Shoe Trends for 2019

Shoes are a product of daily use. Actually, a huge percentage of people worldwide own shoes. Manufacturers make over 20 billion pairs of shoes annually.

Shoe Trends in 2019

The huge numbers are a clear indication that the shoes market is a lucrative one.

2019 is right here with us! How time flies, right?

So what will characterize the shoe industry this year and beyond?

2019 Footwear Market Overview

According to projections, the Global Footwear Market will gain $371.8 billion by 2020 thus registering an approximate CAGR of 5.5% for the forecast period between 2015 and 2020.

What is for sure is the fact that the shoes industry has been steadily growing in the recent past.

Analysis of the report featured different types of footwear comprising of both non-athletic and athletic shoes utilized by people of all gender and age groups.

The ever-rising demand for trendy, fancy, yet comfortable shoes among different age groups is a vital factor that’s driving the international footwear industry.

The factors that segment the global shoe industry include:

  • Type of footwear
  • Materials used
  • End users of shoes
  • Platforms for sale
  • Sales across different geographies

Asian countries such as India and China are the leading exporters of leather shoes across developed nations like U.S and UK.

Rising health concerns are now influencing folks to perform outdoor and indoor physical activities. Consequently, there’s a huge demand for athletic shoes, which in turn increases the demand for general shoes.

In 2019 and beyond, there’ll be a rise in demand for shoes.

The estimations of the international market figures are based on the revenues generated by sales across various geographic regions.

Players in the market will focus on expanding their channels of sales through several web portals in different regions.

Presently, online platforms for buying footwear are progressively gaining popularity especially among youths and teenagers, hence occupying a huge share among the various distribution channels.

To maintain market positions, the leading companies such as ECCO, Nike, Timberland, Merrell and Adidas among others are coming up with new solutions that focus on offering better services. They’re also focusing on upgrading the designs of the current footwear models.

For example in 2015, PUMA one of the leading shoes manufacturers launched a super lightweight boot that featured impressive Japanese dragon Graphics tailored for the soccer lovers. Through the launch, the company was able to rake in more customers.

Amidst the dynamic competitive landscape, there’s no doubt that the shoe industry will scale to new heights.

Moreover, moving forward, companies will use different platforms and events such as F1 car racing events or Olympic Games with the aim of promoting themselves worldwide. They’ll also continue collaborating with renowned international sports platforms to promote their brand. A good example was the collaboration between Adidas and Manchester United in 2014.

The Trends

The advent of customized and smart footwear is top on the list of trends that’ll be witnessed in the international shoe market not only in 2019, but beyond.

Customized and smart shoes are currently trending especially in the universal online footwear market.

Vendors have adopted personalization and customization to diversify their portfolio.

The introduction of technically advanced and innovative customizable and smart footwear not only attracts but also motivates clients to invest in them.

For example, smart footwear like step-counting shoes are gaining popularity principally among those engaged in fitness and athletic activities.

The rise in demand for innovative shoes and high level of customization will spur the growth in the shoes market in 2019 and beyond.

Shoe Trends for Women in 2019

The start of every year is the best time to be on the lookout for trends that’ll characterize the shoe industry. When it comes to shoes in 2019, the rule of thumb is the louder, the better! Be on the lookout for bold and maximalist shoes – the likes with dramatic silhouettes, crystals, and feathers.

If you’re a woman who’s into style and latest trends, here are some of the shoe trends expected to take over this year:

