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  1. New Bout Time Black
    Bout Time Black

    by SAS Shoes Men's Style # 1520013 Sku # SASBOUTTIME01

  2. New Stitchlite Black Mag
    Stitchlite Black Mag

    by Cole Haan Men's Style # C27694 Sku # COLSTITCHLITE05

  3. New Stitchlite Blue
    Stitchlite Blue

    by Cole Haan Men's Style # C24947 Sku # COLSTITCHLITE03

  4. New Stitchlite Black
    Stitchlite Black

    by Cole Haan Men's Style # C24948 Sku # COLSTITCHLITE01

  5. Farley Slip On Tan
    Farley Slip On Tan

    by Johnston & M Men's Style # 25-3702 Sku # JOHFARLEYSO06

  6. Farley Slip On Navy
    Farley Slip On Black

    by Johnston & M Men's Style # 25-3707 Sku # JOHFARLEYSO01

  7. McGuffey Per So Navy
    McGuffey Per So Navy

    by Johnston & M Men's Style # 25-3727 Sku # JOHMCGUFFEYPS03

  8. Holden Wing T Black
    Holden Wing T Black

    by Johnston & M Men's Style # 20-8367 Sku # JOHHOLDENWB01

  9. Holden P Mahogany
    Holden P Mahogany

    by Johnston & M Men's Style # 20-8373 Sku # JOHHOLDENPT06

  10. McGuffey Woven Biege
    McGuffey Woven Biege

    by Johnston & M Men's Style # 25-2536 Sku # JOHMCGUFFEYW08

  11. McGuffey Perf SO Tan
    McGuffey Perf SO Tan

    by Johnston & M Men's Style # 25-3726 Sku # JOHMCGUFFEYPS06

  12. Kayenta Pewter
    Kayenta Pewter

    by Merrell Men's Style # J034397 Sku # MERKAYENTA05

  13. Aspen 2 Black
    Aspen 2 Black

    by Nexx Men's Style # 60300BLK Sku # NEXASPEN201

  14. Guardian Black
    Guardian Black

    by SAS Shoes Men's Style # 2110013 Sku # SASGUARDIAN01

  15. Warner Cap Toe Z Tan
    Warner Cap Toe Z Tan

    by Johnston & Murphy Men's Style # 20-3876 Sku # JOHWARNERCT06

  16. McClain Cap Toe Tan
    McClain Cap Toe Tan

    by Johnston & Murphy Men's Style # 20-5090 Sku # JOHMCCLAINCT06

  17. Fiery Black
    Fiery Black

    by Merrell Men's Style # J16599 Sku # MERFIRERY01

  18. Un Trail Form Black
    Un Trail Form Black

    by Clarks Men's Style # 26146641 Sku # CLAUNTRAILF01

  19. Ontario Mid Black
    Ontario Mid Black

    by Merrell Men's Style # J53219 Sku # MERONTARIO01

  20. Encore Rexton Black
    Encore Rexton Black

    by Merrell Men's Style # J90487 Sku # MERENCORERM01

  21. Accentor II Boulder
    Accentor II Boulder

    by Merrell Men's Style # J48521 Sku # MERACCENTII07

  22. Encore Rexton Earth
    Encore Rexton Earth

    by Merrell Men's Style # J90491 Sku # MERENCORERM02

  23. Conard PT Tan
    Conard PT Tan

    by Johnston & Murphy Men's Style # 20-3316 Sku # JOHCONARDPT06

  24. Choprock Black
    Choprock Black

    by Merrell Men's Style # J48675 Sku # MERCHOPROCK01

Set Ascending Direction

Items 1-24 of 167


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Top 4 Qualities That Men Want in Footwear

When men go shoe shopping, they normally have something specific in mind. The goal is to find the right shoes for men that they need, make the purchase, and be on their way. That doesn't mean men will settle for the first pair they come across. In order to meet their needs, the shoes must offer four important qualities.

Durability is at The Top of the List

Quality construction coupled with the right type of materials is the best way to ensure durability. When considering any pair of men's shoes, a lot of attention is given to the way the shoes are produced. That's because the new owner wants them to hold up well to a lot of use over several years. You can bet that any male checking out men's shoes online will want to know if the brand and the design will provide the long-term performance he seeks before spending any money.

The Right Shoes for The Occasion

Men tend to be less likely to browse when they go shopping. It's more a matter of finding what's needed, paying for it, and moving on to other activities. That's also true when a man decides to buy men's shoes online. There's normally a specific type of shoe for a particular occasion in mind. Once the right one is found, that's all the shopping he needs to do.

The shoes in question could be for work or for play. They might be for golfing, running, or working out. In any case, shoes that won't work for the occasion will get little to no attention.

Comfort is a Must

Every man knows that the best men's shoes have a reasonable amount of room in the toe box, provide proper cushioning, and support the arches perfectly. No matter where the man will be or what he will be doing while wearing the shoes, they must be comfortable for as long as he wears them.

It's not unusual for guys to identify branded shoes for men that are consistently comfortable and stick with those brands. Since most men don't like to spend much time shopping, knowing a brand has a reputation for comfort will entice him to take a look at a new brand.

An Affordable Price

At some point, the price of a new pair of shoes will become a factor. Most men do understand that price should not be the first point to think about. At the same time, there's no reason to spend more money when a less-expensive pair provides all the desired qualities. When shopping in any men's shoes store, the best deal will be shoes that are durable, comfortable, right for the occasion, and are available at an affordable price.

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