his face when you give him one or more of these great shoes for Father’s Day!

Mother’s Day 2013 is Around the Corner!

Mother’s Day is around the corner. 
Walking on a Cloud’s spring sale continues with many great gift ideas for Mother’s Day.  Save up to 50 percent off on some of the finest shoes, from the most comfortable brands.  Great styles from Geox, Ecco, and Clarks are in stock and ready to be shipped.  Your mom will love them!!
–    A beautiful dress shoe with a cute leather bow
–    Leather uppers with stich detailing.
–    Active Air footbed® for increased comfort and support
–    Shock absorbent rubber outsole
–    2 3/4 inch heel.

Ecco Lite 41203

–    Comfortable and stylish flat from Ecco
–    Leather lining provides comfort and breathability
–    Removable insoles are moisture absorbent, keeping your feet cool and dry.
–   The rubber outsoles are durable and shock absorbent for all day wear

–    Stylish light weight dress shoe.
–    Soft leather uppers with stylish contrast stitching.
–    The padded insole features the Geox patented breathes® system for improved ventilation.
–    Dressy 2 inch wedge heel.
–    Comfortable and versatile sandal from Geox.
–    Stylish patent leather uppers.
–    Adjustable back strap for an easy and secure fit.
–    The rubber outsole expels foot moisture, keeping your feet cool and dry.

The Clarks Unstructured Collection for Spring 2013

As the snowy weather clears up and temperatures start to rise, the Clarks Unstructured Collection offers a selection of shoes and sandals that help you maintain optimal comfort while taking advantage of better weather. Featuring the Unstructured Air Circulation System, footwear from the Clarks Unstructured Collection contains mesh channels within the shoe that pushes out warm, moist air and pulls in fresh outside air. Feet can experience a fresh in-shoe climate that prevent them from feeling hot heading into spring and summer, and reduces sweat and inner shoe moisture that can cause odours and foot friction that leads to blisters. Walking On A Cloud presents a beautiful offering of men’s and women’s dress and casual shoes and sandals from the Unstructured Collection that are sure to feel as great as they look.

  • Dress-casual sandal with cut-out and contrast-stitch detail in soft leather upper
  • Velcro strap closure for secure and adjustable fit
  • Ortholite footbed provides added support  and padding for all-day comfort
  • 1 ½ inch heel for a dressy feel
  • Available in black and taupe
  • Slip on sandal
  • Comfortable leather upper, with coUnntrast-stitch and stud detailing
  • Velcro strap across top to provide secure fit
  • Soft suede lining reduces friction that causes blisters and chafing
  • Shock absorbent rubber outsole
  • Available in black and taupe
  • Slip-on wedge heel loafer style shoe
  • Soft, flexible full grain leather upper
  • Super soft lambskin leather lining reduces blisters and chafing
  • Removable leather insole that reduces sweating and can be cleaned or replaced
  • Ultra Flex outsole is lightweight and absorbs pressure to reduce foot stress and fatigue
  • 1 inch heel for a business casual look
  • Available in black
  • Casual leather sandal with contrast stitch
  • Velcro closure for a comfortable and secure fit
  • Suede lining is soft, breathable and reduces foot friction
  • Padded and cushioned insole for optimal comfort
  • Available in brown
  • Dress-casual boat shoe-style loafer
  • Nubuck leather upper
  • Leather and synthetic lining is breathable, reduces sweat
  • Ortholite footbed provides great comfort for all-day wear
  • EVA outsole provides additional support and shock absorption, while being resistant to wear and tear
  • Elastic gores at the neck for easy wear
  • Available in black and taupe
  • Classic dress shoe
  • Soft, flexible full-grain leather upper
  • Lambskin lining creates luxurious feel that is breathable and prevents foot friction
  • Removable leather insole can be washed or replaced, and allows foot to breathe
  • Ultra Flex EVA outsole absorbs pressure to reduce foot stress, and is durable against wear and tear
  • Available in black, brown and chocolate