  • Strappy Sandals – Granted, strappy sandals have been in existence for quite some time. However, a much sleeker look is taking over now. Think along the line of super-thin straps that feature minimalist designs. The modern sandals will instantly bump up even the simplest pair of jeans.
  • Animal Prints – Most fashion gurus consider animal prints neutrals for a reason. From cheetah to snakeskin, manufacturers will channel their animal instincts by trying out a variety of ankle boots, tall boots, and mules in bold prints.
  • Sporty Sandals – It might be 2019! However, there’s no doubt that the ‘90s are still playing a major in the current trends within the fashion industry. It’s high time you dust off your Teva-inspired sandals and flat forms.
  • Embellished Heels – There’s more to embellished heels than just rhinestones and crystals. This year, there’ll be an expansion of the available options to distinct details such as wooden spheres, beads, and seashells.
  • Statement Trainers – Statement trainers are the sparkly cousin to the normal sneakers that you’re used to. Gucci was the pioneer of the uber-cool crystal-strapped kicks. Others designers followed suit.
  • Western Boots – While cowboy boots have been a darling of many for a couple of seasons, a new mash-up style is gaining traction. Presently and in the months to come, you’ll notice ‘80s influence in the silhouettes, accents, and details.
  • Bows – Bow shoes are perhaps among the sweetest trends among the bunch. Bow-clad shoes will definitely take center stage this year all thanks to Saint Laurent, Pyer Moss, and Zimmerman. Whether you put them on the front of your strappy heels or backs of pumps, they’ll surely add a beautiful detail that you’ll get tied up in.
  • Feathers – Shoes detailed with feathers are the night-ready and glamorous trend in this list. While most flats featured plumage in the yester years, heels adorned with feathers will steal the show not only on the runways but also in the streets.
  • PVC – Undeniably, PVC shoes are having their moment again. Last year, clear footwear of different types was featured on the runways of Mary Katrantzou, Alexa Chung, Balmain, and Marc Jacobs. You need to get your pedicure right in 2019.

Shoe Trends for Men in 2019

As a man, you must have a pair of shoes for every occasion. After all, the right pair can quickly break or make your look. Therefore, if you desire to appear stylish, it’s prudent to always have the right shoes at hand to not only complete but also complement your ensemble.

From attending an official gala to running errands, men should have a collection of footwear to fashionably see them through different occasions.

The following are the top trendy men’s shoes for 2019:

  • The Brogue – Initially, the concept behind the brogue was a more utilitarian shoe compared to what most men wear it today. Creators of the shoe originally put the perforations and holes to drain water after crossing swamps and bogs in muddy Ireland. Today’s brogue command a little more respect and will continue to do so moving forward. For casual days, opt for brighter brogues while on formal occasions, put brown ones. The golden rule to brogues is, the more broguing the shoe features, the less formal it ought to be.
  • The Suede Chukka – In the recent past, Chukkas have definitely surged back in popularity. The shoe is a round-toe and minimal, ankle-high boot featuring only 2 – 3 lacing eyelets. Conventionally featuring just two panels, their style isn’t big on embellishments. In 2019, you need to choose a pair of cream or tan suede chukkas as an addition to your wardrobe. The shoes are best for casual events. They offer an elegant and classy alternative to sneakers. You can combine them with a pair of chinos or jeans coupled with a polo shirt for an ideal look. Combining the shoes with a sports jacket makes the outfit appear more approachable.
  • The Leather Boot – The thing with leather boots is that their range is so wide that one can get carried away and fall victim to a boot-buying habit. For sure, very few boots can convey the kind of personality the boot does. With continued wear, your boot starts to tell a story. Well-worn pairs of creased boots boast their own character. For the winter, you must have leather lace-up boots. For en edgier, causal aesthetic, you need to choose an ankle-high, dark brown or black boot. By investing in a quality pair of leather boots, you’re certain that they’ll last you many years to come.
  • The Loafer – The Loafer, originally of Scandinavian origin, has transformed into a sartorial style of preppy culture. In fact, it’s currently a streamlined shoe style. Lace-free or low loafers are surely a mainstay of smart casual dress. They’ll remain a favorite shoe style especially for the summer months. A pair of brown loafers will work excellently for both formal and casual looks. Navy is also an amazing color to consider. It works brilliantly to complement tones such as greens, beige, and whites. Beige also suites neutrals well. It complements tanned skin excellently.
  • The Running Sneaker – The running sneaker is one of the most functional shoes in the list. Every man needs to have a pair of comfortable yet stylish running sneakers for every wardrobe. Although running sneakers are tailored to feel good instead of looking good, it’s important to know a few tips on how to choose the best pair. If you’re into versatility, opt for a style that features minimal branding. The bright colors work excellently for those that desire a statement street look. White running sneakers will certainly appear bruised and beaten within a few weeks. Therefore, they’re best if you have a great shoe care routine.
  • The Oxford – Unlike with the derby shoe that features an open lacing system, the Oxford features a closed lacing system. Its design was originally a plain shoe that was made of leather. Nonetheless, over the years, much has evolved. It now includes a wide range of detailing and fabrics. For casual events, the shoe looks great in tan color.
  • The White-Low Top Trainer – White low tops are great when you style them with some black pair of jeans to achieve a monochromatic look. If you feel that chukkas or boots are too much but you want to portray a casual look, then white trainers are a fantastic option.

