4 Reasons Birkenstocks Remain Popular

Since the first pair of Birkenstocks appeared on the market in 1774, they’ve been a staple in many wardrobes. There are people who would not think of getting by without owning at least one pair. The enduring popularity of the brand is no fluke. In fact, there are some solid reasons why Birkenstocks thrive when so many other brands have fallen by the wayside. Here are a few reasons to ponder.

4 Reasons Birkenstocks Remain Popular

The Comfort Factor

Ask anyone who owns a pair of these shoes why they like them and comfort will be mentioned. People who have difficulty finding footwear that offers support and feels good at the same time often turn to this brand. Imagine what it would be like to stand all day and have to deal with the stress on your legs, ankles, and feet. Thanks to the way this brand fits the contours of the feet so well, a lot of the pressure is alleviated.

During the day, you will notice that your feet don’t seem to hurt and your legs don’t get as tired. That goes a long way toward making it easier to remain on your feet and get the job done. The fact that their feet don’t hurt at the end of the day endears them to the shoes and ensures they will always be in the market for one more pair.

Imitated But Never Matched

There is no doubt that many other manufacturers have attempting to duplicate the look and success of Birkenstock. So far, none of them have managed to undermine this brand to any great degree.

Some have tried to imitate the look and come close. Unfortunately, they rarely come close to providing the same level of comfort. Manufacturers who do manage to make their offerings comfortable don’t quite capture the design and support offered by Birkenstock.

Without a doubt, others will try. If the past is any indication, they may come up with close imitations but never anything that is better.

Remembering the Good Old Days

Many people buy their first pair of Birkenstocks early in life. That sets a pattern for all the years to come. Every time they slip on a pair, their minds are taken back to days past when things seemed to be so much simpler.

It’s not unusual for Birkenstocks to conjure up memories of the teenage years or the college years. Some may associate them with meeting a future spouse or wearing them for certain activities. Few brands have the power to trigger nostalgia the way Birkenstock can bring back the good old days.

The Quality

Along with comfort and support, the fact that Birkenstock doesn’t use inferior materials is a huge plus. In an age when many things are considered disposable, having something that is dependable and lasts for years is a treat. The fact that they are easy to care for and will remain in great shape for decades makes them worth every penny.

If you have never tried a pair of Birkenstocks, now is the time to change that. Once you do, there will be no going back.

3 Reasons Why Birkenstock Shoes Never Go Out of Style!

Birkenstock shoes, clogs, and sandals have been around for several decades. As fashion trends come and go, this brand seems to survive and even thrive. What makes them such an enduring favorite? While the answer will vary depending on who you are asking the question, here are three of the most often cited reasons they never seem to go out of style.

3 Reasons Why Birkenstock Shoes Never Go Out of Style!

Comfort Few Other Brands Can Match

People who have worn Birkenstocks for decades will tell you that the first thing one notices about the sandals, shoes, or clogs is how comfortable they happen to be. It’s true that the brand provides a level of arch support that is not found with all other types. You will find that Timberland shoes are popular for the same reason.

People who are used to shoes with plenty of arch support will immediately feel comfortable in a pair of Birkenstock shoes. Those who usually wear shoes offering less support may need a day or two to adjust. After they do, there is no going back.

Environmentally Friendly and Easy to Repair

Durability is another trait that makes this brand stand out for many. Even if the pair is worn daily, it can be years before there is the need for any kind of repair. Once the sandals or shoes do need the attention of a professional, the repairs are usually quick and simple. Best of all, the repairs are usually affordable and hold up for several years before there is the need to have anything else done to your shoes or sandals.

The brand is also known for being environmentally friendly. It’s not just about the materials used for the designs. The company is known to utilize manufacturing methods that help to reduce their carbon footprint. The combination of using environmentally responsible materials with production processes that are kinder to the earth make it all the easier to feel good about buying and wearing the brand.

