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  1. Triple Kick Platinum
    Triple Kick Platinum Sneaker

    by Keds Women's Style # WH57303 Sku # KEDTRIPLEKM12

  2. Vollie Cham R Stone
    Vollie Cham R Stone

    by Keds Women's Style # WF57108 Sku # KEDVOLLIEC07

  3. Vollie Chambray Gray
    Vollie Chambray Gray

    by Keds Women's Style # WF56761 Sku # KEDVOLLIEC05

  4. Kickstart Cream
    Kickstart Cream

    by Keds Women's Style # WF56560 Sku # KEDKICKSP08

  5. Kickstart Black
    Kickstart Black

    by Keds Women's Style # WF56559 Sku # KEDKICKSP01

  6. Vollie LTT Charcoal
    Vollie LTT Charcoal

    by Keds Women's Style # WF55887 Sku # KEDVOLLIE06

  7. Vollie LTT Grey
    Vollie LTT Grey

    by Keds Women's Style # WF54826 Sku # KEDVOLLIE05

  8. Vollie LTT Stone
    Vollie LTT Stone

    by Keds Women's Style # WF54828 Sku # KEDVOLLIE008

  9. Vollie LTT White
    Vollie LTT White

    by Keds Women's Style # WF50103 Sku # KEDVOLLIE09

  10. Vollie LTT Navy
    Vollie LTT Navy

    by Keds Women's Style # WF50105 Sku # KEDVOLLIE03

  11. Vollie LTT Black
    Vollie LTT Black

    by Keds Women's Style # WF50102 Sku # KEDVOLLIE01

Set Ascending Direction

Items 25-35 of 35


In 1916, the Keds brand was introduced by the U.S. Rubber Company as the first national athletic and lifestyle footwear brand. At this time, the shoes were called sneakers, a term invented in late 1916 by Keds advertising agency because the rubber soles made the shoes quiet. Worn by fashion icons, leading actresses, Olympic soccer players and scores of national and international tennis champions, Keds has been a symbol of classic style and performance innovation throughout the 20th century. Today, Keds has a myriad of fun, fresh styles from the classic champion sneaker and sportier sneakers, to ballet flats and wedges. The future for Keds will continue to bring fashionable styles that are stylish and sophisticated and that have innovative advancements in performance, materials and prints.

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