How to Choose Best Men’s Winter Boots in Canada?

Winter is literally at your doorstep and you’ve just realized that you don’t have winter boots! Indeed, the Converse shoes you had the previous winter aren’t of use at all because now when you sold your car you will have to catch TTC and, believe it or not, you will be freezing at bus stops.


freezing man at the bus stop without winter boots

It always happens just like that: you wake up, look out of the window, see the snowstorm outside and furiously start seeking for winter shoes to put on and get to work. So, this article is called to help you out in advance to find the best men’s winter boots in Canada.

3 Things to Remember When Searching for Men’s Winter Boots


  • Excellent insulation and natural materials

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The first thing that comes to mind is that regardless of brand or price any pair of men’s winter boots must stand the test of severe winter that Canadian forecast keeps on promising. In fact, firm sole and genuine leather with fur inside should be taken into account when you are going to spend several hundreds of your hard earned money. And this far more important than a brand logo or the style that is all the rage. You obviously don’t want to freeze in fancy shmancy shoes, do you?


  • Affordable price

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Another thing is definitely price. Regardless of what you are doing for living you should take care of the expenditures and when it comes to winter clothing or winter boots, these items have always been pricey in Canada. Want it or not, we have up to six months of cold weather in our “True North”. Foreigners who come to Canada are shocked by the prices for Canada Goose stuff. Almost same feelings they have when they see the prices for Sorel, Merrell, Timberland or Ecco men’s winter boots. But to be frank, you have no choice. And if you do care about your health, be ready to let $200+ go out of your pocket and praise Canada for that!


  • Extended warranty

60 days guarantee on mens winter shoes

Next thing to consider is warranty. Indeed, all type of stuff you are getting from BestBuy will be offered with extended warranty, which you have to pay for extra! Here is a different story: men’s boots warranty must be included in the price and, believe it or not, you need to have it extended for at least 60 days. Canadian severe winter conditions have their own agenda when it comes to wearing shoes. Luckily, a lot of shoe stores provide this option and you’d better take this warranty. Anyway, winter boots are not a pack of timbits you regularly treat yourself with.

Finally, there is no universal guide on how to buy men’s boots in Canada and save but the main priority for winter boots is to protect your feet from the cold, so comfort, brand name, ease of cleaning and online reviews are also to be taken into account when you are shopping for men’s winter shoes.

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These Women’s Sorel Boots Will Keep Your Feet Warm and Protected This Winter

Cold Weather will be around for some time. Instead of staying inside, why not get out and enjoy the snow? With the right type of footwear, you can go about your business and make the most of the crisp air, sunshine, and have fun making snow people. If you are in need of shoes or boots that are appropriate for being outside during the winter, look no further than Sorel boots and shoes for women. Every pair comes with features you will enjoy throughout the season.

These Women's Sorel Boots Will Keep Your Feet Warm and Protected This Winter

Waterproof Construction

One of the first things you should know about Sorel winter shoes and boots is that the designs are waterproof. You already know that feet can get cold quickly when there’s snow on the ground, or when the snow begins to turn to slush. It’s important to have footwear with tight shells that keep moisture from seeping in. With Sorel footwear, you can rest assured there is always a barrier between your feet and anything that could make them wet.

Superior Seams

One of the reasons that Sorel footwear is so popular has to do with the stitching. The sealed seams go a long way toward keeping the warmth inside while also keeping the cold at bay. Whether you are making your way down a street covered in a fresh coat of snow or attempting to walk through melting snow with bits of ice in the mix, the seams ensure that nothing is able to reach your feet. That makes it all the easier to get where you are going no matter what the weather is like today.

Outsole Offers Outstanding Traction

Remaining upright as you head for the bus stop or decide to take a walk in the park is a primary goal. Unfortunately, the ice can make it more difficult to maintain your balance. You need footwear that is capable of helping you remain in an upright position for as long as you want.

The nice thing about women’s Sorel shoes and boots is that they come with outsoles that are built to provide all the traction needed to navigate icy surfaces. The design allows the outsole to grip the icy surface easier. As a result, you are less likely to find your feet slipping along as you attempt to carry your purchases from the supermarket from the car to your front door. They will also come in handy if you are attempting to hurry along the street so you get back to work before the end of your lunch hour.

Fluffy Faux Fur Cuffs

Who says that winter footwear only includes practical elements? It is possible to have a few that serve a purpose and look great. One example is the fur cuffs that come with many Sorel winter boot designs.