Global Online Shoes Market – Growth of M-Commerce and E-Commerce

The huge rise in demand for m-commerce and e-commerce such as online channels worldwide is one of the major factors that’ll positively affect the growth of online footwear market this year and moving forward. This trend is also supported by the increase of the amount of personal loan companies as well as merchant cash advance loan companies in Canada.

The growth of the international footwear market will drive the development of online shoes market.

The other reason that’ll inform the growth of the market is the rising demand for user-friendly comfortable shoes, smart shoes and customized footwear.

Because the international commerce industry has been exponentially growing, huge volumes of shoes are now being sold via the online channel.

The rise in cross-border e-commerce trade will positively impact the volume of the online shoe shipments.

How Disruptions and Sanctions of EU and U.S Trade Influence the Choice of European Shoe Brands

Sometimes last year, June to be precise, in reprisal, the European Union introduced tariffs on goods from the United States. This came as a high-ranking representative launched an all-out new attack on the United States President’s policy on trade.

The sanctions and disruptions will cost more than £2.4bn (€2.8bn) worth of goods from the United States.

The officials imposed tariffs on goods such as orange juice, motorcycles, bourbon whiskey, and footwear.

According to the commission’s president, the duties imposed by the United States on the European Union go against ‘’all history and logic.’’

According to the World Trade Organization, the statement on sanctions affecting footwear reads as follows;

‘’Men’s shoes with uppers and outer soles of leather, with in-soles greater or equal to 24 cm in length (excluding covering the ankle, or including a protective metal toecap, that’s made on a platform or base of wood, without in-soles, with upper made of straps or with a vamp, orthopedic footwear indoor footwear, and sports footwear.)’’

So how will the sanctions and disruptions of EU and US trade influence the choice of European shoe brands?

The world is turning into a global village. It simply means that countries can consume products from all over the world through imports. However, when such disruptions and sanctions take center stage, it becomes very difficult to buy goods from other regions or countries because of either high prices or unavailability.

People become more prone to buying local brands compared to the international ones. The fashion attitudes and preferences of individuals change drastically when barriers to trade come in to effect.

When everything is working excellently (free of sanctions and disruptions), consumers tend to buy foreign shoe brands more regularly compared to the local ones. In fact, they feel proud in buying imported stuff.

Consequently, it’s very important to understand the perception of consumers on foreign brands to the local ones. Studying the consumer perceptions towards local and foreign shoe brand as well as factors that affect their brand preference has huge substantial implications when it comes to marketing.

It’s high time that shoe marketers connect brand preference with the known demographic groups. This is because as the demographic group especially gender and age varies, the same happens to their consumption for various brands and style of shoes. Additionally, as age increases, along with its direct buying power, it influences other preferences as well.

For shoe manufacturers to reach all categories of the market, it’s important they know exactly what clients prefer. They should also understand the factors that influence their preferences as well as buying choices depending on their profile. Therefore, it’s paramount to study both consumer brand preference and the antecedence taking age/gender as baseline.

Growth of European Economy and How It’s Affecting the Footwear Market

An important trend in the European market is the fact that the economy is gradually recovering from the severe recession a couple of years back. According to the European Commission forecasts, there’ll be a modest growth of roughly 3% in 2019 and 2020. The biggest growth in 2020 is the forecast for edges of Europe with countries such as Slovakia, Spain, Poland, Ireland, and Romania topping the charts.

Of great importance to note is that the economic recovery is affecting the footwear market positively.

A study by the Transparency Market Research indicates that the footwear market in Europe particularly will record moderate compound yearly growth rates of 1.5% by 2021.

Some of the major drivers of the rise in demand for footwear include:

  • Growth of eco fashion footwear
  • Increased e-commerce
  • Changing lifestyles such as people taking part in exercise more and being more health-conscious

Although buyers remain price-conscious and cautious, they’ll definitely be eager to tap to the growth opportunities. In fact, most of them will search for new suppliers, mainly in the low-cost countries.