Make Your Summer Show Dreams Come True with Clarks Shoes


In 1825, Cyrus and James Clark of Street, Somerset, England created their first pair of shoes. The pair of sheepskin cut-offs set the stage for what would become one of the most popular brands in the world. Today, Clarks is still making summer dreams come true with shoes for just about every occasion. Here are some examples of summertime events that will be even better if you are wearing footwear made by Clarks Shoes.

Sandals for the Beach and Elsewhere

What would summer be without spending some time by the water? Sandals are a wonderful accessory when you spend time at the beach, the lake, or even by the backyard pool. Since you want sandals that are attractive and made of the best materials, it makes sense to check out the designs offered by Clarks. Consider the Brinkley Athol style if you like simplicity.

When the plan is to invest in sandals that are stylish enough to wear to a summer cookout or to go shopping, Leisa Higley Slides are worth a look. They will work nicely with anything from shorts to a summer tea-length dress and still look great.

Something Lightweight and Ideal for General Wear

There are times when you want something casual but not necessarily with an open toe. One solution is to invest in Clarks womens shoes like the Danelly Adira line. These beautiful flats sport a classic design that makes it the perfect slip-on for summer. There’s plenty of support for those days when you want to enjoy hours of shopping or while away the afternoon taking in a movie and having dinner with friends.

What About at the Office?

While it may be summer, there’s still the need to show up for work. Until your vacation comes around, consider purchasing shoes from Clarks that are in line with the season but still dressy enough for the workplace. The Channing Anne is a simple but elegant shoe that will get you through the work day in comfort. Opt for basic black to create a professional look and enjoy the low heel and the ease that comes with wearing slip-ons.

Those Formal Events

Summer does bring formal events as well as casual ones. If you are invited to a wedding or have the chance to attend some type of summer conference or trade show, you need shoes that are attractive and will keep your feet comfortable for hours on end. The Heavenly Star with it’s medium heel and comfortable slip-on design is the perfect answer. The basic black is dressy enough for any type of business event while still providing the comfort you want. This shoe will also work well if you need to attend a formal evening event or look your best at a wedding.

The bottom line is that Clarks has designs that will serve you well no matter what sort of summer plans are in the offing. Take the time to learn more about the different designs and choose a pair to try. After you see how stylish and comfortable that first pair happens to be, you will soon be purchasing other pairs for wear at all sorts of occasions.