Rieker & Rockport Shoes to Wear Proudly in Vancouver This Summer

Whether you plan to hit the hiking trails or enjoy the beaches of Vancouver this summer, the right footwear is absolutely necessary. For comfortable shoes that are always in fashion, Rieker shoes offer durable men’s and women’s shoes as well as comfortable sandals. If you enjoy leather or canvas shoes that still let your foot breathe, Rockport shoes are another good option. You can get both Rieker shoes and Rockport shoes right at Walking on a Cloud in Vancouver.

Vancouver Summer Weather

Both Rieker shoes and Rockport shoes offer exactly what you need to enjoy the summer weather in Vancouver. While temperatures in the city tend to be mild, they can sometimes spike into the mid 20s or even 30s on a particularly hot day. At the same time, the weather tends to remain fairly dry throughout the summer. That is why both Rieker shoes and Rockport shoes come in a wide range of different sandals and comfortable closed toe shoes. This makes it very easy to navigate the streets without having to touch potentially hot pavement. At the same time, both brands offer rugged alternatives for those who want to enjoy some hiking or wish to tour one of the many natural parks in the Vancouver area.

What the City Offers

Rieker shoes are great for virtually any environment, but people looking to stay in the city of Vancouver and enjoy what it has to offer them might enjoy the elegance of Rockport shoes slightly more. In-city attractions within Vancouver include the Vancouver Aquarium, Science World, the VanDusen Botanical Garden, and much more. All of these destinations require a shoe that speaks highly of the wearer’s fashion while also remaining comfortable should you remain standing for hours at a time. Rockport shoes accomplish this goal admirably. Fans of Rieker shoes needn’t worry, as that brand also matches the needs of most city life.

Going into the Wild

Rockport shoes do handle life outside the city limits well, but Rieker shoes can really shine along the many trails and excursion routes that await for those willing to explore outside of Vancouver. The British Columbian countryside offers dozens of different hiking trails and natural wonders, allowing people who enjoy the great outdoors to explore every nook and cranny they can find. Some of the top attractions include Panorama Ridge, Black Tusk, and the Joffre Lakes. Some of these trails tend to get a little rough or steep at times, so whether you like Rieker shoes or Rockport shoes, you should make sure to seek out a rugged, close-toed variety of the brand of your choice.

Whether you prefer the durable European style of Rieker shoes or the stylish comfort provided by Rockport shoes, you can choose from dozens of different varieties of each brand at Walking on a Cloud. Residents and visitors to the Vancouver area have many activities to choose from this summer, and both Rieker shoes and Rockport shoes will allow you to accomplish all of your summer goals in style.