Mephisto & Josef Seibel Shoes – High Quality Summer Footwear in the Calgary Area

If you’re looking for the very best footwear to enjoy the upcoming Calgary summer, you should strongly consider Josef Seibel shoes or Mephisto shoes. Both of these brands offer top quality footwear that you can be comfortable in whether you’re walking through the city or taking a stroll through one of the many parks or natural wonders nearby. Walking on a Cloud offers both Josef Seibel shoes and Mephisto shoes, allowing you to find the footwear that is right for you.

Rugged but Breathable Shoes

Most Josef Seibel shoes have a rugged look and feel to them, thanks in large part to the high quality of the materials used to craft them. Josef Seibel shoes are ideal for summer activities that take you outside during the warm Calgary summer, be it for a tour through the Rockies or a trip to Dinosaur Provincial Park. Mephisto shoes also have a rugged look to them but feature a wider variety of open toe models. This makes Mephisto shoes especially good for activities in the city proper, whether it be a trip to the Telus Spark science museum or a tour of stately Lougheed House. Your options in Calgary are vast and varied, and both Josef Seibel shoes and Mephisto shoes provide you a way to enjoy these activities in style.

Getting Ready for Summer Weather

The summer weather Calgary is often warm and dry, with high temperatures reaching into the mid-20s in July and August. Each summer month provides about a week’s worth of rainy days, which means that you have well over three quarters of the season to enjoy the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. Josef Seibel shoes provide protection against even the most extreme weather. Depending on the style of shoe you select, you could conceivably wear these well into the fall or even winter. Although the same can be said for Mephisto shoes, the majority of these shoes are designed with an eye toward summer, focusing on foot comfort rather than all-season use.

Choosing Shoes at Walking on a Cloud

Regardless of whether you want Josef Seibel shoes or Mephisto shoes, Walking on a Cloud offers literally hundreds of selections. This includes men’s and women’s footwear, with shoe styles ranging from formal to casual. The prices for both Josef Seibel shoes and Mephisto shoes ranges from high end luxury to selections that are affordable even on a tight budget. Mephisto shoes tend to be slightly higher priced than Josef Seibel shoes, but both have many choices in an affordable range. With sales and deals available at Walking on a Cloud, you can get an even better range of options, depending on your needs.

Both Josef Seibel shoes and Mephisto shoes represent a place where fashion and functionality meet. Your final decision may seem difficult because there are so many different choices available to you, but you can rest assured that no matter what you choose from Walking on a Cloud’s selection, you will get quality and comfort.