Did You Know That the Right Pair of Shoes Can Help Stop Back Pain?

Many things can contribute to the development of back pain. While you already know that a lack of exercise and sitting too much during the day are culprits, have you considered the role that your shoes play in back health? The fact is that choosing to wear shoes that are not right for your feet create stress that goes far beyond the feet, ankles, and lower legs. Here are some things you should consider when choosing any type of footwear.

Did You Know That the Right Pair of Shoes Can Help Stop Back Pain_

What Features Lead to Back Pain?

The features that are included in different sorts of footwear can either minimize the potential for back pain or increase the odds. By knowing which features are more likely to cause problems, you will find it easier to select shoes, boots, and other types of footwear that are better for you and your back.

One of the main culprits happens to be high heels. In particular, heels that are unusually high and create additional stress on the muscles long the backs of the legs will increase the possibility of back pain. Extremely high heels also minimize the ability of the arches to absorb the natural shock to the feet that occurs when people walk. While you don’t have to avoid high heels altogether, it pays to opt for heel designs that do place less stress on the legs.

You will also find that flats of most types increase stress. They also interfere with the ability of the arches to absorb the impact of walking. With flats, you would want to opt for a design that includes more arch support in order to minimize the negative impact.

So What Sort of Shoes Will Work?

Your best options are shoes and boots that fit snugly but comfortably and provide you with ample control of the motion of your feet and ankles. A prime example would be running shoes such as those offered by New Balance Shoes or Sorel Shoes. Many of these designs include support that works in tandem with the arches to ease tension on the feet and lower legs. At the same time, the comfortable fit will allow you to walk naturally and not restrict your range of motion. The result is feet that don’t seem to tire as quickly. You will also notice that your ache is less likely to ache.

When you need to wear something more formal, you can’t go wrong with picking up a pair or two at a Rockport shoe store. Many designs sport low heels that allow you to avoid the pitfalls that can arise with some designs for flats. You also don’t have to be concerned about the problems caused by unusually high heels. What you do get is support for the arches, cushioning for the feet overall, and even some extra support around the toes and the instep. All these elements help to reduce tension on the lower back.

Tips for Choosing the Right Shoes

There are some points to keep in mind when you set out to buy a new pair of shoes. One has to do with the shape of your arches. Most people have arches that are classed as flat, high, or normal. You can determine what type of arch you have by wetting the feet and stepping on a piece of absorbent paper. If the imprint has roughly half of the arch region filled in, then you have a normal arch. When the heel and the ball of your foot is imprinted, you have a high arch. A completely filled in outline of your foot means you have flat arches.

Knowing the type of arch you have will make it easier to focus in on shoe designs that provide the support and stability you need. The good news is that reputable brands like Sorel boots and shoes offer designs that will work fine with flat, high, or normal arches.

The range of motion is another factor you should consider. It matters with any type of shoe, but it’s especially important when you are looking for a high-quality running or walking shoe. When considering a given shoe, take look at the amount of cushioning found around the heel as well as the front area. The goal is to have enough padding to support the area around the toes while also helping the heel to hold up well to some of the shock that the arch is absorbing. While some may tell you this only matter with running shoes, it’s also important for walking shoes. The cushioning becomes even more of a factor when you work in an environment that calls for standing or walking on concrete for most of the day.

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Looks for Support

The days when shoes tailored to provide more support had to be plain and less than fashionable are long gone. Today, many highly-recommended brands offer styles that are appropriate for all sorts of occasions and include the features needed to reduce the stress that leads to back pain. Like other less brands, these designs are also offered on sale from time to time. That means you can be on the lookout for a Geox shoes sale, find something suitable for work, for fun, and for exercise, and still pay a price that is kinder to your wallet.

Remember that your feet, legs, and back are intended to last for your entire life. How well that works out depends a great deal on what you do to protect your health. Just as you seek to eat a balanced diet, choose a mattress that helps to keep your spine properly aligned while you sleep, and exercise on a regular basis, you must consider the type of shoes you wear. Resist the temptation to purchase shoes that may look great but happen to be made using cheap materials and include little to no support in the design. The result will be fewer trips to the podiatrist, less leg and back pain at night, and in general feeling better for more years.

Ladies, Looking for Good Walking Shoes? Rockport Has You Covered!

You already know that different shoe styles are needed for various occasions. What works fine in the office is not likely to be the best choice when you decide to start walking as part of your evening exercise regimen. What you need is a pair of walking shoes for the half-hour or so it takes to complete your power walk. If you have never considered the brand before, it pays to know that Rockport has a number of walking shoe options worth considering. Here are some of the features you will find helpful.

Ladies, Looking for Good Walking Shoes_ Rockport Has You Covered!

