5 Reasons Why a Pair of Keen Shoes is Perfect for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

As the brainchild of Rory Fuerst and Martin Keen, Keen shoes came into being in response to a question: “Can a sandal protect your toes?” The duo set out to answer that question and came up with a solution. Founded in 2003, the brand is popular in many areas of the world today. Part of the appeal is the way the shoes are ideal for all sorts of outdoor activities. Here are five of the qualities that make them such a hit with customers.

5 Reasons Why a Pair of Keen Shoes is Perfect for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Plenty of Support

Many outdoor sports and other activities call for spending a lot of time on your feet. It makes sense that you would want footwear designed to provide lots of support. Like Naturalizer shoes, Keen designs offer what it takes to ensure your feet do not begin to ache as the day wears on, even when you are involved in strenuous outdoor activities.

Support for your arches and other parts of the feet play a significant role in how your lower legs feel throughout the day. By reducing stress on your feet, you minimize the possibility of cramped muscles or pains that keep you awake at night. Who wants to spend the day enjoying a camping trip only to be up all night with aching legs?

Remember that your goal is to enjoy your outdoor activities and possibly use them to keep fit. Taking proper care of your feet now will reduce the potential for problems in later years. By choosing a brand that provides plenty of arch and other forms of support, you will spend less time with a podiatrist in the decades to come.

Comfortable Fit

Next to support, comfort is often one of the most important factors in choosing a shoe brand and design. With this one, you can rest assured that the ideal combination of protection and comfort is included. Your feet will feel as if someone is gently massaging them as you walk or run. Even if you are attempting to scale a hill, the shoes will still conform to your feet and make you almost forget that you are wearing any type of footwear.

Think of what this means when you are enjoying outdoor activities like a run in the morning or evening. The shoes have enough cushioning to absorb the shock of running on pavement. If you happen to run in a local park or are in a wooded area for your run, they will also provide the cushioning needed to absorb the shock of running across densely packed earth.

Allowing the Feet to Breathe

One of the reasons the shoes feel so comfortable is that they do not restrict air circulation around your feet. That can be important when you are enjoying some sort of outdoor activity. Instead of the feet feeling overheated, they will remain at a comfortable temperature.

Have you ever been in the middle of doing something fun and found that you hated the moist sensation that seemed to be trapped in your shoes? The degree of air circulation that the Keen designs allow also minimizes perspiration. That’s important since it helps to reduce the amount of foot odor. You’ll find that this feature is much like the circulation benefits that come with brands like Hunter shoes. At the end of the day when you pull off your shoes, the fact that you don’t have to set them outside to air out will be a plus.

Sturdy Construction

No one likes to buy new shoes for outdoor workouts and other activities every few months. You need footwear that is constructed using materials that hold up well to a lot of use. The fact that the shoes also provide protection because of the sturdy materials is also a plus.

Consider what you need with a pair of hiking boots. The soles must be capable of providing support and protection as you move over rocky terrain. The upper part of the shoe must be strong enough to protect your feet from brambles and other types of flora in the area. You also want a design and construction that will protect your feet from changes in the temperature. With KEEN, you get all of these qualities and more.

The same is true if you are looking for a quality pair of walking or running shoes. You need the construction to hold up well in all sorts of weather conditions. Whether it’s the middle of summer or in the dead of winter, the footwear must protect your feet, provide the traction necessary to avoid slipping, and allow your feet to move naturally. Shoes that provide all of these qualities will allow you to get more from that walk or run and eliminate the need to buy replacements every few months.

An Affordable Cost

You don’t mind paying a little more for footwear that is easy to clean and holds up well to a lot of use. While there are brands out there that provide what you need, some of them come with higher prices. Wouldn’t you like to invest in a pair that offers the same high quality but happens to come with a more affordable price tag?

With Keen, you can purchase shoes that will last for a long time and will not break the bank. You actually benefit financially in two different ways. The first is the initial purchase price. Since it is so reasonable, you save money on the front end. You also get the benefit of having footwear that outlasts many of the other brands on the market. When you get to wear the same pair twice as long as some of those competing brands and the cost is more affordable, you certainly get your money’s worth, plus a little more.

Never settle for a lesser brand when you can have quality paired with a great price. Take the time to learn more about Keen shoes today and compare the different styles they offer. You will have no problem finding shoes that are perfect for whatever outdoor activities you enjoy on a regular basis.

8 Tips for Endurance Running During the Summer


When summer arrives, many people who usually exercise outdoors tend to neglect their exercise routines because it is simply too hot to train. However, this move may not always be necessary if you implement a few of these handy tips into your daily workout.