The faux fur used for the cuffs helps to add a decorative touch to the boots. You’ll also find that it’s easy to clean. That comes in handy if a passing car happens to drench your boots in a combination of slush and ice.

Along with being decorative, the cuffs do serve a practical purpose. They help to minimize the flow of cold air around the tops of your boots. Thanks to this benefit, it’s easier to keep your calfs warmer. That’s especially important if you are out and about during January in the Greater Toronto area.

Removable Inner Boot

Inside the boot, you find something else that will help keep your feet warm during the worst of the winter weather. Many Sorel boot designs come with an inner boot made of materials capable of retaining body heat. When combined with a shell that keeps the feet safe from precipitation, the result is that you don’t have to deal with cold toes by the time you get where you are going. Instead, your feet remain warm for the entire trip.

The fact that the inner boot is removable also comes in handy. Sorel offers a selection of inner boot replacements, so you can always keep a spare set on hand. When you want to wash one pair, simply replace them with a fresh set. That means you always have inner boots that smell nice and allow you to head out at a moment’s notice.

Choose From Simple to Rugged to Stylish Boot Designs

Every woman has her own unique style. It may share some elements with others, but the result is always a little different. Why should your choice of footwear be any different?

Some brands only offer a few basic designs for winter boots. That’s not the case with Sorel. Whatever your tastes or preferences, it will be easy to find boots that are right for just about any occasion.

Perhaps you prefer to keep things simple. There are designs that sport a minimum of ornamentation while still providing excellent protection from the winter weather. Suede that is treated to resist the damp and cold is available with some designs and provides a hint of style. Other designs include elements that take away nothing from the practical function of the boots b but do help to accent your choice of winter attire. It’s even possible to coordinate your boots with the type of winter coat and gloves you choose to wear.

Great Prices

While you want winter boots that protect your feet and look great, there is only so much that you can afford to spend. Remember that when you make a purchase at a Sorel boots sale, you are investing in something that will last several seasons. Assuming you go with a design that will remain popular from one year to the next, it will be easy to wear the boots through many winters. Compare that to settling for an inferior brand and having to replace them every couple of years.

If you could use a new pair of winter boots, spend some time checking out Sorel designs today. Take a look at the features and see which ones would work best for you. Once you purchase one pair of Sorel winter boots, it’s a safe bet that you will be back for more.

Why Hunter Boots Are So Popular

Are you looking for the right type of foot protection for the winter months? Perhaps you would also like boots that are ideal for working around the farm during the warmer months. It’s hard to go wrong with Hunter Boots. In fact, there are a number of reasons why people choose this brand over others. Here are some of the factors that make these boots an enduring option for many consumers.

Why Hunter Boots Are So Popular

The History

Hunter shoes, boots, and accessories have been around for a long time. First manufactured by the North British Rubber Company in 1856, the focus was originally on work boots that made it easier to be productive during the harsh winter months. They were also effective for keeping the feet dry during the rainy season.

Over time, the popularity of the boots spread to other parts of the world. That was due to the fact that the boots met and often exceeded the expectations of consumers. As the company’s reputation continues to expand, more people discover the boots every year and choose to add them to their footwear collections.

The Choice of Materials

One of the reasons that Hunter has remained a viable brand even as competitors have fallen by the wayside is the materials used for the boots and accessories. Not content to rest on past glories, the company has invested in research and development projects that made it possible to build on the success of the past while improving the quality of everything used to make each pair. That dedication to continually making a good thing better ensures that current and future customers can look forward to spending their hard-earned money on boots that give them the best returns.

The Practical Design

There are many footwear companies that put a great deal of effort into coming up with practical designs. Ecco shoes for women is a prime example. Hunter shoes and boots are another.

The focus is always on making sure the feet remain dry and comfortable no matter what sort of weather is taking place. During cold seasons, the combination of the sturdy shell matched with the right inserts ensures that slogging through the snow to get to work will not lead to ice-cold feet. When it’s raining, the boot design also ensures that no precipitation can get to the feet. When the boots are removed, the stockings or socks will be dry right along with the feet. That one element makes people choose Hunter and not even consider settling for any lesser brand.

The Height

Have you ever thought about height being a factor for choosing a pair of boots? Fortunately, the team at Hunter gave that factor quite a bit of thought. The result is a line of their boots that are made especially for people who are a little taller than average.

This is important for two reasons. First, tall people know that boots that barely come to the middle of the calf look somewhat awkward on them. That’s especially true when the boot is obviously designed to reach to just below the knee.

