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Timberland Shoes

Timberland Shoes and Boots: A Welcome Addition to Any Wardrobe

There are shoes that work find for one occasion and that’s it. While you do need those from time to time, isn’t it nice to know you have a pair or two in the closet that can come in handy in a number of different settings? That’s what you get when you decide to buy a pair of Timberland shoes.

You’ve heard of Timberland shoes before. In fact, you probably know at least a few people who already own more than one pair. Isn’t it time that you decided to add these shoes or boots to your wardrobe? If you need convincing, consider how these will be a wonderful addition to your collection of footwear. Then think about how much more you can do once that first pair is in hand and you try them for one outing.

They Take You More Places Than Most People Realize

Perhaps you know of Timberland shoes because of their reputation as one of the premiere outdoor choices for footwear. Without a doubt, that is one of their primary functions. You can bet that they will take you to all sorts of outdoor venues and activities. What you may not realize is that you don’t have to ever set foot on a wilderness trail or go on a hiking trip to love every minute of wearing a pair of Timberland boots or shoes.

They will actually take you to places that you never considered before. For example, nothing looks quite as nice with a pair of jeans on Casual Fridays. You’ll also find that if you prefer to wear something that’s not quite so casual on those days when the dress code is less formal, the right pair will also look great with your khaki slacks.

Do you plan on spending Saturday running errands? You can be that slipping on a pair of Timberlands will work find for all the walking that awaits you. They’ll feel great while you do the grocery shopping, stop by the pharmacy, and even while you’re picking up your dry cleaning.

Never forget that they are also comfortable to wear when you decide to grab a bite to eat with friends. Should all of you decide to take in an afternoon matinee at a local playhouse or movie theater, your feet will feel wonderful the entire time. From the moment you slip them on until you get home at night, your feet are supported, comfortable, and just the right temperature.

That Little Something That’s Unexpected

Do you like to come up with ways to accent your outfit that’s a little different from what others do? You can bet that those Timberland shoes can be just as much fun as they are comfortable. The only limitations in terms of what outfit they will work with is your imagination.

You already know they look great with jeans. Have you thought about how they would pair with a shirt dress made using some colorful fabric? What about some type of A-frame dress made using denim? Add a belt that happens to be the same color and similar material to your Timberlands and you’ve got something that’s sure to catch the eye. When you’re in the mood to hit a club while decked out in a daring leather outfit, those same shoes will add a bit of fun without softening the look at all.

Always In Fashion

Shoe designs appear on the scene and are hot for a short time. Once they have peaked, no one wants to see them again. That’s fine if you only paid a small amount for them, but do you really want a closet full of footwear that was hot yesterday and may never be in style again?

When you invest in Timberland shoes and boots, forget about them ever going out of style. They’ve been around for over a century and no one is thinking of placing them in the discard pile yet. Instead, you can count on them to be that perfect pair of footwear when nothing else will do. While it’s true that you probably don’t want to show up wearing them with a tuxedo or a formal gown (then again, maybe you would!) they will still serve you well long after those other trendy shoes are simply too old-fashioned to wear.

A Nice Way to Add Height Without Anyone Noticing the Heel

One benefit that you may not think about is how Timberland shoes can add a hint of height without anyone looking down to see if you are wearing heels. The difference is so subtle that it really won’t be noticeable on people who happen to be taller anyway. If you are of a shorter stature, you will definitely notice that you’re closer to eye level with other people. They may sense that something is different, but they won’t be sure exactly what it happens to be. It’s up to you to tell them if you like.

Depending on the outfit you are wearing, this slight difference in height may also help your legs to visually look a little longer. Again, the difference is subtle, but it’s enough for you to notice. Others will too, although they won’t be sure exactly what’s happening.

Shoes and Boots That Last When Others Fail

We’ve all been there; spent good money for shoes that looked great and promised to be high in quality. Three months later, they look as if they were tossed off a skyscraper and encountered a flock of geese on the way down. There’s nothing left to do but get rid of them and try to find something that will last longer.

That something happens to be a pair of Timberland shoes or boots. Long after your other boots and shoes have become embarrassments that neither look or feel good, your Timberlands will still be going strong. They’re easy to care for and they will look great even after you wear them in the rain, the snow, or while making your way down a dusty trail.

At the end of the day, give them a good cleaning. When morning comes, they will be ready for another round. Even as other elements of your wardrobe come and go, those Timberland shoes will still be going strong.

Something for All Genders

How many types of footwear are actually fine for all genders? Not that many. Timberland shoes and boots happen to rank among the most popular for people who love the idea of having footwear that is perfect for the entire family. Do you and your significant other happen to wear the same size? Have fun sharing different pairs with one another. Even if the two of you don’t need different sizes, it’s easy enough to find most designs in the same colors.

Of course, you may not want things to match completely. Each of you can choose a different design or color if you like. It’s all about personal expression while still letting the world know the two of you have chosen to travel this world together.

Warm, Cozy, and They Protect Too

There are times when the day is rough and you feel as if nothing has gone right. On those days, isn’t it nice that your feet still feel great? Your hair may be ruined from the rain, but your feet are still nice and dry. Maybe the wind chill has left your cheeks red and your hands feeling like two ice blocks, but those Timberland shoes have your feet feeling warm and cozy. That says a lot for the quality.

Don’t overlook how well the shoes and boots protect your feet from other issues. The material is ideal for protecting the feet when you walk through brambles. Thanks to the quality of the soles, you have a good chance of not sustaining an injury if you should happen to step on something sharp. How many other brands can offer you so much in the way of comfort and protection?

You Name The Season and They Still Come In Handy

Some types of footwear are designed for one season and that’s it. Others will get you through a couple. When you own a pair of Timberland shoes, they are ideal for any season. You can wear them in the city any time of the year. During the cooler months, they help keep the feet dry and warm. In the spring, they are perfect for getting out of the house after spending all that time indoors. When summer rolls around, put on a pair when you want to go exploring but want to keep your feet safe. Whether hiking in shorts or wearing thermal underwear under your jeans, that same pair of Timberlands will be right there with you.

Are you convinced? Now is the time to learn a little more about Timberland shoes and how you can find a pair that’s perfect for you. Once you try that first pair, you will be back for more.

Timberland shoes have served the footwear and apparel industry since 1918. Timberland shoes blends outdoor performance with casual inspiration. Hike, boat, or relax with innovation and comfort for the outdoor way of life. An insole-to-outsole design encompassing: Strobel construction for flexibility, advanced arch support offering medial and lateral support, contoured shock diffusion plate in the heel, and outsole lug placement for natural foot movement. Over time, Timberland shoes and boots have come to stand for humanity, humility, integrity, and excellence.

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