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Why should you try a pair of Birkenstock shoes? There’s plenty of reasons why men and women in Calgary or Vancouver should give them a try. Here’s some examples to keep in mind.

One has to do with the comfort. You would be hard pressed to find any footwear more comfortable than Birkenstock shoes. The unique design for the footbed alone makes them more comfortable than most of the competition. As your feet settle in, you can almost feel the tension beginning to fade away.

Of course, the real test is spending most of the day in a pair of Birkenstock shoes. Go shopping, take a nice long walk, or spend time outdoors with friends. Whatever you feel like doing, you can bet those Birkenstock shoes will ensure your feet feel comfortable the entire day.

The support is something else you should consider. Not everyone thinks of support when they invest in a pair of sandals. In fact, some brands offer little to prevent cramping or absorb the shock of walking on hard ground or concrete. Birkenstock shoes are different. The footbed absorbs quite a bit of shock. The result is less stress on the feet and legs. Even if you are on the go all day, those Birkenstock shoes leave you feeling fresh and ready to head out for a night on the town.

Along with those new Birkenstock shoes, check out some of the accessories offered by the same company. There are socks available in several different colours. Those socks meet the exact quality standards that you would expect from a pair of Birkenstock shoes.

Don’t wait another minute. Treat yourself to a pair of Birkenstock shoes today. You’ll enjoy them for years after footwear made by other brands have worn out.

Birkenstock footwear prides itself in minimalist designs constructed from premium materials for shoes that promote healthy feet and well-being. The Birkenstock Footbed is fashioned from cork and natural latex to create a contoured foot surface that supports the natural shape of the foot. The result is shoes that naturally mold to each foot’s shape for optimal weight distribution, support, and balance. With Birks, feet are revitalized and energized.

A Proud Heritage

How many footwear manufacturers can trace their heritage back four centuries? The basis for Birkenstock shoes goes back to 1774. That was the year Johann Adam Birkenstock offered the first of what would become one of the world’s most popular brands. Passing his commitment to excellence on to the generations that followed proved to be a wise move. His great-great-grandson Konrad Birkenstock came up with what was a novel idea at the time. Beginning in 1896, Birkenstock offered the first in a line of footbed inserts.
The innovation didn’t stop there. One of Birkenstock’s enduring design elements is the footbed itself. That design was created using a simple but effective approach. Using the cast of a food captured in sand, the company created a footbed capable of offering superior support to every inch of the foot from the heel to the toes. Along with providing additional comfort, the footbed design that is still part of Birkenstock sandals also eases stress that causes pain in the ankles and lower legs.

Birkenstock Accessories Carry On the Tradition

Shopping for Birkenstock shoes online means also coming across acessories that go well with the sandals. One of the most popular is the range of slubs made using the finest cotton. Available in a variety of colors, the slubs keep the feet warm during cooler seasons. Pair a set of slubs with shoe designs like the Bartlett Black or Arran Bronze for a look that’s attractive and a fit that is truly comfortable for hours.

Designs for All Occasions

While many people think of Birkenstock as appropriate for casual occasions only, the design range is wider than ever. Customers can still have their choice of basic sandals that are ideal for warmer weather. They can also purchase designs like the Arizona Shear Mink or the Boston Shear Mink if they like the look of suede paired with soft fur.
For walking or light exercise, the high top Bartlett design is excellent. Along with the high level of arch support, the shoe design helps to keep the ankle aligned properly even when traveling across rocky terrain.
Looking for something in fun colors for warm weather? The Gizeh and Madrid lines come in everything from soft pinks to neon greens. Walking along the sand or the river bank never felt so good.

Often Emulated But Never Surpassed

Many companies have attempted to replicate the beauty and comfort offered by Birkenstock. While some have come close, no one has equaled or surpassed them yet. Take the time today to shop with us and find a couple of pairs that are right for you. The price for Birkenstock shoes, sandals, and accessories are reasonable, and the quality allows you to enjoy your purchases for many years to come.

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