Excellent Arch Support

One of the features that are common with all designs for Rockport shoes for women is the amount of arch support found with each shoe. This support is important since the arches help to absorb the impact that takes place every time you take a step. Since your walk will usually take place on the paved track at the local park or possibly on the sidewalks around your neighborhood, it makes sense to invest in walking shoes that ease stress on the feet and lower legs. Less stress will translate into toning your legs and not having to deal with any soreness or pain when you settle into bed each night.

Cushioning for the Heel

Your heels also need support, specifically in the form of cushioning. There are many brands that offer ample padding for the feet, including such brands as Clarks womens shoes and Sorel shoes and boots. You will find that the cushioning Rockport designs for walking shoes to be just what your heels need. With the right fit, you don’t have to be concerned about any heel rubbing or aches that seem to emanate from the heel after a walk. The Derby Trainer and Trueflex lines offered by Rockport are two examples of walking shoes with plenty of padding for the heel.

Looking Great While You Walk

The main focus may be on the way the shoes offer support and protect your feet, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look great. One of the things you’ll like about Rockport shoes is the way come in different styles and colors. Just like popular brands like Ecco shoes for women, you will find the Rockport lines include styles that fit in with your personal preferences. Along with styles that are ideal for warmer weather, there will be stylish walking boots that easily match any of the Sorel boots you have considered in the past. The fact that your feet look great while you are getting the exercise needed to stay healthy provides one more reason to go on those walks every evening.

If you have never spent time looking at the different shoe and boot options offered by Rockport, today is the day to do a little shopping. You will come across at least one or two pair that are perfect for your needs, fit comfortably, and offer the support you need to get into the habit of walking and loving every minute of your outings.

3 Holiday Party Style Tips

With the end of the year holiday season in full swing, there is a lot to get done. Along with the planning, the buying, and the general preparations, attending all sorts of holiday parties are included in the mix. While the parties are fun, there are some ways to make sure the emphasis is on being filled with joy and not running the risk of becoming a humbug. Here are three holiday party style tips that will ensure you look your best and also feel comfortable from the moment you show up until it’s time to go home.

  • Lots of Festive Colours

Holiday colours are not just for the decorations. They also provide the inspiration for your wardrobe. While it may not be a good idea to create an outfit using wrapping paper, it won’t be hard to come up with something that’s in line with the season and also happens to look great.

For casual gatherings, nothing beats a holiday sweater. Remember that it can sport as much red and green as you can possibly stand. Use designs that have some relevance to the season. That includes smiling Santas, candles, images of decorated trees, and branches of holly. If you are really daring, go with a sweatshirt design that includes images of mistletoe.

If you are more of the conservative type, it’s fine to select something that’s a little dressier but also happens to be in line with the season. Think about matching a black suit with a bright red turtleneck and maybe topping it off with a green handkerchief in the breast pocket. If a turtleneck is not your style, a button-down shirt in a beautiful green matched with the wildest holiday tie you can find will work just fine.

  • Jeans That Fit But Leave Some Room

Relaxed fit jeans are one of the most practical options for holiday wear. It doesn’t matter if you are going holiday shopping, grabbing lunch with a friend, or settling in at a party with plans to sample everything on the table. The relaxed fit ensures that you can enjoy all the goodies and not feel the need to unbuckle the belt on the way home.

Keep in mind that it’s possible to purchase relaxed fit jeans made of denim that gives a little more. If you really overindulge, your jeans will not cut into your waist and make the drive home any more uncomfortable than necessary.

Remember that jeans are easy to launder. Even if you only have one or two pair, it’s easy enough to toss them in the washer, dry them thoroughly, and be ready for tomorrow night’s holiday celebration.

  • Comfortable Shoes That Look Great

All this activity means you will be on your feet a lot. Opt for comfortable Rockports that you can mix and match with all sorts of outfits. Thanks to the fact that there are Rockport shoes for women as well as Rockport men’s shoes in many styles and colours, you won’t have any problem finding a couple pairs to get you through the season.

While the emphasis is on comfort, invest in a basic black pair of Rockport women’s shoes or men’s Rockport shoes. These will work just fine for office parties where you do need to dress up a little. That same pair will look great with those relaxed fit jeans and the wildly colourful holiday sweatshirt you wear at other parties.

Enjoy the parties and do so in style. Mix and match your choices carefully and you will never run out of something that is just right for any type of holiday party.

All Terrain – Which Shoes Perform Best From City Streets to Off-Road Trails?

The popularity of running shoes and trail shoes is increasing, and these shoes are very significant for comfortable walking and running. A wide range of terrain shoes is available for running, sports and other activities. It is not an easy task to find the right pair of shoes for yourself that is comfortable, durable and fulfill all of your needs.

