How to Choose Best Men’s Winter Boots in Canada?

Winter is literally at your doorstep and you’ve just realized that you don’t have winter boots! Indeed, the Converse shoes you had the previous winter aren’t of use at all because now when you sold your car you will have to catch TTC and, believe it or not, you will be freezing at bus stops.


freezing man at the bus stop without winter boots

It always happens just like that: you wake up, look out of the window, see the snowstorm outside and furiously start seeking for winter shoes to put on and get to work. So, this article is called to help you out in advance to find the best men’s winter boots in Canada.

3 Things to Remember When Searching for Men’s Winter Boots


  • Excellent insulation and natural materials

high winter boots for men

The first thing that comes to mind is that regardless of brand or price any pair of men’s winter boots must stand the test of severe winter that Canadian forecast keeps on promising. In fact, firm sole and genuine leather with fur inside should be taken into account when you are going to spend several hundreds of your hard earned money. And this far more important than a brand logo or the style that is all the rage. You obviously don’t want to freeze in fancy shmancy shoes, do you?


  • Affordable price

special deals for winter boots in Canada

Another thing is definitely price. Regardless of what you are doing for living you should take care of the expenditures and when it comes to winter clothing or winter boots, these items have always been pricey in Canada. Want it or not, we have up to six months of cold weather in our “True North”. Foreigners who come to Canada are shocked by the prices for Canada Goose stuff. Almost same feelings they have when they see the prices for Sorel, Merrell, Timberland or Ecco men’s winter boots. But to be frank, you have no choice. And if you do care about your health, be ready to let $200+ go out of your pocket and praise Canada for that!


  • Extended warranty

60 days guarantee on mens winter shoes

Next thing to consider is warranty. Indeed, all type of stuff you are getting from BestBuy will be offered with extended warranty, which you have to pay for extra! Here is a different story: men’s boots warranty must be included in the price and, believe it or not, you need to have it extended for at least 60 days. Canadian severe winter conditions have their own agenda when it comes to wearing shoes. Luckily, a lot of shoe stores provide this option and you’d better take this warranty. Anyway, winter boots are not a pack of timbits you regularly treat yourself with.

Finally, there is no universal guide on how to buy men’s boots in Canada and save but the main priority for winter boots is to protect your feet from the cold, so comfort, brand name, ease of cleaning and online reviews are also to be taken into account when you are shopping for men’s winter shoes.

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winter shoes on sale in Canada