Keen & Clarks Shoes – Durable Shoes for Calgary Residents

How many different activities can you do in Calgary? If you’re an outdoors type, you might enjoy running or hiking in the nearby Rocky Mountains. For people who fit into this category, KEEN shoes provides a rugged but stylish fit for outdoor use. If you want something with flexibility that can be worn for indoor or outdoor activities, Clarks shoes provides one of the largest selections out there. KEEN shoes, Clarks shoes, and more can all be found at Walking on a Cloud.

For Hikes and Excursions

Because of its proximity to the Rocky Mountains, many people like to spend the spring and summer months hiking in the Calgary area. In addition, several areas like Dinosaur Provincial Park provide outdoor entertainment options for residents and visitors alike. While both KEEN shoes and Clarks shoes cater to an active lifestyle, KEEN shoes are especially well-designed for people who like to explore the regions around Calgary. With a rugged design and water resistant fabric used wherever possible, KEEN shoes help to keep feet dry, safe, and comfortable. The brand began in the 21st century and continues to stay on the cutting edge of both design and fashion, providing shoes that are both high quality and attractive to wear.

For City Fun

While the surrounding environment offers many diversions for people in Calgary, there’s a lot to be said for the attractions in the city as well. KEEN shoes have some elegant and fashionable shoe styles available, but this is an area where Clarks shoes really shine. Clarks shoes have both men’s and women’s fashions available, and all of these items provide an emphasis on high quality materials and comfortable designs that let the foot breathe. When you choose to enjoy the many interesting things that Calgary has to offer inside the city, from vistas a Calgary Tower to the interesting animals on display at the Calgary Zoo, Clarks shoes are an excellent choice for you.

History of the Brands

KEEN shoes come from a relatively young but still well-established company. KEEN was established in 2003 in Portland, Oregon, and has gone on to carve out a niche for itself thanks to the quality of the company’s shoes. KEEN shoes and sandals are known for their strong toe support, with sandals sporting a black bumper to protect the wearer’s feet. Clarks shoes come from a much older tradition, with the company boasting a history that dates back into the 19th century. Despite the age of the company, Clarks shoes remain on the cutting edge of modern fashion. Women’s shoes have an understated elegance to them, while men’s shoes tend to have a more rugged look. Both styles provide a lot of flexibility.

Whether you want the cutting edge design of KEEN shoes or the generations of high quality that Clarks shoes offer, you can choose from dozens of different varieties through Walking on a Cloud. Both KEEN shoes and Clarks shoes provide the perfect footwear for a Calgary excursion, so it usually comes down to a matter of design preference and personal style when making your final decision.