A Look That Appeals to a Wide Audience

In former decades, Birkenstocks were seen as the province of the counter-culture. Young people loved them and considered them to be a perfect fit for their earth-centered values. As the years passed, many of the same generation continued to wear them whenever the occasion was right. It didn’t take long for their children and grandchildren to also pick up on the design, the comfort, and the environmentally responsible way the brand makes footwear.

The result is a brand that has appeal across several generations and a number of consumer demographics. Just like Mephisto men’s shoes, these appeal to people who may otherwise have little in common. With the ability to attract so much positive attention from such a wide cross-section of consumers, Birkenstock is definitely going to be around for a long time.

If you are among the few who have never tried on a pair of Birkenstock shoes, clogs, or sandals, it’s time to change that. Once you slip them on and notice how comfortable and attractive they happen to be, they will be a welcome addition to your collection of footwear.

Style or Comfort – When to Decide Between the Two and When You Don’t Have To

With the vast array of Birkenstock shoes and other footwear brands that are available these days, most people find themselves being spoiled for choice when buying new footwear. Although this has resulted in it becoming easier than ever before to choose the best-looking shoes for women, many of them still find themselves at a crossroads when having to decide between style and comfort. Below are some tips to help simplify the process.

  1. When you’re on your Feet All Day

If you work in a job or industry that requires you to be on your feet for more than an hour or two per day, it is strongly recommended that you choose shoes for women according to comfort instead of style alone. For more than 100 years, the name Clarks shoes has become synonymous with extreme comfort and style – making them an excellent choice when you are on your feet constantly during the day. Another great benefit of these shoes is that they are extremely durable, meaning that you will normally be able to get many years’ use from them before they need to be replaced.

  1. When Appearance is More Important

In cases where your job or career requires that you wear smart attire, you may think that you will have to be more considerate of a shoe’s overall appearance instead of just the level of comfort it offers. However, this dilemmas has long since become a thing of the past because brands such as Clarks shoes have realized that it’s not only people who are on their feet all day that need comfortable shoes – those who need to invest in smarter footwear also require a degree of comfort.

  1. When Comfort is your Only Concern

If you’re fortunate enough to be self-employed or you work in an environment that is more casual than most other workplaces, you will most likely be allowed to wear virtually any type of footwear you like. This means that you will be able to choose from the many style and color options that Birkenstock shoes has on offer. Through the years, these shoes have become well-known for being among the most comfortable options available. Other benefits of Birkenstock shoes are that they are easy to wear, and their slip-on designs have become available in an extensive range of colors. While the brand is normally known for its slip-on shoes, there are a few smarter lace-up options available as well for people who aren’t too keen on wearing open shoes.

When shopping for shoes, it’s essential that you purchase the correct size for your foot. It’s no use buying a shoe that looks great, but pinches your toes or causes blisters after a few hours’ wear. Walkingonacloud.com offers an extensive range of the best shoe brands available, which ensures that you not only get great-looking shoes; your footwear will also be extremely stylish, while fitting you exactly as it should.

4 Must-Have Women’s Shoes for a Beach Vacation [infographic]


When planning a beach vacation, one of the most important things you’ll need to do is ensure you have the right shoes. The shoes you wear at the beach will be different from those you wear anywhere else, which means any ordinary pair will not do. These styles are perfect for casual fun, and should definitely be packed in your suitcase.

Birkenstock Shoes

A pair of flat-soled sandals from Birkenstock are a must. These shoes have a flexible sole that makes them ideal for walking on uneven surfaces such as sand and grass. They also slip on and off the foot easily when going in and out of the water. Birkenstock makes sandals available in a multitude of colors to match any bathing suit or cover-up you may have. For more vibrant hues, choose a vivid orange or mint green pair from the Arizona collection. If you’d like a more traditional look, a black or soft toffee pair from the Florida collection could be just what you’re after.