For running and walking comfortable shoes has its own value. Many companies are working efficiently to provide the most appropriate shoes according to the need of the individuals. Some of which are Reebok shoes, Rockport shoes for men, new balance running shoes and Naturalizer shoes and much more. All of these offer a large variety of designs, colors, and styles of shoes.

Select the most appropriate shoes for you and do your work more comfortably and remain in your style. Many famous companies are making classy, comfortable and durable shoes for walking, running and other sports activities. While going for shopping for shoes remember the purpose of the shoes and look at the features to fulfill your needs in the most appropriate way.

A perfect pair of running shoes helps the person to run and walk easily and quickly. Always remember that a shoe that is not proper will leave joint pain, sprains, and blisters. During buying the shoes check it carefully and focus on the features such as ankle support, perfect fit, terrain-appropriate design, style and affordability of the shoes.

  • Before purchasing any pair of shoes, make sure that these are fit for your feet perfectly.
  • A good pair of shoes also provides adequate support for the ankle, heel, and upper foot. To avoid the sprains and physical problems, you should check out the ankle support of the shoes you are purchasing.
  • Arch support is also vital for the shoes of runners. Remember your arch style and select the shoes accordingly.
  • Another feature to keep in mind is terrain-appropriate design. Two main types of terrain shoes are
  • Road running shoes
  • Off-road running shoes

Road running shoes are good for paved roads and paths. These shoes offer more flexibility and are lighter than trail shoes.

Off-Road runner shoes are perfect for running on unpaved trails. These shoes are excellent for the runners because they provide stability and shock absorption for the runners.

  • The most important feature you should keep in mind while selecting the running shoes is high-quality construction. The shoes which are made of synthetic leather are an excellent choice for runners because it allows durability, flexibility, quick drying ability and it is light weight.
  • The style and price of the shoes are also crucial. With a proper research and wise decision, you can find the best pair of shoes for yourself in affordable price.

With a little planning and advance research, you can be able to find the perfect shoes for yourself in less time. Always keep in mind your requirements and demands while selecting the shoes for you. Find more about terrain shoes by visiting https://www.walkingonacloud.com/.

4 Basic Shoe Styles Every Man Needs in His Wardrobe [infographic]


Over the past few years, more men than ever have realized that they are what they wear – and the footwear they choose is most certainly is no exception to this rule. Here are 4 styles and types of shoes that every man should ensure that he has in his collection, regardless of what line of work he may be in or how he enjoys spending most of his free time.

#1 – Loafers

Regardless of whether a man spends most of his time in an office that has a semi-formal dress code or he attends a lot of events that require the use of something smarter than sneakers, including a good quality pair (or two) of men’s Rockport shoes in the form of loafers into a wardrobe is a must. Nowadays, loafers are not only available in men’s Rockport shoe ranges in a variety of colors; men can choose whether they want plain loafers or those that have been embellished with tassels or buckles.

#2 – Mephisto Men’s Shoes in Black Leather

Most men will be required to attend at least a few formal events in their lifetimes, and as a result, they should ensure that they own at least one pair of Mephisto men’s shoes in a black leather finish. When teamed with a suit, these shoes will ensure that they look their best at the next wedding or other formal events such as work functions, and dinner evenings. Nowadays, there are many black leather dress shoe options available at affordable prices.

#3 – MBT Shoes

MBT shoes for men have become extremely popular over the past few years and many style options are available. These range from sneaker-type shoes to sandals with raised or stacked soles and slip-ons in various colors and the padded and raised soles make wearing these shoes extremely comfortable. Smarter designs in this range are available in suede and shiny finishes, meaning that there is sure to be something to wear with even the smartest gray or black suit.

#4 – Timberland Shoes

Over the years, the range of Timberland shoes has grown from consisting of mostly outdoor boots to incorporate open sandals, flip flops and loafers as well. However, no men’s footwear collection can be considered as being complete unless at least one pair of Timberland boots is included. Many of the styles in the Timberland range ore waterproof as well as comfortable, and they are known to last for many years, making them one of the best footwear investments ever.

When it comes to deciding which men’s Rockport shoes or other shoe brands to purchase, the above mentioned options are a mere sampling of what we have on offer. However, these are some of the best and most fashionable brands and styles that are currently available. This means that any man who owns and wears them will not only be in fashion; he will be able to wear any of these shoe styles with absolute pride whenever he sets foot out of the house.

Best Shoes for Active & Adventurous Vacation

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to plan a vacation that centers on outdoor activity and adventure. When planning an active and adventurous vacation, don’t forget to add the right pair of shoes to your packing list. In case you are having trouble deciding on the right shoes, we’d like to offer some advice that will help you make your selection.

