Choosing Shoes for Every Season in Vancouver

If you like variety, the weather in Vancouver is for you. The city enjoys an average temperature of 18°C. Summers tend to be moderate while winters are generally coldest in January. Those who love sunshine will find July to their liking, with 13 July being the day with the most hours of sunshine. Those who love the rain will enjoy November and its average of 200mm for the month.


To get the most of all these seasons, you need the right footwear in your wardrobe. With a little planning, you can come up with option that will take you from snow and ice to dry and sunny. Here are some ideas to keep in mind when you shop for shoes.

Something Casual for Warmer Weather

With such a moderate climate, it’s no wonder that people spent a lot of their leisure time outside. You will find that casual footwear designed for walking will allow you to spend all the time you want shopping, enjoying the local parks, and taking a stroll around the neighborhood. Many of the designs offered by New Balance shoes are ideal for any social events taking place outside.

Keep in mind many of those same shoes are great for working out. On days when the rain or the cold keeps you from enjoying a walk or run, you can always grab those same shoes and head to a local fitness centre or gym. By investing in a brand that is known for only using the best materials, it will be easy to get plenty of wear from those casual shoes all year round.

Dressy Shoes for Work and Other Occasions

There is no doubt that Rockport has what you need when you need to look your best. The brand offers designs for men and women that are perfect for office wear. The support they provide make them perfect when you are meeting a client for a light lunch at a local outdoor cafe or conducting a tour of your office when an out of town customer pays a visit.

The dressy shoes also come in handy for other occasions. They will look great when you attend summer weddings, help out at trade shows, or attend work-related seminars. Thanks to the fact that the brand offers comfort as well as style ensures you always have the right shoes for the occasion.

How About Cold Weather?

December and January are generally the coldest months in Vancouver. You will want something that keeps the feet warm. Boots are a great solution. You will find designs that include liners with just the right amount of protection. Those liners also allow your feet to breathe so there are no worries about wearing them all day.

When was the last time you thought about investing in new shoes or boots?  Check the closet today and decide if you can get one more season out of all the shoes. If it’s time to replace one or two pair, start looking immediately. You could come across the perfect pair faster than you expected.