Clark’s Shoes

You probably don’t plan to spend your entire beach vacation along the shore, as you may also plan on hitting the boardwalk or shopping malls during your time away. If so, Clark’s shoes for women are ideal for wearing with the dressier outfits you’ll put on while going out and about. Their Vivica Rome collection is perfect for wearing with casual dresses and skirts, and contains only a slight heel that makes them nice for walking in. They also offer several wedge-style shoes such as those in their Caslynn collection that will allow you to show off your new pedicure.

Merrell Shoes

Perhaps you plan to do some extended walking, but still want your feet to be cool and comfortable. If so, the sandals from Merrell would be perfect, because they will provide your feet with a little added cushioning and support. However, if you plan to go hiking or rock climbing, you may want a bit more protection than what sandals provide. In this case, choose a pair from the Allout Blaze collection instead. These are athletic shoes that will give you all the comfort and support you need to be on your feet for an extended period of time.

Naturalizer Shoes

Does your beach vacation include a romantic dinner or night on the town? If so, don’t forget to throw in a pair of Naturalizer shoes so you’ll be ready for a more formal look. The Danya Taupe shoes are one pair you should consider because of their higher heel and sassy straps that will jazz up any look. To dress up a nice pantsuit, you may prefer the Bradley Black Print shoe instead, which has a slightly shorter heel and more classic lines that make it ideal for pairing with slacks.

These shoes will ensure you are well prepared for anything you encounter during your beach vacation. Be sure to browse our entire selection of Aravon, Cobb Hill and Josef Siebel sandals that will also make nice additions to your summer wardrobe.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Men’s Casual Shoes

Regardless of how high up your ranking in the white collar world of wheeling and dealing, there are always going to be times when you need to have some good casual shoes. Getting casual is part of the equation of any guy’s success…you know what they say about the time honored adage from 1659 sharing that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Whether to slip on some easy footwear for a quick trip up to the store, a leisurely lunch with the wife or girlfriend or getting a cup of something at Starbucks, a good pair of casual shoes is a staple of the complete male wardrobe. Here are the top 5 reasons to choose men’s casual shoes.

1. You Always Need at Least One Pair of Casual Shoes–but Probably More: There are always going to be those members of high society whose trademark is to show up at the most high faulting society functions all smoothly clad in black tie apparel and casual shoes with no socks, but we won’t go there just now. Assuming your penchant for the appropriate is intact, you will choose casual shoes for the casual occasions in life, whatever they may be. Likewise, a good casual shoe is not to be confused with an athletic shoe. The two are actually polar opposites. Casual shoes are to be worn when you will be partaking of the casual life, and not in any sort of position that would require any great volume of exertion whatsoever. There is nothing casual about participating in any worthwhile sport.

2. It’s Actually Good to Look GQ Even on Your Days Off and When You’re Doing Nothing: In fact, it’s often when you are your least presentable that someone will drop by or you will run into an old friend or business associate. With some great men’s casual shoes on your feet, you’ll be ready for anything, and you’ll look like you are.

3. Because You Want to Treat Your Feet Well. Of all the clothing you depend upon, it’s always your shoes that take the most significant beating. This is why it’s critical to look for your casual shoes from among well-proven brands like Clarks, Dansko, Rockport and Birkenstock. Otherwise, you could be merely throwing away your money. Good quality men’s casual shoes will continue to look great, for significantly longer periods (years) than inferior quality copies. You depend on your feet, so treat them well. Quality shoes are comfortable shoes.

4. Because Casual Attire Just Does Not Pair Well With Dress Shoes. Your entire wardrobe may not include a single pair of jeans; however just by stashing your suit jacket and tie at the end of the day, your whole look changes, and casual shoes are what you need to wear, to convey that you know what you’re doing.

5. Because Believe it or Not, People Judge You by Your Shoes. That’s right: It’s really funny, but someone can have on the most ratty looking pants and tee, but if they are wearing top quality casual shoes, they can appear to be on top of things and successful. So, by choosing quality men’s casual shoes, you might be able to save big on the other items comprising your “casual collection” of clothing. Shoes make the man, and casual shoes make the man relax and enjoy a little R&R time.