New Balance Shoes


For any vacation that includes hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing or camping, providing comfort and protection for your feet is a must. Fortunately, the shoes offered by New Balance will do both, while also being incredibly stylish. Made from breathable fibers, you can easily wear these shoes for an extended period of time without having your feet become soaked with sweat. Their tough rubber sole provides adequate cushioning for tender feet, while the flexible upper and sides allow for easy movement wherever your travels take you.

Timberland Shoes


Your adventurous vacation could easily involve a visit to the beach, in which case shoes from the Timberland collection are ideal. While the Timberland shoes we offer for sale are all sandals, they nonetheless are ideal for performing activities such as beachcombing or wading along the shore. They contain a thicker sole that will prevent you from feeling rocks and pebbles underneath your feet. At the same time, their open-toe design will allow you to enjoy the feel of sand or spray of salt water. They are also easy to remove should you decide it’s time to just dive on in the water.

Ecco Shoes


When boating, you may desire shoes that are flexible enough to bend with your feet to make getting in and out of the vessel easier. If so, you’ll want to invest in a pair of Cruise Catalina Moon, Yucatan Port, or Jab 2 Strap Moon Roc shoes. These shoes all have soles that naturally conform to the configuration of your natural foot and easily grip them to provide adequate support. Their comfortable upper straps can easily be adjusted for your own comfort as well. While these shoes do have flexible soles, they are nonetheless somewhat thicker than other types of sandals, meaning they’ll provide incredible protection for your feet as well.

Rockport Shoes


Rockport offers a collection of full leather sneakers that will cushion and support your feet throughout a hard day of golfing, tennis, biking or other strenuous activity. An added bonus is the fact that these shoes also come in a variety of colors, making them a bit more stylish than a traditional athletic shoe. Their XCS T Toe and Zanya Wingtip shoes are a perfect example, being available in both black and red. For something a bit more casual, you may desire a WT Oxford, which can be found in white, black and biscotti.

Don’t wait until it’s time to head out to go shopping for shoes. Now is the time to begin looking for ones that will help you make the most out of your adventurous vacation.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Men’s Casual Shoes

Regardless of how high up your ranking in the white collar world of wheeling and dealing, there are always going to be times when you need to have some good casual shoes. Getting casual is part of the equation of any guy’s success…you know what they say about the time honored adage from 1659 sharing that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Whether to slip on some easy footwear for a quick trip up to the store, a leisurely lunch with the wife or girlfriend or getting a cup of something at Starbucks, a good pair of casual shoes is a staple of the complete male wardrobe. Here are the top 5 reasons to choose men’s casual shoes.

1. You Always Need at Least One Pair of Casual Shoes–but Probably More: There are always going to be those members of high society whose trademark is to show up at the most high faulting society functions all smoothly clad in black tie apparel and casual shoes with no socks, but we won’t go there just now. Assuming your penchant for the appropriate is intact, you will choose casual shoes for the casual occasions in life, whatever they may be. Likewise, a good casual shoe is not to be confused with an athletic shoe. The two are actually polar opposites. Casual shoes are to be worn when you will be partaking of the casual life, and not in any sort of position that would require any great volume of exertion whatsoever. There is nothing casual about participating in any worthwhile sport.

2. It’s Actually Good to Look GQ Even on Your Days Off and When You’re Doing Nothing: In fact, it’s often when you are your least presentable that someone will drop by or you will run into an old friend or business associate. With some great men’s casual shoes on your feet, you’ll be ready for anything, and you’ll look like you are.

3. Because You Want to Treat Your Feet Well. Of all the clothing you depend upon, it’s always your shoes that take the most significant beating. This is why it’s critical to look for your casual shoes from among well-proven brands like Clarks, Dansko, Rockport and Birkenstock. Otherwise, you could be merely throwing away your money. Good quality men’s casual shoes will continue to look great, for significantly longer periods (years) than inferior quality copies. You depend on your feet, so treat them well. Quality shoes are comfortable shoes.

4. Because Casual Attire Just Does Not Pair Well With Dress Shoes. Your entire wardrobe may not include a single pair of jeans; however just by stashing your suit jacket and tie at the end of the day, your whole look changes, and casual shoes are what you need to wear, to convey that you know what you’re doing.

5. Because Believe it or Not, People Judge You by Your Shoes. That’s right: It’s really funny, but someone can have on the most ratty looking pants and tee, but if they are wearing top quality casual shoes, they can appear to be on top of things and successful. So, by choosing quality men’s casual shoes, you might be able to save big on the other items comprising your “casual collection” of clothing. Shoes make the man, and casual shoes make the man relax and enjoy a little R&R time.