What Calgary Shoppers Want in New Footwear

With population that exceeds 1,500,000 in the CMA, residents of Calgary have expectations for the types of footwear they purchase. Those expectations often take into consideration what sort of shoes or boots they need for work, how they get around the city, and what the weather’s like. Here are some of the practical features the right shoes must possess in order for Calgary residents to consider them worth their time.

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Durable Materials

Cheap shoes are not of any value in Calgary. Something that will hold up well to a lot of wear is considered an essential. This is true even though it’s estimated that 9 out of 10 Calgary residents drive rather than use public transport or walk where they need to go.

Footwear is often treated as an investment. That means the buyer expects to enjoy enough use to justify the original purchase price. By choosing something that is made with durable materials, the buyer is likely to believe the deal was a good one. Opting for Rockport shoes that are suitable for wear with business attire or going with a design that is perfect for more casual activities is an excellent choice.

Excellent Arch Support

While Calgary is considered to be more of a driving city than some other large Canadian cities, people who live near the City Centre are highly likely to walk instead of take a car or travel on the C train. An estimated 40% of people who live and work in downtown typically walk wherever they need to go.

People who consider walking their primary means of getting around require shoes that provide plenty of arch support. You will find that Clarks footwear has a reputation for keeping the arches aligned naturally. That in turn alleviates pressure on the ankles and lower legs. Even if you do walk to work and to nearby shops instead of driving or taking the train, the right shoes or boots will ensure your leg muscles don’t start cramping in the middle of the night.


Wherever you go, no outfit is complete unless the footwear is a good match. Nothing makes office attire look less than professional like shoes in the wrong color or style. You will also find that wearing dress shoes with some type of casual outfit ruins the effect and will motivate people to look at you for the wrong reasons.

Fortunately, there are footwear manufacturers who offer several lines of products suitable for different occasions. That makes it easy to find something for work that is comfortable and will look great with a minimum of care. Those who like to run or walk for exercise will find those same brands offer shoes ideally suited for those purposes. You can even find fun shoes made of the best materials that will work when you want to wear something a little quirky.

Spend some time today looking for some new shoes. Whether you need something suitable for the moderate temperatures of a Calgary summer or the cold of the winter months, there is sure to be something that is just right.