1 – Wear sunscreen

It is crucial to apply sunscreen before heading out with your new Keen shoes to do a summer run – especially if it is cloudy. When applying sunscreen, be sure to include the top of your ears, the back of your hands, shoulders, neck, forehead and entire face. This will go a long way in preventing melanoma in later years.

2 – Stay hydrated

Although it’s important to remain hydrated all year round when running, this becomes even more essential during summer. If you struggle to carry a water bottle on your run, consider investing in a hydration pack. This will enable you to sip as you run while wearing your latest pair of New Balance shoes.

3 – Run early

At this time of the year, it is best to lace up your Keen shoes and go on your run as early in the day as possible – before temperatures rise too high. This will prevent you from having to struggle with high humidity levels as well.

4 – Give swelling feet the right care

During summer, it is normal for your feet to swell a little more than normal after a run. In most cases, this can be countered by using shoes that are a half size bigger than normal and by increasing your intake of water and electrolytes. Try to elevate your feet for 20 minutes to half an hour after running, as this can help reduce swelling.

5 – Consider trail running

If the heat of the asphalt or pavement is too much to bear in summer, now may be the time to consider moving your running on to the cooler forest or park trails. In most cases, these are shaded, which can help prevent you from becoming overheated or sunburned. You may need to invest in one of the many Keen shoe options that have been manufactured for this purpose.

6 – Wear the right shoes

It is essential to wear shoes that have not only been designed for the type of running you do, but that are also the right size. Having a proper fitting when buying a New Balance or Keen shoe model will help prevent chafing and blisters from developing, and you should be able to fit at least 1 finger between the back of your foot and the shoe. If not, take the next size up.

7 – Dress accordingly

Along with your New Balance shoes, be sure to wear lightweight clothing that is moisture-wicking and breathable, as this will ensure that you are able to enjoy your run as much as possible without overheating. Clothing should also be light colored, as this will help deflect heat away from your body.

Using the right New Balance or Keen shoes while running will make all the difference between enjoying your run and having to hobble around for days afterwards due to blisters or painful feet and arches.

Best Shoes for Amateur Fishing [infographic]

Best-Shoes-for-Amateur-FishingWhen it comes to outdoor events and hobbies, nothing is more important than a good-fitting, high-quality pair of shoes. Amateur fishing may seem like a leisure hobby, but keeping your feet warm and dry is not always easy. Here are some of the best shoes for Amateur fishing from five of the world’s most popular brands.

Cushe Shoes

If you want warmth, Cushe Shoes is one of the best brands out there. They offer several styles to suit your needs and preferences, too. The Allpine boot series boasts features like thermal fleece, waterproof suede uppers, and non-slip treads to keep you safe and secure during all of your fishing endeavors. They come in different lengths, too. Some hit the bottoms of your calves and others climb nearly to the bottoms of your knees for additional support, warmth, and water protection.

KEEN Shoes

Three different boots from KEEN Shoes are sure to fit all of your amateur fishing needs. The first, Targhee Mid D Earth, is a hiking boot designed for drier conditions when you need comfort and traction. It comes in various colors, too. The second, the Brixon boot, offers a taller upper and a waterproof design that is perfect for shallow wading or other conditions when keeping your feet dry is important. Finally, the Blackcomb Bison boot offers you rugged durability in a high-top hiking boot in a variety of colors.

New Balance Shoes

Although New Balance Shoes are famous for sneakers and running shoes, their boots provide the perfect balance between practicality and comfort for amateur fishing, too. Several designs for men and women alike give you support and flexibility with high-quality materials that will last for years. They provide you with extra traction on difficult terrain, particularly in muddy conditions.

Ecco Shoes

Ecco Shoes offers many different types of boots for almost any situation you can imagine, but the best for amateur fishing are the Darren and Howell series. They have the same rugged durability as your favorite pair of work boots, but they offer unparalleled comfort and a waterproof, durable design that will keep your feet dry for years to come. The above-ankle height gives you ample protection, and they come in various colors to suit your own personal style.

Merrell Shoes

Merrell Shoes makes a number of boots to suit any fishing conditions you can imagine. For instance, the Shiver pull-on makes it easy to swap shoes before and after your fishing endeavors, but it also keeps your foot warm and dry. The Turku boot gives you unprecedented stability when you need to traverse rough terrain, and the Polarand, another pull-on option, gives you a waterproof upper, insulated warmth, and a rubber toe for extra protection.

When choosing the best shoes for amateur fishing, it is important to consider not only the weather, but also your personal style and the type of terrain. Any of the aforementioned shoes can give you the benefits you need so you can concentrate on catching fish instead of the condition of your feet.