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  1. Joan of Arctic Black
    Joan of Arctic Black

    by Sorel Women's Style # 1708791-01 Sku # SORJOANOA01

  2. Tofino 11 Dark Fog
    Tofino 11 Dark Fog

    by Sorel Women's Style # 1690451-07 Sku # SORTOFINO1105

  3. Tofino 11 Black
    Tofino 11 Black

    by Sorel Women's Style # 1690441-01 Sku # SORTOFINO1101

  4. Caribou Wool Burro
    Caribou Wool Burro

    by Sorel Men's Style # 1484801-28 Sku # SORCARIBOUWL02

  5. Tivoli High 11 Quary
    Tivoli High 11 Quary

    by Sorel Women's Style # 1553251-05 Sku # SORTIVOLIH1105

  6. 1964 Pac Grap Black
    1964 Pac Grap Black

    by Sorel Women's Style # 1641261-01 Sku # SOR1964PACG01

  7. Caribou Black
    Caribou Black

    by Sorel Men's Style # 1002871-01 Sku # SORCARIBOU01

  8. Tofino Curry
    Tofino Curry

    by Sorel Women's Style # 1485571-37 Sku # SORTOFINO06

  9. Tivoli High 11 Curry
    Tivoli High 11 Curry

    by Sorel Women's Style # 1553251-37 Sku # SORTIVOLIH1106

  10. 1964 Prem CVS Black
    1964 Prem CVS Black

    by Sorel Women's Style # 1413051-01 Sku # SOR1964CVS01

  11. Winter Carnival Quarry
    Winter Carnival Quarry

    by Sorel Women's Style # 1855081-05 Sku # SORWINTERC05

  12. Caribou Womens Buff
    Caribou Womens Buff

    by Sorel Women's Style # 1003812-28 Sku # SORWCARIBOU06

  13. 1964 Pac Nylon Black
    1964 Pac Nylon Black

    by Sorel Men's Style # 1203471-01 Sku # SORPACNYLON001

  14. Winter Carnival Blk
    Winter Carnival Blk

    by Sorel Women's Style # 1308911-01 Sku # SORWINTERC01

  15. Joan of Arctic Shale
    Joan of Arctic Shale

    by Sorel Women's Style # 1308891-05 Sku # SORJOAN05

  16. Joan of Arctic Nori
    Joan of Arctic Nori

    by Sorel Women's Style # 1308891-38 Sku # SORJOAN07

  17. Joan of Arctic Black
    Joan of Arctic Black

    by Sorel Women's Style # 1308891-01 Sku # SORJOAN01

  18. Caribou Buff
    Caribou Buff

    by Sorel Men's Style # 1002871-28 Sku # SORCARIBOU06

Set Ascending Direction

Items 25-42 of 42


Sorel Boots

A leader in cold weather footwear, Sorel boots are legendary for their warmth, quality and comfort. Using the most advanced lightweight materials, Sorel cold weather boots will keep your feet warm and dry even in extremely cold and wet conditions. Sorel combines the best innovative technology with classic looks and time-tested designs.

Sorel has been the brand of choice for cold weather boots since the middle of the 20th century.Founded in 1962 by the Kaufman Rubber Company, Sorel quickly distinguished itself in the marketplace by offering only the highest quality and greatest level of comfort. Along the way, Kaufman Rubber Company became Kaufman Footwear and set out to make Sorel boots the most popular brand in the world. During the remainder of the 20th century, the name of Sorel became synonymous with cold weather and warm feet.

When Kaufman Footwear declared bankruptcy in 2000, many customers feared that Sorel would be no more. Columbia Sportswear stepped in and purchased the Sorel trademark. As part of the strategy, Columbia maintained the core designs that had made Sorel so popular. Along with those offerings, the new owner developed additional styles intended to appeal to a wider market.

Columbia expanded the Sorel line to include other products suitable for use during the winter and other times of the year. In addition to Sorel shoes and boots, the line now includes nylon underwear and a range of garments designed for wear in different work settings.

With an eye toward providing affordability as well as quality, Columbia began to move the manufacturing for various Sorel products to other parts of the world. While the lines were originally manufactured in Quebec, facilities in China and Vietnam produce the greatest number of Sorel branded products today.

Sorel Winter Shoes

Today, Sorel remains one of the most popular winter boot brands in Canada and many other parts of the world. Designs are available for men, women, and children. Walking on a Cloud is proud to offer Sorel shoes to our customers.
Walking On A Cloud
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