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  1. Renata Rom Sasso Floral Lace-Up Sneaker
    Renata Rom Sasso Floral Lace-Up Sneaker

    by Ara Women's Style # 14404-21 Sku # ARA1440421

  2. Leena Lissabon Navy
    Leena Lissabon Navy

    by Ara Women's Style # 34080-02 Sku # ARA3408002

  3. Lilly Blue Woven
    Lilly Blue Woven

    by Ara Women's Style # 34027-47 Sku # ARA3402747

  4. Lilly Sky Candy
    Lilly Sky Candy

    by Ara Women's Style # 24027-23 Sku # ARA2402723

  5. Lilly Grey Woven
    Lilly Grey Woven

    by Ara Women's Style # 34027-10 Sku # ARA3402710

  6. Lilly Black Woven
    Lilly Black Woven

    by Ara Women's Style # 34027-07 Sku # ARA3402707

  7. Sophie Saas Black
    Sophie Saas Black

    by Ara Women's Style # 49301-01 Sku # ARA4930101

  8. Hermione Taupe
    Hermione Taupe

    by Ara Women's Style # 24715-02 Sku # ARA2471502

  9. Mercer Meran Black
    Mercer Meran Black

    by Ara Women's Style # 46322-06 Sku # ARA4632206

Set Ascending Direction

9 Items

Ara Shoes has dedicated six decades to creating high-quality women’s fashion comfort shoes. From high heels, to sandals, to winter boots and ballet flats, Ara continuously fuels great fashion in their comfort footwear. What doesn’t change is the dedication to quality and perfect fit.

Do you want to own the best in footwear for women? All you have to do is purchase a pair of Ara shoes. From the moment you slip them on, there will be no doubt that buying Ara shoes for women was the right thing to do. Here are some things you should know about the company, the shoes, and why they are exactly what you need

Decades of Excellence

Ara has been around a long time. In fact, the world has been enjoying Ara shoes since 1949. Owned by the Röseler family since it’s inception, Ara shoes had grown through acquisitions and has a presence in many countries around the world.

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