Sole Mates: Finding Your Perfect Workout Shoe

Whether your idea of a workout is walking, running, going to the gym, or playing a sport, choosing the right pair of workout shoes is crucial to your workout experience. A shoe that comfortably fits your foot can reduce the risk of injury and improve performance, and can help you kick off your next workout on the right foot!

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What’s Your Foot Type?
TIP: With a wet foot, step on a sheet of paper and examine your footprint.
Low arches (Pronator)
• You need: Motion control & high stability
High arches (Supinator)
• You need: Cushioning & flexibility
Normal arches
• You need: Stability

What’s Your Workout?
• You need: Ample cushioning for maximum overall shock absorption
• You need: Lightweight shoe for extra shock absorption
• You need: Stability & flexibility for movement and less shock absorption
• You need: Flexibility for agility and support
Stay Fit With a Good Fit
• Timing: Try on shoes in the afternoon or evening for best fit
• Comfort is key: Don’t wait to break your shoes in
• Wiggle room: Leave about a thumb’s width of room between your big toe and tip of the shoe
Did you know?
• 85% of Americans are wearing running shoes that don’t fit
• Average time spent on choosing a running shoe is 10-15 seconds
Buyer’s Tips:
• Average running shoe lasts between 350 to 500 miles
• Replace your shoes after 80-100 workout hours
The Right Shoe Will Help You Prevent These Common Injuries [Illustrate this section with a pie chart with the title in the middle]
• Runner’s Knee 40%
• Achilles Tendinitis 11%
• Hamstring Issues 7%
• Plantar Fasciitis 15%
• Shin Splints 15%
• ITBS 12%
• Stress Fracture 5%

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