Birkenstock & Dansko Shoes – Summer Shoe Fashions in Calgary

Residents in the Calgary area know that summer can bring many different things, from a dry heat to humid, wet weather. When considering your summer footwear, it’s best to find something that can withstand the elements while still keeping your foot cool and comfortable. Both Birkenstock shoes and Dansko shoes offer this level of comfort and combine it with high fashion, creating an easy to wear shoe that you can have on anywhere, whether you are working or relaxing.

Why Birkenstock Shoes?

People choose Birkenstock shoes for many different reasons, ranging from the centuries-long reputation for quality to the simple but attractive natural look that provides the brand with its sense of elegance. In Calgary, Birkenstock shoes work beautifully during the late spring and early summer, where the temperature routinely rises into the mid or high 20s and it’s nice to feel a cool breeze on your toes. For people who want to get in touch with nature, the trails that lead along the base of the Rocky Mountains are perfect for people wearing Birkenstock shoes. More rugged hikes might require looking for a close-toed shoe, but for the most part this brand works very well with people touring the Calgary area.

Why Dansko Shoes?

Calgary is more than just a collection of nature trails and sidewalks, and people who want to explore areas where a slightly more rugged but still elegant shoe can be appreciated often tend toward Dansko shoes. This brand is especially wonderful at any location where a person might want to look their very best but will likely stay on their feet for a long period of time. Dansko shoes offer the long-term comfort that people need, but also fit in very well at high-end Calgary locations such as the Glenbow Museum or the revolving restaurant in Calgary Tower. For those who love feeling the breeze on their feet but want to look fashionable, Dansko shoes are a great solution.

All-Season Shoes

While Calgary features warm summers, many people who go shoe shopping like to look for brands that they can use year round. Fortunately for these individuals, both Birkenstock shoes and Dansko shoes fit this niche. While Birkenstock shoes and Dansko shoes are known mainly for the sandals they offer, both brands also have fur linings or close toes varieties that make them useful even when cold and snow come to the Calgary area. While you might not wear a pair of Birkenstock shoes on a skiing expedition in the Rockies, you can settle by the fire with a fur-lined pair or with a set of winter Dansko shoes afterwards and relax in both warmth and comfort.

If you expect to get outside this summer and enjoy all that Calgary has to offer, whether in the city or outside in the wild, a pair of Birkenstock shoes or Dansko shoes can be your best friends. Walking on a Cloud offers both Birkenstock shoes and Dansko shoes in dozens of different varieties, giving you a chance to choose the right footwear for you.