Best Shoes for Active & Adventurous Vacation

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to plan a vacation that centers on outdoor activity and adventure. When planning an active and adventurous vacation, don’t forget to add the right pair of shoes to your packing list. In case you are having trouble deciding on the right shoes, we’d like to offer some advice that will help you make your selection.

New Balance Shoes


For any vacation that includes hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing or camping, providing comfort and protection for your feet is a must. Fortunately, the shoes offered by New Balance will do both, while also being incredibly stylish. Made from breathable fibers, you can easily wear these shoes for an extended period of time without having your feet become soaked with sweat. Their tough rubber sole provides adequate cushioning for tender feet, while the flexible upper and sides allow for easy movement wherever your travels take you.

Timberland Shoes


Your adventurous vacation could easily involve a visit to the beach, in which case shoes from the Timberland collection are ideal. While the Timberland shoes we offer for sale are all sandals, they nonetheless are ideal for performing activities such as beachcombing or wading along the shore. They contain a thicker sole that will prevent you from feeling rocks and pebbles underneath your feet. At the same time, their open-toe design will allow you to enjoy the feel of sand or spray of salt water. They are also easy to remove should you decide it’s time to just dive on in the water.

Ecco Shoes


When boating, you may desire shoes that are flexible enough to bend with your feet to make getting in and out of the vessel easier. If so, you’ll want to invest in a pair of Cruise Catalina Moon, Yucatan Port, or Jab 2 Strap Moon Roc shoes. These shoes all have soles that naturally conform to the configuration of your natural foot and easily grip them to provide adequate support. Their comfortable upper straps can easily be adjusted for your own comfort as well. While these shoes do have flexible soles, they are nonetheless somewhat thicker than other types of sandals, meaning they’ll provide incredible protection for your feet as well.

Rockport Shoes


Rockport offers a collection of full leather sneakers that will cushion and support your feet throughout a hard day of golfing, tennis, biking or other strenuous activity. An added bonus is the fact that these shoes also come in a variety of colors, making them a bit more stylish than a traditional athletic shoe. Their XCS T Toe and Zanya Wingtip shoes are a perfect example, being available in both black and red. For something a bit more casual, you may desire a WT Oxford, which can be found in white, black and biscotti.

Don’t wait until it’s time to head out to go shopping for shoes. Now is the time to begin looking for ones that will help you make the most out of your adventurous vacation.

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