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  1. Karo Black
    Karo Black

    by Naot Women's Style # 11163-280 Sku # NAOKARO280

  2. Kumara Black Pearl
    Kumara Black Pearl

    by Naot Women's Style # 11450-297 Sku # NAOKUMARA297

  3. Timu Violet Nubuk
    Timu Violet Nubuk

    by Naot Women's Style # 11147-RK4 Sku # NAOTIMURK4

  4. Taku Black Raven
    Taku Black Raven

    by Naot Women's Style # 26039-NDM Sku # NAOTAKUNDM

  5. Magnate Cog Brandy
    Magnate Cog Brandy

    by Naot Men's Style # 80006-KB1 Sku # NAOMAGNATEKB1

  6. Helm Pecan Brown
    Helm Pecan Brown

    by Naot Women's Style # 26030-SBP Sku # NAOHELMSBP

  7. Groovy Oily Olive
    Groovy Oily Olive

    by Naot Women's Style # 17607-V82 Sku # NAOGROOVYV82

  8. Groovy Desert Suede
    Groovy Desert Suede

    by Naot Women's Style # 17607-SBU Sku # NAOGROOVYSBU

  9. Timu Black Velvet
    Timu Black Velvet

    by Naot Women's Style # 11147-N42 Sku # NAOTIMUN42

  10. Mikumis Crazy Horse
    Mikumis Crazy Horse

    by Naot Men's Style # 17506-SBB Sku # NAOMIKUMISBB

  11. Magnate Ink Brown
    Magnate Ink Brown

    by Naot Men's Style # 80006-K06 Sku # NAOMAGNATEK06

  12. Soprano Vintage Sl
    Soprano Vintage Sl

    by Naot Women's Style # 35028-NZT Sku # NAOSOPRANONZT

  13. Manyara Saddle Brown
    Manyara Saddle Brown

    by Naot Men's Style # 17502-S91 Sku # NAOMANYARAS91

  14. Manyara Oily Coal NB
    Manyara Oily Coal NB

    by Naot Men's Style # 17502-NDP Sku # NAOMANYARANDP

  15. Formal Beige Gold Th
    Formal Beige Gold Th

    by Naot Women's Style # 40031-WB3 Sku # NAOFORMALWB3

  16. Beatnik Oily Dune
    Beatnik Oily Dune

    by Naot Women's Style # 17601-EA7 Sku # NAOBEATNIKEA7

  17. Beatnik Oily Coal
    Beatnik Oily Coal

    by Naot Women's Style # 17601-B93 Sku # NAOBEATNIKB93

  18. Ostro Black Leather
    Ostro Black Leather

    by Naot Women's Style # 26031-NBA Sku # NAOOSTRONBA

  19. Director Black Raven
    Director Black Raven

    by Naot Men's Style # 80023-NP2 Sku # NAODIRECTORNP2

  20. Goddess Maple Brown
    Goddess Maple Brown

    by Naot Women's Style # 5014-S8Y Sku # NAOGODDESSS8Y

  21. Lisa Khaki
    Lisa Khaki

    by Naot Women's Style # 4460-H46 Sku # NAOLISAH46

  22. Goddess Black Luster
    Goddess Black Luster

    by Naot Women's Style # 5014-NEV Sku # NAOGODDESSNEV

  23. Cherish Russet Brown
    Cherish Russet Brown

    by Naot Women's Style # 5003-S8B Sku # NAOCHERISHS8B

  24. Etera Luggage
    Etera Luggage

    by Naot Women's Style # 11111-E66 Sku # NAOETERAE66

Set Ascending Direction

Items 1-24 of 33

Naot is a leading manufacturer of anatomic footwear. Naot footwear is scientifically designed to distribute body weight for the ultimate in walking pleasure. The high-tech, multi-layered insoles provide superb balance and support by allowing Naot shoes to take on the shape of the foot. The cushioned arch supports, and latex padding for shock absorption supply the softest sensations ever experienced in active footwear. The full-grained leathers, nubucks, suedes and other materials come in a full range colors and styles for every occasion. Everything from boots to sandals, classic business shoes to the latest trend-setting styles - all showcase Naot shoes' strong design sense and attention to the details that matter, and all feature Naot's commitment to absolute comfort.

Would you like to own the most comfortable pair of sandals that you have ever worn? If so, purchasing a pair of Naot shoes is the way to go. With decades of experience in making footwear for men and women, Naot offers a combination of quality and comfort that few can match. Here’s your chance to learn what makes Naot shoes and sandals so special.


The beginnings of Naot shoes are found in Israel. Founded in 1942 Naot shoes began as a company dedicated to producing work boots. In fact, the operation was a small kibbutz factory that began with a small group of dedicated employees who worked in a single room workshop.

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