Top Spring Shoes for Women

Best Spring Shoes for Women

Spring has finally arrived, and that means that you might need new shoes. Even if you have a high-quality pair of women’s shoes that have been waiting for you in your closet all winter, it’s always worth looking to see if you can upgrade. After all, the better you treat your feet in the spring, the better you’ll feel when summer rolls around. Here are some of the top shoe tips for women to consider when you think about spring styles and comfort.

Things to Look for in Spring Shoes

When you start shopping for women’s shoes that work well in springtime, you should consider a few different things. For starters, spring weather is warmer than the winter but not quite as hot as summer. That means that the ideal spring shoe provides a way for your foot to breathe but doesn’t leave it fully exposed to weather than can sometimes trend toward chilly. Additionally, many places in Canada and the United States get hit by rainstorms or even occasional snow flurries in the spring. For this reason, you should make sure that the shoe you choose has enough weather protection to endure some occasionally wet or chilly conditions. Following these essentials can give you function to go along with the stylish form of the shoes listed below.

Changing Shoe Styles

Shoes for women change on a regular basis, and what was once fashionable may now be out of date. Some styles that have shifted in recent years include the removal of stiletto heels in casual shoe fashion. Women who wear shoes with heels now usually opt for a more comfortable architectural heel that provides better support when moving. Because many women live active lifestyles, hybrid sandals that provide lots of room for a foot to breathe while also offering the type of support usually found in a sneaker are also popular. This is especially true in the springtime when women want their feet to remain cool and comfortable. With the changing fashions of 2019 and beyond in mind, here are some of the best brands to look for when you want a comfortable yet stylish spring shoe.


You can find Birkenstock shoes at virtually any women shoes retailer and has been one of the best-selling brands for generations. Going back to the 1700s, the brand has a proud tradition and always provides its customers with great comfort and functionality. You can find Birkenstocks that use natural materials, but the brand has also introduced some environmentally friendly synthetic materials in recent years. Colours typically have an earthy range, although silver and even bright pastels have a place in the line as well. Overall, Birkenstock shoes are one of the best brands for any season. In spring, when mud, wetness, and other weather might damage a lesser pair of shoes, the quality of Birkenstocks shines through extra well.

Some of the most popular Birkenstock shoes for the spring include open toe sandals such as the Mayari line or the extra soft and supportive Gizeh line. The latter highlights some of Birkenstock’s more brightly coloured shoes, offering a sandal in a pink coral variety that goes well with more casual outfits. Those who are worried that cold spring weather might make sandals impossible could opt for the Buckly or Gary lines, which offer comfortable shoes with a closed toe that still provide a lot of breathability. The Boston line is a good in-between choice, offering a closed front but open back and coming in unisex varieties that make them ideal for those who don’t mind a less feminine look on their feet.

Spring Step

As the brand name implies, Spring Step offers a wide variety of shoes that are ideal for spring weather in almost any location throughout Canada. The shoes are designed using methods pioneered years ago in Europe but updated for the use of modern materials and manufacturing techniques. Spring Step strives to provide a perfect combination of quality, comfort, technology, and style to create a line of shoes that virtually everybody can enjoy. Most of the brand’s offerings have open toes, but those who wish for more front-foot protection can also find clogs and boots that provide more warmth and rain resistance.

Specific shoes by Spring Step that people might enjoy include the Tulisa, which is a slip-on shoe with no heel and plenty of breathability. The Tulisa is designed for comfort and is best worn on warm spring days. Both the Alejandra and the Hanna are terrific for people who want sandals but still need to have a somewhat dressy look. Both shoes have high heels, but the heels are sturdy enough to allow for good mobility in multiple different environments. If you want a more rugged look, the Gaetana is a boot with a medium heel that provides a good combination of colour with leathery browns around the soles. There are, of course, many more options within the Spring Step line, all ideal for spring weather.

Josef Seibel

For those who want shoes that can last through the spring and into the summer while remaining comfortable, Josef Seibel has exactly what you need. Josef Seibel has been making women’s shoes for well over 100 years, with the company’s founding dating all the way back to the 19th century. With a range that goes from comfortable no-heel sandals to elegant high-heel footwear and everything in between, you can find one or more pairs of shoes that work for your spring needs. Unlike many other women’s footwear brands, Josef Seibel caters to those who live an active lifestyle as well, offering sneakers and boots for those who wish to have comfortable feet even while running or hiking.

Women looking for a very simple but stylish sandal might wish to check out the Clea line, which offers a secure no-slip sandal that still leaves the foot well exposed for breathability. The Sunny line is perfect for people who want a more elegant sandal, featuring an intricate design along the straps and providing a heel that is still broad enough to allow for maximum mobility. Those who plan to get in some outdoor activities this spring might wish to check out the Josef Seibel Caren, which is a comfortable sporty sneaker that comes in a range of different colours and designs. You can go for a neutral white or beige with this footwear or something more eye-catching, like the metallic platinum offered by the Caren 01.


Merrell shoes are ideal for people who plan to get some outdoor activity in this spring. Largely consisting of sandals and sneakers, Merrell shoes all have Opti-Shell waterproofing technology that helps keep your feet dry even in wet conditions. If spring starts cold in your part of the world, the combination of Aeroblock and Opti-Warm technologies help keep your feet warm even if you spend a long period outside. Merrell women’s shoes are intended for those who live an active lifestyle and are designed with durability in mind. At the same time, some of the sandals and boots offered by this brand can be used in semi-formal environments if needed.

Women who want to get outside and run would be well suited for the MQM Flex sneaker, which provides excellent arch support and good toe flexibility. This sneaker comes in a variety of colours, from a matte black to highlights with many different shades. In terms of sandals, some excellent options from Merrell include the Sandspur, which is great for warm weather outings, or the Waterpro Pan, which offers a closed toe and excellent moisture protection for more rugged activities. Some of Merrell’s best boots include the Encore KM, which comes in black and tan and can be worn in both indoor and outdoor environments.


Finally, Ducale Imports has offered an excellent variety of high-quality shoes since 1974. Borrowing from European styles and traditions, Ducale shoes are an excellent choice for those who want fashionable footwear. The brand provides mostly sandals and formal shoes, which makes it best for those who enjoy activities in the city or in warm spring environments.

Women seeking a casual sandal that allows them to go anywhere can choose from the Sandal 2 Velcro, which has a pair of top foot straps and an open toe. Designed with leather and sporting a low heel, this is a good option for walking and leisure activities both indoors and outdoors. The Ducale Black Glove is a more formal option, offering a high heel boot with a low ankle cut that is terrific for formal occasions. An in-between option that can be used for both formal and casual activities is the LaPinta, a slip-on shoe with an open toe and a wide heel. The webbing on the top of the LaPinta ensures that you will always have good breathability with this shoe.

You can find these brands and more at Walking on a Cloud. As spring comes in, women have many choices based on their local weather and level of activity. One style doesn’t have to fit all, since there are so many styles from which to choose.