Clarks & Keen Shoes – Durable Shoes for Vancouver Residents

Vancouver offers many different activities from beach days to professional gatherings. Regardless of what you have in mind for any given day, having the right footwear is essential. Both KEEN shoes and Clarks shoes provide a range of comfortable, durable shoes that can handle any environment. KEEN shoes help people with an active outdoor lifestyle, while Clarks shoes provide high fashion for both business and outdoors. You can get both of these brands at Walking on a Cloud.

For Enjoying Nature

Vancouver is an area full of natural wonders, and a good pair of rugged shoes can help you explore all that it has to offer. The sneakers and durable sandals offered by KEEN shoes are ideal for exploring areas some of the many wonderful hiking trails in the area, such as the Black Tusk, the Diez Vistas Trail, or Elfin Lakes. You can also select Clarks shoes if you take an easier hiking trail or opt for one of the sneaker varieties that tend to be more rugged for sporting experiences. Both KEEN shoes and Clarks shoes are terrific options for those who are interested in seeing all the wonders of nature that surround the city of Vancouver.

For Touring the City

One of the advantages that KEEN shoes offers is the ability to enjoy a quiet walk through the park just as much as a climb up the side of a mountain. Clarks shoes also provides that level of versatility, but definitely skews closer to the elegant city side of things with most of its shoes. The comfortable cushioned soles of Clarks shoes orthe snug straps of the brand’s sandals are perfect for exploring some of the in-city attractions in Vancouver, such as the urban Stanley Park or the Vancouver Aquarium. There isn’t a clear line to draw between Clarks and KEEN shoes, but somebody who wants to explore both the great outdoors and the in-city attractions of Vancouver can benefit from having a pair of each.

A Closer Look at the Brands

KEEN shoes and Clarks shoes are very different in certain ways but are very similar in terms of their commitment to quality. KEEN shoes came into existence in 2003 and began down the Pacific coast in Portland, Oregon, not too far from Vancouver itself. Despite the youth of the brand, the shoes have quickly gained a reputation for both comfort and quality thanks to the diligent work of the company behind them. Clarks shoes has an older tradition, dating as far back as the 19th century, and has used that time to refine a design and crafting process that has worked remarkably well for generations. Both KEEN shoes and Clarks shoes use the latest footwear technology to provide the best fit possible.

Walking on a Cloud offers a wide range of different KEEN shoes and Clarks shoes for people in the Vancouver area to choose from. No matter where you go or what you do, these brands will see you through and make sure that your feet remain comfortable and dry throughout the day.