Sorel: More Than Just Winter Boots

Since 1962, Sorel has been in the business of producing the highest-quality winter boots for men, women, and children. While the company is considered one of the leading lights in the world of winter footwear, their offers over the years have expanded noticeably. If you happen to love your Sorel boots, it’s time to consider other footwear that would provide you with the same level of comfort and support. Here are just a few examples of what you will find in the way of Sorel footwear today.

Sorel_ More Than Just Winter Boots

Boots for Other Seasons

There is no doubt that the winter boots made by Sorel remain the foundation of the company’s offerings. What some people may not know is that there are also boots for men and women tailored for wear during other seasons. These boots use many of the same high-quality materials for the cushioning and the body of the designs. What’s different is that the fleece used to line the winter boots will not be found in the designs offered for spring, summer, and autumn wear.

You can expect to find lace-up designs that add another touch of visual appeal to your outfit. The leather or suede is supple and soft to the touch. You’ll even be able to buy these versatile designs in a variety of colors. That makes it easy to match them with everything from business attire to your favorite pair of jeans.

Comfortable House Slippers

Would you like to have a pair of slippers that feel just as comfortable as the Sorel footwear you rely on during the winter? If so, you need to check out the slipper designs offered for men and women. Sorel provides slippers in traditional styles that gently envelope the feet and provide just the right amount of padding to keep them comfortable. Some of the designs include the fleece you have come to expect while others are intended to keep your feet comfortable during the warmer months of the year. Consider investing in a pair of Women’s Out N About Felt Moccasins for puttering around the house during the spring and the fall. Men can enjoy the comfort and style of the Sorel Dude Moccasin with the beautiful stitching and just the right amount of arch support.

Casual and Fun Shoes for All Seasons

You can also find a number of designs for shoes that are ideal for all sorts of social events. Like all the other offerings provided by the company, the eye is on comfort, quality, and appearance.

If you are a woman who enjoys wearing chunky heels, check out the Addington Cuff offered by Sorel. The open toe and heel design makes it perfect for warmer weather. It’s dressy enough to wear with some of your office outfits and fun enough to look great with your summer shorts and skirts. The detailing also includes a higher strap that provides additional support for your ankles.

You can purchase the Addington Cuff in basic black, making it a versatile solution for many of your outfits. If you prefer a spot of color, go with a combination of dove gray with a bit of zest. The combination helps to call more attention to the feet without taking away from the rest of your attire.

Men who like the idea of a durable casual shoe will find that the Sorel Madson Wingtip Lace is a great option. Available in black, chipmunk, and madder brown, it’s a great choice for simplicity and style at the same time. you’ll find this design is ideal for casual day at work. The shoe will be a great choice to go with your tailored summer shorts or jeans as well as those khakis you like to wear for casual day. Thanks to the traditional masculine look and feel of these shoes, you will find that the rugged look is one you will enjoy for years. That’s a good thing since all of Sorel`s shoes are crafted to last for a long time.

Plenty of Sandal Choices

When spring fades away and summer is on the horizon, your thoughts turn to more outdoor activities. That’s when you begin to think about finding a few pairs of sandals that will be right for just about any activity one can imagine. You’ll want sandals to wear while shopping, visiting the lake, or taking a walk in the park. The good news is that Sorel can provide you with a wide range of sandal styles.

If you happen to prefer flats, the Torpeda or Joanie lines are worth considering. From simplistic designs to styles that are intended to add some visual interest along with the comfort you desire, the flats will flatter just about any foot.

Maybe you are more of a wedgie type. Sorel offers several designs in different colors that are sure to work with most of the summer clothing in your wardrobe. Some styles offer additional support for the heel and ankle, something that you will enjoy if you plan on being on the go for most of the day.

There are also sandals with low heels to consider. These are great when flats are not quite to your liking but the idea of wearing something with spike heels is out of the question. The same quality materials used for other shoe designs are also included in all the sandals. This makes them one of the best choices on the market. You will even find they compare favorably with the Geox womens shoes you purchased last year.

If you have always thought that Sorel was only a good choice for winter boots, today is the right time to go out and learn more about what they have to offer. You will be surprised at how many designs are ideal for men, women, and children of all ages. All it takes is a little time to browse through the various collections, see what types of designs appeal to you, and then arrange to purchase a pair. Once you try that first pair, it will be an easy decision to go back and buy a few more that you can enjoy any time of the year.