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  1. Nolene Black Patent
    Nolene Black Patent

    by Mephisto Women's Style # NOLENE1100 Sku # MEPNOLENE31

  2. Nolene Taupe Star
    Nolene Taupe Star

    by Mephisto Women's Style # NOLEN42017 Sku # MEPNOLENE07

  3. Nolene Navy Star
    Nolene Navy Star

    by Mephisto Women's Style # NOLEN42055 Sku # MEPNOLENE03

  4. Maria Spark Indigo
    Maria Spark Indigo

    by Mephisto Women's Style # MARIA12297 Sku # MEPMARIA03

  5. Harmony Black Cuba
    Harmony Black Cuba

    by Mephisto Women's Style # HARMONY Sku # MEPHARMONY21

  6. Helen Mix Cuba Black
    Helen Mix Cuba Black

    by Mephisto Women's Style # HELEN42049 Sku # MEPHELENMIX01

  7. Harmony Old Pink
    Harmony Old Pink

    by Mephisto Women's Style # HARMONY Sku # MEPHARMONY14

  8. Hannel Light Taupe
    Hannel Light Taupe

    by Mephisto Women's Style # HANNEL6018 Sku # MEPHANNEL27

  9. Halina Pink
    Halina Pink

    by Mephisto Women's Style # HALIN16698 Sku # MEPHALINA13

  10. Halina Silver
    Halina Silver

    by Mephisto Women's Style # HALIN19168 Sku # MEPHALINA11

  11. Liviane Multi Monet
    Liviane Multi Monet

    by Mephisto Women's Style # LIVI-38077 Sku # MEPLIVIANE13

  12. Lenia Brown
    Lenia Brown

    by Mephisto Women's Style # LENI-20558 Sku # MEPLENIA02

  13. Harmony Grey Etna
    Harmony Grey Etna

    by Mephisto Women's Style # HARM-7103 Sku # MEPHARMONY05

  14. Safo White Patent
    Safo White Patent

    by Mephisto Women's Style # SAFO 1130 Sku # MEPSAFO09

  15. Minoa White Liz
    Minoa White Liz

    by Mephisto Women's Style # MINOA 2330 Sku # MEPMINOA09

  16. Minoa Black Liz
    Minoa Black Liz

    by Mephisto Women's Style # MINOA 2300 Sku # MEPMINOA01

  17. Helen Twist Navy
    Helen Twist Navy

    by Mephisto Women's Style # HELENT6045 Sku # MEPHELENTWIST03

  18. Harmony Desert
    Harmony Desert

    by Mephisto Women's Style # HARMON4442 Sku # MEPHARMONY06

  19. Harmony Black Waxy
    Harmony Black Waxy

    by Mephisto Women's Style # HARMON2800 Sku # MEPHARMONY01

  20. Helen Old Pink
    Helen Old Pink

    by Mephisto Women's Style # HELEN-2854 Sku # MEPHELEN16

  21. Helen Navy Glossy
    Helen Navy Glossy

    by Mephisto Women's Style # HELEN-6745 Sku # MEPHELEN33

  22. Helen Bronze
    Helen Bronze

    by Mephisto Women's Style # HELEN42017 Sku # MEPHELEN11

  23. Helen Grey Etna
    Helen Grey Etna

    by Mephisto Women's Style # HELEN-7103 Sku # MEPHELEN05

  24. Zonder Desert
    Zonder Desert

    by Mephisto Unisex Style # ZOND-4442 Sku # MEPZONDER06

Set Ascending Direction

Items 49-72 of 81

Founded over 50 years ago in Sarrebourg, France, Mephisto shoes has grown from a local manufacturer to one with over 800 stores around the world. That doesn’t include the independent shops and websites that offer many of the 600 models currently available. If you are thinking of purchasing your first pair of Mephisto shoes, get ready to enjoy comfort like you’ve never known.

The earliest line of Mephisto shoes focused on moccasins. They offered plenty of comfort and were stylish enough to wear in many settings. Along with comfort, Mephisto shoes provided stability and balance. That made the early line particularly popular with people who were nearing or had achieved retirement age.

Today, Mephisto shoes offers an impressive array of styles and designs for you to consider. There are casual sandals that are perfect for spending time outdoors on a beautiful Calgary summer day. For those who like sandals but prefer something that’s dressier, there are clogs and heels designed to look great with everything from business to business casual attire.

There are Mephisto shoes designed for men as well as women. Hiking shoes that look a lot like Oxfords are a prime example. These Mephisto shoes will be a perfect match if you want to wear jeans or khakis for a night on the town and plan on walking through one of the entertainment districts in Vancouver. The next day, you can put on the same lace-up Mephisto shoes and treat yourself to a hike through your favorite part of town or one of the nearby wooded areas.

Today is a great time to look at the different styles, colours, and designs offered by Mephisto shoes. Select a pair and wear them for a few days. Once you have the chance to see how comfortable they are and how versatile they happen to be, you will never settle for another brand.

Mephisto shoes are a result of a combination of the most advanced and the world's finest footwear artisans producing the industry's leading comfort shoes. Mephisto selects the finest leathers and materials and combines them with the best technology to meet the highest standards of excellence for comfort and quality. The technology, materials, construction and quality components used to make every pair are never compromised. In fact, Mephisto shoes have become the most popular walking shoe in virtually every country in which it's been introduced, selling more than 1.5 million pairs annually in Europe alone.

Founded in 1965, Mephisto has earned a reputation of being one of the most comfortable brands of footwear on the market today. The company places a premium on quality by offering hand-crafted selections for their customers. Their casual designs offer more than comfort; each shoe is designed to provide style and durability.
Walking on a Cloud is proud to offer a wide line of Mephisto shoes to our customers. We happily provide some of the best pricing and deals to our clients in Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary. Shipping services are provided to our clients in Vancouver and Calgary upon request.
Contact us today and place your order. Call 866-882-4470 to general inquiries or email us an order at order@walkingonacloud.com. If you have questions about a particular Mephisto shoe, email our Customer Service team at customerservice@walkingonacloud.com. We’ll be happy to provide the answers you seek, process your order, and have the shoes on the way to you in no time.

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