Give Your Old Style the Boot with These Classic Fall Looks

With fall fast approaching, many people welcome the change in season by making a few changes to their footwear collection. If you fit into this category, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many new Clarks, Keen and Taos shoes available. This will enable you to own a different pair to match each of your favorite fall and winter outfits.

  1. Clarks Shoes

These beautifully crafted shoes have been on the market since 1825 and the Clarks name is synonymous with durability and comfort. Each of the products in their range is also manufactured by using the socially responsible methods and processes possible. The range includes numerous dressy and casual shoes and sandals in classic and modern styles, ensuring that they can be worn at the office or while relaxing.

Most shoes in the Clarks range have been manufactured with ActiveAir technology in the soles, which helps to minimize chafing and perspiration, while also enhancing air flow around the feet. This enables them to be worn as comfortably as possible for long periods of time, making them ideal for people who spend more than a few hours a day standing.

  1. Taos Shoes

Although the vast majority of Taos shoes are open-toed, there are many days leading up to fall that are still pleasantly warm enough to enjoy wearing them. High quality fabrics and materials ensure that these shoes will last for many years, and the available range of styles mean that there is sure to be at least one pair that will be a perfect match for your wardrobe.

An added benefit of Taos shoes is that they are available is flat and heeled options so you are able to wear them when you are out on the town with girl friends or while you’re negotiating the most important deal ever in the boardroom. For chillier days, there are a few closed toe options available as well.

  1. Keen Shoes

While most people only tend to associate Keen shoes with rugged outdoor styles, this is no longer the case. Over the past few years, this company has released an extensive range of different styles – all of which are known for providing superior levels of durability and comfort. This means that men and women are able to choose from various sandals, shoes, Mary Janes, elastic sandals, water shoes, work boots, hiking and casual boots and slip on shoes. Keen is one of a few companies that offer many of its models in different color options, enabling everyone to choose their favorite color when shopping for new shoes.

When shopping for replacement shoes to compliment your fall wardrobe, it’s essential that your choices be based on comfort and durability as well as appearance. Here at, we only sell shoes from the most well-known and reputable brands. If you would like to add a few new pairs of top quality footwear to your collection, visit our site and view our range today.