Second, having a boot that does come to just below the knee provides more protection during rough weather. After all, it’s not just about the feet. The consumer also wants protection for the lower legs as well. Hunter provides that for everyone by offering boots that are ideal for people that are taller as well as those who are of average height.

The Long Life

It’s not overstating a fact to say that Hunter makes boots and shoes designed to last for decades. Ask around and it won’t be hard to find someone who has a pair they purchased ten or twenty years ago. Best of all, they have no intention of replacing them at present because they still offer excellent performance.

Think of how many things you purchase and feel fortunate to get four or five years of use from those products. Now compare that with the idea of buying a pair of boots and being able to wear them regularly until all the children are grown. That type of durability is sure to make any type of boot popular.

While you may not think of footwear as something you want to last for a long time, there are exceptions. Consider the fact that Birkenstock shoe designs are considered timeless and never go out of style. Knowing that they will last for years and still provide excellent support is one of the reasons they are still around today.

The same is true with Hunter. While style is not the main consideration, the fact that they are do durable appeals to people who love to get all the use they can from whatever they purchase.

The Cost Savings

One of the benefits of lasting for so many years is that Hunter boots and shoes are one of the most cost-effective options for footwear on the market. It’s true that you would pay more for the initial purchase compared to other brands. It’s also true that one pair of Hunter shoes or boots could easily last two or three times as long as the competition.

Take a look at what you pay for that single pair of Hunter boots. How does that price stack up when you consider the cost of purchasing two or maybe three pairs made by another company? It will be easy to see why spending a little more on the front end will save a lot in the years to come.

If you’ve never really looked at Hunter boots and accessories before, today is the ideal time to check them out. Pay close attention to the designs and how they provide such excellent protection from the elements. Look up some reviews and find out why other people find them to be such a great buy. Remember to find out more about the removable insoles, the mushrooms, and the other accessories that you can purchase to go with your boots. It won’t take long to see why this purchase will be one of the best investments you make this year.

5 Reasons Why Sorel Boots Are the Perfect Winter Investment

Winter weather means paying close attention to your wardrobe choices. That includes the type of footwear you choose for outside. Many people prefer Sorel boots when there is snow on the ground or the weather is a mixture of snow and rain. Here are a few of the attributes that make these boots the perfect choice for the colder months.

5 Reasons Why Sorel Boots Are the Perfect Winter Investment

Ideal for Keeping the Feet Dry

The last thing you need as you make your way to work or to run errands is wet feet. Paired with the freezing temperatures, it won’t take long for your feet to feel as if they are two solid blocks of ice. Along with being uncomfortable, there is also a real danger of damage to your feet.

If you choose Sorel footwear to get you through the winter, you can rest assured that the boots will prevent your feet from getting wet. No matter what is happening outside, the sturdy shell will repel the precipitation and ensure that whatever socks or insoles you have in the boots, they will be as dry when you reach your destination as when you donned them at home.

Functional in Icy Weather

The design also makes Sorel boots a favorite for the winter months. Thanks to the choice of materials that protect the feet without adding any excess weight, it’s easier to maneuver through ice and snow without tripping or slipping. The design of the outside sole makes it easier to grip whatever surface you are walking across and avoid nasty falls. Since the last thing you want to do on a busy day is end up in an emergency room, it makes sense to invest in a pair of boots that allows you to sustain traction on just about any slippery surface.

All the Comfort You Want

For all the practical benefits that come with Sorel boots on sale, there is also the comfort factor to consider. The cushioning is ideal for your arches, and the boot materials allow your feet to breathe without allowing cold air to seep in. The result is that you can wear the boots for hours if necessary and feel as if you just slipped them on.

Plenty of Support Too

Comfort is only one of the benefits of these boots. You’ll find that the support provided to your feet and ankles is superior to boot designs offered by other companies. That’s important since you would like to get through the winter without having to see a podiatrist. Thanks to the support offered by these boot designs, you won’t have to experience swollen ankles or aching feet at the end of the day.

Lots of Colors and Styles to Select

Not every manufacturer offers multiple colors and styles for winter footwear. By choosing Sorel winter boots, you have quite a few choices. That makes it easier to coordinate your winter boots with whatever else you are wearing that day. If simple is to your taste, there are designs and colors that will fit right in. Perhaps you like winter boots that are fun and come in bright colors. Those are also there for the choosing. Whatever your tastes, Sorel can accommodate you.

Why wait any longer? Take a look at the latest Sorel winter boots and see what you think. There will be at least one pair that is just what you need.